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An awesome night out

A shy girlfriend loses her inhibitions at a sex club.
We’ve been together quite a while, and since we had kids we don’t get to go out as a couple very often, which is fine. But recently to celebrate a special anniversary we arranged for a baby sitter, booked a hotel room in town and planned a night out! We had talked about trying out one of the swingers clubs in town but I think for her this was more fantasy then something that would ever really happen. I should explain at this point that she (not being rude but we don’t need names) is in her mid thirties with a gorgeous, curvy body and beautiful big boobs, but she’s also fairly quiet and shy. She doesn’t dress overly sexy, she’s not big on flaunting what she’s got (which is a shame) and although she is reasonably open in the bedroom she isn’t one for sharing stories with friends or anything like that. Our private life is exactly that, private.

We would talk about the night out before hand and I took her shopping to buy a sexy black dress which flowed and hugged her curves. I explained that she wouldn’t be wearing any knickers underneath and we both knew the kind of evening we were hoping for! There was plenty of anticipation in the weeks heading up to the big night and as we got dressed in the hotel you could tell we were both excited.

We headed out to get some dinner, I asked her as we walked if it felt odd feeling the breeze on her freshly shaved pussy and she smiled, so did I. We had a lovely dinner where we kept the conversation fairly normal and then we wandered down the road to try out some bars.

The first one was a bit of a letdown but the second one was fantastic. Small, intimate and full of great spirits and with a friendly barman who knew how to mix great cocktails. We were sat on barstools at the bar and as we drank more the conversation turned a little more interesting. I mentioned the swingers clubs again and said that it would be a real shame if we didn’t at least go and have a look, if we lost our nerve when we got there then we could chalk it up as a lesson learned but if we didn’t go we might regret not trying it. We wouldn’t have to do anything we didn’t want to after all.

As we were talking I was stroking her thigh and do to the nature of her wraparound style dress it was fairly easy for my to work my way up toward her pussy. I began to sense that the idea of the club appealed to her as she opened her legs a little to give me easier access and I found her pussy was so wet that it almost sucked my finger in. She was soaked and here we were, sitting in a bar drinking cocktails while I gently fingered her naked pussy. This night promised to be fun…

I kept gently fiddling with her thighs and pussy lips as we finished a couple more drinks before heading outside. We jumped in a cab and got him to drop us off near one of the swingers clubs. We figured we would have a look and see if we chickened out or not. We rang the bell and waited for someone to answer, it was all feeling remarkably normal as we stood there. That is until a middle aged man wearing nothing but a cape and a mask opened the door and invited us inside.

We paid our money and were shown inside to a small ‘living room’ with seats around the outside, a small bar on one side and a cage hanging in the middle of the room. There were a few couples in the room but all still dressed and just chatting, however we were relieved to see that they were all about our age and normal looking (don’t know what we had been expecting].

We sat at the bar and drank our free champagne while we looked around taking it in, here we were in an anything goes swingers club, US! After a little while mr cape and mask came to show us around. It was a fairly small place but with several different areas where different things went on.

We went back and got another drink at the bar and when I went to the toilet a little while later I noticed one couple fucking on a mattress in a dark corner but to be honest I really don’t think we got our monies worth by having a good look around, I think we were a little surprised to be there at all.

We stayed at the bar for a couple more drinks, chatting closely as I stroked her legs again then all of a sudden she said come on, let’s go and find a nice dark corner...

So, drink in hand we headed off to the sofa/ mattress area. I had no idea how far she was going to let things go but it didn’t take long to find out! We squeezed into a corner with a small couch behind me and her sitting on the edge of a mattress where there were two other guys getting blow jobs from two naked women. We started to kiss and make out so I couldn’t really pay attention to what was going on around us but as it got heavier between us I didn’t meet any resistance so fairly soon I had undone her dress (one tie, wraparound dress) and unhooked her bra to get better access to her gorgeous boobs. Now remember, we’ve been together for a long, long time and she’d not one for dressing sexy, doesn’t sunbathe topless, no-one else other than her parents, her doctor and me have seen her naked! Yet here I am in a club, opening her dress, playing with her tits and fingering her sopping wet, freshly shaved pussy! This still blows my mind and makes me hard writing about it now!

Anyway, I carried on kissing her while playing with her tits and pussy, really getting her worked up. Then I told her to take her bra right off as up to now it had been undone but still on loosely, allowing me to grope her tits but still kind of getting in the way. She looked at me, smiled and then slipped her dress off her shoulders followed by her bra. I put these on the floor next to us leaving her completely, totally naked. I started to lick and suck her nipples before moving my way down to her pussy. As she lay on her back getting her pussy licked her tits were now completely exposed to anyone who cared to look, and judging by how wet she was she was loving every second of it!

After a little while she pulled me up and undid my trousers, getting my dick out and almost grabbing at it she was so desperate to get in inside her. Me, being a bit of an arsehole, decided to tease her instead, rubbing it up and down the entrance to her slit and just putting the tip inside and then stopping. This was getting her pretty wild and me too so eventually I buried it and started fucking her for all I was worth. I still didn’t really look around because I was kind of busy, but there were still 2 other couples on the same mattress as her and her head was touching the girl lying behind her. Not that either of them cared.

We kept at it until we were both exhausted. I sat back on my little sofa and after a few seconds rest she leant forward and started to suck my dick. It was only then that I could really take in what was going on around us. There was a couple fucking in front of a porn video to my left, and behind her on the mattress were two other couples with the girls riding their guys. She kept sucking my dick while I watched the action around us and the people walking past and looking. She was naked and didn’t care who saw what and I was as hard as wood!

Eventually we collapsed into a heap, her on the mattress and me on the sofa next to her. I did my trousers up and went to the bar to get us some drinks but she remained naked and didn’t care so when I got back she stayed like that, on display for anyone who cared to look. We ended up being the last couple to leave and I told her to go without a bra under her thin dress as well as no knickers. We had about a 15 minute walk back to the hotel and went via a store to get food and drink, her with her boobs swinging free under the dress. Gorgeous!

When we got back to our hotel we kept fucking until about 5 in the morning before grabbing a couple of hours sleep after what had been an awesome night.

Although we didn’t really interact with other people for us it was still hot, and we’re both keen to go back and take it all in a little more this time. It’s my birthday in a couple of months and I can’t wait!
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