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Advice for Voyeurs A Public Sex Story

We want you to watch, and maybe more - but we don’t want to get to know you first

Last weekend, my BF and I set out to have sex in a local park. We go there often and know where the good spots are if we want to get caught. We went to a spot where we knew we had a good chance of being seen, yet it isn’t out in the open enough to really get in trouble.
We parked and went to the edge of the woods about 50 yards from the parking area. We stood there and made out and started taking off each other’s clothes. This spot seems to attract people who want to catch someone because any time we are there, someone usually drives in and looks us over (we weren’t doing anything) and drives off. I know they are pervs - we can sense our own kind. My guy has watched couples there before too.

So we are getting worked up, he has taken my shorts and undies off, and is playing with me. I unzipped him and took his already hard cock out to play with it. Just then, a car pulled in. I couldn’t see, but my man said the car turned around and stopped. The driver had seen us! I started to move out of sight but my guy said “it’s OK he’s watching” so we continued to play.

I bent down and started sucking. That’s when my guy said “I think he’s waving”. What?! I didnt want to turn to look but my guy could see. Not waving like “hello”, but waving us to come over! WTF? We were across a field and, uh, sort of busy. Not about to stroll over half naked and definitely didn’t want to stop what we were doing. We pretended not to notice, but he kept doing it - waving us over. He even moved his car around to draw attention to himself. He totally had it backwards! If you catch someone fucking, lay low and enjoy the show! And if it seems like the couple doesn’t mind you watching, maybe you’ll get lucky and the couple will call YOU over, not the other way around. That was actually our plan that day - to be seen by and maybe even play with a lucky stranger. Did he really expect us to stop and walk all the way over and say hello? Maybe he was too lazy to approach us. I have no idea what he could have been thinking, but it freaked us out enough that we slipped away into the woods until he left.

He didn’t even get a good show. If he had acted like a sensible pervert, he may have even gotten sucked off. Or we would have at least let him watch us up very close. So voyeurs, try to remember all this if you catch a couple of exhibitionists like us. We want you to watch, and maybe more - but we don’t want to get to know you first. That’s kinda the idea.

Afterwards, maybe?

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