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Amber: Jumping the Lights

A man fancies a schoolgirl and is confronted by her mum at the bus stop...
“What about Amber – is she OK?” I blurted the worried question out without thinking. I saw the puzzled look on Marie’s face.

“She’s… fine,” Marie said. I let go a breath which had been trapped in my lungs since Marie’s arrival. “She’s been suspended from school, but apart from that, she fine.”

“Why was she suspended? I heard something about a fight.”

“You know a lot about my daughter. She said she’d never spoken to you.” Amber had spoken to her mum about me?

“I noticed she was missing and I heard the girls on the bus yesterday…”

“Well, she attacked someone; a boy. Matt.”

“The one she fancied?”

“Yes,” Marie confirmed. The look she gave me this time was one of admiration. “You’d make a good spy.”

“Well Amber went on a date with Matt on Thursday – well a kind of date. Now that they're all 16, a lot of her friends are allowed out on a Thursday to go to the cinema. She’s not normally allowed out on a school night but she’s been badgering me to let her go, so I let her.”

“And… something happened?”

“Well this ‘Matt’ was there and Amber sat next to him in the cinema. Nothing happened but the next day Matt was telling his mates that he…”

“He kissed her?”

“No. Worse than that.” Marie shifted uncomfortably. “We used to call it ‘third base’.” My heart jumped and I started to get an erection as an image of Amber in the cinema flickered into my filthy mind. It was me there with her and it was my trousers she was peeling open. Her hands pulled my cock from my boxers and she looked up into my eyes as she warily lowered her open mouth over the tip. I could almost feel it, feel the warmth of Amber’s mouth around my cock… “When Amber found-out, she confronted Matt and well, she ended-up punching him in the face.”

“Good for her,” I croaked. Marie laughed. She wouldn’t have been laughing if she knew what I was thinking about her daughter. I cleared my throat and used the movement to mask grabbing and cupping my erection with my left hand. My cock was so sensitive, so demanding and I barely had to touch it to give intense sparks of pleasure. Amber’s mouth… sucking.

“Not really. There was blood and the school insisted that he go to hospital. She got suspended.”

“Oh. Sorry.” The guilty pleasure was building. I was masturbating now, rolling my cock against my belly, pinching the tip with my thumb – the timing of each little crush taking my excitement to another level.

“Yeah, well, things happen. I’m glad she stood-up for herself but I can’t be seen to applaud violence, so she’s grounded as well.”

“Well thanks for telling me.” I said it dismissively. If she’d go now I could slip a tissue over the tip of my cock and cum in my pants before the bus arrived. I needed to orgasm and thinking about doing it spiked my pleasure.

“I’ve not finished yet,” Marie said forcibly. “Having a week together has given Amber and me chance to talk. She mentioned you. A lot.” My hand paused – in fact my whole body froze. Was this was the moment when I was going to get it? Had the story about Amber’s assault been a warning for what I was about to receive? I prepared myself to evade an assault, a slap, or a punch…

“My little Amber is quite taken with you.” My mind reeled and shocked excitement surged down from my brain, making my stomach drop… and my cock explode. Oh Fuck!! I froze for a whole new reason: I’d teased myself right to the point of orgasm and when Marie had uttered those shocking words, she’d tipped me over the edge. A great sucking sensation pulled at my groin. It felt wonderful but I had to stop it. ‘She’s taken with me?’ The question repeated in my mind as I tensed muscles, desperately trying to block the orgasmic release. But there was nothing I could do. I flicked through the box of memories I keep of Amber, stopping on the mental video clip of her pussy, shrouded only by plain white knickers. They weren’t my favourite knickers but they’d given the best ‘camel toe’, the shadows on the surface revealing clear details of Amber’s pussy. Mmmmmm… Amber’s pussy. I imagined running my fingers over the crotch of her knickers, perhaps making her gasp with pleasure. The thought made my orgasm more intense, which for the first time in my life was the worst possible outcome. I fought to retain my composure as I gave myself to it; my cock jumping under my hand as it pumped spunk into my boxers in front of Amber’s mother.

“I don’t know what happened on Friday,” Marie continued, seemingly oblivious to what was happening right now, “and I don’t want to know - but she’s happy, happier than I’ve seen her in a long while and I know it’s got something to do with you. So I just thought I’d pop-out and let you know what really happened.” Oh God. If only she knew…

“That’s very kind of you,” I said, eying my approaching bus. My deflating cock was retreating into a hot slippery mess. I twisted my body awkwardly to hold-out my right hand as I gripped my cock and smeared my juices across my groin – thinking that perhaps by spreading them out, they might not soak through.

“I can see that I’ve made you really uncomfortable but do me a favour – when she comes back on Monday, talk to her.”

“I will,” I said, as the bus pulled up.


“I promise.”

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