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After The Party

This is a nice little fantasy i felt i just had to write after a short dry spell. Hope you enjoy. x

She gave his hand a squeeze as she slipped away to the toilets, it was a great part and she had had a bit to drink but she was starting to get horny now and had a plan to get him to take her home to bed. She shut the cubical door behind her and felt a thrill of excitement as she slid her lacy black french knickers off. She was surprised by herself as she slid a hand up her dress to tease herself, she hadn't realised she was so wet! She slid her finger softly and slowly into herself and groaned lightly. Mmmm, she should stop now, she didn't want to spoil it for later, she would just have to wait till they were home. She made herself presentable again and screwed up her underwear in her fist so it couldn't be seen as she walked back to him. She kissed him lightly on the cheek as she pressed her knickers into his palm. She watched him as he looked down confused and almost laughed aloud when she saw him realise what he was holding and what it ment. He looked up at her his green eyes smouldering with lust she knew in that instant how badly he now wanted her and it took her breath away. Without a word to her he caught the eye of the host who made his way over, they chatted easily for a few moments before he made an excuse for them to leave, they exchanged goodbyes and then he placed a hand on the small of her back as he guided her to the door to leave.


The gravel crunched under their feet as they walked down the path towards the car park area. The path was wide and lined with trees on each side, this had been where they had taken some pictures earlier and now the trees were hung with little fairy lights to light the path. He stopped walking, held her face in his hands and bent down to kiss her. It was that gorgeous soft kiss he did when he wanted her to know he loved her, the one that made her go weak at the knees and caused her to become breathless. He pulled away and looked deep into her eyes and she watched the look of adoration turn to pure lust as he bit his bottom lip. His hand moved from her face to the back of her head and he grabbed a fist full of her hair, she groaned and he lent down again, this time he kissed her from the base of her neck up to her jaw, he bit her gently on her jaw bone and then kissed up to her earlobe. He nibbled her before teasing her by groaning and breathing heavily in her ear, she felt herself go weak again, he knew exactly how much that turned her on. He kissed her mouth again only this time more passionately, he kissed her harder, more urgently, crushing her lips with his own before biting and sucking her bottom lip. He smiled inwardly, he knew the effect he had on her and he knew exactly how to make her putty in his hands.

He shoved her backwards now until she was backed up against one of the trees, he kissed her again urgently as he slipped his hand down the front of her dress into her bra to tease her already hard nipples. She started moaning, God she couldn't wait to get home, she wondered how far they would make it, no further than the stairs she decided. "Come on, lets get to the car" she said as she tried to step away from the tree and back to the path. He pushed her back against the tree and grabbed her hair again, she giggled and playfully slapped him on the chest, "Stop teasing me here, the sooner we get home the sooner you can fuck me"

"I cant wait that long, I want you here, now!" he said urgently,

"Well its tough, I want you badly too but were not far form the car and we will be home in 15mins."

"Come on" she added as she tried to guide him back to the path.

"No, I want you here and I'm gonna get what I want."

She started to smile at him before realising the seriousness in his face. Just as she noticed it he grabbed her again only this time harder, he pushed her against the tree and used his knee to force her legs apart as he held her arms above her head. He had moved so fast that she hadn't had time to react and now she was pinned, she started to try to wriggle free "please no... not here" she whimpered but he took no notice of her as he got both of her wrists together in one hand so he could push his other hand up her dress to her naked pussy. He rubbed her gently at first, she stopped trying to get out of his grip as she started to enjoy his teasing, "please... don't.." she tried again weakly, not really meaning it but he ignored her again as he plunged 2 fingers deep inside her.

God she wanted him so badly now! She had never had sex outside before, she was really shy normally but the alcohol made her feel brave and she couldn't bring herself to stop him as he slid his fingers in and out of her wet pussy, getting faster, reaching for that spot that made her really tremble. He forced her dress down at the front and she sighed as he released her E-cup breasts and took her already hard nipples in his mouth. She loved how he teased her nipple as he was doing now, flicking his lounge over it fast and then sucking it hard and biting it ever so slightly. She had almost gone into a trance as she enjoyed all the sensations of him touching her but she snapped out of it as he slid his fingers out of her and she heard him unzip his pants. She suddenly became aware of where they were again as he rubbed his hard cock against her smooth, wet lips. She was just about to protest again when he started rubbing the head of his cock against her clit. It felt so good to feel the soft skin of him rubbing against her and she yearned for him to enter her. "Please...." she murmured, only this time he knew she wasn't begging him to stop. With one swift stroke he pushed himself into her. She groaned at the feeling of him filling her needy pussy and at hearing him groan "oh fuck" in her ear as he felt her grip around his shaft. He let go of her hands and gripped her hips so he could help himself thrust into her harder and he started fucking her.

She groaned loudly as he fucked her hard, just knowing that they were outside, fucking against a tree right next to the path was driving her wild. She groaned in protest as he stopped fucking her and let his hard throbbing cock slide out of her "No...! It was just getting really good" she gasped. He just stared straight into her eyes, telling her with them not to argue with him, he knew what he was doing. "Turn around and bend over slightly" he whispered in her ear. She went weak as he told her what to do, she loved the way he took control of her, it always turned her on and she loved knowing what he wanted to do to her. She did as she was told and turned her back to him then lent forward slightly. He stroked her soaking wet pussy from behind then guided his rock hard cock so it only just slipped inside of her, he placed one hand on her shoulder and one on her hip. She knew what was coming next, she knew he was going to force himself inside her so hard and so fast that it would make her squeal but not knowing when he would do it almost had her begging for him. Just when she was getting nervous he slammed it inside her with so much force she almost fell forwards and she had to put her hand against the tree to stay upright. He then started fucking her so deeply that she couldn't help groaning and swearing, she became totally oblivious to where they were, she was too involved in what she was feeling.

Her tits were swinging forwards every time he thrust his cock into her, she still had one hand on the tree as they fucked in stand up doggy and her other had was working its magic on her clit. The sex was incredible and the fact that they were outside somewhere so public was just making her feel so naughty, so bad. "Spank me a little" The words just came out of her mouth without her permission, she was so shocked with herself and instantly blushed bright red wondering what on earth he must think of her. His hand landed on her right ass cheek with a SMACK! It stung slightly for a second and her cheek turned slightly red under his palm but she loved it. She was still shocked that she had said it and he was quite surprised too but he wasn't going to miss out on this opportunity. "Enjoy that Angel?" he asked as he slid himself in and out of her, "mmmmm" was all she could manage so he spanked her again, a little harder this time so her skin became even more red.

She moaned hard as he spanked her a third and fourth time, she almost couldn't believe how naughty she felt at that moment and she was loving it. The combination of being spanked, being outside, getting fucked just how she liked it and rubbing her clit was tipping her close to her climax. Even though he couldn't see her face he knew she was almost ready to cum, he could tell from her breathing, from the way she was groaning louder and the way she was pushing backward onto him, willing him to get deeper. "I'm getting really close now" he heard her whimper just as he heard the sound of feet on a gravel path. He knew someone was going to walk past but he knew that he couldn't just stop, not with her so close. He slowed his pace only slightly as he pulled her up so they were both stood upright. She tipped her head backwards onto his shoulder in complete bliss, totally unaware that someone was approaching them. He covered her mouth hard as she moaned the words "I'm gonna cum now", he whispered to her "Someone is walking past, shhh". Her eyes shot open in surprise but it was too late to stop, her orgasm came now with his hand wrapped forcefully over her mouth, his cock burred deep inside her and her fingers rubbing hard at her clit. She didn't take her eyes off the couple as they staggered slightly towards them on the path, She was cumming harder than ever before in his arms knowing that if either of the couple just turned their heads they would see her with her tits completely out of her dress and her skirt hoisted right up to her waist, her fingers holding her pussy lips open while her fingers rubbed her clit. They would know that she was getting fucked and they would know from her shuddering that she was having an orgasm. He was thinking exactly the same as her, knowing they were on the verge of being caught and if he was honest with himself he wished for them to see, he wanted them to turn around and see him fucking her there next to the path. He started fucking her even harder, wanting her to moan just a little too loud, wanting them to hear. The feeling of her pussy contracting and squeezing around his cock as she came in his arms and the thought of the couple watching them was too much for him and he closed his eyes as he came hard inside her, shooting his hot cum deep at the same time that the couple walked past without realising what was going on right next to the path.

They both stood panting in each others arms, he let his hand drop from her mouth and she whispered "For a moment I thought they would see, the thought of being caught really turned me on though", he just smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "i thought you said you would never have sex outside" he said and laughed as she blushed and replied with "i didn't really get much option did i?!" He put his arm round her as she put her dress back where it should be. "that was so sexy" she said as they walked back onto the path.

A twig snapped under his foot as they walked, the sound made her jump and as she looked up she realised the sound had attracted the attention of the woman in the couple and she smiled sweetly as she wondered if the other woman could see how hard her nipples were, if she could see the cum that had started to dribble down her leg and if she could see the guilt and passion on her face, if she knew what had just happened and as she did she couldn't help thinking to herself hmmm another couple watching us, that could be very interesting....


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