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Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part Four

“Okay, then, here we go. This is your first feel of a hot wet cunt falling over your hard long. . .
The sun was warm upon my and Brit’s skin as we laid in the loungers around the pool of the nude resort. We were trying to get rid of our tan lines, or at least darken them a little. Well, at least I was. Brit, on the other hand, lied there with her legs bent at the knees, legs open enough to show her otherwise private place. Since we were best friends, I had seen it many times and I knew what it looked like when Brit bent her legs like that. What normally would have been a perfect slit, now showed its delicate lips, puckering outwards.

“Brit, you’ll never get rid of the tan lines that way you know,” I said as I took a sip from my water bottle.

“Yeah, I know. That’s not my intention.”

“Oh, I see. Advertising aren’t you?”

“You could say that,” Brit answered and looked at me as she lowered her sunglasses.

She was too. I saw the look in her eyes under the lower of the sunglasses. She was deprived and it showed. Even though she got herself off yesterday in the massage parlor.

I was kidding when I told her it was her turn now yesterday. However, I never thought I would have done what I did with Gavin. So, in a way, it would only be fitting if Brit had her day.

I saw her looking around, hoping to get the attention of a willing guy. She actually had the attention of a few, but they were old codgers, old enough to be her grandfather. I was sure they would have loved to have their chance with Brit, but they probably could not get it up. That’s probably why they never approached.

“Damn, the old geezers notice me, but the young ones won’t even look my way,” Brit said in disgust.

“That’s because they are all with someone." I answered and looked around at the many young guys. Most of them did, indeed, have other women at their sides.

“Well, at least one could look over here. I mean, I am naked, and I folded my legs up like this on purpose. You would think they’d want to see what at least is there between them!” Brit exclaimed and slammed her water bottle down, actually breaking the bottom of it. Her water dribbled out onto the concrete until there was no more left in it.

I was lying quietly when Brit got up. I watched her walk over to the pool and stick her toe into it to test the temperature. The water must have been to her liking because she jumped into its depth. As she swam, I even had to admit that my best friend was sexy as hell. The way the water rippled over her naked body and seemed to caress it. It made her tanned body, what was tanned of it anyway, glisten. Then I looked up. She finally had an admirer.

He was probably our age or just a tiny bit older. He was very good looking, but short, and I knew that Brit would not go for that so much. He was also a little shy and I could tell that he had been made to come out here. He was naked, but he kept his hands cupped over his member while he walked around. I had to laugh at that a little. But he was watching Brit swim with inquisitive eyes.

I watched him watch Brit as she got out and headed over to the lounger where she had been laying beside me. Brit grabbed the towel she had been on and started to dry off, starting with her hair first. I glanced over to the young man and he was watching her. I noticed that Brit was taking her time, actually turning towards him. Slowly, she moved the towel down her body, over her breasts, actually pressing them together. Brit was considerably larger than me in the bust and she was able to squeeze them together. I, on the other hand, wasn’t that lucky, but I liked mine anyway. Then Brit slowly took the towel and ran it between her legs, rubbing her pussy lightly with it. I picked up on why. I could tell she knew he had been watching her. Now she was milking it for all that it was worth.

Brit laid the towel back down on the lounger and finally got back into it, assuming the same position she had before she took her swim. Yep, Brit was hoping for some kind of action.

I watched her spread her legs a little more and even from where I was lying, I could see the outline of her pussy lips poke out. I glanced at the young man and he was watching Brit with all his intentions, but he still had his hands in front of him.

Brit then adjusted the head of the lounger up, spread her legs even wider and said, “Now, let’s see if I can make that guy watching me move his hands!”

I watched Brit move her hand down to her private place. There, she started to rub the top, moving it back and forth, like she was trying to force her clit to come out. Instantly, I was wet. It was so hot watching Brit rub like that. I didn’t move my legs though. I actually had reverted back to my reserved side for a moment. I just did not want anyone to see I was leaking. But I sure did not care if they saw my nipples harden, which they, too, instantly did.

Brit started to rub her breasts with her other hand. Her nipples began to lengthen as she did. She massaged her C cups, pressing into them with her fingers, and slightly plucking her hard nipples. It was all I could do to keep from feeling my A cups. For the first time in my life, I could not believe that I was getting aroused by a woman. And it was my best friend that was doing it. It seemed I was not the only that was getting aroused.

“Uh huh, move your hands honey, I want to see what you are hiding. I want to see if it’s worth it,” I heard Brit say as she moved her clitoral hood up and down.

Somehow, she got him to drop his hands and I know Brit’s eyes were just like mine behind the sunglasses. He was huge. To tell the truth, I did not know how his hands, even both of them, were holding and hiding it.

“Sam, do you see the size of that thing? Jesus Christ! He’s bigger than my ex! God, I am really getting wet now.”

“Then show him,” I said and Brit immediately leaned back.

Brit started to rub her clit a little faster and raised her pussy lips up some. I knew why she did that. She wanted to get more of her juices flowing. Then she lowered them, making them part a little and I just knew that her sexual arousal was flowing out a little.

I lied there with my legs still together because I still did not want to show how wet I actually was, but I could feel it dripping out of my hot seam and onto the towel underneath me. I glanced at Brit and she began to feel the outline of her pussy with her finger, tracing it ever so delicately. Then I looked at him and his eyes were glued to her finger.

Slowly, Brit slid her index finger inside her and let it stay there long enough to get her pussy fluid on it, then she took it out and slowly brought it to her mouth. She lowered her sunglasses and then stuck her finger in her mouth and tasted herself on it, sucking it like a lollipop.

Immediately, his cock started to lengthen and I know Brit was thinking the same thing I was. “How much bigger could it get?”

Brit then took her hand and moved it down and spread her sexual lips open a little more, exposing more of its tender pink flesh. Again, she stuck that same finger inside and this time, moved it inside her back and forth, then when she pulled it out, she went up and down the center of her verticalness, gathering even more wetness. She brought it up to her left nipple and slowly rubbed her personal nectar on it. It shined in the sun’s rays.

We watched his cock get a little harder. It was getting much bigger than when it was flaccid. I could honestly say, I would never be able to fit that inside me. No way.

“DAMN! I know he is proud of that! God, I wonder if I can fit that inside me? You see that, Sam?”

“Yeah, and I was just actually thinking the same thing. I swear, that would hurt me.”

“Well, I guess I better get wetter!” Brit said and again, started feeling her God-given cavity, this time with more vigor.

I watched him watch Brit. He was now at full size and it looked all of ten inches, no lying. He had what I had heard called a monster cock. He started to stroke it. I was not sure if Brit was watching, but knowing her, she had her eyes closed behind the sunglasses as she massaged her clit and felt her pussy lips. I know I closed mine when I did.

As much as I hated to interrupt her, I said, “Brit, um, if you are not watching, I think, if you want him to fuck you, you better somehow let him know. He’s stroking it.”

I was right. Brit had her eyes closed behind her sunglasses. She leaned up and lowered them and looked. He was still watching her, so she looked at him, smiled and pointed to him and then her pussy. Subtle. Real subtle. But it worked.

He started to come over. His cock bounced with each stride he made. I could not believe that he could actually walk with that thing. He stayed hard the whole time as he made his way to Brit.

“Hi there,” she said, “Would you like to use it?”

I laughed because I thought she could have come up with a better byline.

“It’d be the first time if I did!” He said as he turned red and looked at Brit.

I thought Brit was going to actually have a laughing fit on the inside. I could see her actions. She was laughing inside and she knew I knew it.

“Well, then, today is your lucky day. Here, lie down,” Brit said as she got up and let him take her lounger. She let the head back down as he got on it.

As he lied there, his cock pointed straight at his face. It was long, hard, and exceptionally round. I looked at Brit as she straddled him and stood over him, letting him see her from his angle. I could not believe that Brit was even going to try and fit that in her tight pussy.

“May I ask your name and how old are you?” Brit asked. I was like, “Does it even matter?” to myself.

“Ross and I am eighteen,” he answered as he looked at Brit’s naked body hovering over him.

“Well, Ross, do you mind if my best friend Sam watches your first time? I watched her yesterday fuck the masseuse. It wasn’t her first time, but it was still hot.”

“Not at all. I’ve always wanted to lose my virginity in public. It has been a dream. That’s why I came here.” Ross said.

I couldn’t help it, I had to intervene. “Oh, and that’s why you were holding it while you were walking around?”

“Sam, right?” he asked and I nodded, “Well, I didn’t want to embarrass the small guys here,” he continued and then laughed.

“Well, they are going to be embarrassed now because you are getting ready to be fucked!” Brit said and started to lower herself to his level.

As she got closer, she took a hold of his hard long erection. As she took it in her hand, I noticed she could actually wrap both of her hands around it. I was going to be amazed if Brit fit him all the way inside her.

She lowered herself even more as she positioned his cock into her entry way. She lowered herself enough to keep it there and said, “Ready Ross? Ready to consume my hot wet pink pussy?”

“Uh huh,” he muttered as Brit’s entrance lingered on his cock head.

“Are you sure? I want you to be comfortable since this is your first time.” Brit said, almost asking again.

“I am comfortable,” Ross answered, but I looked over and his body was shaking. He was as nervous as he was scared. I laughed inside and knew this was going to be quick. I had a gut feeling. There was no way that Brit was going to get any enjoyment out of riding him. I was almost one hundred percent certain Ross would blow within minutes of Brit consuming him.

“Okay, then, here we go. This is your first feel of a hot wet cunt falling over your hard long erection,” and Brit lowered herself, slowly, taking him inside her.

I watched as her pussy wrapped itself around his hard monster. I heard Brit moan as she took him in. She was working her way down him slowly, feeling his thickness penetrate her. She tried not to show the grimace on her face, but I saw it. It did hurt. It had too. I watched her pussy lips spread more than I would have thought a pair of pussy lips could.

“Oh, it’s soft and hot. It’s also so wet. Shit!” Ross said as he arched his body. As he did, Brit fell all the way on his long cock. I was in awe.

Then Brit started to bounce slowly. I watched her bounce once and moan. Then twice and moan deeper, then a third time and leaned her head back. The next thing we heard was Ross.

“Oh shit. . .Oh shit. . .Oh SHIT. . .”

I started to laugh. I could not help it. I looked at Brit and she stopped moving and reached for her sunglasses and looked down to him with her evil ridden eyes I had seen so many times, and she said, “Really Ross? You just came? We just started!”

He looked at her and smiled then frowned and I saw his cock actually deflate and fall out of Brit’s pussy.

In a bit of anger, Brit got up off of him and said in a very loud voice, “GO!”

Ross got up and ran. He ran all the way to his room and I was sure he was never going to come out of it during his visit.

Brit turned and looked at me. I was having hysterics. It was damn funny. My hunch was right.

Brit turned back around, grabbed the towel from the lounger and stormed off in the direction of our room. I got up and followed behind her still laughing and snickering. Brit had left our room door open so that I could follow her in. I shut it behind me, but I was still laughing. I could not help it.
Brit headed to the bathroom but turned to me and looked at me. I was still smirking, trying not to laugh so hard. Brit wanted to say something, but I actually beat her to it.

“Look on the bright side, Brit, there’s always tomorrow still!” and I burst out laughing because I could no longer contain it.

Brit just stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. But I was not lying. There was always tomorrow. Brit would just have to try again. Even if I was there to laugh.

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