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Beach Vacation (Part 2))

what happens on the first evening of vacation (part 2)
After our little ‘show’ in the afternoon, we return to our room for a little nap and accommodation.. As we are getting ready for dinner later in the evening on the first night, we both have what seems to be a new sense of lust for each other. This afternoon was amazing, both down at the beach, and in the room afterwards.

You walk out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around you. I come up behind you, and wrap my arms around you. You smell so good, and your skin is so soft. I love to touch it. We are looking out the balcony of our room, and are near the doorway. As my arms are around you, you reach around behind me to pull me even closer into you. You rest your head back onto my shoulder. I drop my arms slightly, and unwrap the towel from your body. Now I can really feel you, as I am only in my underwear, and you are naked in front of our balcony. We stand there, watching the sun sinking into the ocean, just enjoying each other.

After a few minutes, you turn around to face me, and we embrace in a deep kiss. Fireworks are going off in my head, heart, and several other places in my body. You say that we had better get ready, otherwise we won’t even make it to dinner. You start to get dressed with a teal colored thong, and matching halter bra. You know how good I think that color looks on you. Over your incredible underthings, you slip into a halter-style sundress with slits on the sides. Wow, you look incredible!! While watching you, I forget to get dressed, and tell you that I might as well stay here, as I’m not sure if my hard-on will go down at all during the whole evening. You top off your outfit with a pair of sandals and are ready to go. In the meantime, I have put on a pair of khaki shorts with a light dress shirt.

We walk outside the room and start to go towards the restaurant. Several other couples that we pass can’t help but look at how stunning you look as we go in to eat. We are seated on the far side of the room, and can see most of the people coming in and going out. We walk through the room and it seems as if there is a hush that has come over the room, as people watch us walk by. A small part of me says ‘shouldn’t you be jealous?’ while the rest of me is getting a big head because you’re with me.

We get to our table, and order our drinks and meals. The drinks come back and taste wonderful. The food is incredible, and the conversation is awesome. We are constantly touching each other above, and below, the table, and flirting openly. As we are about to finish and walk around the resort to see the rest of it, our waiter comes over and places 2 more drinks in front of us. He says ‘these are from the couple over there.’ We look over to see one of the couples that had watched us earlier. They both have big grins on their faces, and we get up and walk towards their table. They invite us to sit down with them, as they have just arrived and haven’t eaten yet. We sit down and have very good conversation with them.

They are similar to us, in that they came down here with the intention of getting away from all the stresses at home. While here, they had met 2 other couples, the ones with them earlier on the beach, but they had to leave late this afternoon. They said that they also had to leave tomorrow afternoon, but had a great time here, and will definitely come back. They talk of how this vacation has been very different for them, as they were exposed to a lot of different things, and ‘exposed’ in a lot of different ways. She says that she likes the fact that it is almost all couples that are here. It lets them be more free to just be and do whatever they want, rather than run some of the risks of having too many single people there. We ask of some of the things that they saw and did, and they looked at each other and smiled. He said that the first day they got here, they met the two other couples, and they all hit it off well from the start. They said how they all went swimming nude on the first day there after several tropical drinks, which was different for them. After swimming, they ended up in one of the other couple’s room, and played ‘truth or dare’ with 4 near strangers. They all had a really fun time, and things did get pretty sexual, with everyone being naked in the room, and lots of touching and licking. They even had sex in front of the other 4, but left as the other 2 couples were getting into changing partners for sex. They said that they just weren’t into that aspect of it, and went back to their room and had incredible sex pretty much all night long. They ran into the other couples the next day, who were still very nice, and said that they totally understood about leaving when they did, but that they should all still hang out the rest of the week. They said that our show on the beach was still the highlight of their week, as far as pure, sexual heat is concerned. All 8 people had cum, nearly all at the same time, which was amazing. At that point, the man turns to you and says ‘so how does it feel to know that you started a chain reaction of 7 more orgasms?’

About this time, their food comes and we tell them that we are going to check out the rest of the resort. They tell us of a dance club that is downstairs, and that we should join them later for a little while. Because they are leaving tomorrow, they aren’t going to stay out all night, but would be interested in meeting up with us there for a little while if we wanted. We tell them that we will be there later.

We walk back outside, and around the resort. It isn’t overly busy, but there are a few people here and there. We are walking arm-in-arm, frequently giving each other squeezes of appreciation. We come upon a hammock, and decide that we should lay down in it for a little while. You feel so good lying on me as we feel the warm breeze of the ocean, the stars out all in their glory. It is what would be considered the perfect night, as we just lay there. After about 15 minutes, we get up and walk around the rest of the place. The lobby, with all the marble, to the other 2 restaurants, one casual, one formal, and the palm trees, seemingly everywhere.

We then walk down the stairs, and can hear the faint sounds coming from the night club. As we approach, we hear the sultry sounds of reggae with it’s sexy beats. We order a few more drinks, and head to one of the booths. Before we can get there, however, you are grabbed by the arm by the woman from the other couple, and into a side booth. We ask them about dinner, and they ask us about our walk. They tell us to enjoy our week, as it is just an incredible location and atmosphere, with being able to do pretty much whatever you want to do. We get up to dance, and the music just makes us even more horny. As we go, I reach down and pull up the back of your dress, to reveal your ass and thong briefly to the other couple. They smile and look back at each other. You reach up to me and wrap your arms around me to give me a big kiss, and this causes your dress to come up very high on your thighs again. We kiss for a short time, and when we break, you turn your head to see the other couple doing the same thing, as the man lifts her dress to reveal her panties. You then turn away from me and press your ass into my dick, which is already hard. You grind your hips back into me, which is driving me crazy. I reach around and hold you just below your breasts, with my hands rising up onto them every once in a while as we dance. The other couple again seems to be copying our movements, which is pretty cool.

We dance and drink for a few hours, just increasing the temperature, both in the club, and in our bodies. It is pretty much a known fact that there will be a lot of really hot and heavy sex happening as soon as we both get back to our rooms. They tell us that they are going back upstairs to their room and go to bed, as tomorrow is coming too fast. You suggest that we do the same, and that it has been a long day for us, too. Coming down on the plane and then our show in the afternoon has made it quite a day… We tell them that it was very good to meet them, and they give us their e-mail so we can keep in contact if we ever make it back down here again.

We all walk out of the club together, and as we are going, the rest of the crowd seems to be somewhat disappointed, as we are the 2 hottest couples in the club, and the heat between us made it even hotter. We continue talking as we head towards our rooms. I figure they are just working on coming to our room, and am nervous yet excited about the possibility. As we get to the room right before ours, they surprise us and say, ‘well, here we are, this is our room.’ We laugh as we tell them we are in the very next room, which is separated by a divider door. They open their door, and start to go in, then turn and tell us ‘if you want to, open your divider door for the evening. We all know what is going to happen, and we were able to watch some of each other this afternoon, might as well make it a memorable evening too.’

We walk into our room, and you open the divider door. The other woman is standing at the door, while the man is sitting on the sofa that is in direct line into our room. I find some music on the radio, and come up behind you, lifting your dress up again, as they both watch you. You see him reach for his crotch, and she lets her hand drift down towards her pussy. I continue to kiss your neck and shoulders, and you have your eyes closed. I don’t look up, and you don’t open your eyes, until somehow the man has stood up, and the woman has backed into him. You watch as he slides the straps of her dress over her shoulders and down her breasts and arms. She straightens her arms, and the dress falls to the floor. This seems to make you more horny, and you press you ass into me more. I reach up to the back of your dress and lift the halter over your head, then down your body. You both are now standing in your bra and panties, as we are behind you kissing, feeling, and licking. It’s like we are in a mirror, but there are 2 different people in the mirror. She turns around, and kisses him as she pulls his shirt and shorts off. His cock springs into view, as she gets down on her knees and starts to suck. You get that look like you won’t be outdone, and do the same to me. As soon as my shorts fall to the floor, you get down and start to lick up and down the length of my rock-hard dick. You do that so well, and it feels so good. I reach down to un-hook your bra, and begin to feel your breasts. We start to move back towards the sofa, and I sit down with you between my legs. I reach forward to pull your panties off you, and they are soaked. I love it. I look over and see that the other couple has switched, and he is buried in between her thighs, as she is grabbing his hair and pulling him deeper into her pussy. I pull you up towards me and turn you over so that you are lying on top of me, looking into the other room, watching him eat her pussy, and her rolling her head from side to side. I start to work my way down your breasts and stomach to your pussy, as you continue to watch, and start to play with your breasts. I begin to lick at your clit, and look up at you as your eyes go from me to the other couple, then back to me again. You hear her cum in the next room, which sends you into a strong orgasm. Your juices start to get on my face and lips, which turns me on even more. I reach up to your breasts, and you pull me higher to kiss you, and you lick my face where your juices are on me. We kiss deeply and our tongues feel the taste of you, and there is a very familiar, and very good smell in the air. As we are kissing, I reach down to play with your breasts, and start to slowly rub back and forth again. You have one hand around me, and the other one is stroking my dick. It’s an incredible feeling.

Suddenly, I feel another hand on top of mine. I think it is yours at first, then I look down to see the other woman with her fingers on top of mine, working your clit and pussy. She startles you a little bit by saying ‘I need to taste your pussy. I’ve never done anything like this before, and never even thought about it until seeing you this afternoon, and since then, I can’t seem to get it out of my mind…. And if it’s o.k. with both of you, I’d like my husband to help me.’ I just look over to you, as if to say ‘it’s up to you’, and you respond by opening your legs even further, giving her total access to you. I start to pull my hand away, but both you and her pull it back down to your pussy. I continue to work your clit as I can feel her breath on the back of my hand. You reach down and grab my hand and put it on the back of her head to pull her more into you. You look down to her, and watch her as she eats your pussy in long, slow delicate ways. You continue to massage your tits with one hand, and my dick with the other. She then reaches up and starts to also play with your tits, pulling on your nipples and squeezing ever so lightly. Her husband comes up along side of her and he starts kissing the inside of your thigh, working up to your pussy, which has become the center of attention. When he gets there, his wife moves to the side and starts kissing up your stomach and towards your breasts. I move over to kiss one breast while she is kissing the other. She lingers there for a moment, then moves up to your neck and shoulders before she kisses you full on the lips. Your tongues intertwine as your juices are everywhere. You move your hands so you are masturbating me with one hand, and him with the other. If only I had a picture/video of this…

Her husband continues to lick and suck on your pussy, and I am at your breasts. She tells you that you taste wonderful, and goes back down to your pussy. They are both working in and out of your pussy, as you pull me up to suck on my dick. This doesn’t last long, as I pull away when you start to thrash about, placing one hand on her head, and one on his, telling both of them that you are going to cum. As soon as you get it out, you start to roll your head back and forth, and start to cum really hard. It seems to last a really long time.

As it starts to subside, the other couple leans back and starts to lick the juices off each other, while you look at me with pure lust and say ‘fuck me! Fuck me hard!!’ I get on top of you and slide my hard cock inside you easily. I can’t believe how wet you are. You wrap your legs around me and pull me in harder as we fuck intensely. We can hear similar sounds coming from right next to us as she is sitting on top of him, riding his cock back and forth. The dirty talk that you hear from them and from me is driving you hotter. You reach over to grab her breasts, and she offers them even further to you. Her husband reaches over and also starts to play with your breasts as you are playing with his wife’s. You let go of her and take one of my hands to her breasts. I am able to pinch your nipple with one hand, and hers with the other, as you are both screaming closer and closer to another orgasm. Just as you are about to explode, you hear her husband grunt and groan as he is cumming in his wife, which sets off her orgasm. They rock back and forth as we continue to go at a frantic pace. I feel her hand reach up and squeeze my balls and thighs, around to my ass as I bounce on top of you. She gives one final squeeze, as we cum together, totally lost in pure ecstacy. We nearly pass out from the intensity of it and it lasts forever. I lay back down on top of you as we deeply kiss and embrace. The other couple does the same, and says ‘well, you two have done it again. The hottest thing this week continues to come from you two. Guess we planned our vacation on the wrong couple of days.’ We also thank them for allowing us to live a fantasy of ours of making love in front of/with another couple. We all sit up, us on the couch, and them on the floor. She comes over and gives us both a gentle kiss, and he gives you a kiss and shakes my hand. ‘sleep tight’, they say, as they walk back into their room and close the door. We make our way to the bed, and hold each other close. As we are beginning to fall asleep, I whisper into your ear ‘sweet dreams, I love you.’ And we fall gently into a wonderful sleep.

Possible to be continued…..

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