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Back to the hotel

An amazing end to the night after we left the restuarant
The moon outside was bright and the evening temperature quite comfortable so we decided to walk back to the hotel along the quayside. The side we were walking on was a sort of paved piazza, with house barges moored along side. The other side of the river, probably about 40 yards across, was lined with apartments fronting on to the river. There were many other couples in the vicinity and a few groups enjoying the warm evening. I slid my hand down the inside of her waistband and caressed her cheeks as we walked. We stopped and kissed a couple of times along the riverside. The atmosphere between us was electric; she was as turned on as I have ever seen her.

It wasn't too difficult to find somewhere discreet to persuade her to allow me to remove her blouse. I proceeded to remove her jacket, and released the remaining button of her blouse, slipping it off her shoulders and crumbling it into my pocket, then I put her jacket back on. Having kept her completely topless for a short while in a public place simply intensified our mood. 

We moved to the quayside railings at the river's edge, and held each other in a passionate embrace, kissing and fondling. I felt her hand gently reach down to caress my hardness then she looked sensuously into my eyes. I instinctively knew what she wanted and turned her around to face the river. I held her from behind, nibbling her ear and nape whilst slowly cupping, then exposing her naked breasts to the full view of the river and the apartments beyond.

I pulled her skirt hem upward, and then slid my right hand inside the slit in her skirt to the touch of warmness and swelling between her legs. My fingers continued to snake their way in side the tiny dampened g-string, and at my touch her legs opened wider, allowing me the pleasure of her slippery hot pussy.

Such had been the intensity of the build up, that within in few moments, her knees buckled slightly as tremors raced through her body. It was beautiful, she had cum being exposed to anyone who had looked out their window, and saw her near nakedness. Fuck it was extremely electrifying.

She twisted her neck around to kiss me, as we stayed in that position, savouring what was a truly erotic moment. We took a couple of photographs as mementoes before taking a long romantic walk back to our hotel, only stopping in a small park along the way to confirm our passion, kissing and cuddling.

While we waited for the lift I joked that I would be happy to hold her jacket for her in the lift she was "warm". She refused impishly, but as there was no one in the lift, willingly undid the buttons but stopped short of removing her jacket. I admired her beauty from the other side of the lift as the bell chimed, her jutting nipples proudly exposed as the doors slid open, as I courageously prayed there was someone in the corridor.

Whilst walking to our room in the deserted corridor, she said she was hotter now and sexily peeled off the jacket, then handed it to me. Desperate to prolong this thrilling experience as long as possible I drew her to me, kissed her, our tongues dancing in each others mouths as she ran her hands down to massage my aching hardness. I even pretended that I had left the key inside and spent time checking my pockets for a minute or two, basking in the pleasure of watching my wife standing in the hallway of our hotel, openly baring both her breasts and hoped some else may come along, but no one did.

We stepped into our room, which was on the first floor and opposite the other wing of the hotel and gave an unobstructed view of the parking area. She led me over to the low level window, illuminated by the car park security lights. Momentarily she released her hands from mine and unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor, Wow! All the attention from the evening's events had made her insatiable and really courageous.

I dared her to face the window and stood behind her. She gripped my hands with hers and encouraged me to feel the softness of her breasts. I hugged her tightly and cupped my hands under her breasts to caress her nipples, kissing and touching, my hardness straining to be released, ground into her back. Such was my lust and desire I was desperate for her to be seen.

Our hearts skipped a beat as a car arrived and parked just 20 yards from our room. Virtually powerless to move, we watched as a middle aged couple took their cases from the boot. The man looked up momentarily then did a second take as if to confirm his original view, and then as they hurried his wife across to the foyer, he turned several times before disappearing into the entrance. The rush was incredible.

Moments later we watched as the door to the foyer opened. The guy was returning to his car on his own, clearly now able to concentrate unhindered as he walked in our direction. Immediately my stomach tumbled as adrenalin pumped into our bodies. I whispered "Shall I" as I slid my hands to her waist and hooked both thumbs into the ties of her juice sodden g-string and slowly inched it over her hips. We were now pushing the boundaries, never before had we gone so far as to actually present Mandy's complete utter nakedness in this way. Now we had his complete attention, he stood discreetly next to his car transfixed by the sight before him.

My wife was now standing in the window of our hotel panting from the excitement of this erotic exposure. This middle aged stranger was now so close we could tell he was openly enjoying his unexpected experience. His gaze easily captured her swelling curves, even in the subdued light, as she thrust her mound toward him and, daringly spread her legs to reveal her perfectly camel toe. 

I stood behind her and brought my hands up to fondle her soft breasts, kneading the flesh and squeezing her pert nipples between my fingers. I could feel our hearts pumping simultaneously as we both knew what we were about to do. My fingers slipped down tantalisingly over her belly my fingers spread out as they tenderly sank to encompass her shaven mound. Her lips gaped slightly as my fingers slid in slowly and easily. Soon, her whole body was thrusting against my fingers. I knew she was already approaching another orgasm.

Our hearts beat faster at this unexpected bonus to our foreplay, my middle finger delved and probed her slippery wetness then circled her protruding bud for our mutual gratification. Thoughts of consequences crossed my mind, but now we were to far gone to care. Mandy brought her hand to cover mine, her eyes locked on our voyeur as she pressed my fingers harder and deeper into her, moans of pleasure escaped from her lips as she worked my fingers in a frenzy of rhythmic motions. Her head jerked back as intense waves of ecstasy began to wrack though her body then reached out to the window for support and her legs began to crumble as her orgasm began to fade.

Eventually we stumbled back to the bed and collapsed; she turned to face me and told me that was the most powerful orgasm ever. Then raised her hand and switched on the bedside lamp, fully illuminating the room to enhance our exhibitionist behaviour before pushing me back onto the bed to fully enjoy the culmination of the energy she had generated.

We spent the rest of the night enjoying each others pleasures and fantasising that others may be able to see our passion.

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