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An Unexpected Lover Ch. 4

The conclusion of Emma and Kevin, and the introduction of a newcomer or two
After that night with Kevin, I thought things would be wonderful forever, I was wrong though. For the next two weeks, Kevin and I stole every moment possible together fucking, sucking, and groping each other to multiple orgasms. More than one afternoon was spent at work with my pussy still twitching randomly after my orgasm.

Just like everything else, this good thing came to an end shortly after our first time together, but not in a way I would have ever guessed it would happen; leading me to two new unexpected lovers . . .

Kevin was such a “good boy” that he volunteered to help out at the local Boy Scout Camp for the last two weeks of July. Knowing I wasn’t going to see him was heart breaking for me. When you are only 17 and you are in love, a moment apart is too much. I hated the time he was going to be gone and resented him for still going and leaving me alone and bored. After Kevin had been gone for about a week, one of my friends came back from the camp Kevin was supposed to have been working at and told me that he wasn’t there. Another friend said he had seen Kevin with another girl at the water park on the other side of town. Because he was supposed to be out of town, I never tried to call him or went by Kevin’s house. The nail in the coffin, so to speak, was when I called the pay phone number Kevin had given me for the camp and was told that there was no one named Kevin up there. Rather than worrying about where Kevin was, I was pissed he lied to me. Being young and stupid, I decided to get revenge for him “deserting” me and go have some fun with my friends.

I went cruising on the local drag in my Jeep with my friends all week. We played our music too loud, flirted with every boy we saw, and stayed out too late. Even though I played like I was having fun, my heart wasn’t really in it. My friend Denise got sick and tired of me being so mopey and made me come out with her Saturday night. “Emma, I know you’re pissed that Kevin’s gone, but you can’t just sit here and wait for him to come home. David (her boyfriend) has some really cool friends, why don’t you just come and hang out with us tonight and get your mind off everything?”

I begrudgingly replied “Fine, if you’ll get off my back about it, I will.” Even though I acted like I didn’t want to go, I had met a few of David’s friends in the past and they were all pretty hot. Being without Kevin for almost two weeks had made me pretty horny and my fingers weren’t cutting it any more. I needed to get laid and I was getting ready to throw myself at the next guy who offered.

I made sure that I would get the offers I wanted as I got ready. I chose my shortest and tightest jean shorts and a tight low cut tank top. My 34B breasts were nicely tanned from the summer sun and looked positively heavenly busting out from the tank top. I rubbed my Victoria’s Secret glitter lotion into my exposed skin to make my skin twinkle in the light. Stepping into my 4” high sandals, I checked myself out in the mirror and thought I looked pretty hot. I was ready for the night.

Denise and Dave got to my house around 8 and we walked the few streets over to where the party was. My parents were out of town so the plan was for Denise and Dave to crash at my house when the night was over so no one had to drive if they were too drunk.

The party was being held at this guy Matt’s house, he was a few years older than me, but I remembered him from high school. There was quite a lot of eye candy in the house, at least for me. Just about every guy in the house was in good shape with six pack abs and no girlfriends. Most of them had their shirts off and some sort of alcoholic beverage in their hands.

“Hi! Have a shot.” A random attractive guy said as he handed me a paper cup filled with something that was green in color. I looked at Dave and raised my eyebrow questioningly.

“That’s just Chris, he likes to play bartender sometimes, but he’s safe.” Dave said lifting his cup to mine. “Go ahead and drink it, you’ll survive; you may not remember the rest of the night, but you’ll survive.”

I took the shot and was surprised at how good it tasted. Every time Chris passed by with the tray, I grabbed another. It didn’t take long till I was feeling a good buzz going on. I noticed how cute Chris was, and hoped it wasn’t the shots making him look so cute. He was about 6’ tall with dark hair and striking emerald green eyes. His shorts indicated he had played lacrosse for the local catholic boy’s high school nearby, which would be why I had never met him. Around three hours and at least 10 shots later, I worked up the nerve to introduce myself to Chris.

“Hey, I’m Emma and I wanted to let you know you make some pretty good shots.”

Chris looked up at me and raised one of his eyebrows. “Are you being serious or just hitting on me.” He said teasing me.

I turned bright red as I blushed. Raising my eyes to his, I felt butterflies in my stomach. “I was being serious.” I said, faking being offended.

“Damn.” Chris said. “I really hoped you were hitting on me.”

I didn’t think it was possible for me to turn any more red, but my cheeks felt like they were on fire and the butterflies in my stomach felt like they were on speed. I forced a pretty sad sounding laugh and attempted to retreat from the kitchen. “Well, thanks for the chat; I’m going to go back to the party. You have a good night, bye.” I said trying to exit gracefully, but failing miserably.

“I’m really surprised we haven’t met yet. Is this your first ‘Matt’ party?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, this is the first time I’ve been here.” I said as I turned around to face Chris again. “Dave is dating a friend of mine and they drug me along because I’ve been moping around the house for two weeks.”

“Why in the world would a beautiful sexy goddess like you be moping?” Chris said walking around the kitchen island to get closer to me.

“It’s my boyfriend, he said he had to go be a volunteer at some camp for three weeks, but I found out from other friends that he’s not even there.” I blurted out.

“Wow, that’s horrible. I can’t believe he would do that to you. Have you two been together long?” Chris asked brushing the hair away from my face.

“No; we’ve only been together two weeks, but still. Why did he have to lie to me?” I said, my voice growing raspy as I fought back tears.

Chris leaned in closer to brush the tears away from my face. Cupping my face in his hands, he leaned in and kissed the tip of my nose. “No girl as beautiful as you should be crying over some asshole that doesn’t even have the sense to appreciate her.” I blushed and a small smile broke out. “Now then young lady, enough of those tears. I don’t want to see you doing anything but smiling for the rest of the night.”

Chris handed me another shot as I got up from the kitchen. Drinking it quickly, the alcohol began to overtake my system and I felt flushed and giggly all of a sudden. I must have drunk it too quickly because some of the shot dribbled from my mouth on to the tops of my breasts. Giggling as the cold liquor hit my hot skin, I looked up to see Chris’ green eyes locked on mine.

“Hey! No spilling; that’s alcohol abuse.” Chris said as he leaned down and licked the shot off my skin.

As his hot tongue ran along my sticky sweaty flesh, I felt goose bumps rise on my skin. All of a sudden, I felt cold and my nipples grew hard. My panties grew moist as Chris began to suck and nibble on my breasts. I quickly pulled away from him, in a combination of shock and guilt. I may have been angry at Kevin, but I was the type of girl who was faithful, at least I was until this night.

A few hours passed, filled with multiple shots handed to me by Chris and an increasing intoxication. Around midnight, the party had dwindled down to about 10 people, mostly couples who would break off from the group occasionally to go fuck or fool around in one of the many bedrooms in the house. I wandered out into the backyard to join the group around the bonfire. Shortly after I sat down, Chris walked out of the kitchen and sat directly across the fire from me. As the flames licked the humid summer air, Chris’ eyes sparkled in the firelight. I felt my own fire burning as I remembered the feeling of Chris’ tongue on my skin earlier that night.

The eight or so of us around the fire were passing a fifth of Jack Daniels around, adding to my already intoxicated demeanor. I didn’t even think twice when someone handed me the joint. I was not a pot smoker by any means, but that night it just seemed like what I was supposed to do. A few rounds of both the whiskey and the marijuana had made me feel fuzzy and disconnected from what I had been through for the last two weeks. At that moment, everything felt right and my anger faded.

“Penny for your thoughts.” Dave said to me, taking a swig out of the fifth of whiskey.

“You’re talking to me?” I said, looking up. “I’m not thinking about anything. I’m just vegging out.”

“I call bullshit.” Chris said opening a beer. “You are too thinking about something, I can see you playing with your hair and twirling it around your fingers. You’ve been doing that all night.”

“It’s nothing . . .” I started.

“You’re still moping about Kevin aren’t you?” Denise said as she flicked her cigarette butt into the bonfire. “He’s an ass, forget about him.”

“I have a better idea.” Chris said. “He’s sneaking around with some other girl according to what you’ve heard; it’s time for you to sneak around on him.” He said, raising an eyebrow at me.

“Yeah, right.” I said. “I’d never do that.”

“Why not?” Chris said, staring intently at me. “Oh, that’s right. You’re the good girl. I knew you wouldn’t do anything. You just hang out in the kitchen and flirt with me all night, then when it’s time for the rubber to hit the road you are just all talk.”

One of my most annoying characteristics to this day is that whenever someone tells me I won’t do something or can’t do something, I will do it just to prove that no one will ever tell me what I can and can’t do. As soon as Chris made that comment, my anger came back, but only enough to prove to him that when pushed, I push back.

“Oh, and did you have someone in mind?” I asked, standing up with my hands on my hips.

“Maybe, but you have to come over here before I’ll tell you.” Chris said, laughing as I played right into his hands.

I stomped around the bonfire to sit next to Chris. “Okay, I’m here. Now what?”

Chris responded by leaning over and kissing me. As his tongue probed my mouth, my anger melted and my sexual hunger grew. As his hands pulled my tank top out of my shorts, my hands ran along his chiseled chest and abs. I could feel my wetness soaking through my panties and jean shorts. Chris’ lacrosse shorts did not succeed at hiding his growing erection. I was pleasantly surprised to see he was even larger than Kevin was.

Chris scooped me up and pulled me on his lap. I could feel him hard against my wetness as I straddled him. Pulling a blanket around us, Chris pulled my tank top up around my neck and freed my breasts. He started licking and sucking at one while pulling the nipple with his other hand. I started grinding against him as my hormones kicked into high gear.

“You had better not be doing this just to prove a point.” I said to Chris as I tried to catch my breath.

“The only point I’m trying to prove is how bad I want to fuck you.” Chris said. “I wanted to as soon as I saw you tonight. Even before we had started talking.” With that said Chris pulled one of my nipples in between his teeth and bit down on it while stroking it with the tip of his tongue. Electricity surged through my body and every nerve ending stood on edge from pleasure.

“So then what are you waiting for?” I asked as I ground harder against Chris’ stiffness. I was shocked at how bold I had become that night. I wasn’t sure if it was from the alcohol or the anger toward Kevin, but I no longer cared about being the good girl.

Chris took it upon himself to carry me through the French doors and into the kitchen. Setting me on top of the butcher block island, he unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. Wrapping his arm around my back and lifting me up, he pulled both my shorts and panties to the floor. He quickly dropped to his knees and buried his face in my wet pussy. As his tongue worked over my clit and soaked slit, his finger shuttled in and out of my hot snatch. I ground my pussy against his face as the pleasure spread. My breathing grew faster and my moans became insistent from my building orgasm.

Looking over my shoulder, I realized that we had gathered an audience; mostly because Chris never closed the French doors behind us and the people still at the party were standing in the doorway watching Chris and I. Amazingly with all those people watching, I got even more turned on. I pulled Chris closer to me as my orgasm approached. Before I knew it, I came and my juices were running down his face.

Without warning, Chris pulled me off the counter and turned me around. Pushing my body down so that I was sort of lying on the counter with one hand, he used his other hand to pull his shorts to the floor and free his enormous cock. I felt him at my entrance and with one forceful thrust; he was buried deep inside me. I moaned with pleasure as he stimulated all the nerve endings in my cavern. As Chris pounded into me repeatedly, grunting with every stroke, I could hear the hoots and hollers from his friends watching from outside on the patio. Knowing everyone was watching us made it even better. I felt another orgasm coming fast and my moans were matched by Chris’ as he neared his climax. I knew he was close when he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him and began ramming even harder into me. As I felt him explode inside me, he bit down hard on my shoulder. That bit of shocking pain pushed me over the edge into orgasmic bliss. As my pussy muscles twitched around Chris’ hardened shaft, I rocked my hips against him to extend my own pleasure.

“So much for being the good girl.” Chris whispered in my ear as we both attempted to catch our breath.

“What are you talking about? I am a good girl.” I said.

“You’ve got that right. You are amazing, girl. That was fantastic.” Chris said as he kissed and nibbled at my neck and earlobes. “I am going to have to ask Dave why you haven’t been coming to these parties for the last year. Are you fucking him and that’s why he’s hiding you?”

I laughed at the idea of fucking Dave. He was a great guy, but not my type. I may have progressed to one night stands and cheating, but I was not a boyfriend stealer. “No. No one has been hiding me. I was too wrapped up in my good girl world to feel this good before tonight. Thanks for that.”

As Chris pulled up his shorts and went to get another beer, I decided that it was time to enjoy the hot tub. Sliding into the hot tub after a quick shower, I caught Denise’s eye.

“So, um, I see you and Chris are getting along.” She said. “Glad to see that you’re making friends, I think.”

I laughed. “Yeah, he’s a nice guy, and very, um, attentive.” I said. “But really, you’re not going to get all weird on me now are you?”

“Emma, don’t get me wrong. I lugged you here to stop moping about Kevin and all, but fucking Chris in front of the party was not what I had in mind.” Denise said.

“I know Denise. It wasn’t something I had exactly planned either. And you know that’s not how I usually roll.” I looked around to see most of the guys still watching me, but Chris wasn’t in sight. That made me wonder what was up. “It was a spur of the moment decision; maybe it was a good one, maybe not. I just got caught up.”

“Caught up in what?” I heard Chris say as he reached his hand below the water to pinch and roll my nipples in between his fingers. The familiar electricity started flowing again as I felt him biting at my neck.

“I got caught up in you and those damn shots.” I said. “You just got me drunk to take advantage of me.” I teased.

“And if that was my goal, I would say it worked quite well.” Chris said, teasing me back. “You have made quite the impression tonight. A lot of the guys want to make sure you’re at the party tomorrow night too.”

“Why?” I asked. “Are you angling for a repeat performance?”

“Only if you are, but this time I’m not sharing you with the masses.” Chris said as he got up and walked into the house.

I was faced with a dilemma, I wanted to follow Chris into the house for round two, in fact I was already aching to have him inside of me again; but I didn’t know if I should especially since I was still technically with Kevin.

“Emma, just go fuck him already. You know you want to. You don’t owe Kevin anything.” Denise said as she lit up another cigarette.

I quickly climbed out of the hot tub and went into the house to seek out Chris. I found him in one of the bedrooms waiting for me. I climbed into bed next to him, still nude, and found he was already hard waiting on me.

This time, Chris was slower and more romantic. This was about us and pleasure, not performing for the Neanderthals in the backyard. We made love all night long and fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke up around 10am to find him still cuddled with me, which was unexpected. I had to get home before my parents got back from vacation so I kissed him goodbye and left.

I didn’t go the party that night; mostly because my parents were home and it would be hard to sneak back into the house drunk at 4am without being found out by my dad on his way to work.

Even though Chris and I still ran in the same circle and had the same friends, the rest of the summer passed without our paths crossing again. Shortly after I started college I met a great guy named Steve and we quickly fell in love. I decided to go to his family’s house for dinner on Thanksgiving. I was greeted with quite a surprise.

Steve introduced me to his parents, who were lovely people. He then took me into the kitchen to meet the rest of the family.

“Emma, I want you to meet my brother, Chris.” Steve said, opening the kitchen door.

As our eyes met, my heart stopped. Those emerald eyes locked on mine and Niagara Falls started in my panties as I remembered that night at Marks.

“Emma, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Chris said. “Steve has told me so much about you, thanks for making my little brother such a happy guy.”

So you see, one stupid cheating boyfriend led to two unexpected lovers. Steve didn’t know that I slept with Chris before I met him, and I never told him. A few months after Thanksgiving, Steve and I got married and I had the pleasure of seeing Chris whenever I wanted to. Whether or not Chris and I ever got a repeat though, now that’s a whole other story.

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