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Bathroom Break

Just watching her...exhibitionism, voyuer, masturbation
“I’m going to take a bath for an hour so see you soon,” she giggled over the phone.

That voice of hers and her sweet gentle laughter just makes me stop and think what I wouldn’t do to her, absolutely nothing.. “Well ok but you shouldn’t tell me these things, good grief” I said back to her as she ended the conversation. I stared at the phone in my hands, trying to stop visions, images forming; taking shape that would infuriate me for the rest of the morning.

Looking around the office,I went back to my seat, placed the cell phone on the desk and continued my work. It was time to concentrate but it became increasingly difficult. She knew what how I felt about her, needed her wanted her so badly but always remained at a discreet distance when in public so as not to draw any attention. We both knew that together it would be explosive, dangerous. She was a tease but I loved it,and loved her. I had known her for years and had cherished and admired her from a distance and lately, close up. too close; realising the danger it could lead to. Some could say sweet danger. So how we felt about each other,it remained unspoken, hanging in the air between us but something had to give. She decided to do something about it.

Twenty minutes later, the familiar sound of the text chime came from the cellphone. Turning it over I read the message and stopped breathing. All it said was, “Clock ticking, 45 minutes, front door unlocked. Come in relax and watch.”

I quickly looked around to see if anyone else had seen this (stupid like who?), but then thinking to my self, “You idiot get going.!”

I know it’s a twenty minute drive to where she lived. I made it in twelve minutes.

My heart was beating so fast as I turned the door handle and entered the apartment. From previous visits I knew that the bathroom was to the left of the front door. Closing the door I quickly took off my shoes and coat and my fleece jacket, leaving them all in a pile I approached the bathroom. The door was ajar and already the perfumed aroma of steam, and scented water had pervaded the hallway, filling my senses. Pushing open the door, I dropped to my hands and knees and decided to crawl in. I don’t know why I did this, but I just did.
It was very warm, my shirt began sticking to my bodyso I undid my top button of my shirt, then sevaral moreand took off my tie.

The bath was to the left of me with a shower screen, now partially steamed.

There she was, almost fully submerged in the water, her head resting on the cushioned support. Just soaking, at ease, her cherry brownnipples breaking the surface of the water, already hard, erect.My mouth went dry at the sight of her.At last There was more than just her face and hands on display, this was what I wanted.She looked so beautiful laying there with her eyes closed. I crawled to the opposite wall, pulled my knees to my chest and watched her. The bubbles in the water had already begun to thin leaving that thin white covering that allows you to see and not see. Damn even the bubbles were teasing me.

Then she opened her eyes and looked at me.
And smiled.
If there was ever a smile to remember for eternity, this I guarantee you was the one. She wanted me here, she was in control, she would dictate proceedings. I suddenly knew all this and slowly nodded to her in silent agreement. She raised her hand an blew me a silent kiss, to which I raised my hand to catch it and held it to my heart. Crazy but this was us.

I swallowed very hard and held her gaze. She looked down at herself, and then looked back at me. Hard!! Should I move, should I go to her, what does she want, what is she saying? By now I was getting uncomfortable and needed to move, mainly to ease the swelling of my cock in my pants. I moved to kneel up, giving me a much better view. Still looking at me her features became relaxed and smiled at me and at the same time very slowly, she began to sit up in the bath. Sometimes patience has its rewards and this was mine. She decided how she wanted to reveal herself to me and in what manner. Who was I to complain and; well there was no reason to. A long time ago I had decided to accept what she offered me, when and where, and she knew I would do the same for her. But she was doing this for me and I loved her all themore for it.

At the sight of her body, her breasts,each big and wide enough to take two hands to hold one of them, emerging from the water, bathwater running down her chest leaving her glistening and wet; her nipples dark, proud and so erect, my cock began to strain growing begging for release, the signals to my brain urging me to strip off and join her in the water; but I caught my breath and stayed exactly where I was.

“Glad you could make it,” she said softly now cupping her wet mounds and holding them towards me like an offering. Then reaching for the soap, rubbing it into the shower puff she pulled from the water and for good measure adding a squirt of showergell,she began to run it up and down her arms and across her chest. I watched in awe. Soaping her breasts she held one in her hand whilst soaping it and doing the same to the other, she pulled at her nipples making them hard and erect, pushing her breasts together making the most delicious cleavage. I loved the way she moved in the bath, slowly, carefully as not to make too much movement in the water making it seemlike a slow motion ocean.

Moving to the far end of the bath I rested my back to the sink pedestal and continued to absorb the vision of beauty and sensuality in front of me. She slowly rose to her knees and turned allowing me a view of her thighsand her incredible ass. Beautifully wet, she began to wash herself all over, soaping her breasts, down to her tummy, upper thighs and around her bottom. She did not rush, nor did she attempt to hide anything. I now began to appraise her body, her curves her womanhood, her hand cupping her self leaving a trail of suds along her pussy lips, the awesome femininity that always captures me and draws me to her like a moth to a flame. Right now I wanted her like the urge to breathe after holding my breath for what seemed an eternity, but I would not move. I needed her but I would not move. I was to obey her every word.

Now she looked at me and turned to face me. Her hair framing her face that I wanted to hold so much. Carefully placing the shower puff between her thighs, she began to rub her pussy gently and slowly her mouth opening and taking her botoom lip between her teeth. I became mesmerised, drunk with rising desire just watching her. Then she moved the shower puff from between her legs, leaving a mass of suds covering her pussy leaving my imagination working over time. I just looked and bit my lip. She looked at me and smiled and then motioned to my groin. My right hand had unconsciously strayed to where my hard cock was tenting my trouser. Quickly I dropped my hand as she began giggle. I then smiled and laughed too. Dabbing her nipples with the suds she looked totally complete.

Turning around in the water now she submerged herself on her front facing away from me, rinsing off the suds. Her long hair had been held up at the back giving her this incredible look of a classic beauty. I knew my time was running out but I really did not want to leave as I continued to see her swish and sway in the water.

Suddenly she rose up slowly onto her knees. The sight off her ass again, that stunning wet shiny ass rising from the water hit me like a runaway train. Running water cascaded off her skin, down the cheeks, taking all the suds, exposing her smooth pussy lips right before me. Then she parted her thighs and pressed her hand up between her legs to touch herself, running her middle finger all along her slitto her asshole gently rimmimg it and then all the way back to her clit. Here she began to rub slowly, the wetness of her pussy mingling with the water causing her fingers to slide over and through her slick pussylips. Her fingers slowly began to part her labia exposing the pinkness within, slick and wet with not only the bath water. I leaned forward to take in what was before me. Her index finger now began to slide inside her pink hole, causing her to arch her back as her finger pumped her pussy. Her moans began to get louder fiiling the room adding to the sensuality of the moment, she started to pump her ass backonto her fingers. One wasn't enough, she slidanother finger inside herand began to ram that pussy. Now the water began to move around her. Her body began to react, her tits swaying beneath her splashing the water as she finger fucked herself. She continued this for a couple of minutes leaning up against the bathroom wallto steady herself. Her swaying ass and tits, her nipples hard andprotruding, the thought came to meto crawl around and take one in my mouth to suck and lick, to feel the texture. I was in total awe as she began to let herself go.

Then she stopped.

I slumped back to the basin almost out of breath from her performance, holding myself, applying every bit of restraint that I possessed, not to unzip and take rock hard cock out to join her in mutual masturbation. Her wet pussy clearly exposed (as she removed her fingers), looked like the most perfect pussy I had ever seen.
She looked over her shoulder at me as she continued to rub herself over her clit then, spreading her lips so wide, I could see her pink wet hole now wetter than ever, her juices running freely. the aroma in the bathroom was now a heady mixture of perfumed water and pussy. I inhaled deeply never wanting the aroma to leave me.
She winked at me and said, “Sweetie, pass me a towel.” Like it was an everyday thing.

As I closed the apartment door, my cell phone began to ring. “Thank you for coming,the next time.......... its your turn!” was all she said.

The drive back to the office took me 45 minutes, damn traffic jam.
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