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Afternoon Delight

Mutual masturbation at the pub, standing in a stream, almost naked,wanking.

My wife and myself have gone out many times over the years and sometimes intentionally , sometimes almost by accident , have ended up indulging in a spot of exhibitionism. I love my wife to show herself to me in as public a spot as possible and she loves the feeling also!

One early afternoon we went for a walk along the bank of the river that flowed close to where we lived at the time. My wife was wearing a long summer dress which had buttons all down its back. We had decided that it was better suited to our purpose for her to wear this dress back to front, resulting in the neckline being much lower than was intended by its maker. The top 2 buttons were always left open, as were at least 3 or 4 of the lower ones showing a lovely view of her tits , and a lot of leg also showing. Needless to say, there was nothing worn underneath the dress. At the end of the riverside path was a lovely country-style Pub, very popular in fine weather especially as it had a large beer garden at the rear.

My wife and I both had a few ciders in the beer garden, and managed to sit at the far end of the seating arrangement, facing away from the other drinkers. We always got a great buzz out of this sort of situation, with me gently stroking the cleavage on view and coaxing another button or two open, both top and bottom. When sufficient buttons were open , both of my wife’s tits were out in the open, me caressing them to my heart’s content, and also my wife’s great enjoyment I should add!

The lower buttons were open by now almost to her waist, her pussy fully in view, with me again adding to her and my pleasure by gently stroking and fingering her until she was leaning back against the wooden table, her legs wide open, me with two fingers deep inside her pussy, helping spread the wetness from within. Her eyes were closed, breathing deeper and deeper until she came with a long satisfied sigh, her pussy drenching my fingers. We both love the fact that we could carry on in this way , out in the open with lots of people close at hand, suspecting nothing, as long as she didn’t make any noise when she came.

To share the love around a bit, my wife then started to rub my hard-on through my shorts, then unzipped them, lifted my cock out, and proceeded to give me a lovely slow wank, which is always a particular pleasure on a lovely summer’s day I find. It didn’t take too long for me to tell her that I was about to come, which prompted her to use a tissue to catch my spunk , preventing it from flying over us.

These actions put both of us in a lovely frame of mind for one last drink, after tidying myself up enough to reenter the pub. When we’d finished the drinks, we started to walk back along the river path, when as usual, I was coaxing my wife’s tits out of her dress again, feeling them with one hand, the other up the back of her dress, tickling her pussy from behind. She was very worked up by this, and dragged me to a group of trees by the river bank, where I could do a much better job of fingering her in earnest, making her come again.

She then decided she wanted to paddle in the river which in this spot, was quite shielded from the path. She waded in up to thigh depth and started to caress her tits over her dress, then opened it up to allow them into full view and easy access. I decided to walk back down the path a way until I could cross over to the other side of the river, giving me a more distant view, more like a voyeur might see. By this time, my wife had undone all her buttons and was openly squeezing her left tit with one hand and vigorously fingering herself with the other. I had to wank to this sight, so pulled my now raging hard cock out, and wanked as fast as I could.

From the corner of my eye I saw some movement on the pathway. It was two young men walking, one pushing a bicycle. They might or might not see my wife, I thought so didn’t panic too much. I put my cock away and waited to see what happened. I think the two guys actually saw me at first, which probably made them wonder what I was doing lying down on the far river bank alone. They then caught sight of my wife. I had decided by now to see what would happen, so did nothing to alert my wife to their presence. My wife was totally absorbed by now , oblivious to anyone else, in mid stream, dress pulled back over her shoulders, body totally exposed, wanking herself furiously.

She had an obviously huge orgasm ( not so quiet on this occasion), and waded to the river bank and proceeded to lie down on the bank and rub her pussy and feel her tits in obvious rapture. I didn’t know what to think or do at first, because of the two guys watching, who by now had moved forward into the bushes to get a closer view .I was partly nervous, partly excited that they might make a move on my wife, and didn’t really know what I would do if they had! Would I look on in enjoyment or panic and try to stop them?

This didn’t happen anyway, as they by now I think aware that my wife and I were a couple, and didn’t make any such move. They contented themselves instead , after looking around and seeing no-one else in sight, to getting as close as they could to my wife whilst staying in cover behind the bushes. Pretty soon it became obvious that they had pulled their cocks out and were energetically wanking for all they were worth. This situation pleased me no end! My wife lying down in full view of two strangers, her body fully exposed, fingering herself to yet another orgasm, her cunt absolutely soaking wet, her body in convulsions of ecstacy, whist the two guys were wanking away merrily, barely eight feet away!

I couldn’t help but pull my cock out again to wank along to this fabulous sight! I wouldn’t normally expect myself to do this but the other guys weren’t bothered by my presence, and what’s good for the goose I thought, what the hell? Within a short space of time there were four people exploding on two different sides of the river! Whatever noise was made was unheard by anyone because we were all having the same experience.

Shortly, my wife, once recovered, began putting her now soaked -through dress back together, and the two lads began to slink away. I walked back around to the other side of the river to join my wife for a kiss and cuddle before walking home hand in hand, hoping no-one would notice her sodden dress

. When back home we went straight to bed where we had a long slow fuck, whilst I told my wife what had transpired while she was in the stream. At first she wouldn’t believe me as I quite often tell her my fantasies about what I’d like us to do, involving other people. Whilst telling the story to her , it became obvious however how excited we were both becoming , it adding greatly to the sensations we were experiencing. I swore to her that it was the truth I was telling and during this, it sent us both over the edge, experiencing the loudest, longest orgasms of the day! This was one of many such events; more to follow!

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