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Beach Vacation (part 1)

wife shows off while on the beach

Our story starts out with us getting out on a vacation for a week. We decide that we need a little vacation away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We fly down to the Caribbean for a week long of sun and fun. When we check into the hotel, which is right on the beach, we decide that the beach is a great place to be. I change into a pair of swim shorts while you go into the bathroom to change. You are in there for a few minutes with the door closed, and when you walk out, my jaw nearly hits the floor. You are absolutely gorgeous! You are wearing a little bikini that I haven’t seen before. It fits you perfectly, from the perfect little amount of coverage on the top, to the perfectly tied sides of the bikini bottom. I want to jump on top of you right there, but you tell me that there will be time for that later. Now is time to hit the beach for a few hours before dinner.

As we go down, we walk past several other couples that are staying at the resort. All of them, guys and girls, stop what they are doing to watch you walk by. You are beautiful.

We get down to the beach, and find a spot that is a little secluded, away from all the traffic walking back and forth near the water. There is a small table with an umbrella canopy and 2 chairs, where we are able to set our drinks and towels. We set out our towels, and choose to lie on the sand, which makes things even a little more secluded. We lie on our backs, and hold hands as we soak up the hot sun, but are kept somewhat cool by the light ocean breeze that is blowing over us. We both drift off to sleep and let all the outside worries just slip away.

A short time later, I wake up to realize that there are 3 other couples that have situated themselves near us, but not too close to feel like we are crowded. As I look over, I can see all of them sneaking glances over towards us, and talking amongst themselves as they lay with their partners on the sand.

Just then, you wake up, and tell me that you want to flip over. The sun is making you hot, and I offer to help to put more lotion on your back and legs as you roll towards your stomach. Once there, I reach up by your head to grab the lotion, and whisper in your ear about the people near us, and how they are watching you. You just laugh at me and say, ‘no they aren’t.’ But as soon as I lift myself off you, you turn your head with your eyes still closed, towards the other people. I start with the lotion on your upper back, and am making sure to use long, slow, sensuous strokes along your back and shoulders. As I sit on top of you, I take some more lotion in my hands and run it along your shoulders and down your arms. A little sigh escapes from your mouth, and I can tell that you have become VERY relaxed. As I work my way back up your shoulders, and back down the middle of your back, I untie the bottom strap on your bikini top. I pull the strings apart, and lay them to each side of you, as I bring my attention to your now-naked back. I glimpse over to our watchers, and see that they all are seeming to watch us a little more closely, and they all seem have gotten a little closer to each other. I run my hands all the way down to the small of your back, and to your hips, just to the top of your bottoms, and then slowly back up. When I get to the top, you lift your hair up a little to allow me easier access to your neck, and I massage your neck for a little while. A few more quiet moans escape from you, and then I untie the top strings of your bikini, leaving the top of your suit totally off of you, as you lie on your stomach.

I work my way back down your back, to the top of your bikini bottom, and I continue to hear little moans from you, and you are slowly starting to wiggle your ass back and forth just a little bit, and I can see you looking over at our watchers every once in a while to see what they are doing. I lift my hands slightly so I slide down your ass and to the top of your thighs. When I bring my hands up closer to the insides of your thighs, you spread your legs just a little bit, allowing me easier access to lightly brushing your pussy over your suit. When I bring my hands up a little more, I hold onto the edges of your suit, pulling them up an in, to turn your already small suit into a thong. My hands are running up and down your thighs, and linger more at the tops, as your hips are starting to rock back and forth. We both look over to our watchers, who are now not even trying to hide the fact that they are watching us. They all seem to be putting their hands on each other while watching us. This seems to egg you on even more, as I reach for the tie-strings on your bikini bottoms. Two slight tugs, and the strings release their hold on your body. The fabric of your suit is still covering your ass, but not much of it. I reach up between your legs, and then realize that you have reached behind me to grab hold of me as well. It seems like there will be no end to this, so I start to pull the bikini away from your ass. As I start to pull, I see that this is also turning you on, because rather than lay like there is nothing happening, you lift your hips ever so slightly, and the bikini bottom pulls away from underneath you. You are now lying naked on the beach, with 3 other couples about 15 feet away.

We both look over again, and can see that our show has also fueled our onlookers. They all have taken to lying on their sides, with the women in front of the men. Two of the women have their hands behind them, probably in the shorts of the men behind them. The other couple has the man reaching around the front of the woman, and is feeling the woman’s breasts through her top. We can see all of them getting even more heated up.

I continue with my massage, paying even more attention to the lowest part of your back, and down the crack of your ass as you lift your hips to meet me. I brush across the edge of your pussy, and you push even more into me. Your juices are getting all over my hand, and as I bring it back up, it is already wet. I look down to see your legs dripping with your juice. I love seeing you so wet. After a short amount of time this way, I tell you that I should probably get the front of you too, as I don’t want you to get sunburn on your front (even though you’ve already sunned that side). The adventure continues by you rolling so you are facing our audience, with the bikini top totally falling off. As you are on your side, you give them total view to your body, and even lift your knee just a little bit, to be sure that they can see your neatly trimmed mound.

You are watching the other couples, and seeing them begin to squirm as well. You continue your roll onto your back, but keep your head turned to watch them as well. I focus my attention back on your naked body, and start to massage your breasts, and down to your pussy. As I am moving across your body, you pull on my shorts, and pull them off of me, so we are both naked in front of this group of people. I keep massaging your breasts, and stoop down to kiss and lick your nipples. You are now switching between looking down at me, over at the other couples, and just closing your eyes and enjoying what is happening. One time when you look over, you realize there has also been some changes in the couples watching us. They have had some clothes adjustments, as two of the men have their shorts pulled down just a little bit, with the women stroking their hard cocks. The bikinis on the women are no longer completely covering the areas they are supposed to, and the hands are being rubbed all over their bodies. You realize that we are the ones who have started this, and it makes us even more horny. You are so turned on, that when I reach down between your legs, and gently rub your clit, you immediately tell me not to stop and that you are going to cum. It only takes another three to four brushes across your clit, and you start to cum. This seems to start a chain reaction with the other couples, as two of the women also start to cum. As they, and I, see you continue to cum, everyone else all orgasms almost at the same time. You watch back and forth between seeing my cum spurt out of me, and over to the other couples, as they also cum on and near their partners.

As everyone starts to realize again where we are, we know that there is unfinished business. We both want to get back up to the room to fuck each other brains out, and it appears that so do the other couples. We both get up, still naked, and walk over to the other couples. We tell them thank you for being our audience, we hope they enjoyed what they saw. They definitely agreed with that statement. We walk back over to our clothes, and put them on for the brief time until we can get back into our room. The other couples seem to be doing the same thing, as we walk away from the beach, arm in arm, back towards the room.

To be continued…………..

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