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Angela's Night - Jill and Gitane

Angela has a list of people she is inviting and Jill is on the list.
Jill was naked and bound. Nervously she peered about the room at the men who wanted to fuck her. Jill felt the uneven grain of the worn wood floor boards beneath her knees and curled her toes to get a better purchase in case she needed to spring up suddenly. She cupped her naked breasts tightly with her hands to cover herself. The supple white flesh of her large soft breasts crushed together under her hands and arms was only more enticing to the men around her. They had left her hands unbound, her hands were needed but not for covering her nakedness. Oh no, there were so many things that the hands could do. The men around her laughed and licked their lips. They were anticipating what they thought was about to come. With a keening sigh, Jill slowly removed her hands from her ample bosom and let the soft mounds of flesh with their thick pink nipples drop. The natural weight of her large lily white breasts made her breasts swing below her and the men's eyes devoured them.

While the men took out their cocks and stroked them around her, Jill placed her hands on the floor boards and made ready to spring. A single loose piece of cloth hung loose and useless over her slender young hips doing little to cover her naked exposed ass. One of the men behind her touched her ass and she sucked air in her mouth. She instinctively reached down to the strap of tough leather that remained tied around her thigh but it was useless now that the dagger it had held was long gone.

Damn them!

She tried to think, what could she use? Something had to help her out of this dilemma. Come on Jill, you are smarter than this she coaxed herself. These are a bunch of stupid soldiers, a group of simpletons surrounding you. You are better than them, THINK!

“Beautiful little body you have there, it was a shame to have it covered up. You look so much better naked. I can't even believe how tight your pussy looks. You should just go around like this all the time.” The soldier caressing her ass boldly exclaimed as his friends nodded their heads in agreement. Her captors closed in around her.

Jill had known that she would end up naked and forced into this situation as soon as she stepped into the tavern. Taverns and female warriors don’t mix. But she wasn’t just a warrior, she was a magic-user as well and she had spells that didn’t require clothes or daggers. All she needed was a distraction, something that would allow her to speak, something that would make them remove the dirty rag they had used as a gag. What would make them remove the gag and allow her to use a spell?

“Mmhhhmmphhh.” Jill’s voice was muffled through the oily rag.

“What’s that little girl? You got somethin’ to say?” The soldier teased as he moved a finger up and down her pink wet slit.

Jill’s modesty had kept the soldiers from binding her hands when they captured her. As soon as they surrounded her and started ripping at her clothes she had closed her arms and hands over her breasts. Large breasts had been the bane of her existence her entire adult life and always made her self-conscious. Her mother had called them “the family curse” but at least now they had helped to keep her hands free. But now she just needed her mouth free and if they took off the gag it would be what she hoped was their last mistake. Now she had to do something that would make the soldiers distracted enough to allow them to remove her gag. Jill tried to think. She wasn't a slut. She had never even really touched herself before. How do girls make guys want to do something that would free her mouth? She couldn't think of anything.

Jill moved her hand up her slender little body, a body fine tuned by years of working out and exercise instead of sex. She cupped her huge teenage breasts with one hand. She lifted her breast slightly and a creamy soft nipple teased upward. The drooling band of soldiers could see and ogled properly. But Jill felt her stomach turn at the very act of teasing, at the very thought of offering her body up to them in such a perverse display of self abasement. Jill fought back the urge to be sick, really sick, like in real life, not just the game. She wasn't sure that this was how you really played this game anyway. This was the third time they had gotten her naked but it had never gone this far before. She wasn't sure she could keep playing. She gagged a little at the thought of having to keep teasing them and touching herself. She was good at playing pretend but...

“Wow Jill, are you actually getting ill?” Roger asked, nearly jumping out of his seat to make sure she was ok. Roger saw Jill’s face go pale and the all too familiar lurch forward of someone about to be sick.

“Damn Jill! It’s just a fucking game! Don’t be such a prude,” Cliff said as he continued touching her ass. He has his dick out but it was hidden under all his fat.

Roger, who had always felt guilty about how they were playing, offered to help Jill up off the floor. She pushed his hands away and quickly threw a hand back over her mouth as another wave of nausea almost sent her lunch all over the floor!

“Don’t fucking puke on my floor Jill! Jesus fucking CHRIST!”

“I’ll…” Jill swallowed and tried to stop thinking about this as being her. She wasn't really Angelica, a ranger and magic user. She wasn't naked on the floor it was Angelica. Cliff wasn't touching her pussy, it was the thief who led this band of men. This was the game. They were playing make believe as part of D&D.

She said, “I’ll be ok.”

“Why do you have to be such a jerk, Cliff? Stop touching her. Can't you see it's going too far?” Roger said. The other guys were pulling up their pants already.

Why do you have to be such a jerk, Cliff?” Cliff said mocking Roger. Cliff threw his hands around in the air, his wrists limp in an obvious impression of a pansy.

“Jesus Rog, you really are whipped. She was just getting naked to distract the soldiers. I don’t see what the fucking big deal is. With tits like Jill’s she should be naked all the time! I mean look at Jill. Why does it take a fucking game of D&D to get her to do this? She obviously wants it. I'm just going to give her what she wants anyway. Jesus!”

“Please Cliff, stop taking the Lord’s name in vain and let’s just get this over with! I’m fine. I think it was just something I ate. Plus I have a plan,” Jill said.

“I don’t want to play this anymore,” Roger said.

“What a fucking pussy!” Cliff said and licked his lips. Jill was a little wet. He could see creamy white stuff on Jill's pussy. No matter how Jill pretended to be pure and innocent, she liked this game and how they played it. He was the most surprised when she agreed to act everything out instead of just always talking about it. Fuck! He had never seen a chick as hot as Jill naked in real life. They were just minutes away from being able to fuck her and that little prick Roger was fucking it up. Cliff jerked his hard cock and tried to push his finger into Jill's pussy.

“No Cliff, it’s just that you always rig every game so that Jill gets her clothes ripped off and almost raped, it’s not right man! You have a serious problem dude, I think you might actually BE a rapist!”

“Fuck you Rog!”

“No, fuck you man!”

Cliff stood up and his bulk moved the table toward Roger several inches knocking several of their hand painted figures on their sides. Roger threw out his chest in mock bravado but he knew he wouldn’t do anything against Cliff. Cliff was an ex-football player and sported a tight cut Mohawk, the kind sport-o assholes wear to think they are somehow alternative. Roger, on the other hand, was a skinny black guy studying to be a psychologist. He was destined to one day join his father as a preacher but he wasn't sure he even believed any of that anymore. Roger was the antithesis of Cliff in almost every way. Roger had none of the threatening nature of the stereotypical black guy. He was useless to stop Cliff's game and none of the other guys seemed to mind. After all, how many times had they all talked about getting a chick naked and having fun? Now Cliff had somehow managed to make it happen and it just felt wrong. But Jill was really fucking hot.

“Guys... GUYS! Honestly! I’m fine. I just felt a little sick to my stomach that's all, probably something I ate, seriously. Cliff please, just sit down. Roger, thank you but I’m fine. Let’s just finish the game. I just want to see if my trick allowed them to remove the gag so I can cast a spell of binding and get out of there!” Jill said.

All the guys around the table half smiled. None of them could believe how much Jill got into the game. It was like she believed this was real. If her trick didn't work they all wondered if she would go so far as to let them fuck her. After all Cliff was already fingering her pussy and Jill was obviously effected by it. Her mouth was open, her eyes half shut and she kept shaking her head but she wouldn't stop him because it wasn't part of the game.

“Ok, well roll the dice then,” Cliff said and shot Roger the bird.

Roger folded his arms in front of him and pouted. Jill rolled her eyes and honestly thought that sometimes she was more a Mom to them than a friend. Still, they were her friends and some friends were better than no friends. She had to hurry before the thief behind her really started to push inside her. She was getting excited and this really bothered her. She rolled the dice.

“Seven. That means the guys fell for your trick and so the leader of the group reaches down and grabs your big titties and gives them a tweak before…”


“Hey! I’m just tellin’ you how it is, prude, don’t be hatin’ for explaining the game,” Cliff said.

“Ok, well if it worked then I’m going to cast a spell of binding.”

Cliff smiled and handed her the dice. Jill rolled, but Cliff’s smile made her nervous.

“TWELVE! I did it!”

“The spell didn’t work.”

“What do you mean it didn’t work?”

“I mean that it did nothing and now the soldiers expect…”

Jill was furious! She stood up and put her hands on her hips. Roger scooted back a little in shock, he had never seen Jill this angry. The other guys instantly knew that their chance of fucking Jill was over. Cliff didn't stop jerking off. He believed...well hoped, that she would just realized she lost and keep playing. He was eager to cum in that pussy.

“Cliff, why didn’t my spell work! I rolled a twelve!”

Cliff leaned back and placing his hands on the back of his thick neck with a self satisfied smirk. Jill fought back the urge to punch him square in his fat face. She closed her eyes and prayed for the strength to not kill him. He was cheating and she hated cheaters. She had played sports all her life and cheating was the one thing she would not tolerate.

“Well Prude, it turns out that the tavern is owned by a twenty-first level Magi by the name of Climatic Clifferous and he has cast a spell on the tavern so that no other magic can be used within it’s walls.”

“OHHH!” Jill’s face was red and her hands shook with anger, “Oh…up yours Cliff! I’m leaving! Where are my clothes! I only agreed to this because I thought you would play the game fair! I will not handle cheating. I will play but only if it is fair. Only fair Cliff! Understand? Now I'm leaving and see if you can get another girl to be your slut. I'm done letting you guys get me naked. DONE.”

“I’m coming too!” Roger said. He turned toward Cliff and said, “Please Cliff, the Climatic Clifferousness? That was lame as hell dude!” The guys around agreed.

“What?! It’s just a game guys! Come on! Ok, I’ll let you get out, guys! GUYS!”

No one listened and Jill was already getting dressed. Cliff cursed his stupidity. He watched in horror as Jill pulled her bra over those beautiful breasts. Damn it! He was so close. So fucking close to getting laid. It would take months to get her to play again, and would she act it out again?

“Jill. Come on. Please Jill,” Cliff said.

Jill stormed out the door.


Gitane leaned closer to the cam. Her thunderous breasts swayed forward and rolled to and fro. The guys love it when she lets her titties fall down like that. Gitane blew a kiss to the camera and shook her soft mounds which made her hard nipples dance. She turned around so her firm little ass framed neatly in the little cam view window. She bent forward slowly, teasing, making the view of her sweet puckered pussy take longer. She turned and watching herself on the cam. She loved looking at herself. She was her own best customer.

She delicately slipped her hands up her creamy thighs and slowly made her way to that pink slit. Her fingers caressed the smooth skin of her legs and inched up until she touched the fleshy soft area right below her sleek, shaved pussy. She spread her slender legs wider and dropped her head between her legs. She knew that the moist pink lips of her smooth little pussy were clearly in view but she couldn’t see them.

“What are they saying?” Gitane asked Angela from down near the floor.

Angela wasn’t looking at the screen, she was in her closet and focused on finding the perfect dress for the party she and Gitane had been planning. She fingered through black dress after black dress after black dress until she finally came to one she wore for a play in high school. She pulled it out and let her fingers pass over the shimmering black fabric and down the delicate silk laces in the open front.

“Angela! I can’t see. I want to know what they are saying!” Gitane moaned, her head almost touching the floor.

“I’m looking through my dresses!” Angela replied.

“Ok, and...? Jesus, it isn't like you don't know them all by heart. I'll give you a hint, wear the black one.”

“Fuck you Gitane. I don’t know why a bunch of perverts jerking off gets you so horny,” Angela said rhetorically. She knew exactly why Gitane liked it so much. The same reason she liked stripping and even some light prostitution, it was the same reason she stood in front of the camera now and fingered her already sloshing moist little pink pussy, Gitane craved attention. She couldn't ever get enough.

“Tell me, please Angela, please tell me, I think I’m going to cum.”

Angela didn't even look at the screen and said in a saccharine voice, “They are saying that your pussy looks so fine. Mmm baby, best pussy I’ve ever seen. Oh Lord, that sure is a juicy pussy. Damn baby, have you ever had sex with twelve incher? Oh CreamyAlice,” which is Gitane’s user and stage name.

Angela turned and actually looked at the computer screen. She peered over Gitane's naked ass and read the posts that were flying up and by as several men watched Gitane masturbate.

“They are saying, please watch me cum. The rest are just saying that they are jerking themselves off, they are going to cum, and one of them is offering to suck himself…hey, now that could actually be interesting to watch.”

“Oh Angela, please come lick my pussy, please! I’m going to cum so hard! Please baby, come lick my wuddle pussy-wussy.”

“Gitane...” Angela pouted.

She wanted to look for the perfect dress. She wanted to go meet Father Paul. It had been at least a day since they had talked. The idea that a catholic priest was actually paying attention to her and that she was actually close to seducing made her all gooey inside.

Gitane sat on the edge of the bed and she brought her knees together and put her finger in her mouth. She was trying to look like a little doll. Angela hated this. Gitane knew this turned Angela on.

“Sowwy, I just…ohh…I…oh GOD, I’m so close! Pweeese? Pweety pweese? Come on, I need my sister's lips around my wuddle pussy.”

Gitane’s fingers probed deep into her dripping wet slit and she sank a wet digit into her tight little brown asshole just for good measure. Angela put her hands on Gitane’s ass and the posts in the pay-view window went crazy! They usually did when another girl was involved.

When Gitane first started performing on cam for money it bothered Angela to get involved. She worrried that strangers might see her and recognize her in real life. After several months of doing it and after Gitane started sharing some of the money with her, Angela didn’t really care anymore.

“You should have switched it to 4.99 a minute, the guys are going insane!”

“It doesn't matter. Please sissy, come and lick my wuddle pussy. I'm about to cum. Oh God, it's going to be so wet. Tell me you love your sister's wet cunt. Make me cum Angela.”

“You're going to spray?” Angela was amazed at this ability. Guys paid extra for it on cam.

“Oh Angela, finger me, do something!”

Angela spread open Gitane’s ass cheeks and knelt beside her. She flicked her tongue out over Gitane’s tanned little butt. Angela moved closer to Gitane’s pussy which dripped creamy ropes of cum that clung between her thighs. The men loved that Gitane was gifted with girl cum. She was the top girl under that category.

“How many times have you cum?”

“Six, but all little ones…mmm…yes. Please sissy!” Gitane trembled with another mini-orgasm and Angela marveled at this ability, “…I need the big one! Please, just touch me with your tongue, anywhere down there.”

Angela watched the guys jerking off in the little windows the service offered for her to see her customers. True to his word, the guy who had offered to suck his own cock now bobbed his head to his abnormally large member! Angela watched with sick fascination, like a bystander at a car wreck.

“A guy is really sucking himself!” Angela screamed.

“Oh hot! Please, just lick me! I’m so close!”

“What about me?”

“You know I’ll do a fantastic job on you later, just fucking LICK ME!”

Angela knew the game, tease, tease, tease, she also knew that the guys were about to get quite a shot when Gitane came for real. Angela knelt down and watched her own face in the cam window and made a mental note to put more black around her eyes. Her small breasts were clearly in frame. Topless was more than the guys should see, more than they paid for, but she was nude and horny so fuck it. She touched her own miniscule breasts and teased the pert little nipple so that it protruded like a small pink bud ready to bloom. She didn’t want to get covered in Gitane’s shower of ‘girl cum’ so she leaned over her friend’s taut ass and darted her tongue across Gitane’s puckered little brown star. Gitane screamed and pumped her fingers inside her own sloshing soaked cunt until Angela felt Gitane dip her knees down and then she shot up like a little bird and sprayed cum all over the desk. Fortunately they had a plastic protective cover on the keyboard. Angela sank her tongue deep into Gitane’s sprightly little butthole and it had the desired effect. Gitane sprayed again and again until she was weak and fell forward onto their bed.

Angela stayed at the computer and watched as the guys shot load after load. They quickly noticed her looking and the messages flew across the screen. She leered at the camera, gave them all the finger and flicked the CamClub window closed. Fucking losers.

“I’m so horny now,” Angela said.

“Come lay down sissy,” Gitane said.

The two girls, best friends from childhood, lovers from high school, and forever bound by sex and an unforgiving world lay down next to each other and kissed with fiery passion. Gitane kissed with her tongue, not her lips. Angela wanted to feel Gitane’s soft lips and tried to force Gitane to close her mouth but her friend’s tongue darted to and fro like a hungry eel. Angela pushed Gitane’s shoulders down so that she would stop trying to eat her esophagus and start licking her pussy. Instead Gitane sat up and flung her hair over her shoulders and took in a long look at her best friend and lover. Angela watched her friend’s eyes scan over her body and she slowly stretched her arms above her head to give her lover a better view.

“You know you could make some serious money with this body Angela, you are fucking amazingly cute and so tiny. Men love that little girl shit. They would pay you to dress like a little girl and dance.”

“I’m not a whore and why would I want a bunch of pedophiles ogling me?”

“I’m not saying be a whore, I’m saying just work your own cam or come with me to the club. No one said whore, just fucking work those little titties and steal some money from men who don’t need it, especially the pedophiles.”

“Shut up and lick my pussy bitch,” Angela said.

Gitane’s smile beamed with their secret relationship and the way they loved each other. She leaned down between Angela’s thighs and flicked her tongue in rapid succession over Angela’s tiny little nubby clit. Even her pussy looked like that of a little doll. Angela threw her head back and screamed. They knew each other better than they knew themselves. Gitane smiled and flicked her tongue over Angela's little tiny clit and listened to her best friend, her sister and her lover scream. Angela screamed so wonderfully. Gitane fingered her pussy and came with Angela. The two lovers lay curled in each others arms.

Across the campus Jill debated picking up the phone and calling Angela. Angela made her nervous but she craved talking with her. Angela was throwing a party. Jill wanted to find out what she should wear. Should she go as her character? She wanted Angela to come over. But would Angela flirt with her again? Worse still...would Jill like it?

At the church Father Paul thought of Angela and decided that if he saw her again he would have to resist. He was a priest after all. He had taken vows. It was wrong. She was well over half his age. Yes, he decided, he would turn her away when he saw her again. Father Paul felt good about his decision but yet he still felt weak.

Angela smiled.

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