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Anal trans-atlantic

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Strangers meet on a flight

Commuting from Heathrow to JFK on a weekly basis becomes part of the routine, Gail thought to herself as she boarded flight BA 102 from on the Friday night. Another weekend of catching up on work and maybe the theatre with friends on Saturday night was the bleak outlook staring her in the face. How did I get myself into this position of work in London , stay in New York and spend half my goddamn life on a plane?


The BA flight on a Friday night is always full and with the extended business class booked solid it makes for a hectic boarding process with lots of passengers bumping into each other trying to get settled for the 6 hours that they were going to spend in close proximity of each other. The fact that it was raining in London and the resultant wet raincoats and jackets being flung about made already flared tempers even more brittle.


Gail was a Management consultant doing a 3-year project for a global oil company assessing the impact of North Sea drilling. Working with men came easy to her, growing up in the family of four brothers and a mom that died when she was 16. One of her fondest memories was playing football in the park with her brothers and cousins and the inevitable rough and tumble.


“All I need now is for some drunken lout to sit next to me,” Gail said to herself as she plonked herself down in her window seat. Kicking her shoes off and adjusting the seat back she started to settle down with a magazine waiting for the doors to be secured and the plane to taxi out of the bay.


“Excuse me” a voice interrupted her. “I think you are in my seat” Instantly irritated she looked up and replied, “I don’t think so what’s your number” The man looking down at her was wet and obviously not in a good mood she thought as they both looked at their boarding passes. “Fuck it” Gail, thought as she realised she was in the wrong seat.  


“I am sorry, let me get my stuff,” she said as she scrambled for her shoes and bag. “Don’t worry, I am happy to take the aisle seat” the wet stranger replied. “You sure” Gail answered praying that he was. “Of course, it’s not a problem really,” he said as he stretched up to dump his bags in the overhead locker.


Observing him from the corner of her eye Gail saw the tall rugged looking man get himself settled next to her. He must be about 35 she thought, nice hands with clean fingernails wet hair dripping into his neck. 5 o’clock stubble disguised a scar next to his mouth and she wondered how that got there.


“My name is Paul” the stranger introduced himself. “Gail, from New York ” she replied instantly berating herself for giving more info that she wanted. Well, Gail from New York are you returning from work or play Paul asked. Work actually, I live in NY and commute into London every week, what about you?


“Live in London but get to play in NY every now and then. I lecture economics in the summer at Harvard”


Gail noticed a lack of a ring on the ring finger but a dull white band indicated that a ring must have been there not so long ago. Noticing the direction of her gaze Paul said.


“Yes, divorced in the winter”. “Sorry didn’t mean to stare” Gail replied. “Long story with a bloody finish is probably the best summary I can give you,” Paul said.


The captain announcing that they would be taking of and the normal but senseless announcements that nobody pays attention to interrupted their idle chitchat. The take of was uneventful and both Gail and Paul settled down with their own thoughts.


“I wonder how old she is, because she is really hot,” Paul thought. “Don’t even go there big boy” he cautioned himself but could not help stealing a glimpse of the long legs stretched out next to him. The black pants were stylishly cut, the stocking clad feet did not hide the bright red toenails and the hands resting in the lap had long sensual fingers with a freshly done French manicure. The absence of a ring on the appropriate finger made him smile.


“He must be about 35,” Gail was thinking while trying to see more of the passenger next to her. He definitely has a professorial air around him but there is something else that unconsciously intrigued her she admitted. His hands kept on drawing her attention, strong hands but with a sensual tone to them. Tanned but not in a salon kind of way. Way to dark for a pasty academic she thought.


As the plane levelled out and the seat belt lights blinked out the crew started coming around with drinks. Gail ordered her regular bloody Mary and Paul a scotch/ rocks. Dinner consisted of the “slightly upgraded from Economy class food” and both pushed it around the plates without much pleasure.


“If you could have any meal in any place, were would you be now” Paul asked her quietly. “I don’t know” she replied, “what about you?” I would want to be in a small little restaurant on the harbour wall in a village called Hermanus in South Africa . They serve the best Oysters on ice with local Champagne and the view is stunning. Mountains on the one side, cliffs falling into the sea and the coastline stretch for miles as far as you can see.


“I know” Gail replied, “I would want to be in the South of France in a village called St Paul de Vance, little artist community and the local food is great. The best time to be there is late summer afternoons when the men play boulles and you can sit with a pastis and soak up the sun.


“And the meal” Paul asked. O, that will have to be the local poultry dish, I cannot remember what they call it but it has lots of wine, garlic and small onions in. That with a good red wine. That is what I would want right now.


After dinner, the crew dimmed the lights and Gail made a quick run to the bathroom to freshen up before trying to get some sleep. Paul was reading a book and got up when she returned to allow her to get to her seat. Brushing past him the plane hit an air pocket and both grabbed at each other to keep from falling. The contact was electrifying and lasted a bit longer than necessary. Suddenly all flustered and blushing both sank into their seats without saying a word. Paul mumbled something and got up to go to the bathroom and Gail had a moment to gather her thoughts.


“What is it with me she was thinking” “You would swear I am 16 years old” This is not the time or place to even think about this” Unconsciously she moved her hands down to her lap and felt the warmth. A long middle finger slowly rubbed over her pussy and she guiltily jerked her hands away. Pulling her blanket up around her neck Gail turned towards the window but let her hands wander down back towards the warmth. Loosening the top button of her slacks, she pushed her lace panties aside and started the rub herself. She was wet and could feel the lips of her pussy starting to swell. Her clit was ultra sensitive and throbbing in a way that she has never experienced before. Sticking two fingers into her cunt, she moved them in and out slowly breathing in sync with her hand. She could feel the juices flowing freely now and kept the rhythm going.


Paul was brushing his teeth in the bathroom trying to adjust his erection that the contact with Gail had caused. Undoing his belt and moving his swollen member to the side to minimise the visibly he shrugged his shoulders and thought” What kind of a chance do I have with a woman like that” Returning to his seat he could see Gail facing away from him towards the window and a blanket pulled up to her neck. He settled down and did the same with his blanket but remained restless with an erection that refused to go away.


The sound of her erratic breathing made him quietly turn around. Sliding his hand across and around her waist, he was careful not to disturb the blankets and followed her arm down towards her hands. Without missing a stroke, he took over from her fingers.


A previously unfamiliar but not unwelcome arm suddenly encircled Gail’s waist while she was lying on her side and the hand followed her arm down towards her hands. Without missing a stroke, it took over the rhythm and her hands were pushed away. She was shocked but also not surprised by this sudden invasion of her little private moment.


She could feel the begging of a long overdue orgasm coming on and she forced herself to relax and to extend the moment. The finger rubbing her clit was strong but sensitive. The hand slowly started to move down to her pussy lips and two fingers slid into her. The sensation was a rough but very sensual. As the tempo increased, she could feel the waves building up inside her making her insides contract and her whole body started to shake. Her orgasm started slowly from her gut spreading outwards and upwards to her spine and head. It felt like she was going to faint and at the same time explode. Wave after wave washed over her and the fingers kept up the rhythm allowing her to come again and again.


Composing herself Gail turned around to face the man that brought her so much pleasure in such a simple way. Reaching down she unzipped Paul’s fly and undid his pants. Careful not to move the blankets she gripped his erection in her hand and slowly started rubbing him. His dick was warm and the skin soft as velvet. She could feel the throbbing veins underneath the head and the pre-cum dripping on her hand. His circumcised head was large and smooth and she wanted to taste him, slide him into her mouth and feel him at the back of her throat. Using her nails, she raked his balls softly until they tightened up and a rough groan told her that he was enjoying this. She could feel him jerking against her hand and sliding down onto her knees, she pulled the blanket over her head. Sucking him into her mouth, she started nibbling on his massive erection. It took all her control not to gag on his size. Gail relaxed her mouth and pushed him right back into her throat, she could feel the tension in his penis and Paul was starting to get very restless in his seat. He came in huge spurts, hitting the back of her throat, filling her mouth, dripping down her chin and all she could was swallow over and over.


Paul recovered first and pulling Gail up by the hand he moved towards the galley at the back of the plane. Feeling her hesitation, he whispered in her ear.


“Lets get to the back, the crew are all in their bunks and we won’t be caught”


She knew this was not guaranteed but the thought of them being caught was exciting. The galley was empty and a Paul undid the curtain affording them a level of privacy. His lips were on hers and roughness of his day old beard scratched her lips and neck. His tongue probed and explored every nook and cranny of her hungry mouth. Gail could feel his rock hard erection growing against her stomach and she quickly undid her slacks and turned around presenting her arse to him.


Dropping his pants, Paul wet his finger on her pussy and started playing with her bum hole. She has never been bum fucked before but the thought of a total stranger invading her most intimate place like this was intoxicating. She could feel the tip of his penis starting to circle her hole and unintentionally puckered up.


“Don’t worry” I will go slowly Paul whispered in her ear.


  He drooped down on his knees and started to lick her arse hole with a firm tongue slowly loosening it up and moistening the area. His wet finger started to put a little more pressure and she could feel it sliding into her. The feeling was like nothing ever before and she wondered why she never tried it. Slowly the finger moved up and into her allowing her to adjust to the feeling. When the finger was withdrawn, she whimpered and said.


“Fuck me in the arse; I want you to right now”


Paul took his renewed erection in his hands and slowly inserted the tip into Gail’s bum hole. The combined juices of his cum and her pussy lubricated his dick and he slid up and into her again without any effort.


The combined feeling of pain and excitement, being filled to capacity and his massaging hands on her bum cheeks made her forget were she was and a series of moans escaped her mouth. As his penis slowly moved in and out, she could feel another orgasm building up. Their orgasms were simultaneous and lasted for what felt like eternity.


  It took all their strength to stumble back to their seats. Cuddling up with the armrest between them up Gail moved her hand to Paul’s dick and she felt the size of him and smiled. They fell asleep until the crew shook them awake for breakfast. Gail hobbled of to the bathroom to clean-up, the soreness in her bum reminded her of what happened, and she could feel the wetness in her pussy starting again
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