Being watched by my boyfriend's best friend Pt 2

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the follow up to my first story

Well that night made a bit of an impression on me; I'd always been quite reserved. For example, if we ever went on holiday, even with the girls, I always stayed covered up. But after that night with our friend, I developed a bit of an exhibitionist side.

We spoke the following morning, as I'd said, and agreed that we would never mention it in case someone picked up on our conversation. Although he did remind me of the promise. And true to his word, whenever we were out, if there was anyone around he never even hinted. On the odd occasion there was only the two of us, he always winked and smiled. This always made me blush and get a little horny! Sadly for him, it was my boyfriend who always got the benefit.

About 6 months later, he got himself a girlfriend, and the four of us booked a holiday to Greece. We were sharing a room in an apartment. Two double beds, to try and save money. Obviously, I had no issue because both lads had seen me naked. Not that my boyfriend knew, but the other girl was a bit unsure.

I spoke to her, and said it would be fine, we would just get dressed etc in the bathroom. I think she was more worried about wanting to have sex, but again, I pointed out we would all be drunk so wouldn't care, it would be dark or we'd come up with a plan so that we got time alone with our other halves.

Deep down, I was desperate to watch her shag our friend. Anyway, holiday was booked and away we went. I noticed straight away that nearly every girl was topless and mentioned to my boyfriend that I fancied doing it. It was my first time and the thought of being seen drove me wild. He wasn't happy at first. I thought he didn't want everyone looking, but when I pointed out he was watching all the other girls he had little choice. Although I later realised he didn't like the idea of our friend seeing my boobs. If only he knew!

Eventually I persuaded him, but he wasn't happy at first. The other girl with us looked at me in shock at first. But before long warmed to the idea. Eventually she undid her bikini while lying down and finally, after a while turned over. My boyfriend was rubbish at trying not to stare, I caught him so many times. Still, our friend barely took his eyes off me. I loved it.

As the days went on, us two girls got more and more confident, we were walking round the apartment in our underwear and generally ignoring the fact that anyone was there. It even got to the point where I would shower and leave the door open slightly; just on the off chance I'd be seen again.

Towards the end of the week, we'd booked a trip. It was one of those boring sightseeing things that my boyfriend was desperate to go on. The night before however, we had too much to drink to the point where our friend was was too ill the next day to go anywhere. The others were really annoyed because they felt we couldn't leave him. So I did the decent thing, and offered to look after him. I wasn't bothered about going anyway. Luckily our other halves agreed and off they went.

I knew full well that they would be gone all day, so I could relax as much as I wanted. I even thought about heading to a nearby stretch of beach that was for nudists. However, I didn't have the bottle to do it in my own. So I went and sat by the pool instead. About 11 o'clock, our hungover friend came down looking a little better than he had been, looked me up and down and asked if I needed a hand with any sun cream. I giggled and said maybe later.

He joined me for about half hour until we decided to go to the beach. We went upstairs to get sorted, different towels etc. And I went to change bikinis. There was no reason to do this, I just wanted to see if he watched. Sure enough, we went to the room and I slid out of it, standing nude in front of him. Straight away I saw a bulge in his shorts.

"I think you need to do something about that," I said to him.

With that he grinned and dropped his shorts. There we were, both naked again. He looked at me up and down.

"Well?" I said.

He just grinned. "Your turn, I believe."

Bugger, he had me. I'd promised and this was the perfect chance. I was feeling so horny, I didn't care. I sat on the bed and told him to come and join me. I lay back and started stroking my breasts, slowly working my hand down to my pussy. I slid a finger in, I was so wet. Then just to tease, I slowly licked it. By now he had started to play with himself too. I watched his cock getting slowly stroked and moved my hand back down again.

Another finger inside me, then another. I was so wet, my hands rubbed my breasts and I started to stroke my clit. I was rapidly heading towards one of my greatest ever orgasms. I could see he was getting close too; this just drove me wild. I was desperate to have him but managed to stay focused.

This wasn't about us having sex, this was only ever about watching each other. Faster and faster we both went, him rubbing his cock and me stroking my pussy. Eventually, he could take it no more and shot his load high into the air.

That was enough for me, I came again and again. The most intensive orgasm I had ever had. My whole body was shaking. After a few minutes, I'd calmed down enough to look at him. He had the biggest grin on his face. I put a finger in my pussy one last time and moved forward to let him taste me. He slowly licked my finger telling me how good I tasted and that he wished he could taste it for real. "Not gonna happen today," I told him and stood up to get cleaned up. He did the same, he pulled his shorts up and I put my bikini bottoms on.

"What about the other promise?" he asked. I looked at him blankly.

"You said, I could touch too."

Hmm, I had promised that. So, I said I'd do him a deal. Before we went to the beach he could rub my suncream in. Anywhere he wanted. I stood in front of him and he went to work; rubbing cream into every inch of my body. By the time he'd finished, I was convinced that no sun would get through to my breasts; they had that much cream on. But I'd fulfilled the promise and was now the horniest girl on the island.

Turns out he was the horniest bloke too. Because that night, we both went to work on our other halves while the other couple were just feet away. It was my first time having sex in a room while someone else was. And I loved it. Every now and then, I caught him looking over at me grinning.

The next day we all acted like nothing had happened. It was clearly the drink that had made the two of us so horny with our partners.

At least that's what they thought!

Did anything else ever happen? Well if this part of the story goes down well, I'll let you all know.