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After a Dinner Party with Friends

A little story of what happened after dinner with one of my best friends.
I thought I'd share a little story of what happened when my husband J and I went to dinner with one of my best friends, Julie and her new boyfriend Paul.

Julie and I have been friends for years. We know just about EVERYTHING about each other. In fact, she is my only female friend who knows anything about this site and me being on it. She also know all about my past and my closet exhibitionist side. She had been going out with this guy for about a month but we'd only met him briefly once or twice. He seemed really nice, was gorgeous to look at and according to her..... quite well endowed!

Anyway, in an attempt for J and me to get to know him we were invited 'round to his place for dinner. He has his own place in a small village just outside town. It was decided that we would stay over and the boys would go off and play golf in the morning while we had a chilled out day and went shopping!

We got to their place about 7. I was dressed in a sexy red dress with my best see through underwear on. Paul answered the door in a pair of jeans and tight fitting t shirt and I have to admit, he looked hot. Julie was right behind and came up and gave us both a big kiss on the cheek. I hadn't seen her for a few weeks so we had all sorts to talk about. She was in a sexy black number that showed off all her curves and as the night would wear on I would catch J staring at her cleavage a LOT.

Well, to start off J and Paul went into the kitchen while me and Julie started on the wine in the lounge. She was asking all about my secret life on here and said she was thinking of joining (yes I will tell you if she does). I should have picked up on it straight away but the tone of the evening was being set already. Soon I was asking about this new young stud she was seeing, she even promised to show me a picture of his cock when we had time to ourselves. This was clearly going to be a great night.

We eventually sat down for dinner and as the evening wore on the subject of conversation inevitably kept coming back to sex. Before long all four of us were telling stories about what we liked and what we did. Turns out Paul and Julie were at it ALL the time. She'd even given him a blow job just before we turned up. I put my hand on J's lap and found out just how much he was enjoying the chat. I decided there and then that before the end of the night I was gonna do something naughty. I had no idea what but I would see how the evening panned out. Even if it was a quick play whenever Paul and Julie disappeared for a few minutes.

This type of talk was pretty common between us but I wasn't sure how Paul would take it. As I was to find out, he probably enjoyed it as much as the rest of us. Well as we finally finished dinner and had polished off the best part of six bottles of wine, J suggested we go and relax on the couch.

"I have a better idea" said Paul.

"Why don't we jump in the hot tub".

J's eyes lit up until I pointed out that we didn't have anything to wear. Neither did Julie as it turned out. I could tell that Paul was about to say that they never usually wore anything until she gave him a look that made him think better of it.

"We'll wear our underwear," suggested J.

Then it was my turn to give a look. He clearly had no idea that I had see through undies on. Now I know that those of you who have read my stories will be thinking that I usually have no problems getting naked. I don't tend to make a habit of doing it when J is around. Other than the odd bit of topless sunbathing and skinny dipping I don't think he's really ever seen that side of me. Besides, Paul was neither a very close friend nor a complete stranger. So it felt a bit awkward.

"Well suit yourself," said J.

"I'm going in if that's OK," he asked Paul.

With that, they both stripped down to their boxer shorts and went out side. Julie looked at me.

"Come on," she said, "it's not like you to be shy."

I told her my problem and then she just laughed and told me to suit myself. She lifted up her dress and stood in front of me in the most amazing thong and bra. I suddenly had all sorts of feelings running through my body. Then she rushed outside to join the others. I grabbed the wine and went outside to sit next to them so that I wasn't on my own.

Unfortunately, it was bloody freezing. It had been a beautiful day with the sun shining but now it was getting late it had turned cold. J saw I was chilly, laughed and pointed out how warm it was in the tub.

"Come on, come and join us. You cant see anything with the bubbles anyway".

It was at that point that I gave in. I topped everyone's wine up in the tub, unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I was then met by three people wolf whistling. That part I liked. I stepped in to the lovely hot water and dropped in between Julie and J. The bubbles running over my body felt so good.

Within seconds I felt a hand on my thigh. I glanced at J and he was grinning. He worked his hand up and stopped just as he got to my pussy, then pulled it away. I gave him a look as if to say what did you stop for. He motioned for me to look at Julie. As I did so I could see that she had her eyes closed and her head back. Whatever Paul was doing to her she clearly enjoyed. Suddenly I felt another hand on my thigh. This time it was from the other side. Julie was grabbing onto me. Whether she knew what she was doing or was just caught up in the moment I wasn't sure. Either way, I did nothing to stop her.

After a few minutes she squeezed really hard and released her grip on me. She opened her eyes, looked at the two of us staring and blushed.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked. She just grinned at me and apologised.

"Not a problem," I said and we started chatting again.

Then we noticed that Paul had stopped talking and had a strange look on his face. I nudged J, who was already looking at him. Looks like Julie was returning the favor. At that point the bubbles stopped. I guess they were on a timer. I glanced down and saw that Julie was stroking Paul's cock under the water. It looked incredible. Julie suddenly stopped, blushed again and covered him up.

My expression must have betrayed me because everyone looked at me. J asked me if I was enjoying the show. I grinned but said nothing. Paul asked J to reach back and turn them back on. As he stood up it became obvious that he had a raging hard on too. Julie grinned and pointed put I may need to help him with his little issue. He glanced down, realised he was on show and dropped back into the water the second he'd turned the bubbles back on.

After that the mood had changed. We moved closer to our partners. Julie carried on with what she was doing. I then reached down and slid my hand inside J's pants. He was solid. I started to stroke him up and down. With one hand he reached behind me and undid my bra, the other slid inside my pants and he slid a finger inside my pussy. I opened my legs to give him better access. My bra slid off my shoulders, he lifted it out of the water and threw it over the side. I glared at him but there was nothing I could do. Julie had obviously seen because she laughed, undid her own bra and threw that over. I stared at her. She just smiled and said....

"You didn't seriously expect us to stay covered up did you?" I had no reply.

Although I have to admit, I was a little shocked when Paul's pants came flying out the water and joined the bras on the side. J then slid out of his and did the same. I glared at him. Then the boys looked hopefully at us.

"NO CHANCE," I said, just as Julie wriggled out of hers and lobbed them over too.

What could I do? I slid mine off and threw them over the side too. Julie then stood up a little to reposition herself sitting on top of Paul, giving us both a great view of her amazing breasts. I looked at J who was looking straight at Julie's breasts and playfully slapped him for staring. I moved over to him and straddled him. Initially I was just sitting on his lap facing him, kissing him while he played with my breasts.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Julie was slowly moving up and down. They were clearly having sex. I watched them for a few minutes, then J pulled me towards him, lifted me up and slid into me. He was as hard as I ever remember him being. It felt so good. I rode him like that for a few minutes then turned around so that he could make love to me from behind while I watched the others. Julie had done the same.

There we were, all naked, me and Julie riding our other halves watching each other. It was amazing. I could feel my orgasm building. J's hands were all over my body. My feet slid forward and I ran one foot up Julie's leg. She opened them wider as I got higher. Slowly I went trying not to let the boys notice. Then when I reached the top of her thigh I gently touched Paul's balls with my toe. I looked him in the eye as he jumped in shock. Julie must have known what I did because she grinned. But J had no idea! I smiled, pulled my foot back down and played a little footsie with Julie.

We carried on making love. Hands all over, J kissed my neck, then the bubbles stopped again. I was naked for all to see but didn't care. My exhibitionist side was in full effect now. I looked at Paul and Julie, they were both looking down at the water. At my body, At J's cock sliding in and out of me. That was just too much for me. I let out a moan as I came for the first time.

Julie smiled at me. No one said a word but the pace all round quickened. Harder and harder we all went at it. Julie lost her inhibitions and started moaning. Louder and louder. Then she too reached orgasm. That was enough for the two boys as they came almost simultaneously. I felt J's cum shoot deep inside me, as my second orgasm swept through my body. I dropped down onto J's lap. Totally spent. J gently stroked my breasts, playing with my nipples. They were so sensitive I had to stop him.

We all calmed down then started laughing. Part in embarrassment at what we'd done. I could see Paul and Julie staring at my body. I loved it. I stood up, announcing I needed a drink. I did it nice and slowly so that they could see me properly. Julie said she'd give me a hand and stood up too. We climbed out naked, feeling both boys eyes on us. I was getting horny again just thinking about it. We went inside, I started pouring the wine while Julie went to grab some towels. When she came back we looked at each other and burst into laughter again.

She came up to me and gave me a hug. Her naked breasts on mine. I looked her in the eye and decided I had to do something. I lent in and kissed her full on the mouth. Our tongues explored each other. The shouts of the boys calling for the drinks stopped us. I pulled away and took a towel, wrapped it round myself and went back outside. Julie followed me also wrapped up and sat on the garden bench.

"What about our drinks?" yelled the boys.

"You want them, you have to come and get them. You've seen us out the water, we want to see you". Julie giggled and backed me up.

They both stood up and walked towards us. I couldn't take my eyes off Paul's cock. I found myself wondering what it would feel like to have such a large one inside me. We threw them the towels and they sat down. No one really said much for a few minutes and when we did start talking again, what had just happened didn't get mentioned. Shortly after we all decided to head inside to get dried off. Within an hour we were tired, drunk and ready for bed.

The boys had an early start for golf the next day and were gone when I woke up. I went downstairs in just a pair of panties and loose t-shirt to find Julie making coffee. What happened next is a story for another time.

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