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Anniversary Weekend At A Nude Resort

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Anniversary Weekend At A Nude Resort

My husband and I were on our way to Palm Springs to celebrate our anniversary. I couldn’t believe he had talked me into staying at a nude resort. I was nervous and excited at the same time. A few weeks earlier, my husband had asked me if I would be interested in staying at a nude resort. I had never thought about it, but decided that it might be kind of fun. After extensive internet research, my husband booked us two nights at an “anything goes” resort in Palm Springs.

On the way to the resort, we talked about possibilities of what we might expect. All the talk of sex was turning us both on. Eventually, I lifted my dress up and started rubbing my pussy. After a quick but satisfying orgasm, I glanced over at my husband. I saw he was trying to rearrange the crotch of his pants to make more room for his hard cock. I reached over to help him out and unzipped his shorts. His cock was leaking pre-cum and ready to go! I love the taste of his cum and couldn’t help but unbuckle my seat belt, lean over and take him in my mouth. Before long, he had had his first orgasm of the weekend.

Two hours later we were at our destination. The resort’s hostess greeted us at the gate, got us checked in, and gave us a quick tour. As it was early afternoon, the place was pretty quiet. We settled in our room and my husband immediately took off his clothes. I decided I was going to need a shot of liquid courage to get started . After downing my drink, I joined my husband out by the pool for some nude sun tanning. There were only a few other couples out by the pool and the atmosphere seemed pretty laid back. I was starting to relax and enjoy the warm sun on my body. At 5 o’clock the hostess brought out a pitcher of margaritas. This loosened the crowd up a little and everyone began talking and mingling. At dinner that night we got to know some of the other guests and the employees of the resort explained that they were expecting a lot more people the following evening.

The next morning my husband and I found our spots by the pool and set out to enjoy our day. Couples were arriving all day long. By noon, I was getting very horny from checking out all the naked bodies that had been joining us by the pool. My husband must have sensed this because he leaned over to tell me to play with my pussy. I hesitated for a second, then remembered that “anything goes” here. I rubbed my clit until I came. When I opened my eyes, I smiled at my husband. He motioned to a nearby couple and told me that they had been watching me. I glanced over at them and saw his cock was dripping. The other guy scooted closer to his wife and started playing with her pussy. It was awesome watching another couple fool around right next to us.

The day progressed with more people arriving by the pool and watching a few other couples play around. My husband knows that I’ve always had a thing for watching other couples have sex and I was eager to see if that was going to happen. We were in and out of the pool and Jacuzzi and got to know quite a few of the other guests. Most had been there a few times and told us that most of the action happened at night.

One of the services that the resort offered was massages. Two young girls were available for either single or a couple’s massage. My husband and I talked it over and decided we would try a couple’s massage. We were led into the spa room and laid face down on side-by-side tables. No sheets were spread over us as I guess we weren’t clothed to begin with. Warm oil was dribbled on my back before firm, strong hand began working their way down my body. This felt so good and I loved the fact that my husband was right next to me getting the same treatment. Eventually, the girl’s hands made their way around my ass. I felt more oil drip in between my butt cheeks. Without realizing it, I was holding my breath, waiting to see what would happen next.

When I felt a finger slip between my cheeks and work its way down the folds of my pussy, I tensed my body. But there was something about the atmosphere that immediately relaxed me. I spread my legs a little further and allowed her to continue the massage. Before I came on her hand, I heard my husband moan. I turned my head in his direction. He had turned over so he was laying on his back. I watched as his masseuse oiled up his cock and started stroking it. It didn’t take long before he came in spurts all over his stomach. At the same time as his orgasm, I felt two fingers push their way into my pussy. My masseuse hit my g-spot right on target and I came all over her hand. With smiles on our faces, my husband and I cleaned ourselves up, tipped the girls, and headed back out to the pool.

The rest of the afternoon passed quietly and my husband and I headed back to our room after indulging in a few complimentary margaritas. Since it was our last night at the resort, we knew if anything was going to happen, it would have to be that night. My hubby suggested that we lie down and take a nap for a few hours so we would be refreshed when the party got started later. Since I had had a couple of orgasms that day and had been in the sun, a nap sounded wonderful! We showered, made love, and fell asleep.

When we both woke up a few hours later, we could hear loud music and lots of laughter coming from outside. After brushing our teeth and slipping on our robes, we headed out to join in the festivities. We made our way over to the Jacuzzi to check out the action. There were four couples already in the water. We greeted everyone as we shed our robes and entered the water. Two middle aged couples to our right seemed to be hitting it off well. They were deeply engrossed in their own conversation. We made casual conversation with al the others in the hot tub. Before long, I glanced to my right and saw both the men sitting on the edge while the other one’s wife sucked their cocks! They were so close, I could reach out and touch them. I felt hands on my tits from under the water, but wasn’t sure where they were coming from. Before long, I felt fingers graze against my pussy. Still not sure whose they were, I glanced around to try to guess.

I knew they didn’t belong to my husband because he would have been more forceful. Another gentleman to my left seemed too interested in his companion to be bothering with me. The third man was too far away. I glanced around one more time and caught the stare of a woman slightly in front of me to the left. There was no mistaking the lust in her eyes. She gave me a questioning look and a slightly nodded to her. I even helped her out and spread my legs a little wider. Her fingers plunged right into my already wet pussy. She kept even pressure with her thumb rubbing my clit. The idea that I was getting finger fucked by a strange woman in the middle of a hot tub surrounded by strangers without anyone knowing led me to another satisfying orgasm. After she felt me come, she removed her hand, winked at me and left.

I was still trying to catch my breath when my husband took me by the hand and led me to the “playroom”. It was actually a large covered patio with comfortable outdoor furniture and a fireplace. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we walked in; it looked like an orgy was taking place. Naked bodies were everywhere. Some couches had so many people intertwined, it was hard to tell who belonged to who. I guess it didn’t matter. It looked like a free-for-all was going on. My husband and I found a spot on one of the daybeds. I sucked his cock while he was checking out the action all around us. One of the couples we had met by the pool walked into the room. My husband motioned for them to come over next to us.

We scooted over and made room for them. My hubby flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees and started fucking me doggy style. This gave me a great opportunity to check out the action. Our friends next to us started getting busy with each other. He had her legs spread open wide. From my vantage point I was staring straight into her pussy. He moved so that she could suck his cock while she was still on her back. I kept staring at her pussy. My husband leaned in close to my ear and said, “Looks like an open invitation.” I couldn’t resist any longer. I lunged forward with my husband’s cock still in my pussy and buried my face in her pussy. Her legs spread even wider and I sucked her clit until it was like a hard little cock. Her pussy was gushing juices all over my chin as I tried to bury my tongue further into her slit. I felt my husband’s cock tighten and I knew he would be coming soon. At almost the same time, my husband came in my pussy, my new friend gushed all over my face, and her husband exploded in her mouth. I leaned over to kiss her and she shared her husband’s come with me.

Everyone relaxed for a little bit as we continued to watch the party going on around us. Eventually we got up and headed back to our rooms. My husband and I drifted off into a very contented sleep. When we woke up the next day we talked about what we would do the next time we visited the resort.
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