Arizona Princess: The Arrival

By LushPrincess

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“Joe, I want more” I moaned into his ear.

“Hey Princess, guess what?” Joseph said excitedly, and before I had the chance to answer he said “A couple buddies and me are driving to Texas , one of them is meeting up with a chick he met a couple months ago here in Jersey , she moved and they’ve been in touch. I guess she promised him something real good if he visited her, and well a few of us are going to tag along and help him drive!”



“Oh wow, that’s a long ass drive… I hope it’s worth it.” I replied.


He laughed, “Yeah well that’s his problem, and the thing is once I drop their ass off in Texas I’m driving over to Arizona to meet a real life Princess.”


“Is that right?” I giggled “Well, are you sure this so called Princess wants to meet you?”


He cleared his throat “As sure as my name is Joseph.”


Last I heard it had taken them 2 days to get to Houston , TX . They took turns driving and only stopped when it was absolutely necessary; I guess the promise of pussy is worth the effort. I was starting to get nervous I’d only known Joseph for a couple months. We spoke often and chatted on Lush quite a bit, but meeting him in person was a totally different deal. “May be I should call him and tell him I have to go out of town” I thought to myself. “Or…” before I could finish my thought my phone rang [Joe] was flashing on my screen.




“Hey Princess, I’m sitting in my car. Guess where I’m at?”


“I don’t know”


“I’m outside of Quick Trip on 83rd Ave and Encanto Blvd. ”


“WHAT? What are you doing there?”


“Waiting for you gorgeous, so which way should I go?”



“Uhmm just wait, I’ll be there in a few”


Oh my god, he was actually here. I thought he was kidding, actually I hoped he was kidding. I should have told him to go back, or hell I should have told him never to come, fuck it’s too late now he’s here. I grabbed my keys and headed out; I was about 45 minutes away and he called me a couple times to make sure I was still coming. I pulled into the QT parking lot and spotted his black Chrysler 300. I parked next to him and before I could reach over and grab my purse, I heard a light tapping on my window. He startled me, and I couldn’t help but giggle. He opened my door and helped me out of my car…



“Wow” he licked his lips “You’re even more beautiful in person.”


“Whatever” I giggled and hit him with my elbow. “You still look like the Rock to me”


He rolled his eyes and said. “Well I’ve been told I look like Freddy Prince Jr.”


“Nah ah, he’s not the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.” I laughed again.



“You’re silly Princess… Anyways babe I’m hungry want to go get a bite to eat?” He stood in front of me, too close if you ask me. “Plus is hot here, how can you stand this heat?” His eyes had a glazed look, his breathing got heavier as he cornered me between his muscular arms and my car.



I pushed him away, he smirked. “Should we take your car or mine?” I asked.



“Let’s take mine babe, is it safe to leave yours here?”



“Yeah, let’s go.” I locked my doors and climbed into the passenger side.



We ended up going to Pei Wei, I fucking love Chinese food. We had a wonderful lunch, he told me all about his 30 something hour drive, personal problems he was having, and the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about me. He said I was unlike any other girl he had ever known, very feminine but rugged all at the same time. His compliments made me feel good, comfortable even. By the time we made it out of the restaurant the sun was starting to go down; and the clouds were moving in. Thank god for the Monsoon season or we would never get any rain here in Arizona . We decided to take a nice car ride through the outskirts of town, out towards Buckeye through the back roads and fields. We drove in silence, just enjoying the view of the forgotten properties and open road; the sky a wonderful mix of red, orange, and purple. I was starting to fall asleep when I heard the first few drops hit the windshield!


“RAIN!” I yelled excitedly…


Joseph looked over at me, and just smiled. I rolled the window down and stuck my hand out, for some reason the rain always gets me feeling like a little kid. We drove a little more and the rain got heavier, I could hardly contain my excitement. I tugged on his t-shirt and gave him my best puppy dog eyes, he understood and pulled over. I almost jumped out of the car, and ran over to the field and started jumping around and twirling while looking up at the sky. I felt goose bumps all over my body, I looked over and Joseph was leaning against his car, arms crossed, with a smirk on his face just staring at me. I stopped jumping and just stared back, with my hands on my waist.



“Stop staring and come here!” I yelled.


He walked over to me and said. “I can tell you’re not wearing a bra, you know.”


My face went from cheerful to irritated how fucking dare him! I mean yeah I wasn’t wearing a bra, but it was 102° degrees when I left the house. My short denim shorts and tight tank top were keeping me fresh; I was so fucking heated by his comment that I had only one way to answer. I got closer to him and slapped him hard across his face. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I hollered.



He didn’t look surprised; he just stepped forward and took my face in his hands. “You’re feisty Princess, but I like it.”  


I slapped his hands away, and walked towards the car. The rain was coming down hard now, my clothes were soaking wet; my nipples hard as a rock, and my cootchie tingling. I could feel Joe following close behind me. My breathing was heavy, and I don’t know if it was because I was angry or incredibly turned on, may be a mixture of both. I reached the car and before I could open the door, Joseph grabbed my arm and swung me around. He pushed me up against the car and placed his hand on my neck. I closed my eyes, as my body shivered. He reached down and fondled my breasts, which fit perfectly on the palm of his hand. My head swung back as his hand slowly lifted my tank top. As soon as the water made direct contact with my bare skin I could tell I was close to cumming; it had always been my fantasy to fuck in the rain, but because of the weather in AZ it wasn’t easy to do so.



“Mmm Princess, you taste so good.” He said as he took my erect nipple into his warm mouth.



All I could do was moan; he wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him, as he walked towards the back of the car. He sat me on the trunk and finished taking off my shirt. I leaned back on the windshield as he continued to nibble and suck on my breasts. The cold rain water sprinkled my face, and covered my sizzling body! He kissed down my flat tummy, only to shove his tongue in my belly button. I giggled and pulled his head up by his hair, I stared deep into his eyes and bit my lower lip.



“Eat my pussy Joe” I whispered.



He gently pushed me back down on the windshield and unbuttoned my shorts; I lifted myself to help him. As soon as my shorts were off he started to nibble on my swollen pussy lips through my black panties. It felt so fucking good his hands cupped my ass now. His face buried between my legs, my nipples so hard they hurt! I reached down and pulled his head up by his hair again, “Stop teasing me fucker!” I roared.


He pulled my panties down, and spread my pussy. His tongue traced the outline of my lips, gently brushing his moist lips against my clitoris; he stopped only to take in my scent. “I want to fuck you so bad Princess.” He said as he pulled his hard dick out of his pants.


“Fuck me Joe! Fuck me!”


“Do you want my dick inside you?”


“Yesss mmmm fuckkk yess!”


Joseph wrapped his hands around my waist again, but this time he lowered me onto his erect penis. My pussy spread accommodating his thickness. He groaned in my ear as his manhood dug his way into my depths.


“You have the hottest fucking pussy!”


“Oh mmm do you like my pussy daddy?”


“Fuck yeah, I could fuck you all night baby”


He picked up speed as he picked me up and slammed me down on his stiff cock, my moans of pleasure echoed around us. I arched my back to allow him to hit my g-spot just right; I know he felt it and rammed himself into me again and again… I locked my legs around his waist as he tilted his head back and let out a loud groan, my vaginal muscles tighten around his engorged member. I was close, he dug his fingers into my flesh, leaned me against the car, his dick pulsating inside me more than ready to fill my insides with his seed.


“Cum with me baby, I’ve been waiting so long to feel your hot, tight, wet pussy.”


I held on to his neck as I felt my orgasm go through my body, my breathing was heavy, my body burning, my vaginal walls contracting violently; trying desperately to squeeze every last drop of semen from his succulent cock. He kissed my neck tenderly, as I laid my head on his shoulder.


“Joe, I want more” I moaned into his ear.


To be continued…



Author’s Note: This story is completely fictional; it was inspired by a friend of mine. I will not say who he is, but feel free to reveal yourself!


… Will you?