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After the party, Sasha

The wild party continues and I learn a little more about lovely little Asian cutie Sasha
I awoke to the sound of guys laughing somewhere. Amuffled laugh like through a wall. It took me a moment to realize where I was and what was going on. We had a pretty wild party and I ended up in a little mini sex romp with two guys and two girls. In front of me, lightly breathing, lay the tiny and delicate naked little Sasha. I ran my hand over her sweet velvety olive skin and down over the smooth little curve of her hips. She even smells sweet. I kiss her shoulder. Behind me I feel Greg stir and his thick cock stirs as well. His dick grows and swells and moves up my ass until finally it springs to life and he pushes it between my ass cheeks. Sasha is still sleeping and I cup her tiny breast as Greg cups mine. His hand moves down my body and he slides his fingers between my legs. He wants to fuck me again. He kisses my neck and then nibbles lightly on my ear. I turn over and whisper to Greg, “I want to watch you fuck little Sasha.”

“But she is my...” He tries to protest but I put a finger to his lips and reach down and take his stiff cock in my hand. Sasha is stirring now and I open her thighs. Her legs are so small and so delicate that I wonder for a moment if Greg will break her?

On the floor I see Jessica sitting up. Her body is amazing. In the dim light coming from under the door the swell of her full breasts is accented. She is resting on her arm and her chest is thrust out. I smile at her and she smiles back. Behind her I see Tyler lying naked and turned away from us.

“How could you possibly not want to fuck that?” I ask Greg and we both look at the slim little doll-like figure of Sasha lying naked on the bed with her leg open and her slender little pink slit open and obviously excited.

Sasha rubs her eyes and looks up to see Greg kneeling in front of her with a stiff erection and then she looks at me. She looks afraid. She looks sweet. I want to watch Greg take her.

“I want to watch.” Jessica says and moves forward until she is kneeling beside me.

Sasha opens her legs wider and bites her finger while she waits for Greg to do what he is going to do. He seems to be thinking and debating something in his mind. I make a mental note to find out their relationship. What are they? Friends? Old lovers? What?

I stop and breath in deeply. Jessica is wearing a floral perfume that reminds me of Tina, my childhood love. I turn and she is looking at me with desire and her face lets me know she has been wanting this moment all evening. Sasha props herself up on the bed and I try to turn to look at her when Jessica takes my face in her hand and turns me back so we can kiss. Our lips touch and then press into each other. Jessica's soft, warm, and beautiful lips part and our tongues caress each other like snakes. She touches my breast and I reach out and cup one of her huge breasts and it's so soft, so warm. I feel around for her nipple and when I find it I and pinch it until she moans. Somehow a current of thought passes between Jessica and I and we rush into each others arms and fall onto the floor in a tangle of passion and lust. Our mouths never part and her breath is mine as we move into each other and touch and press against each other. There is a desperation in her passion, like she has wanted this for a very long time but has never had the nerve to make it happen. I find her swollen and hot little flowery mound and push my fingers between her lips until they open like sticky sweet little honey covered fruit. I slide down inside her easily and quickly slide in two more fingers. Jessica moans.

“Oh God, please. Please. Please.” Jessica moans.

I slide another finger in, making it four fingers buried deep in her juicy wet cunt.

“Please Paula, please, please.” Jessica begs again.

I realize she wants something to happen. I don't know what she wants because I'm practically fisting her pussy. It isn't until she places her hand on my face that I realize she wants me to go down on her.

I move down her body and suck and lick her nipples before moving down that tight little stomach of hers. Just before I'm about to open her sweet little cheerleader thighs and dive into the most intoxicating pussy I've ever seen, I feel the light touch of a small hand on my shoulder and look up to see Sasha kneeling and looking at me. The look on her face says that she wants to join in and I don't even have to think about it, I move over and we open Jessica's legs and together Sasha and I kiss and lick our way up to Jessica's sweet little pussy.

Sasha and I touch tongues as we collide in an effort to lick and taste every inch of Jessica's young cunt. Sasha moves up and puts her hand on my head as I dive into Jessica's sweet honeydew mound and I suck and lick deeper and deeper. Jessica is moaning and moving her hips up and down. She is fucking my face and desperately trying to cum. I suck harder and this sends her into a rapid succession of thrusts before finally she screams and her hips shake and drop inch by inch until her orgasm releases her body and she falls to the floor.

Jessica reaches behind her and grabs Tyler who turns and rolls over her. There isn't even a pause in movement as he rolls between her legs and slips his cock into her soaked and thoroughly eaten out pussy.

“I have to pee.” Sasha says to me and we both break out giggling.

Sasha and I throw open the door to the bedroom without a thought or care for who may be outside and when the door flings open we are met with a hallway filled with teenage guys! The hallway conversation dies suddenly and Sasha and I stand naked with our arms around each other before we burst out laughing. Several guys high-five each other and the comments and praise for our naked bodies flies. We soak up the compliments and walk boldly down the hall to the bathroom. We don't make it all the way there without several ass pinches and slaps. Our walk is slow, deliberate, and meant to defy the position we've found ourselves in. Just before we get to the bathroom we hear someone shout, “There are people fucking in there! Dude! That's Jessica!”


We slam the bathroom door shut and turn and giggle again. Sasha squirms her way over to the toilet and squats down with her knees tight together and her elbows tucked in at her sides. She looks so cute. I hear the little tinkling of her pee hitting the water and I realize that this is turning me on! She pees for what seems like a very long time before she finally stops and I hear little dribbles and then nothing. She pulls out a handful of paper and wipes. Before she can stand I straddle her and press her down. She is obviously shocked. Her face surprised and amused. I put my hands on her cute little breasts and I tug at her milk chocolate thick Asian nipples. Then I push open her legs and tilt forward and I pee. I don't know if Sasha will like this. I don't know what Sasha likes besides cum. She smiles and lets me pee down across her pussy and into the toilet. When I'm done I put my hand between her legs and I finger her. She opens up like she has been waiting for this and she is wet and her pussy lips are thick and heavy in my fingers.

“No, not here. Let's go back to my dorm room.” Sasha says.

So she is a college student! Now that I did not expect. I had her pegged as a high school student at best and at worst as an underage jail-bait queen. Instead she is quite possibly older than I am and this makes me wonder again at her relationship with Greg? Poor guy must be lost in the room waiting for us.

“What about Greg?” I ask.

“What about Greg? Are you hot for him?” She asks.

“No, I thought maybe you guys were like...”

“Ha! No.” Sasha says but doesn't explain.

The walk back to the room is no less a show than the walk to the bathroom but this time the guys have had time to think of things to say and they barrage us with taunts and cat-calls. We ignore them and proudly walk naked into the bedroom and I make sure to grab a big handful of Sasha's ass before we close the door.

Jessica and Tyler are gone. I half expected this and Sasha motions for us to find our clothes. Clothes. Dear Lord. Where are my clothes? It hits me that my clothes are probably all over the house. With a search that makes most of the guys in the house happy, I end up finding my jeans but they are barely wearable and my shirt is completely ruined. My panties and bra are gone, never to be recovered, most likely hanging from some guys dorm room wall. Shame, I really loved those little pink undies. All this was bad but it left me with the cold reality that I had nothing but jeans to wear out of here. Sasha wasn't in much better shape, her clothes were wet, stained, and her shirt had an obvious foot print on it.

“How far is your dorm?” I asked excited by the possibility of what I was thinking of doing.

“We'd have to walk all the way up tenth street until we get to campus and then it's on the other side of the fountain.” Sasha said.

“Hmmm.” I said and dropped my ruined jeans on the floor. Sasha dropped her clothes as well and we stood naked with several guys and a couple of girls we didn't know looking at us. Greg finally walked into the living room from the stairs and we bounced over to him.

“Do you have a car?” We asked in unison.

“No.” he said disappointed.

Behind him several guys jumped in and said, “We have a car!”

Sasha and I had no choice but to sit in the laps of two guys with erections. The car was filled with as many of the guys as could possibly fit in the car with us sitting in their laps. It was the most obvious and hilarious display of boy horniness I 've ever seen. Sasha and I laughed the entire way. The guys were so happy that they were giving naked girls rides that they really didn't try much, at first.

“I want more cum.” Sasha said and changed everything.

I and the car full of guys looked up in surprise. The guy I was sitting on used this as his excuse to reach up and cup my breast. Small though my breasts may be, they are extremely sensitive and when he pinched my nipple I instinctively opened my legs. Sasha must have thought I was starting something because she began rubbing the cock of the guy sitting in the middle through his pants and moving her hips over the guy she was sitting on.

“Fuck, I knew I should have sat in the back!” the guy sitting in the passenger seat said.

“Holy shit.” The guy sitting under Sasha said.

The guy sitting under me pinched my nipples and pulled on them and his other hand came around and dove straight between my thighs. My body was reacting, my brain spinning, and my pussy wet but did I really want to be this much of a slut? I couldn't think straight. Some strange guy's fingers were digging roughly into my pussy and I was dripping wet from the excitement of something so dirty and raw. Sasha fumbled with the guy next to me and his fly came down and his cock came out. He was small and his cock was dark and Sasha's little hand seemed so light wrapped around it. She jerked him off and rubbed harder on the guy's cock she was sitting on. Was she fucking him? Did he have his cock out and inside her? She looked at me and closed her eyes with ecstasy a few times making me want to kiss her, so I did. I leaned over and under us Sasha's hand worked on that cock. As soon as I leaned over the guy under me took it as a chance to get his pants open and bring his dick out. I hadn't intended this and even though I was dripping wet and horny, I didn't want a stranger fucking me. Sasha, on the other hand, gasped in surprise and her eyes flew open wide and then she moaned softly and closed her eyes and let out a long deep sigh but never stopped kissing me. She was being fucked. I couldn't even believe how much this was turning me on.

The guy under me was obviously inexperienced. He couldn't seem to get it into my pussy and kept trying to push it up into anywhere he could and of course that mean he was poking my ass. I wasn't going to help him. I was relieved he was a virgin or just inexperienced but I still retained a small amount of control. Sasha was leaning forward and my little innocent Asian beauty was rocking her hips forward and back like a booty shaker in a hip-hop video. Sasha was a slut. Who would have ever known?

We arrived at the dorm and the guys in front jumped out. The guys in back quickly tried to stop and zip up. They may be enjoying our naked company but they weren't too happy about each other seeing their junk. I was happy. I jumped out and ran around to Sasha and as soon as she got out of the car I grabbed her hand and said, “Where is your room, let's run!”

Sasha smiled and we took off across the parking lot. The guys started chasing us and people walking around stared at us. What were they thinking? Two naked girls running toward the dorm with a car full of guys chasing them?

Sasha giggled and ran and we tripped and jumped up and ran and giggled until we got into the building.

Sasha and I ran down the hall and the guys stopped at the main door. It was an all girl's dorm and the guys knew they would be in trouble if they followed us. They yelled at us, “Are you coming back?”

“Don't know.” I said.

Sasha took my hand and we ran to her room.

“You little slut.” I said to her.

“What? I've never done anything like this before in my life. You just seem to bring this out in me.” She said.

“Really? I want to bring more out in you.” I said.

“I want you to bring more out in me too.” Sasha said.

Inside her dorm room we kissed and touched and then I said, “Let's get in the shower.”

“We only have a group shower.” Sasha said.

“Ok.” I said and she smiled wickedly at me.

We entered a stall and turned on the shower. I was so excited I couldn't stand it. Two girls had seen us walk into the bathrooms naked but didn't say anything. We giggled and stood under the water and it felt wonderful. Outside our shower several voices passed by us. The danger of getting caught was exciting. I kissed Sasha and moved down to her brown coco nipples. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. I dropped down on my knees and went between her legs. She opened her legs for me and I thought about the guy fucking her. His cock had just been inside this little Asian pussy. His juices could still be running from her cunt. The thought of my little cute Sasha being fucked and me eating cum from her pussy made me so horny. I closed my mouth over her and sank my tongue deep in her little warm cunt. She rocked her hips and pulled at my hair. I wanted her to cum. She rocked and pushed into my mouth. I sucked her clit and nibbled at it. A voice outside the stall meant someone was coming in. Sasha was getting louder. I was getting more excited.

“What are you doing in there?” A girl asked.

I only got wetter and Sasha only got louder. I moved under her and there was her little ass, a cute little Asian ass. I loved how it looked. I loved how she looked and the noises she was making and the fact that someone was right outside our stall and pissed off at us. I loved that her asshole was there and I was going to put my tongue in it. I did. She tasted musky and felt wonderful. Sasha screamed! She squirmed over me and I fingered her pussy while I sank my tongue deep into her little brown hole.

“Seriously! You guys can't do that! I'm going to get the RA! You guys can't do that!” The girl yelled.

I stood up suddenly. My pussy was literally dripping wet and when I say dripping, I mean ropes of sticky warm pussy juice dripped down my thighs and clung to my skin. I pushed my body into Sasha's as if somehow we could join together. My tiny tits pushed into her tiny breasts. My hard nipples rubbed around her thick brown nipples. We pressed our hips together and opened our legs and fucked against each other as we came. It was a desperate and passionate orgasm. We were dripping wet, cumming like heathens in an ancient bathhouse. Sasha giggled as she came and I moaned so loudly that half the dorm had to be hearing us.

Then the door of the stall crashed open and several girls stood in the opening looking at us. Sasha was embarrassed now. She hung onto me like a child, clinging at me and trying to move behind me.

“Ok, stop and get out.” The girl in front said.

“We are taking a shower.” I said.

“I don't care. You can't do this here. I'm not trying to judge or anything but you guys can't be in the bathroom doing this.”

“So we can do it in private then?” I said and enjoyed this. Sasha moved in closer to me.

“I don't care where you do it but not here. Now please leave.” She said.

This made me excited. I wanted this strange dark haired and baby faced girl to grab me and pull me down the hall kicking and screaming. I looked into her dark brown eyes and saw fear. What was she afraid of? Me? What we were doing? My nudity?

I moved out of the shower with Sasha clinging tightly to me and hiding behind me. I walked up to the dimpled little cheerleader of a girl and stood inches from her, daring her to do something. I wanted her to do something. I wanted all of them to do something.

God, I was desperately horny.

They didn't so I walked on and felt their eyes burning into my naked flesh. It was everything I ever wanted. I was hooked. I had to do more of this. People watching me was insane and I wanted it again. I was going to do it again. So much of my life was about to change.

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