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All Business - Part 2

She found herself vulnerable and exposed as they stopped for water.
I was blushing from head to toe as I scrambled to pull my dress back on, scanning the parking lot to see if I had been noticed. One middle aged man gave an uncharacteristically long stare and smile as he drove away from the gas pump and I knew he had seen me. Seen me completely naked as we had pulled into the parking lot. Seen me lost in the ecstasy of being allowed 10 long, slow and deep strokes from the blue dildo...and frustrated beyond belief that it was not more. He chuckled and said, "I'm sure you made his day."

I reached up to pull the clamps off of my now throbbing nipples. They were so sore and sensitive from having been pinched so tight for so long and the rush of blood into my nipples was causing a sensation of pleasurable pain that was threatening to make me cum. I closed my eyes, fighting the building orgasm, when I felt the brush of his lips on mine, the probe of his tongue intermingled with mine. What started as a gentle caress of my lips became more insistent and demanding as his hands pulled aside my dress and fondled my raw nipples between his fingers. He pulled, pinched, and twisted, sending waves of pain and pleasure directly to my pulsating and desperate pussy. I was so close to cumming that I could barely breathe. He pulled back from my lips and I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he made his way to my ear.

"Not yet," his voice calmly commanded. "You are not allowed to cum until I tell you."

He pulled my dress back to cover my breasts, an almost pointless act as my hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin clinging fabric. "We need some water." As I exited the car, I felt what had been an almost unstoppable pending orgasm subside into pure frustration. My nipples were so sore that they felt assaulted every time the fabric in my dress brushed across them, teasing and torturing with every step. My pussy throbbed and ached, desperate for the feel of his cock pounding deeper and deeper, filling and stretching me into sweet oblivion. 

As we walked into the store, I noticed the clerk. She was probably in her mid-20's, long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and firm big breasts that were barely contained in the bra that was at least two sizes too small. He knew I found women sexy and caught me looking at the very attractive blonde. It was also clear, from the sweet wry smile from the clerk, that she had noticed me as well, at least she had noticed my prominent hard nipples and clingy thin summer dress that was hiding next to nothing.

He took my hand and pulled me into an aisle that was visible to the clerk, but not overly public.
He turned me to face the clerk, who was helping customers, but at every opportunity, looking our way with an expression of pure anticipation. I was beginning to wonder if my desperation was apparent to anyone who looked my way.

"I believe my fucktoy is desperate to cum, yes?"

My head was swimming as I wondered what he was about to do, but I was desperate. My pussy was in overdrive as juices poured out of me, dripping down my leg. I had no concern with anyone else in the store, the clerk watching, I just wanted to cum. No, I needed to cum.

"Yes. Your fucktoy needs to cum...please..."

He moved behind me, lifting my dress enough to move his hand in between my shaking legs. His fingers circled my clit, so slowly that my I wondered if I would ever be allowed to cum. I started to grind my hips against his, hoping to break some of his control, but he just circled more slowly.

"You can't cum until she is watching. You have to look in her eyes, and only then, will I let you cum."

He started to stroke my swollen pussy with one finger, making me moan almost too loudly. I looked over to where the clerk was helping the last customer in the line. He started to stroke me with another finger, deeper and deeper his thick fingers probed my streaming wet pussy. I was covering his hand with my juices and dripping onto the floor when I caught the eye of the clerk. She had helped her last customer and was staring directly at us, her lips parted slightly in mild shock and amusement.

"She's watching you, my little fucktoy."

I looked directly into her mischievous blue eyes as he pushed two more of his thick fingers deep into my pussy. His four fingers were thicker than the blue dildo, and I felt stretched, exposed, and so naughty as I stood there in the aisle, staring into the clerks eyes. She smiled as the sensation built so quickly it was overwhelming. I wouldn't stop it this time, I had permission to cum. His hard cock pressed against my backside, his fingers pumping in and out of my hungry pussy, and the piercing gaze of the clerk brought me to the edge. I couldn't breathe as I started to moan, my pussy pulsating in orgasmic oblivion.

He pulled his hand from my pussy and held it up to my mouth. I obediently licked his fingers as the clerk watched me take every one of his thick digits into my mouth, sucking each one until he pulled them from my grasp.

He grabbed several bottles of water, put them on the counter, and handed the clerk money. She smiled, "Have a very pleasant trip, sir."

"I will, thank you." 
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