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Ann Goes to Harpers Ferry

I fuck my hot red head on the banks of the Potomac River

My hot little redhead, Ann, and I have fucked in some of the most unusual places.   The woman is generally insatiable when it comes to her sexual appetite and she certainly doesn’t get it sated at home.   Her executive husband never has time to take care of his wife’s needs but she also figures that he’s fucking his secretary anyway.   He certainly has made life convenient and “satisfying” for me.


The sight of those perky, firm little tits, those overly sensitive hard nipples and that beautifully rounded ass allow me to get a stiff dick several times in a session.   And once she kisses me, sucks on my tongue and then swirls her tongue on the head of my cock, I’m ALWAYS ready to re-fuck her.   AND her touch of exhibitionism just adds to my excitement.


Ann loves to show off her wares.   She often wears my favorite dress when we meet for a day of good fucking and sucking.   It’s an ankle length, form fitting wrap-around thing that she leaves secured ONLY at the waist.   The slit in the front of the dress is vulnerable to even the slightest puff of wind and even to her stride.   Thus, as she walks, the dress will open up to view from the front……to reveal a quick peek at her panties, if she’s wearing them, or her cute little tuft of neatly trimmed red pubic hair if she’s going commando.   It just depends upon her mood.


On this particularly pleasant spring day, Ann and I were headed for Harpers Ferry , West Virginia , for a hike along the old rail bed.   For those who have never visited Harpers Ferry, the history rich town is located along the Potomac River, at the junction of West Virginia , Virginia and Maryland .   The home of the famous John Brown, Harpers Ferry is loaded with quaint shops and museums.   It also is known for its abandoned rail bed that has been cleared and is great for hiking and biking.   The trail runs parallel to the banks of the Potomac .


The trail is separated from the river bank by a thick row of trees and foliage so there are many places where walkers and bikers on the trail have no view at all of the river.   Thus, for lovers who decide to cut through the trees to sit (or lie) in the sand next to the water, it allows for an element of privacy while not affecting the thrill of fucking in the great outdoors and the chance of getting caught “in the act”.   My adventuresome Ann just LOVES that chance of getting caught red handed and bare assed!


Ann was wearing a miniskirt for our visit to Harpers Ferry and no panties.   My “favorite” dress, the wrap-a-round, just wasn’t appropriate for walking the trail.   What’s more, she wanted something with a bit easier access for this day’s activity.   She knew that we had planned to fuck along the banks of the river so she wore as little as legally possible.   She was also braless and wearing a thin fabric t-shirt which accentuated her hard little nipples.


I was hornier than hell by the time we got to the parking lot in town.   I had been finger fucking her and playing with her clit the whole trip down U.S. 15 from Frederick , Maryland .   She had two orgasms during the 20 minute ride and the back of her mini was drenched as a result of her pussy juices running down her slit.   We kissed passionately before getting out of the car and walking over to our favorite ice cream stand.


   Ann sat down at a picnic table and I went to get two ice cream cones.   As I was walking back to the table, I noticed Ann in a spread leg position, opening her pussy for the world to see.   There were three college age boys at the next table chuckling and murmuring to themselves, obviously enjoying the sight of Ann’s bare twat.


As I sat down across the table from her, Ann told me to move to her side of the table.   She said I was blocking the boys’ view.   “Well, excuse the fuck out of me!”   Ann was slowly licking the tip of the scoop of ice cream in a seductive manner, just knowing that she was giving the three guys boners.


We finished our treat and decided to head for the hiking trail.   Ann slowly moved one leg out from under the table giving the boys a full view, and then looked over at them and gave them a Mrs. Robinson smile and a coy wink.   We walked hand in hand toward the trail.


To get to the trail from the town center, you have to climb a steep set of iron, open- grate stairs.   Obviously, anyone on the stairs below Ann would get a nice shot of her bare ass and dripping wet cunt.   Of course, who was behind us??   Yup, the three pussy hounds from the ice cream shop.   They knew that Ann was enjoying their voyeurism so they decided to follow us to see what we would do next.


The three musketeers followed us at a safe distance just waiting for their next shot.   Ann decided to give it to them.   She stopped and bent over at the waist, in an apparent effort to tie her sneaker.   The guys probably knew as well as I did that the shoe wasn’t untied to begin with but what they got was a full shot of Ann’s tight little brown pucker hole when her ass cheeks spread.   She stayed in position for a full minute or so “tying the shoe” as the three kept walking past us.   They didn’t want us to think that they were following us by stopping when we did.


When the trio was well ahead of us, Ann and I slipped into the dense woods through a small cut in the foliage to the river bank.   We figured that our little friends would likely come back to try to find us but that just added to the excitement of possibly   “getting caught”.


We got to the sandy river bank and went into a passionate embrace.   We were both hotter than hell and ready to fuck our brains out by this time.   We sucked tongue and our hands began to explore each others bodies.   I slipped one hand up under Ann’s skirt and was squeezing the cheek of that ass that I dearly love.   I got Ann to kneel in the sand in front of a large rock and to lean over it.


I knelt behind her and lifted the hem of her skirt.   I dropped my head to position between her legs and, with my nose in her ass, began to tongue fuck her pussy.   Ann was going wild, twisting and shaking.   She was guarding her moans so as to not give away our secret location to the walkers on the trail.   Then we heard the sound of air horns.


We both looked up and realized that we were directly under the Route 15 bridge that crosses over the Potomac between Maryland and Virginia .    Drivers of cars can’t see over the side of the bridge but truckers, sitting high in their semi cabs, could look right down to the river bed.   They were honking and waving as I ate Ann while she leaned over the rock.   We both waved back.


I returned to my meal at hand and continued to eat Ann’s sweet pussy.   Then I aimed my tongue at her asshole.   Ann’s anus is EXTREMELY erogenous and very sensitive to touch and tongue.   I straightened up, unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and dropped them to the sand at my knees.


My dick was rock hard and I pressed the head against her now wet pucker hole.   Ann enjoyed a good ass fuck once in a while, as a change of pace, but she always liked to be near a bathroom when she was to be skewered in her rear.   Unless she had prepared herself ahead of time with an enema, she knew that a cum enema would have the same effect.   She didn’t want to be squatting on the banks of the Potomac .


“Not today, Mac……I want you to fuck my pussy”.   Reluctantly, I moved my cock down to her love tube and pushed it in up to the hilt.   Since she had been dripping pussy juices for well over an hour and I had just deposited a load of my saliva into her, I had no problem sliding in…..deep.   I began to move my hips and run my dick in and out of that tight cunt.


The truckers were slowing down on the bridge above to get a longer view of the action below.   Air horns were blaring.   I looked up and started pumping my fist up and down in the air, mimicking the action of pulling a truck air horn rope, fucking my heart out the whole time.


Ann was moaning loudly now.   She didn’t care who heard her at this point.   She began to shake and shiver and I could feel her pussy tightening its grip on my cock.   Her fingers were gripping at the rock as she began her orgasm.


Ann’s orgasms can be violent affairs and, like my orgasms, are usually quite long in duration.   I heard her guttural groan just as my first injection of cum squirted against her cervix.   I thrust my dick as hard into her as I could while holding her shoulders from behind to keep from banging her into the rock.   Second load and then the third……Ann was coming as was I.   Our orgasms are usually more of a process than an event.   I kept pumping until I knew that my prostate was out of jiz.   I lay my exhausted body over Ann’s on the rock.


The sounds of air horns filled the normal quiet of Harpers Ferry .   Ann and I waved to the truckers high on the bridge as I pulled my tired soldier out of her heavily soiled cunt.   Jiz and pussy juice dripped onto the sand and down the insides of her thighs.   I rolled over and pressed my back against the rock next to Ann’s well fucked body, which was still leaning over the rock.   I turned my head toward hers and we shared a long, deep tongue kiss.


With her skirt still up around her waist, ass and pussy wide open, and me naked from the waist down, we heard the noise in the brush.   We looked up and there stood our three young studs.   They were grinning broadly and said that they watched the whole show…..all Ann saw was three horny guys, each stroking his rock hard young cock sticking out of unzipped shorts.


Ann smiled and said “OK, boys……get over here………one at a time, you’re about to become men”.

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