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Afternoon Park Delights

Afternoon Park Delights

You’re The Only One I Need
It’s the first day of August, it has been ungodly hot all of July, but today it’s perfect. Lying on the soft grass, my eyes closed, I listen and feel everything around me. The breeze is blowing every so often, stirring the smells, enhancing them, if you may. The park is large, and used by all, and often. But for right now, it feels like our little safe haven.

The smell of fresh cut grass and a BBQ grill going in the far distances teases my senses. Mmm, what a perfect mix I think to myself. Your smell is what I smell most though, the breeze catches it perfectly. Freshly showered, your soap smells wonderful, so natural. It leaves my nose tingling, as if embedding it into my mind forever.

I can hear a dog bark happily, playing catch with his owner. The sounds of children are squealing with laughter, as they play in the park. The fountain trickles, endless water not far from where we lie. It’s all so soothing; I could lie like this forever. Your thumb is brushing against my hand, a small gesture, so sweet and simple. I love when you do that, it makes me feel special. I’m not sure why, it just does. Don’t ever stop doing it.

Our first day off that coincides in weeks, and we spend it here at the park. We packed a lunch, brought a blanket and people watched for a long time. The food was wonderful; I packed fried chicken that we ate with cold, potato salad, and biscuits. It went well with the iced tea you made, which was a little too sweet! I was able to sneak in some cheesecake, you didn't even notice. You smiled wide when I took it out after lunch.

By the time we finished lunch, we lay side by side soaking in the sun. You’re in khaki shorts, with a polo shirt. You took your shoes and socks off the moment we laid out the blanket, you like running your toes against the grass. Your ginger hair shines bright against the sun, making it look all the brighter. Your beard, looking epic as ever. It makes me want to tug on it.

Me, well I’m in that sun dress you like so much. My dress is pale blue and form fitting around the right curves. My flip-flops are lying right beside your shoes, because I like my toes in the grass as much as you. My brown hair is tied up, off my neck. I like the way it brushes against my back, when the breeze blows by. I think I could lie in this spot forever, and never want it to end.

“This day has been so perfect so far, wouldn't you say?” I hear you break the silences; we haven’t said anything in maybe twenty minutes. It feels though as if it has been hours. Not that either of us mind, as long as we’re together, words don’t matter. We say enough just by the smallest touches, like we always done. “Mmm, it has been. I’m not ready for this day to ever end,” I whisper. The sun is beating right over us.

I roll over into you, my head on your chest, your arm curls around me. I can feel you cup my arse perfectly. “Hm, no I don’t want to end either, princess,” You speak with such a low voice it sends a shiver down my spine. I blush at your pet name for me. It always has that effect on me. Your hand creeps down, right under the hem of my dress, which has slipped up a little higher. “Mmm, what are you doing, Mister?”

The smile I hear in your voice is obvious when you answer. “Oh, well, touching what’s mine, of course,” you say as though it is so obvious. I suppose its true enough. My fingers run up, twirling in your beard.

“Mm, don’t ever shave; I love this beard of yours. And yes, it’s yours, but you knew this,” I only confirm what we both know.

“You know I won’t, I rock this beard,” you chuckle, snuggling me closer into you. Your hand grips my arse, and I let out a soft moan.

With the heat as hot as it’s been, and as busy as we've been with work as of late, we've not had sex in ages. The last time we attempted, the air conditioner broke whilst in the midst of it, and we groaned, and stopped. Your simple touch on my arse sends tingles inside me. I want you so much, I need you.

“What’s wrong, princess?” The cockiness in your voice is clear, knowing full well what is wrong.

“You know full well, Mister!” I giggle, my hand reaching down, and rest casually on your shorts.

You let out a soft groan, and I know that you have the same thing on mind. I brush my fingers just right to get your length, and squeeze ever so teasingly. You gasp out; I’m sure shocked by my boldness, and the sensation of being touched. Your fingers grip me a little more, as if to keep yourself from ravishing me. “You’re not playing fair, my sweet girl,” you groan out, as I do it once more.

“When have we ever played fair with each other, darling?”

A soft giggle escapes my throat, and you growl lightly. You know as much as me this is true, and we enjoy toying with one another. “Take a walk with me, Princess?” you ask, shifting a little.

“I’d go anywhere in the world with you, love.” I slide out of the crook of your arm. I open my eyes, blinking a few times. I have had my eyes closed this whole time, adjusting to the light again.

We pack all our stuff, and toss it in the car, before walking casually around the park. There are fewer people now, all going to get lunch, leaving this paradise for us to enjoy. There are still a few people though. We both know where we’re going, we've been there before. We’re naughty, and love going to find our spot. Hand in hand we stroll around like any other average twenty-something couple would do. No one much pays attention to us, and we don’t to them.

The two trees which are bent in such a way that look like a gate come into view. It is so lush, and green, the smells of outdoors is overwhelming, very welcoming. We step between the tree gate, and enter what we call heaven. It’s a little cove, the sun can shine in but the trees block most of it. The rays of light do work in, depending on the time of day. I remember the time we made love in here, whilst it was raining. It was so incredible. It was perfect.

You press me up against the rock wall, lust in your eyes. I can see how much need you have for me, looking deep into my soul. It makes me feel so absolutely wanted, and I blush deeply. You smile at me, and lean in to kiss my full lips. The softness of your beard brushes against my face, and you kiss me deeply. I can taste your softness, your need for me, and you can feel mine. Your hands skim down around my backside, and grip my arse with both hands. Mmm yes, I think to myself.

Moving your lips from mine, you work to my neck. Your breath tickles my flesh. God, yes! It feels so amazing; my own breathing escalates, hitching every so often whilst you bite lightly. My fingers move down between us, and I begin to undo your khaki shorts, moving with need, and want. Your hands slide under my skirt, and hook around my panties; you slide them off as I step out of them. You slide them into your pocket, and I give you a cheeky smile. Pushing up against me, I can feel how hard you are. You’re free from your prison, and teasing me. You press it against my lower belly; you lean down and expose my breast.

You love when I don’t wear a bra, and we both know that’s why you like this sun dress so much—it doesn't require a bra. Your mouth engulfs my breast; you suckle my nipple into your mouth. My delectable, rose-tipped nipple throbs instantly, and a moan escapes my lips. I roll my hips towards you, feeling your hard cock against me again. You don’t let me do more; you keep me pinned up against the rock. Your teeth set on my nipple, your tongue flickers over it.

“Oh God, please, don’t stop,” I whimper out, not wanting anything else right at this moment. You have no intentions of stopping though, and you grin at my words. Your beard tickles my tender soft flesh, your tongue still moving quickly. One of your hands moves down under my dress, right between my thighs. You move two fingers between my folds, and to my clit. You start a wicked dance on it, pinning it between your fingers. “Fuck, please!” I feel so light headed, moving my hips the best I can as you send me into another world.

Your mouth quickly moves from one breast, to the other. You suck hard on my already awaiting nipple. My other breast is rosy red from the sucking, and from your beard scratching it perfectly. It throbs in delight. With fluid movement, you bring us to the ground. The soft lush grass under you, I rest upon you as you suckle on my nipple still. My breathing hisses lightly, gasping as you grind yourself up towards me.

Adjusting just right, I ride my slick wet folds along your thickness. Your head catches my clit, and I work it, slicking you up with my wetness. The smell of sex is strong, the aroma is undeniable. I watch as you keep sucking on my nipples, working both, moving back and forth. My breasts are evenly red with delight from the pleasure you've offered them. Your beard tickles me every so often, and it causes me to gasp out. Mmm, yes.

The things you do to please me, how could I ever get enough of you. We've needed this for so long, and we don’t rush it. There is no need, we want it to much. The birds are chirping, and the sounds of others not far from us are easily heard, but they are drowned out from my soft moans. I resist the urge to moan out too loud. I lift my hips up carefully, placing the head of your engorged head at my opening.

You stop what you’re doing and I lift my skirt just enough, you can see your cock sitting there. I give you a cheeky smile; I bite my bottom lip, and begin to slide down your shaft. You quickly come to grab my hips, helping me slide down you. I let my head fall back slightly, moaning out as I embrace you with the warmth of my walls. Mmm, you feel that? The tightness that engulfs your thick shaft? I squeeze you tightly.

We moan together, I come to the hilt, and begin to roll my hips. Every last wonderful perfect inch of your cock is inside me. My head comes back forth, looking down at you. I keep my skirt propped up, so you can watch both me and your cock sink deep inside me.

You lift up and thrust just slightly as I roll my hips still. The patterns of our movements are perfect, and we don’t need anything else in this moment. Oh, God, you feel so wonderful inside me, so perfect you fill me with everything I need. Mmm fuck!

Rolling, thrusting, and moaning, we work together in perfect harmony. We’re slow, and gentle, no rush and so much need. Your hands move up and cup my breasts fully, you squeeze them just perfectly. You begin kneading lightly at my nipples, keeping them wickedly hard. I let out soft moans at it; I move my hips into a thrusting motion now. I don’t move fast, not wanting to rush, not just yet…

“Mmm, my sweet Princess, you feel so good around me,” you groan out, as I move with a bit quicker need.

“Oh my love, I've needed this for so long. I've missed you inside me. Mmm, I never want it to end,” I whimper out as I grind down hitting my sweetest spot. I keep on that spot, and roll my hips with an animal-like need. It causes you to shiver out, cursing under your breath.

I can no longer handle it; I need more of you now. Our sensual rhythm turns into a surging need. You repeatedly thrust upwards as I wiggle my hips experimentally down onto you. My hips are swaying down onto you, fully expecting every last inch. It’s not long though until you want to take the lead. You roll us in such away that I am suddenly under you. All your weight holds me in place, my breathing becomes rapid, and I wait for it.

You take just one leg, throwing it up over your shoulder; you lean into me and thrust. You take me without hesitation, and I accept it all as I moan out. Mmm, yes! "Please take me," I whine out. You do! You begin thrusting with a hungry, desired, more than ever need of all wants. It’s as though we’ll never have each other again, and we need all we can take. You can feel me tighten around you, and you pound on. Please don’t stop, I’m so near!

The feeling of me nearing a climax has always been so obvious to you, and you don’t slow down. You want my impending orgasm to explode hard around you, and I know it will. God, just don’t slow down, please take me! You lean down, kissing me deeply, sucking my tongue into your mouth. Mmm, I love when you do that! Your body thumps against mine, taking me deeper. Oh hell, yes, no don’t stop, it’s coming. Before I can even say it…

A blinding, pulsing moment of release clenches deep inside me. I convulse into a chain of spasms, and whine out your name, which surges you on. You love when I moan out your name, more so when I climax. My dizzying explosion of feeling grips you tight and I feel so heady, we keep moving through it. You can feel the after effects gripping you. “Can you feel that, love? The tiny little after spasms you give me,” I gasp out, trying to catch my breath.

“Are you kidding me, Princess? It’s all I can feel! I love when I do that to you.”

We smile, and slow down just a little. We move back into a soft love-making moment, enjoying each other, living in our own ecstasy world. Your cock feels so thick inside me, taking me deeper, bringing us to new levels. I grind my hips up towards you; you take my other leg, and move it up on your shoulder. I’m in so much need for you right now. You ride me, taking me harder with each thumping need.

The tightness stretches around you more in this position, and you thrust on. My hands move to take your arse in a nice grip. I pull you into me, grinding further, wanting you deeper. I know you’ll climax soon, and I want it as deep as possible inside me. Moaning once more, I feel you grow thicker inside me. You own every inch of me, from inside out. My nails dig in a bit deeper, and you groan out. Mmm, I love when you do, more please.

It’s just your hips moving now, taking me, as you keep me locked in place. The slickness of my orgasm has made it possible for you to move faster inside me, and you do so. I arch my hips upwards to meet your thrusts, and we collide together. The sun has grown hotter now, or maybe it’s just our naughtiness that has made it seem so hot. The air feels thick, and I feel as though I can’t breathe, but it feels so perfect.

A ray of sun shines through, and highlights the ginger in your hair. I can’t help but run one hand through it, pulling you down into a kiss. My other hand is still on your arse. Your moans tickle my lips, causing me to moan with you. I feel you tighten suddenly, a groan of blissful agony as you flood yourself into me. A pulsating wave of pleasure fills me, and I shudder into my own explosive orgasm. We share this moment together, climaxing hard together.

We’re without a doubt spent, breathing hard as you hold me close. You've pulled my skirt down, and I’ve lifted my top half to cover my full breasts. We lie there, trying to regain our composure before attempting to leave our little slice of heaven. It feels as though nothing can go wrong in this little spot; it’s ours and no one knows about it. We both know we could easily be caught, but care none the less, and do it any time we ever come to the park.

Twenty or so minutes pass, and we fix ourselves as decent as we can, before leaving our spot. When we enter the busier part of the park, we see even fewer people are there, and we can’t help but giggle. We make our way to our car, and head home, as I pick grass out of your hair. We both agree we need a shower.

You take the stuff we packed and unload it, as I start the shower. I strip down out of my clothes, and remember you have my panties in your pocket. I giggle softly, stepping into the shower. The pounding of the water beats against my back, and feels so perfectly good. You enter a moment later, stripped naked and join me. You embrace me in a deep, loving kiss, and we share it for the longest moment.

“I love you, Princess, today, tomorrow, and forever,” You look down at me; I can see the love in your eyes. I catch a soft sob in my throat, feeling the same.

“I love you, Mister, today, tomorrow, and forever, plus a day.”

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