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being watched by my bfs best friend....

a true story of being watched by my bfs best friend and watching him too.
Hi everyone,
Thought I'd share a true story of something that happened to me when I was about 18.

I had been seeing my boyfriend for a couple of years and knew all of his friends really well. Many a night we had been to parties and crashed over at each other's houses. Nothing ever happened too naughty and the most we ever saw of each other was people walking around in their underwear. Generally the girls underwear was conservative when it was on display. We saved the sexy stuff for more private ventures.

Anyway, one night we'd all been out and a few of us ended back at my parent's house. It was only a two bedroom house so not huge but it did for us. As it got to about midnight most people had gone. It was only me, my boyfriend and his best friend. His friend was gonna get a taxi home but it was quite a long way and there weren't many free. My boyfriend was staying over anyway, as he did most nights, so I suggested his friend crash over too. We were gonna put him up on the couch but as my parents were due to get up for work and he had the day off like I did we told him to crash in my bedroom on the floor.

After a couple more drinks, we decided it was time to turn in, so I went to the bathroom to get changed into my nightie. When I came up the boys were just getting ready. Both of them stripped down to their underwear. I have to admit, as usual I took a good look at our friend. He was pretty fit! he he

Anyway, we gradually drifted off to sleep until about 6 am when my bf alarm went off. Oh forgot to say, I always slept on the same side of the bed which meant I was effectively in the middle of the two men. But no, not in the same bed.

As ever my bf woke up horny so did his usual trick of sliding up behind me. And as usual I was only too willing. It didn't dawn on either of us at first that we had a guest. he he. We started to make love with him behind me gently sliding in and out. After a couple of minutes I opened my eyes and saw our friend gently playing with himself while watching. He was obviously turned on by what was happening, although he couldn't really see anything.

Our eyes met and he was suddenly horrified and stopped. There was enough light coming through the curtains for us to see each other just about. I grinned at him and winked so he carried on. By now my bf was playing with my breasts and totally oblivious to our voyeur friend. I pulled the cover back a little to give him a better view. our friend obviously loved this and started to wank harder. I was getting so hot and wet with this that I let out a little moan. My Bf suddenly stopped, thinking our friend might have heard and woken up. I leaned back and said he was sound asleep so not to stop,

With that, we all started up again. this time I looked at our friends crotch hoping he'd show me something. He saw me looking and to return the favour of seeing my breasts he pulled his cover up to show me. His cock was rock hard and about average size. However, I couldn't take my eyes off it. As my bf got closer to cumming I gave the nod to our friend that he better finish quick. That was all he needed and he came all over his chest almost exactly the same time as my bf. Our friend quickly covered himself up and pretended to be asleep.

My bf got up and jumped in the shower to get ready for work. As soon as he was out of the room. me and the friend looked at each other and smiled. I gave him another flash and closed my eyes to go back to sleep.

The trouble was I was unbelievably horny. still, I managed to drift off and by the time I woke up again my bf and parents had all gone to work. I sat up and saw that our friend was waking up too.

I climbed out of bed and very deliberately stepped over our friend. I only had a short nightie on and wanted to tease him and give him a view. I jumped in the shower and left the door open enough in case he came for a better look. I have no idea whether or not he did but when I went back to our room in just a towel, he was wanking furiously under the covers again.

He stopped briefly as I walked in until I told him not to stop on my account. I did point out it was rude to hide things. lol. With that he pulled the covers back to show his naked body. and rock hard cock again. As he was naked I thought it only fair that I return the favour. I dropped the towel and just watched him while his eyes covered every inch of my body. he started to move towards me but I insisted he could look but not touch.

He then asked if I would play for him. I grinned and said one day maybe but today I'm just watching you. That was apparently all he needed and shot his load for a second time that morning. He now had cum all over his chest again so I suggested he get cleaned up. As soon as he stood up and started to walk out the door I stopped him. Walked up behind him and leaned into him so he could feel my breasts on his back, reached round and wiped a tiny drop of cum on my finger. he turned to look at me, so I grinned and licked my finger.

He then asked if he could touch me. Just once. I laughed and said one day. With that, I turned around and went to get dressed. When he eventually joined me for breakfast we chatted and said this had to be our secret. And I told him if he was really good I'd make good my promise. one day. But that's a story for another time.....

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