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All Business - Part 4

She was exhausted, spent, and still had to take so much more.
The rest stop was dark and practically deserted. He had parked toward the back, accessible to anyone and everyone, but slightly out of the way for the average motorist. As he opened the car door, the slight breeze of warm summer night air did nothing to cool my body, which was dripping from the sweat he had wrenched out of me. My legs were still shaking from cumming over and over in the car, the plug still securely vibrating in my ass, and I could barely walk as he helped me out of the car to a close picnic table.

The table was metal and felt deliciously cool as I braced myself against it. My head was cloudy, filled with thoughts of the evenings events and attempts at trying to predict what was next. My body was delightfully sore, swollen, hot, spent....but full of need.

"Lay down. Pull your legs up and hold your ankles so that you are spread nice and wide. Do not let go of your ankles."

I did as instructed, feeling the fullness of the plug and the vibrations as it continued to tease and tantalize my ass with every move, making my pussy feel so empty...desperate to be stroked hard and deep. My juices trickled down my swollen lips, teasing with each liquid trail. As I grabbed onto my ankles, spreading my legs wide, I watched as he looked on in approval. I was completely vulnerable, exposed, wanting more. In a very slow precise manner, he undid his pants, prolonging my agony as I watched him begin to stroke his hard cock just beyond my reach.


"No. Not yet."

He moved to the top of the table, stroking his aching cock inches from my face. I tilted my head back, opening my mouth wide, hopeful that he would soon fill my throat, but he held his cock right above my lips...letting me watch, feeling the growing ache in my pussy as I gripped my ankles tighter...until his precum began to drip into my mouth.With one big thrust he shoved his cock deep down my throat, making me choke ever so slightly. Over and over he began to fuck my throat with deep, hard strokes, telling me that his fucktoy needed a good hard throat fucking, which made my pussy gush juices onto the table. It felt so good to finally have his cock fucking my throat...his taste, his smell, the feel of my throat being stretched. I reached up to feel the taught muscles in his ass and thighs. As I did, he pulled his cock from my aching throat.

"Naughty fucktoy. I told you not to let go of your ankles. Roll over."

As I rolled over, he moved to the opposite end of the table, pulling my body down so that my feet touched the ground and my ass was fully exposed. Although it was still quite sore from the earlier paddling, the sting from his hand as he spanked my right ass cheek hard and suddenly was overwhelming. I let out a small cry from the pain, trying to contain myself, which is when I heard the sharp intake of breath from several feet to my left.

"We have an audience."

I was scared to look over, but eventually I turned my head to see a young couple in their twenties watching intently. The man's arousal was barely contained by his shorts, but it was his companion who captured my attention. She was tall, slim, and stunningly beautiful. Her dark straight hair ran past her shoulders and rested softly on the top of her full and firm breasts that were clearly aching to be free of the tight tank top she wore. She initially looked concern as she watched my ass being spanked hard over and over, but her expression changed as he brought me closer and closer to cumming while I looked in her eyes. Her hand moved to raise her skirt and I could see her fingers begin to caress her glistening wet pussy....circling her clit slowly and beginning a rythmic stroking as she pushed her fingers in deep. Her lips parted and I heard a small moan.

"You should have a seat..."

She smiled in response to his invitation and moved to the table. My heart pounded as she lowered herself inches from my face, legs spread wide, her juices dripping out of her beautifully smooth pussy. Her smell was intoxicating. I reached out, pulled her closer,and began to run my tongue gently along her swollen lips. Her moans resonated deep in my body, making me want to hear her cum. As I began to flick her clit with my tongue, she put her hands in my hair, pushing my head deeper into her pussy, covering my face in her juices. She began to shake and her breathing became labored.

"Such a good girl. Make her cum hard, fucktoy."

As her breathing heightened, I began to gently suck her clit, making her moan loudly and pull my hair almost to the point of pain. I gasped hard as my pussy felt the sudden and deep feeling of his cock. My pussy was sopping wet, hot, and so swollen that his thrusts were harder than ever before...demanding my pussy to accommodate him. As she moaned and grabbed my hair, shaking, cumming hard all over my pussy was responding in kind to his cock. I was cumming pussy contracting hard around his cock, making me cum even harder. She started to pull away from my face.

"Don't stop. Make her cum again."

As I pulled her pussy back to my lips, I could see her companion stroking his cock by her face. He began to stroke her throat as I lowered my lips to gently suck her clit, her moans now muffled by a mouthful of cock.

He leaned down to my ear, telling me I've been such a good fucktoy, that I just had to take more. I had cum so much and so hard, that I wasn't sure how much more my pussy could take, when he pulled out and with one hard quick thrust he was stroking my deep and so hard. I began to suck harder on her clit...his cock felt so good in my ass...pounding me harder and harder while I sucked her clit.

I could hear her choking on cum as her companion shot it down her throat. As she regained her voice, her moans were louder and louder, her hands pushing my head down again, and she began to shake uncontrollably. Her juices covered my face and I could barely breathe...but I was lost in the feeling of his cock stroking faster and harder deep inside my ass. I could feel myself tightening up, the familiar sensations of needing to cum again.

"Take it. You want a good hard ass fucking, don't you?"

I could barely utter the words, but began pleading for more. He stroked me harder and harder until my body was overcome...shaking, spasming, squirting. I could feel him tense as he finally allowed himself to cum deep inside my ass...his voice pushing me to my final edge as he groaned loud and long with his release of so much cum that it began dripping out of my ass.

The other couple quietly left as we collapsed, exhausted onto the table. As our breathing finally returned to normal, a slow wicked smile crossed his face as he helped me and my very wobbly legs back to the car.

"We still have about 2 hours to go. Pick a number..."
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