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Being Watched

First time being watched fucking my girl
It was a Saturday morning and mum and dad were out shopping; we knew they would be a while. My girlfriend Sara, 24 at the time, had a cute little body and face, with brown shoulder length hair. She came to visit and before we knew it I was randy as hell and stripping her off on my bed. I got her naked and was looking down at her great little body when I was aware of a noise at the back of the house. I then remembered that the window cleaner was due on his monthly visit.

We had often fantasized about being watched having sex and whenever we did it was great sex! I never really thought about it actually happening and in any case my girl would not have agreed to arrange for it to happen. I knew her well enough.

I thought, however, if I could get her in the mood maybe she would play along with what I had in mind. I got to work getting her in the mood with my tongue; she loved me licking her out and she was as wet as ever.

Because we were upstairs we left the curtains wide open. We had done this before as we were not overlooked and nobody could see into the bedroom. I got my girl on all fours and slid my cock into her. Then I heard it, the ladder at the window. My girl quickly looked up at the window and froze. "Shit," she said, "somebody is at the window, let me up." She pulled the curtains quickly and I thought my chance had gone, but I didn't give up.

With the curtains drawn we commenced our sex session and I began again with my tongue, I then moved her onto all fours again and asked her what it would be like if someone was watching us now. I could feel her wetter than ever, both of us now aware of the cleaner now at the window just behind the curtains.

I told her that I could see the cleaner watching us, she froze and looked up at the curtain, there was a gap and the cleaner was peering through. I eased my cock further into her juicy vagina. To my pleasure she sighed and I asked her if she wanted me to stop. Her response was a shaking voiced, "No." At that point I was fucking her with long rhythmic motions and she was moaning with such delight. I looked up and could see the cleaner quite clearly watching me fuck my girlfriend. He was around 35 to 40 years old and appeared to be not bad looking. I looked him in the eye and he seemed mesmerised by the sight before him.

I said to Sara, "He is watching us."

She responded, "I know."

I said, "You dirty little bitch."

Sara turned to look at the window and I guess she saw his face as he watched her being fucked. I asked Sara if she would get on her back which she did willingly, however I asked her to turn to the window with her legs apart. To my amazement Sara turned her body so that the window cleaner could see her beautiful vagina and its gleaming moisture. I did not expect this from Sara and my excitement grew.

At this point we were both completely consumed with sexual excitement and I swear if the window cleaner had been in the room she would have let him fuck her. I had never known my girl this way but it was so exciting.

We did fantasise about what happened for weeks after and I did find that I started to think about my girl fucking another guy which we fantasised about also. Sara enjoyed our fantasies of fucking another man. She was so sweet though, so I didn't think she would ever arrange for it to happen.

I masturbate thinking about my girl showing the window cleaner her moist juicy lips and what he would be thinking after cleaning our windows.

- - - - -

This is a true story of the first time I had the most exciting experience of someone watching while I had sex with my girlfriend. It's not particularly advanced in a sexual sense but for us it was a big deal!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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