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Amateur dramatics

My wife plays her part to the full with young actor
My wife and are both keen amateur actors. Recently I’ve got more into directing but my wife, Sylvie, stills prefers to perform. She’s in her forties and has a full but still very attractive figure.

Recently our amateur dramatic group put on a farce. One of those sex romp things where everything gets mixed up and nobody knows who is getting off with whom. As director it was my responsibility to do the casting and I made sure Sylvie got a part that involved a lot of kissing and canoodling with others. Most of it was pretty innocent stuff, but the final scene involved Sylvie’s character getting into bed with a younger guy and simulating sex, just as the curtain comes down. The idea being that the curtain closed on the scene before anything serious got underway. In casting the guy for the scene I picked one of the youngest and fittest members of our drama group. He was new to the area and a little reserved. He had joined the group to make new friends and was clearly quite talented.

Everybody was happy as we went through the early read-throughs of the script. Then we moved on to full rehearsal and to begin with when it came to any physical interaction we just passed it over and said something like “X and Y kiss at this point” or “X and Y cuddle at this point”. About a month before the show, I announced that we needed to go to full rehearsals and that all the action would need to be acted out. There was some embarrassment amongst the group, especially as there were a number of couples amongst the cast, but everyone was very professional about it.

The final scene was the steamiest by far. In it Sylvie’s character and the young guy finally got it together. At the end of one rehearsal I spoke to them together after the rest of the cast had left and told them that I expected them to make it convincing and they should agree between themselves how they would achieve it. I left them to talk it over.

When Sylvie and I got home that night I asked her how she had got on. She said they had agreed that they would kiss passionately, with tongues if necessary to make it convincing, and that they would run their hands over each others bodies, on top of each others clothes. Sylvie had told him that he could touch her breasts if he felt it made it more authentic. They had practiced on their own just to make sure they were comfortable with it before they had to do it in front of others.

Sylvie said that she had felt him getting hard against her at one point and he had apologised. She told him not to worry; it was only natural.

All of this made me horny as hell and, not surprisingly, so was Sylvie.

At the following night’s rehearsal there was some obvious and surprise and shock amongst the other cast members when we got to the final scene at how authentically Sylvie and the young guy acted out their roles, but everyone was very impressed with their commitment to their parts.

As the final weeks of rehearsal progressed, Sylvie and the young guy got more and more into their characters and I got hornier and hornier watching. At home, Sylvie confessed that she was enjoying grinding against him and that he was finding it more and more difficult not to become aroused.

In the final week, I had planned three dress rehearsals. Up to this point, we had not included the final bed scene but now we needed to include the full set for each of the scenes and practice the scene changes and all of the action.

At the first dress rehearsal everything went pretty well. We had a few restarts but eventually got to the final scene in which Sylvie and her guy were to strip to their underwear and get into bed together. They did their normal kissing and caressing bit and then each of them stripped to their underwear – the guy in a pair of boxers and Sylvie in her bra and panties - and jumped into bed together. He lay above her under the covers, at which point I called ‘curtain’ and the action stopped. It went well for a first dress rehearsal and the other cast members applauded as the curtain fell.

That night at home Sylvie said that she was not entirely happy with the final scene and suggested that it would have more dramatic effect if they pulled off each others’ clothes. I agreed that they would try this but first of all with just the two of them and myself present. The following day we arranged to meet before the others arrived for the next dress rehearsal.

The following night we managed three run-throughs of the final scene before the rest of the cast arrived. I have to admit it was pretty hot watch Sylvie and her companion pulling off each others clothes – with considerable enthusiasm. They were certainly great actors! Afterwards I had a quiet word with the guy and suggested he wear some tight fitting briefs under his boxers on performance nights – in the interests of decency. Again he apologised but I told him it was okay.

In the pub after the rehearsal a couple of the guys asked me if I had any problem with the way Sylvie and the young guy were performing. I told them “No”, I just thought that they were great actors. Sylvie told me later that most the women wanted to swap parts with her!

The second and third dress rehearsal went well and we were ready for opening night – the first of three nightly performances.

Opening night was Thursday and both Sylvie and I had taken the day off work. To date Sylvie had worn a relatively modest bra and pants for the rehearsals, but on opening night she wanted to take me shopping to help her to choose some underwear for the live performance. She selected a sheer cream set with a lace trim. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material. She had freshly shaved her pubic hair and a small neat downward facing triangle of dark hair pointed clearly to the top of her slit – also visible beneath the sheer material.

I asked if she was sure she wanted to wear these in the full gaze of the audience and under the bright stage lights I reminded her that any moisture from perspiration would simply make the material even more transparent, but she was in no doubt that it was what she wanted. She bought two sets, explaining she would wash the first set to wear again on the final night.

The opening night arrived and we had a full house - many of the audience being relatives and friends of the cast and crew. Luckily we have no relatives nearby so I was saved that embarrassment!

Before the show I noticed Sylvie and her young guy speaking quietly together and I presumed that they were giving each other some final reassurance.

The show went well. The audience laughed heartily and gasped with shock at some of the ‘indiscretions’ of the cast. As well as the final scene, the script had Sylvie having intimate encounters with several other male members of the cast and I noticed that they took full advantage of the opportunity to let their hands and, I suspected their tongues, roam freely. Some husbands would be held to account for the forwardness later that evening; that was for sure!

By the final scene there was a definite sexual tension both on stage and in the audience. Sylvie and her young friend entered from opposite wings and met centre stage. Checking that they were ‘alone’, they embraced and kissed. The guy’s hands were all over Sylvie. On her arse, pressing her pubis against his groin. Fondling her breasts. Meantime they were barely coming up for air. When they started pulling, near ripping, off each others clothes, the audience were aghast. Naked, but for their underwear they didn’t stop kissing, touching and pressing together. His hand went to her breast and fondled her nipple through the thin material. His other was behind her cupping her arse, nearly lifting her off her feet, the tips of his fingers surely at the entrance to her vagina. The audience were silent except for the occasional intake of breath.

After what seemed an age a curtain opened at the rear of the stage to reveal a bed. One went to each side, grabbed a corner of the top cover, turned full frontal to the audience, paused, then jumped into bed together, him on top of her, simulating grinding away in a sexual frenzy. The curtain fell. There was silence. And then applause and a buzz of chatter burst out as the spell was broken and the audience checked with each that they had really seen what they thought they saw. After a few moments the curtain raised again and the full cast took their bow – Sylvie and her guy in dressing robes in order to cover their state of near undress.

The buzz continued as the audience left the theatre and there was a little awkwardness amongst the cast until a glass or two of bubbly eased the tension.

There had been a few spare seats for the Friday night performance, but they quickly sold out the following morning.

Sylvie was very happy with her performance. The only issue, she told me, was that her young accomplice had held himself above her when they were in the bed together and she felt that it had not appeared authentic. She would tell him that such modesty was unnecessary and that he should consider the audience and the integrity of his performance over any other considerations.

The Friday night performance was much like the previous night except, if anything, Sylvie received even more of a mauling from her male co-performers and the final scene was even longer and more explicit than the previous night. Sylvie’s co-star did as he had been bid and was clearly directly on top of Sylvie as his arse oscillated under the top cover of the bed. Nonetheless the word was out and there wasn’t quite the sense of shock amongst the audience that there had been the previous evening.

Saturday was the final night. Many of the first night audience of relatives and friends had booked long ago to come also to the final performance, many in anticipation of the after show party. None of them changed their minds.

The cast were now familiar with their parts and their lines and gave a faultless performance. Clearly some of the male cast members had been warned off and were a little more circumspect in their encounters with Sylvie.

Again it came to the final scene and there was a sense of anticipation amongst the audience. Sylvie and her guy entered and performed as before but, it seemed, at greater length and with even more enthusiasm for their roles.

It came to the undressing bit at last and Sylvie ripped off the guy’s shirt, undid his belt and let his trousers fall to the floor. There was a gasp as the audience realised that he was wearing nothing but a pair of thin white briefs which barely constrained his erect penis. They embraced and kissed again. When they parted, he literally ripped off Sylvie’s blouse to reveal not her bra but her naked breasts which he proceeded to fondle and kiss the nipples. Stepping back again, he unclipped her waist band and she stepped out of her skirt, to reveal suspenders and stockings and nothing else but a tiny g-string with a small triangle of almost totally transparent material at the front and only a string at the rear. This time the audience did gasp and there were a few expressions of disapproval from some of the older female members of the audience.

More kissing and fondling and then Sylvie and her young friend did the getting into bed bit as before, but again seeming to take just that little bit longer and allowing the audience to see just a little bit more.

The other difference was that this time they did not pull up the top cover but Sylvie got on top in a ‘cowgirl’ position and proceeded to grind herself on the young guy’s now very erect cock. The curtain was slow, slow, slow and, as professional performers, they stayed in part, Sylvie grinding his cock and he fondling her breasts.

Eventually the curtain fell. Again a hush but this time followed by hesitant applause. The curtain wasn’t down for long. It rose to reveal the cast getting into position for their final bow. Sylvie and the guy were just getting out of the bed. No time to put on their dressing robes. They lined up together hand in hand in the centre of the stage, flanked on either side by the other cast members. Sylvie with her breasts bare and in her stockings and suspenders. Her g-string had all but disappeared between her labia. The guy stood in his white cum-stained briefs. And they took their bow.

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