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Balcony Sex

Hot sex on the ocean side balcony

We were just on vacation in South Carolina. The last two days were at Myrtle Beach which is where the story takes place. We had been in the hotel hot tub after dinner and were having adult beverages while we were in the hot tub. We had roaming hands under water as we enjoyed the warm water and bubbles.  I had my hand inside her suit rubbing the outside of her pussy and rubbing it from outside the suit. When we were alone in the tub I'd slip a hand inside the top of her suit and play with her tits. She was rubbing my dick outside my suit and when we were alone would pull my suit down and jerk my dick.  We had to be careful as others were coming and going. There was also a guy that came in and sat about three feet away from her. He was watching every woman that was in the pool area. As they came in he would pretend to look at his phone but was actually videoing them walking down the stairs. A couple in their late twenties sat across from him as he pretended to look at stuff on his phone and he was videoing them as they kissed. So we didn't do much while he was sitting there.

We had spent about an hour or so in the hot tub and decided to go back to the room. We had kept our hands off each other long enough for me to go soft so I could walk out plus we didn't want to be his internet stars. We made out in the elevator like teenagers since we were alone in it. My wife wanted to rinse off when we got to the room. So I let her go first while I took care of a couple of emails. She came out dressed in a tee shirt with no panties. I  jumped in the shower to rinse off. I stayed naked after my shower. We had a hotel room on the ocean side with a balcony. My wife went out to look at the full moon and listen to the waves.

She was leaning over the railing looking out giving me a nice view of a different full moon. She has a gorgeous tight ass. I love to caress it, rub and kiss it.  I came up behind her and leaned right into her. When I did I pulled my dick up and rested it between her cheeks.  I was naked and half hard from looking at her bare ass. I started rubbing her back and shoulders outside the tee shirt. I put my hands under her shirt to caress her bare skin and slowly worked down to rub the top of her ass. I moved back a little so I could reach farther down and to the outside of her pussy. She spread her legs to give me more room. I was rubbing her pussy with my whole hand and slipping a finger into her as I pulled my hand back towards her ass. I'd let my finger rub across her back door as I continued up over her cheeks. I stopped rubbing the outside of her pussy and slipped a finger down into her. She was wet and the more I played with her pussy the wetter she got. I ran my finger into her and then up to the front and slowly rub her clit with the wet tip of my finger. She would push back towards me and give a little moan. I'd lick her juice off my finger and run it back down. I used my other hand to reach under her shirt to pinch her hard nipples.

My dick was throbbing as I continued to play with her. She reached back and started stroking my dick. I was rock hard. She would stroke it and then push back towards it just letting the head touch either her pussy or back door and then move back towards the railing as I played with her pussy and tits. After a bit, I pulled out my finger and licked it clean then slid my hard dick in her from behind and reached around to rub her clit as my other hand pinched her nipples and rubbed her tits.

She didn't know and still doesn't know but I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. There was a younger couple on the balcony up and to the right watching us. The couple was younger than us. Most likely early thirties. She had a nice slim bod with a nice ass. He was tall and average build. The female was wearing panties and a camisole and he was just in shorts with a hard-on bulging the front of his shorts. They must have been watching us the whole time. I looked at them and they smiled at me as I did. She reached over to him and started rubbing his dick through his shorts and he slipped a hand into the front of her panties. I pulled my wife's shirt up so the could see me sliding into her and look at her ass. Her shirt was up to her shoulders so they could see her big tits swinging as we fucked.

I watched him finger her and I was thinking of what a nice ass she had and how I wanted to watch her panties come down and see them fuck. She took his dick out and stroked it in the open. He was average size but looked rock hard. He tried to get her panties off but she pulled them back up.

I'd like to think we went at it for a long time but it was over sooner than I wanted. I shot a load into my wife which set her orgasm off as I was still rubbing her clit and playing with her tits. The couple smiled and waved at me and then went inside. I was hoping for a show. I pulled out of my wife and watched the cum leak out of her. We went in and washed up. My wife never knew that we had been watched. I'll tell her next time we get amorous and maybe she will be willing to really put on a show.  


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