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Beautiful Mess - First Date

Beautiful Mess - First Date

Captain Jack and Julie's First Date
The morning is a whirlwind of getting my things thrown together and back home, so I can shower and change for work. I had no intentions of sleeping at Jack's last night, but after the mind-blowing sex we had, how could I not? It was after all, a beautiful mess.

As much as I thought I would fight my feelings with Jack, everything seems so right, the way he makes me feel safe, like I can trust him, how we interact with one another. We're able to communicate easily. There is no holding back. Our time is always spent talking, learning, growing as a unit. Even in the short time I've known him.

How can I pass up the chance to know more? I think it would be cheating myself, and not just me, Jack also. I can't do that to him. What we have, it runs smoothly. We flow like rain to the ocean. To me, this seems worth it. I'm not going to fight it, like I thought I was going to. As long as it doesn't interfere with my job, I want to keep dating Jack.

“You can shower here, you know, babe? I have a shower,” Jack grins at me, with that lopsided half smile that makes my knees weak. The sheet drapes over his middle, allowing me to soak in his defined muscles. Curving in all the right spots, leaving me craving to run my tongue along every groove and dip on his flesh.

“I have no clothes here, besides what I wore to visit. Not what I wear to work,” my lips turning up into a cheeky smile. “Besides, you'd somehow convince me to let you join and then we'd both me late. No, I'll see you at work. I can't be late.” I lean into him, feeling his warmth against my skin as I press my lips to his. He reaches up and grips the back of my neck, holding me close, kissing me longer. Pulling away after a moment longer than I should, “No, Jack, no. I have to go. Behave!”

“Leaving a man with the lingering taste of those sweet lips. You're a tease, Miss James. Enjoy that walk of shame.” His lips turn upwards into a huge smile as he lets out a chuckle.

“Best walk of shame I've ever had to endure.” Looking over my shoulder, I glance at him once more, “Bye Captain.” And with that, I head out.


My lips turn upwards, curling up like the Cheshire cat. It feels so permanent, I'm not so sure I could remove it even if I tried. Not that I want to. It stays even at work while getting coffee with Kaylee, going unnoticed by her.

She's telling me about her weekend plans with Rob. They are going to rent a cabin, just the two of them. I pay attention, even though Jack is in the back of my mind.

I've known Kaylee a long time and know she has a hard time not having Wi-Fi, so her going without all distractions will be a sight to see. The first thing she does each morning is check her Facebook like the daily newspaper. Poor Rob won’t even have a fighting chance.

When Rick walks in, Kaylee lets out a squeal of excitement, she wants him to know what is going on too. I step away towards my class. I'm happy that she and Rob want to work on their relationship. They do make a good couple.

I hear the sound of a door squeak, a hand pulls me into the darkened room. I'm about to put my teacher hat on, thinking it's a student playing a prank, when my mouth is engulfed by another. The softness of his lips, the prickle from his goatee, I know it is Jack. I can't help but smile into the kiss. He pins my hands up above my head, pressing his weight into me, kissing me further. Our lips dance together as one, tongues intertwined, losing ourselves in one another.

Letting out a soft moan, I kiss back without hesitation. The danger of being caught excites me, almost to the point of being intoxicating. Though it only let it last for a few moments, before I break the kiss, breathless and feeling high.

“You scared the daylights out of me, Jack,” I gasp, feeling the intake of excitement rush through me.

Even in the dark room, I can see his face, his lips turning upwards into a smile. “If that is you scared, I could get used to scaring you more often.” He kisses my lips with tender care.

“You know what I mean, Captain. We can't do this. It isn't proper. What would the students, or even worse, the other teachers think?” I lower my voice and listen to hear if I can hear anyone eavesdropping from the other side of the door.

“How about this, let's not get caught then, shall we?” He shrugs his shoulders, as if it is that simple. He drops his hands, allowing me to drop mine as well.

Reaching up on my tiptoes to try and meet eye level, I run my fingers through the back of his soft hair. With a gentle kiss, I close my eyes wanting more, but I let go. “Place of work, not a place to act like teenagers. I need to get to class. Wait a few moments to leave, once I do.”

Without another word, I step out of the supply closet and notice no one is paying attention to me. I make my way to my class just as the bell rings. The smile I had all morning still lingers, but now my knickers are wet. Because as much as I know it is wrong to do, it is exciting as hell to be kissed the way Jack kisses me, even at work.

By lunch, I'm starving, and I realize I never had breakfast. During the rush of my morning, no lunch was packed either. Deciding on Subway, I head down the street. One of the few close places to eat, that I enjoy. The school food is something I personally never cared for.

My phone goes off just as I sit down outside, in the little area Subway has to offer on nice days. The sun is shining brightly overhead, nearly blinding. The skies completely clear, birds chirping, lunch traffic buzzing and crows cawing all around. I reach for my phone out of my bag and see that Jack sent me a text.

Hey, where are you? I know we didn't make plans to eat together. I guess I fell into a habit of eating with you. I hope I didn't upset you with what I did this morning. I just missed your lips on mine and had to kiss you again. Miss you xx

The swelling in my chest, makes me feel girly. I almost feel like I'm swooning over him. But, at the same time, I feel bad for not letting him know. I'll have to find a way to make it up to him at a later date.

I'm not mad at you, captain. I forgot to pack a lunch and came to Subway. I'm enjoying the sun and warmth. We can have lunch tomorrow. On me, I'll bring us in something. Sorry. Xx

Ah, well, what kept you from forgetting your lunch? Hah, kidding. It sounds like a date, beautiful. Enjoy yourself.

Slipping my phone back into my bag, I do just that. It's fairly quiet, even at lunch time, I'm grateful for it. Thoughts of the evening before with Jack creep back into my mind, the way he made me feel. It was beautiful, the simple light caresses, the warmth of his lips. We have such a hungry craving need from one another. The warmth of the sun is nothing compared to the blush I feel thinking of this right now. I squirm, wishing I had him in bed right now.

The idea of being in bed with him, though, gets me to thinking about our upcoming date. I'm starting to really look forward to it. His sleepy voice whispered to me last night, that he plans to set up a perfect date. Even with little knowledge of the area, he wants to do this. I'm not about to deny him. If things don't go according to plan, we can always figure something new out together.

Reluctantly, I gather all my things and make my way back to the school. I've used the whole lunch period to daydream, when I should have been grading papers. It's time to get back to reality.

My afternoon floats by, each class passing by as quicker than the one before. It's days like these that I enjoy. I only get a chance to see Jack once in passing, though I think that is a good thing. My luck he'd pull me into another supply closet and make out with me again. As much as I like the idea of his hands roaming my body, his lips owning my mouth, it will have to wait when we can truly enjoy one another.

At end of the school day, I'm in class working on the papers I didn't get a chance to do at lunch. I look up at a soft knock on the door to see Kaylee, the expression on her face is upset, almost as though she’s pouting. Something has upset her, and the first thing that comes to mind is Rob.

“Hey, what's going on?” I put my papers aside and nod towards the chair.

Kaylee lets out a frustrating sigh, plops down on the chair and looks almost defeated. With a deep sigh, her shoulders slump a bit and her body visibly relaxing , she tells me that a student from the previous year is acting out. She and Kaylee were pretty close, as close as one can get in a student teacher relationship, that is. Madeline was your typical bookworm, a nerdy type, who was extremely quiet and a huge people pleaser.

What seemed almost overnight, she turned into a sex bomb. She began to fill out in all the right areas, her clothing change and even her attitude changed. We all heard the rumors of Madeline doings. She was meeting boys under the bleachers, she was even caught in the guys locker room, more than once. Somehow though, it didn't seem to faze her the rumors were flying around about her, or maybe she just didn't care?

When Kaylee called Madeline's mother to let her know what was going on. She told Kaylee that her daughter would not dress and act that way. While still on the phone with Kaylee, she went through her daughter’s room to find the clothes. Holding back a sob, she told Kaylee she'd get right on Madeline's behaviour.

However, only days later, Madeline was back to dressing in tops in which her cleavage would nearly spill from her shirt, often times matching the same amount of skin from her stomach. Just enough to barely call it a piece of cloth to cover her. Her skirts short enough that you could see the curve of her cheeks which were visible right below the hem when she sat down.

“You tried really hard last year,” I say, “I'm not saying it’s your fault, but it only made her act out more. We can only do so much. But, I encourage you, to keep trying with her. Just don't come off so strongly this time. We certainly don't need another fiasco, like we had last year. Right?”

Kaylee lips turn upwards, into a half smile. “Yeah, I suppose. We need to tighten up the dress code, though. It's too lenient.”

“I agree. Talk to Principal Edwards. He'll know what to do. He's always been helpful when it comes to keeping the students on the right track.” I hug her, before we part ways for the afternoon.

I go straight home to do the paperwork I'm behind on, knowing they need to be done. I need to do them now, before something else distracts me. I pour myself a cup of coffee and begin looking over some of the short stories my students have started in class. It is one of my favourite things I do in class each year. Once a month, each student writes a new short story. They read them out loud at the end of each month.

I always worry they won't feel comfortable reading in front of others, but it isn't as much of an issue. There is always that one student who needs extra encouragement to do it, but eventually, they always get up and read.

After two hours of playing catch up on school work, I decide on a jog. I change into yoga pants and a hoodie and head out towards the park. With the sun just barely setting, with the sun just barely setting, the park has a soft glow, lit up in a soft glow, reminding me of what a fairy tale park would look like at sunset.Taking in a deep breath, I can smell the grass has been freshly mowed. It smells sweet, refreshing, like when you're really thirsty and you drink an ice cold cup of water. It's one of my favourite smells. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my back as I begin stretching, I notice the kids playing on the playground, their parents chatting close by.

One of the best things about jogging is I can always get my thoughts organized. The next few months are going to be busy between my birthday, my brother's wedding, along with the holidays and midterms. I've always liked being busy, to me, it's enjoyable.


Over the rest of the week, Jack and I grow closer. The more we talk, the more we realize how much we actually have in common. We like the same books, films, music, taste in food. These little things make our bond grow closer. I look forward to our time together, to get to know him more. With all that is happening between us, I can feel my feelings deepening for him.

My time wasn't only spent with Jack, though. The teachers and I spend as much time as we can trying to figure out a new dress code. We don't want our students to feel like they don't have freedom in their choice of clothes, since we're not a private school. However, we still need to have limits. It will be a hard change for some students, but it has been proven to us, we need to tighten the reins a little more.

With the school over, papers done too, I'm relaxing on my sofa, surfing Netflix. I end up watching Breaking Bad, one of my new favourites. I wasn't in the mood to make anything complicated for dinner. I mixed up a Caesar salad while I cooked a few spring rolls. Though, through most of my dinner and watching my show, I think of my phone call with my brother last night.

“You know if you don't find a date for my wedding, mother is going to focus on that the entire time. Do you want to be the reason my wedding is ruined,” my brother whined at me. He has been on my case about this for weeks.

“It's not like I'm going out of my way not to find someone, Seth. I'd love to bring a date. But, I'm not about to bring just anyone to my only brother's wedding.”

“There is going to be pressure, because we know how she is, Julie. I hate bugging you about it. You know I do. I can just see it now, the whole day with her too wrapped up in the fact you didn't bring a date.”

“Yes, yes, I know. I'll try to find someone. Stop worrying so much.” And as I said this, Jack entered the forefront of my mind. Maybe he is the key to this problem?


Jack let me know that he was planning on picking me up at around one, giving me plenty of time to get ready. All night I kept dreaming of what he could possibly have planned for us. Now that he should be here any time, my mind is racing with endless ideas.

My excitement pours out of me like a bouncing ball being dribbled on the court. To keep myself occupied, I busy myself with tidying up my already clean house. Though, that could be the three cups of coffee I had this morning. When my phone beeps, I scurry over to it, thinking it would be Jack, but it is Rick.

Have fun with your date, girl. You deserve to be happy.

I smile, hitting reply:

Aw Rick, going all soft on me. You're sweet. I'm bouncing off the walls, excited as ever. I have no idea what he has planned!

I won't say much, but he did ask Kaylee and I a lot of questions about the area. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be romantic and sweet! Ugh! I'm so jealous. You have your hot date with Jack, Kaylee is off romping in the woods with Rob. I'm home alone, babes sick and so whiny!

Go give him a blow job, that should make him feel tons better. What man doesn't like his cock sucked, right?

You've been hanging around me too long. Sounds like something I'd say, you make me proud bitch. Peace, going to go suck my lovers cock.

With my fingers on the keypad, I'm about to reply back something snarky, when the rapping noise of a knock grabs my attention. I leap towards the door like a cheetah, excitement racing through my veins. I pull the door open, with a gust of air nearly taking my breath away.

Jack's eyes light up, scanning over me above a smile so wide it is animated, a rush of wildness drives through me because of it. I yank him by the shirt, lean up on my tip toes, and kiss him. The warmth of his lips against mine send a tingle through me. I move my hands up into his hair, tangling in his locks, our kiss deepens in this moment.

Both of his hands circle around me, cupping my ass, squeezing and holding me close. Our lips melt together, fusing as one. The taste of mouthwash mixes with warmth and possession to ignite the flame deep inside me. Leaning into each other, the pattering of his heart thumps against my chest, beating quickly. The realization of how much I have missed him slams into me like a brick wall. My eyes draw up to his and meet his eyes looking down upon me. To me, it looks like he is thinking the same thing. He kisses me once more; a mewling moan escapes my lips. I can feel the curl of his lips as he smiles.

His voice is soft, brushing against my skin, “Think of it, JJ. Endless orgasms, with my fingers, mouth and cock. I won't stop, not until you beg me to.” His warm lips locks on my earlobe, sucking gently.

“You make it nearly impossible to say no to you, especially when you talk like that.” My breathless moan proves my point, but I'm trying to keep my foot down anyway.

With a gentle chuckle, he releases my ear and kissed my lips. He lets me win that round, but I believe he'll try again.

“It's nice to see you too, JJ.” His face lightens up at the new nickname he has given me. “I could get used to that kind of getting from you every time I see you. You realise that?” He kisses me once more, nipping my lower lip, before letting go.

“I guess I didn't realize how much I actually missed you, until I saw you outside of school,” I can feel my cheeks warm with blush as I look up towards him.

“I missed you too. Are you all ready? Places to be.”

“I'm so ready.” I reach for my bag, just as we head out. “Where we going?” I ask, wanting to know what our plans are. I'm not one for surprises and always like knowing what is going on.

“Oh, didn't I tell you. I have no idea. I thought we could mindlessly drive around for a few hours.” He winks at me.

“Come on, tell me. I want to know,” my bottom lip puckers out into a pout.

“Isn't that cute, babe. You've resorted to pouting, though it isn't going to work. You'll just have to wait and see.” I give in, letting him keep it a surprise, not that I have much of a choice.

It's one of those days, where the weather is perfect. The sun is out, but the humidity is low, a few scattered clouds, but for the most part the skies are crisp clear blue. Jack rolls down the windows, wind whipping through the car. Strands of my hair curl around my face, until I reach up and pull it into a loose knot.

“Can you sing?” I ask, my voice a little high to be heard over the gusts of wind beating through the car.

“Only in the car and the shower. I'm a pro! I bet you didn't know that about me.” He flicks the radio on as focuses on the road.

“Sounds about right for me too, and of course I'm pretty legit when cleaning the house in just my panties.” I tease him with the image of me in just my knickers.

I notice his knuckles grow white as his fingers tighten on the wheel, just as he adjusts himself in his seat. Before he can respond Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer comes on.

“I love this song!” We both say at the same time; both of us start to belt out to the song, pretending to truly be pro singers.

For the next hour, we sing through every classic eighties song they play. All the while, we both soak in the views around us. It becomes more secluded the further we go out. Finally Jack pulls to the side of the road, and we both climb out of the car.

“Wow, it is beautiful here. It smells so fresh and clean way out here. I just love how the light of the sun streams in through the trees, it looks majestic.” I twirl around in every direction, soaking in as much as I can at once.

“It does indeed. I love how you can smell the mix of dirt and water. A very natural smell. Being this far out it's almost like you forget there is a world filled with cities, busy with traffic and people and buildings.”

“Yeah, it's nice to lose yourself out here for awhile and forget that world. Where shall we begin? I've never been here. I'm down for any direction!”

“I like the attitude. According to map I printed out, there is a walking path that simply leads deeper into the woods. Another that leads up a decent sized mountain or we can head towards the pond that is down towards this way.” He points towards a path that looks easy enough to handle.

“I'm down with the pond. Maybe we'll even see some turtles!” My voice gets a little higher than normal, the excitement of seeing little turtles makes me feel like a little kid.

“You got it, babe.” Jack laces his fingers into mine and we head towards the pond.

We're quiet on the way towards the water, taking in the natural sounds of the chattering animals, the soft sound of the breeze blowing in through the trees. As we get closer to the water, we can hear it lapping against the rocks. Every so often we stop to take photos of unique looking trees, or of the owl that sits quietly up in a tree. We even take photos of each other, alone and together.

“Look at all the fish in this pond.” I'm squatting at the edge of the water, watching the fish chase each other around. “You reckon there are turtles in this pond?”

“I'm not too familiar with the wildlife here, honey. I honestly don't know.”

“Well I think it would be neat if there were. I just love little baby turtles,” I giggle, running my fingers into the water lightly.

After four hours of being in the forest and not once coming across a turtle, we agree it's time to head back home.

Jack was unsure if I'd rather go out to eat or have a home cooked meal. I like the idea of going out every once in a while, but tonight I feel more like staying in with him. Before going back to his place, we make a quick stop at the store picking up the items we need.

With the frying pan on the stove, I pour the oil, getting it ready to fry the fried chicken. Jack is at the counter, working on flouring the chicken. I watch as his shoulders roll, moving as he coats each piece of chicken with flour, to egg, back through flour once more.

“Aren't we the pro at prepping chicken for the fryer.” I hand him a glass of wine.

“My mother said all men should know how to cook. We used to take turns cooking in our household. Another reason to keep me, don't you think?” He taps my nose with a floured finger, a smirk appearing on his face.

“Ha, I'm not so sure now!” Grabbing a paper towel, I wipe my nose off, before pinching a bit of the flour and tossing it at him.

“Oh, she can play dirty. I like that.” He shakes his head, as the flour falls to the floor.

“With an older brother who liked to pick on me growing up. I learned to hold my own.” Moving towards the fridge, I grab the collard greens so I can begin cooking them.

Jack continues to fry the chicken as I work on the greens and prep for the corn bread. Sipping our wine, we talk more about our siblings and growing up with them.

“We can sit outside. I have a small porch, that is closed off. I often sit out there. It's so beautiful here at night.”

“Works for me. Yeah, we're pretty lucky with the beauty here. Though I'm sure California is amazing. I hope to go one day.”

“I'm sure you will, if you really want. But, I think it is nicer here.”

Dinner is perfect. The sun is setting just below the tree line, giving the yard a nice late evening glow. The yard itself is a little neglected, the grass is green and full, but other than that it is sorely missing some TLC.

Once dinner is finished, Jack wraps his arms around my middle, pulling me onto his lap. I oblige happily. Snuggling into his arms, he holds me close, as we watch the sun disappear in the horizon.

“So your birthday is coming up, right? Do you have any plans yet?”

“I'm not one to make a big deal out of birthday's and such. I mean after you've reached twenty one, why make a big deal out of it, you know?” I lift my shoulders with a slight shrug.

“Wow, maybe Kaylee is it. You sure have been taken by the adult life. You should totally refuse to age like she's doing. I think she has the right idea. I know that before I left home, everyone made a big fuss over my birthday. Turning thirty is huge. I had a great time at mine, though I love parties and seeing all my friends and family together.”

“You're going to get along just fine with Kaylee at this rate,” I giggle. “I just don't know. Maybe. I really am not the best planner at those kinds of things, as much as that upsets my mum.” I can't help but laugh again, thinking of Seth's upcoming wedding.

“What's so funny, share with me, babe?” His voice gentle, loving almost.

“My brother is getting married in about two months. Last weekend, we were talking about plans, and neither of us know how to plan a party for the life of us. Luckily our mum does, and she enjoys doing it. We had the most outlandish parties as kids. It was great fun, they got bigger and better once our dad left. I think mum was trying to make up for the fact our dad walked out on us.”

“I'm sorry your dad walked out on you. Did you cope with it all right? You don't seem to have daddy issues,” Jack's tone is teasing as he says this, just before he leans in and kisses my nose.

“Honestly, it was for the best. My mum and he were never really happy together. Which caused things to be so tense in the house. When he left, things lifted so quickly, it is like a weight was lifted off all of us. I haven't seen or spoken to him since he left. I have no reason to. So, no, no daddy issues here.” I giggle at the idea of having daddy issues, just as I nuzzle into his neck.

For a few more hours, we talk about our childhoods and what we wanted from life, and if we saw ourselves where we are now, back when we were kids. The night goes on, as does the wine, before we find ourselves making out. The night air wraps around us, a hint of the changing seasons in the air, from warm summer nights, to cooling autumn ones. The stars twinkle down upon us and the moon is clear and shining bright. It glows with enough light so we can see one another in the darkened night.

Jack's lips move from my mouth, to my neck, sucking and nipping at the soft flesh. My breathing increases with need, rolling my hips gently on his lap, teasing him, as he teases me. He grips my hair, pulling my head back to bite into my skin makes me yelp out, begging him not to stop. I'm rewarded with the fact he doesn't, the heat in my core growing steadily.

Slowly the warmth of Jack's free hand slides up along my leg, brushing along my sex. He uses just a single finger, scratching, sending little vibrations into me. Pushing my hips forward, wanting more, like a cat in heat. I whimper. He smiles against my neck, sucking with his teeth, until he leaves his mark.

“Take your shirt off,” Jack nips at my earlobe, the warmth of his breath rolling over my neck slowly, teasingly.

As I begin to slip it off, he is already working at unclasping my bra. The night seems to have gotten a little bit chillier. My breasts, soft fleshy mounds, glow against the moonlight. My pinkish nipples like pearls, hard and pretty, begging to be touched.

“There are simply no words to explain how utterly beautiful I find you, Julie.” His voice is breathless, filled with hunger.

A simple sigh, maybe more of a swoon takes over me. I'm so blissfully high and we've not even really begun anything yet. Jack removes his own shirt in one switch motion, before taking my breast into his mouth, suckling on the pearl tip. Heat washing over me like a thunder storm, I tremble, but he holds me close to him. Locking one arm around me, the other toying with the length of my sex.

“The things you do to me, Jack. Please, don't, just don't stop.” I gasp out, working hard to make a proper sentence as he carries on suckling.

The prickles of his goatee bite into my flesh, his teeth digging in, nipping and tugging on it at the same time. He is being impetuous, as if he needed no thought to his action. It’s so completely natural for him to do this to me. I long for the explosive effects that are nearing; I feel them building. My body growing tighter, stiffening, nearing, writhing in a salacious way.

Explosives shooting, fireworks popping from behind my eyelids as I slam them shut to ride what is happening to me. The air is cool, as I drink it in, filling my senses, the heat radiating off of me heightens my senses. I can feel the warmth between my thighs I blush so deep I feel my face turn red.

“Stand up for me, I need to see more of you.” Growling against my breast, he removes my nipple from his mouth.

With wobbly legs, coasting still from such a strong orgasm, I manage to keep upright. I slide my bottoms down, trying to be as seductive as I can, highly aware that though the porch is pretty well concealed, anyone could possibly see me. I don't care though, the pure adrenaline is taking control over me.

My clothes off, I stand there, not in an awkward way, my arms folded loosely under my breasts. I'm simply me. As I watch Jack's eyes move over my body, I feel the heat of a blush coming over me. He bites his lower lip, soaking in every detail of my body. Not missing a beat, he begins to undress himself, keeping his gaze on me. I can see his rock hard cock, finally broken free from the confinement of jeans and boxers.

Jack is as naked as I am, a sly smile on his lips. He enjoys this, this freeing nakedness in public. Even if it is on his back porch. I find it hard not to find the erotic feel to it as well. I've never had the experience of doing something so bold before. The men I've dated haven't been particularly interested in taking risks. I liked this one. It is a little on the dangerous side for me. I like taking these little steps into becoming bolder with Jack.

The chair Jack sits on squeaks a bit as he stands, and in two strides he is standing inches from me. He cups my face, kissing me long and deep for a moment.

“Turn around, JJ, I need you.” Growling against my lips, he tugs my lower one, leaving me whimpering for more.

I do as he demands, finding a rush when he growls commands at me. I turn; with one movement, he presses on the middle of my back, indicating for me to bend forward. I do, widening my legs slightly. His hands rest comfortably on my hips, gripping with beautiful ease. In one short breath, he thrusts his hips inwards and upwards at the same time, sawing right up into me.

Crying out, I gasp at the sheer power it takes for him to do this. His fingers suddenly tighten on me, every inch of his cock sawing in and out. Repetitively he does this, with rapid speed, so hard my breasts bounce. Filling me deeply, I lean into him, getting him a little further each time. I suck my bottom lip in from crying out. The nails of his fingers dig into my flesh; he’s grunting right into my ear. The warmth of his breath along my neck sends shivers through me.

My body tightens once more, gripping around the length of his cock. I'm sure he knows I'm close, because his speed changes to a more pronounced thrust, hitting the hilt each time. With a sharp intake of an ah, the oh pours out just as I explode.

With Jack holding me tight for support, I lean into him, joining moments later. Our climax reaches the pinnacle point, driving our forces together as one. The warmth of his seed spilling inside me.

His hands cup my breasts, squeezing my nipples between his fingers. With our hips moving together as one, grinding into one another, we sit backwards, towards the lounge chair he was on. Gently he sets us, his cock still inside me, my inner walls squeezing him still. Panting in deeply, he leans in and kisses me.

“That was entirely unexpected, but a very magnificent way to end the evening,” his soft breath teases into the crook of my neck. “Stay with me, Julie, please?” His tone almost begs.

“I wasn't planning on going anywhere, Captain.” I lean into him, melting to form myself as one with him, he wraps his arms around me, holding me close to him.

After awhile, we stumble into bed, where we make soft love this time. There is no rush, no urgent need to get it over with. We explore each other, learn new things that set us off in an erotic manner. The way you do when you begin to fall in love with a person you're opening your soul to.

What a beautiful mess this is turning out to be.

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