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Being a Muse

Being a figure model can have benefits.
Hello, my name is Elise and I am an artist, the stereotypical starving artist and everything. Always looking for ways to find money to help me buy more paint. I paint, sculpt, write, take pictures, pretty much any artistic activity I will do. I attend workshops often and this is how I became a muse.

One day I was painting a still life in a room full of other artists at our local art studio. I was still painting at 9:00, when the studio closes. I was so focused on my work I had not realized everyone else had left and it had become dark outside. I only came out of my focused trance when someone tapped me on the shoulder. Looking up I saw it was Jason, a fellow artist who also worked as a model for figure drawing and painting. There was a reason he was a model here, he was extremely handsome and sexy. He was tall and had a very strong body that was golden from the sun and mysterious eyes. I could not help but look over his body at that moment before he said, “Elise, it is closing hours why are you still here?”

Stunned and confused I looked outside saying, “Oh wow I’m so sorry I guess I lost track of time. I will clean up right away.” I immediately started to clean up my spot quickly because I felt hurried by Jason just standing there watching me. I could feel his eyes comb over my body, looking from the top of my golden blonde hair down to my breasts - they are 36Cs and, if I can say so, extremely sexy - down to my ass and long legs. I was a bit frazzled by his intense stare but at the same time it caused me to tease him, by bending over for a paintbrush that “accidentally” fell and in the process showing some cleavage. When I was finally ready to I turned to him and told him that I would be leaving. He seemed to come out of a daze and said distractedly,

“OK, I guess I will see you later then.”

“Yep! Bye” I answered hoping to myself that we would and next time it would be more than admiring each other. I walked down the hall with my art supplies in hand and when I reached the door I heard Jason call my name.

“Elise, wait!” I waited and when he reached me he said frankly, “Elise you have a very nice body and as an artist myself I know you must need more cash. So why don’t you be a model like me here. It pays really well and you don’t have to do much.”

Expecting him to say something completely different I thought for a minute and replied, “I don’t know Jason, naked in front of all those people?”

“Artists are professional Elise, you should know that more than anyone else. And I think you would enjoy showing off that body.” With that he put a note in my hand and left. Halfway down the hall he turned, while walking backwards and said with a wink, “It’s the other models you have to watch out for.”

My heart fluttered at this a bit and decided I would think about it over the weekend and give him an answer by the number he gave me when I had come to my conclusion.

I got home and realized it was true, I didn’t have much at all and soon I would need to find a full time job for money, and then I wouldn’t be able to paint as much. So after the weekend ended I called Jason and asked when I could model. He told me the next day at 11:00 would be good for the studio and told me to wear something loose with no bra or underwear in the hours before because artists didn’t like any lines on their figure’s body.

I arrived 5 minutes early and was told by an employee to remove my clothes in the dressing room connecting the room where I would pose, then to go into the room and someone would direct me to pose. I did as told and walked into the room to find Jason sitting on a stage where I would pose, staring at me. Nervously I walked towards him and watched his reaction to my naked body. He seemed to like my well shaven pussy and when I reached him he told me to raise my arms. I did so and he stroked the areas where my bra would have been and when he found no lines smiled and said, “Good.”

His actions had made my nipples poke out and he seemed to smirk when he saw this.

He instructed me to sit on the chair on the stage in the sexiest position I could come up with. I thought this was an unusual pose for model’s to take but I climbed onto the stage and decided to sit with my legs spread wide, my back arched, one hand on my breast the other in my hair with my head thrown back.

Jason inhaled sharply at my pose and I noticed a bulge had formed in his pants and a lusty look in his eyes. I smirked at this and that he was still staring. After a minute or so I pretended to be irritated and asked, “Is this good or not?”

Startled he quickly croaked out, “Good, good that’s fine” and walked out of the room to call the artists. I modeled for about 40 people that day and to be honest, the feeling of everyone’s eyes staring intently at my body caused chills to run down my spine and juices to form between my legs. As the day ended students left thanking me and giving me a last lustful look. When everyone had gone I got up and headed towards the dressing room. However when I entered there stood Jason with a bulge quickly forming in his pants again. Seeing this I smiled and he responded,

“Don’t you go anywhere, your work is not done.” He strode towards me full of lust and his lips crashed into mine. I was so wet from a day of modeling that I kissed back at once and soon we were all over each other. His hands explored the body that his eyes already had and I ripped off his shirt first then undid his belt and his pants fell, revealing his massive dick, probably 13 inches long. I immediately lowered myself, kneeling to get a better view, and engulfed his dick into my mouth. I licked the head and slowly moved my head up and down his shaft. I began to quicken my movements and Jason gripped my head not letting me come up for air and making sure I kept sucking his cock. He moaned and after I deep throated his cock and continued pressing my lips tightly around it his breath became heavy and he whispered,

“Elise I am about to cum,” This caused me to work his dick faster and soon he spurt all his cum down my throat, there was so much I barely managed to swallow fast enough. Licking my lips I stood up and started to kiss him again. His dick soon became hard again and he lifted me up, pushed my back into the wall and began to fuck me…hard. He sucked one breast while pulling at the other all while his cock filled my pussy. His body was magnificent and I could not let go of him. His huge cock thrusting in and out of me mixed with his mouth and hands on my boobs were soon too much to handle. I realized I would soon come and shouted,

“That’s it Jason, fuck me, fuck me harder!” He took the encouragement and banged me harder and harder into the wall. Soon I felt warmth wave over me and I tensed up, my whole body shook, and I screamed in joy. We came in union and it lasted for a full minute. Afterwards we collapsed, panting.

A few minutes later we got up and dressed, and as he left he said with another wink,

“I told you to look out for the other models, and you do make a wonderful muse.”

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