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Abused in the club

Story about the time i was fucked in a busy night club
This is the first time I have submitted anything like this so please bare with me!

I first got into exhibitionism when I was 18 years old. Me and my boyfriend at the time were walking back from a night out and feeling frisky, he had been touching and teasing me all night and I was horny as hell.

We walked along the pavement down a reasonably busy road past a park which was surrounded by a small waist height wall.

My boyfriend dragged me into the park and we started to kiss, anyway, fuelled by alcohol, feeling massively horny and being young and daring I ended up bent over the wall, my underwear discarded, my dress hitched up round my waist, pulled down at the front so my tits were out and my boyfriend fucking me hard from behind.

As he fucked me a few cars drove past, it was a massive turn on watching as they slowed down to watch me being fucked and I came in no time, as did my boyfriend!

So, fast forward 6 years. I am now 24 and in a great long term relationship in which we enjoy a very varied and exciting sex life and my partner indulges me in my love of flashing and exhibitionism.

A few weeks ago we went off to a nearby city for a dirty weekend. I shaved my pussy in the hotel room leaving only a narrow strip of pubic hair and got dressed in a lacy black push up bra, a gold sequin dress and black high heels. As usual with our dirty weekends I was completely pantless.

Now I’m not big headed but as I looked in the mirror I thought I looked awesome, and my partner agreed! I’m 5 foot 6” tall, size 10 with long brown hair, D cup breasts and a pussy which I only really learned to love over the last couple of years, the reason being I have quite a large clit and long pink pussy lips.

We left the hotel and visited a few pubs getting gradually more drunk, I had been allowing my legs to drop open and flashing my pussy off and was feeling very horny!

Towards the end of the night we ended up in a large club set over 3 floors, the top floor was made up of a dance floor, a bar and a number of booths set around the side.

My partner and I had managed to get a booth to ourselves and were sitting drinking, kissing, teasing each other and feeling frisky.

As we chatted we somehow got onto the subject of dares. My boyfriend dared me to go onto the dance floor and flash my pussy at him. I made my way onto the dance floor and began to dance by myself looking over to him in the booth.

As I danced I had a naughty idea, I turned around and run my hands down my body stopping at the hem of my dress, I slowly raised it as I moved to the music and flashed my firm ass to him across the club.

I turned to face him again and he was smiling. This time I began to raise the front of my dress, just as I could feel the cool air on my moist pussy I felt a pair of hands on my hips and someone dancing behind me.

I turned to see a good looking older guy, he whispered in my ear, don’t stop on my account. I realised he must have seen me flash my ass. He was dancing with me grinding his cock into my ass, I could feel his cock begin to stiffen as he ground himself into me.

I looked over to my boyfriend and he was still smiling. The guy ran his hands down my body to the hem of my dress, he slowly slid his hand up my leg, I should have stopped him but I couldn’t.

His fingers found my dripping wet pussy and he began to rub my clit and finger me right there on the dance floor. I leaned back into him as he buried 3 fingers inside me thrusting them hard deep into my pussy. Soon I came with a moan my juices covering his hand.

I was weak in the knees and panting as he slid his fingers from my pussy laughing. Come here, he said, he led me across the dance floor to a booth at the other side of the club.

Make some room he said, there were 3 other guys in the booth, they moved around and positioned me so I was sat in the middle with 2 guys each side of me.

Don’t be shy, the first guy said, he was laughing and the other 2 guys were looking slightly puzzled, he leaned in and hitched my dress up and pulled my legs apart exposing my pussy.

Soon I had 4 guys all over me, they were rubbing my pussy, fingering me, kissing my neck, squeezing my tits and telling me how dirty I was. In between all this I managed to look up, I saw my boyfriend at the side of the dance floor with a drink watching. He smiled at me and gave me a nod. I knew he was ok. I also realise he wasn’t the only one watching what was going on!

Somehow my bra was unclipped, my dress was pulled down and my bra was removed, I tried to cover my big tits but the guys pulled my hands away sucking on my stiff nipples and playing with my big tits.

I felt so exposed and yet so horny, I had lost track of how many times I had came as the group fingered me and played with me. The first guy pulled me towards him and positioned me so I was straddling him.

I looked down to see his trousers were undone and his thick, rock hard cock was out, I reached down and slowly wanked him off rolling his foreskin back and forward over his bulging helmet causing precum to leak from the tip.

He pulled me forward and with one quick trust he pushed his length into me. He began to fuck me hard and fast biting my nipples and grabbing my ass as he did, he moaned as he shot what felt like a gallon of spunk into my pussy.

As soon as he had came I was being pulled off him onto the next guy, he had a much longer cock, but it was no where near as thick as the first one, he thrust himself inside me easily as I was dripping with pussy juice and spunk, he rode me hard reaching round and massaging my asshole with the spunk leaking from my pussy.

As he eased a finger into my tight ass I felt my pussy tighten as an orgasm ripped through me, as I came I heard him moan and he shot another load of cum into my well fucked pussy.

I climbed off him and was quickly pushed down on to the floor, the third guy was wanking his cock furiously in my face, he was circumcised and had a nice thick veiny cock, I remember being disappointed that he wasn’t going to put it inside me. I took his cock from him and began to suck taking his whole length in my mouth.

I sucked him off as he rocked his hips thrusting himself into me treating my mouth like a pussy, I played with his balls as I sucked him off, I felt them tighten and knew he was going to cum, I sucked him harder and faster as sure enough he erupted in my mouth filling it with hot sticky cum.

I swallowed as much as I could but couldn’t swallow it all as some ran down my chin dripping onto my big tits.

The last guy pulled me back into his lap and massaged the spunk into my stiff nipples. His cock was the biggest and thickest of the lot, he told me to suck him off. I climbed back onto the floor and took his monster cock in my mouth, as I sucked him I got a familiar taste in my mouth. Through my drunken haze I realised what it was.

The last guy’s cock tasted like pussy, he had obviously been fucking earlier on in the night, probably his wife or girlfriend before he came out, this should have stopped me but I was just so into it I couldn’t stop.

Just as I felt his balls tighten he pulled me back into his lap, I knew he would slide into my dripping spunky pussy with ease, I was wrong….

He fingered me roughly covering his fingers in spunk before rubbing the cum around my tight ass hole. He pulled me forward and positioned his cock against my ass. Slowly he eased it inside me, inch by inch he filled my ass making me gasp.

His friends were laughing and cheering him on. When he was fully inside me he held me still, impaled on his cock for a few seconds. I could feel it throb and twitch inside me.

Then he began fucking me. With deep, hard thrusts he rode my ass hole, my tight ass, it was especially tight round his huge cock, as I moaned and bit my lip he grabbed my hips, with my tits bouncing, my hair going everywhere and my clit throbbing he rammed himself into me one last time and groaned as he filled my ass with his cum.

He held be on top of him till I felt his cock go limp inside me. I climbed off him exposing my spunky ass and pussy to the club. I sat down exposing my big tits and stiff nipples to the club.

I stood up, covered my tits, pulled my dress down and went to find my boyfriend without bothering with my bra.

We left to find a taxi back to the hotel where we jumped in the shower together and had the most amazing fuck!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my sex life. Would love to hear what you thought.


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