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Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part Two

That’s when I felt the stirring inside my pussy and I began to worry.
The sun’s rays crept through the slight crack in the curtain and shined right into my face. I could see the brightness through my closed eyes. I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed my watch to look at the time. It was six-thirty and I had wished I knew the curtain had not been fully closed before hitting the bed. Brit and I obviously did not pay any attention to it not being closed because we were intensely watching a hand job.

The damage had been done, however, and I was now wide awake. I looked over at Brit and she was still sleeping, but that did not surprise me; she always slept like a baby. Me, on the other hand, if there was the least bit of light, I was automatically up. So, I slung my legs off the side of the bed and through the crack in the curtain, I could see some of the other resort goers outside of it. I got up and peeked through it. There was a guy stretching. I could tell that he was athletic, and was going for a run since he was completely shaved. As he stretched his back, his soft cock hung there naturally. I knew it had to slap him as he ran. Then there was this one woman standing just outside her room door smoking a cigarette. It was obvious she stayed nude more than just visiting here. Her breasts hung lower than what looked her age. I watched her smash out the cigarette and walk back into her room.

Brit was still in the same position and I did not want to waste time just watching out the window, so I decided to take a shower. I was in the confines of our room, so I slipped off my night shirt, threw it on the bed, and walked to the shower naked.

I started the water, let the steam from the hot water fill the room, then finally stepped inside. The hot water felt good on my skin. I soaped up the sponge and ran it all over my nakedness. As I did, thinking about where I was entered my mind. I was at a nude resort I reminded myself. I was already naked in the shower also. After seeing what I saw in the evening and this morning, and that every visitor was in their natural form, it would be stupid not to stay naked. Somehow, the thought excited me. Yes, it was time to break away from my reserved side. I was going to enter the world of nudism.

After drying myself off, I exited the bathroom and found Brit looking out the window. She did not hear me come out, so I said, “Wasn’t much out there earlier when I looked.”

Brit turned around and said, “Still nothing, but they are setting up breakfast on the patio around the pool.”

“Good, I’m hungry!” I said.

“Yeah, I am too. They are still setting it up, so I have time to take a quick shower also,” Brit answered.

She headed to the shower and while she was in there, I brushed my wet hair and decided to test my strength. I went over to the door, put my hand on the knob, and a feeling of excitement entered me. It was an exhilarating feeling. One of those feelings where you wanted something so bad. I could not believe it, but I wanted to show off my naked body. And to think I did not want to before.

My hand turned the knob, the door opened, and I stepped out onto the concrete, bare as can be. I took a couple of steps forward and let the breeze blow over my just showered nude body for anyone to see. I closed my eyes and felt it sweep over every one of my young curves. It felt like paradise.

“The breeze feels good on your naked body doesn’t it?” I was startled as I heard a male’s voice.

I opened my eyes and turned to him. He, too, was naked and I said, “It sure does. Very refreshing.”

“Yes, it is so wonderful to be one with nature,” he answered.

I actually could not help but look him over and I knew he saw me glancing. He was fit and at least twenty-five years old. He was tall, at least six foot three and his tan told me that he spent a great deal of time outside naked. It could not just always be at this resort, or so I thought.

“This is your first time at a nude resort, isn’t it?” He asked and smiled.

I actually turned red. I could feel the blush enter my face. I looked at him and gave him a puppy dog smile, and asked, “Yes, how could you tell?”

“Two ways actually. Your eyes looked me over and well, you have tan lines,” he said and gave a slight laugh.

Tan lines. Damn. I never even thought about my tan lines. Geez, how could I have been so stupid. At least I would not be the only one with them. I was glad that Brit had them too.

“You caught me looking. God, now I feel so embarrassed. The tan lines, well, where I come from, we can’t go naked,” I said, trying to make some kind of excuse. It really was not an excuse. It was the truth.

“No need to be embarrassed. I am used to it every time someone new visits the resort. It’s a very common thing. Well, I better get back to work. It was nice to chat with a newbie!” He exclaimed and started to walk off into the direction of the breakfast smorgasbord.

I yelled, “You work here then?”

He kept walking and looked back to me and said, “Yes, I am the chef and the masseuse! Have something to eat and then come see me at the massage parlor later! I’d love to give you a massage!”

I smiled as he kept walking and I could not help but wonder what it would feel like to have his hands all over me. It seems I was leaving the reserved side of myself somewhere else.

I turned to go back in the room and wait for Brit, but as I turned, she was already standing there behind me, naked herself, with her hand over her mouth, laughing behind it. Again, I turned red.

“Well, Sam, it sure did not take you long to come out of your shell! Standing naked outside and already cavorting with the visitors!” Brit said as she walked up to me and grabbed my arm.

“He isn’t a visitor. He lives here. He’s the chef and the masseuse!” I said with great authority and put my head up and started to walk over to the breakfast platter, already on the tables.

Brit followed behind me. For the first time in my life, I felt good about myself and coming out of “my shell” as Brit put it. It actually gave me a sense of security about myself.

Brit and I grabbed plates and piled them high with breakfast. We sat down at one of the tables and started eating. I did not feel funny at all. It felt normal. The longer we sat and ate, the more nude people came out and joined. It was really very nice. I was no longer surprised at what I would see. The people around were just like me and Brit. Naked.

After we got through eating, we actually walked around and enjoyed the resort. There was still so much for us to see. We decided to go on the grounds and headed out the gate that led to the lush gardens. There were people walking around and enjoying the flowers and enjoying nature. Some more than others. A couple was actually enjoying nature the way it was supposed to be enjoyed. We actually walked by them as he was about to enter her. Brit and I looked at each other and came to realize that there was more to this nude resort than we first thought.

As we walked by, we heard the moan of the woman and we both knew he had pushed his cock into her. We were both thinking the same thing. This was more than just a nudist resort; it was an open-minded nude-sex resort. But we were actually enjoying it.

We kept walking, taking in all the scenery and came upon the massage parlor. I looked at Brit and said, “Let’s go in. We already paid for it with our reservation, so why don’t we get one?”

“You just want to see that chef again!”

“Yeah, and?” I said as I laughed and went along with Brit.

“Why not!” Brit answered.

We walked inside and there was one naked woman waiting. The receptionist, naked herself, took our names and we sat. A long legged tanned girl, not much older than us, came walking out and the woman that was waiting was called back. We had to wait until after her and Brit had to still wait after me.

As we sat there waiting, we chatted with each other and looked around. We did not even know the woman before us had left until the guy from this morning called my name. Twice.

“Sam! Sam!” He exclaimed.

Finally, I looked at him, smiled, and said, “Oh, sorry. I was just still admiring the scenery with my friend Brit.”

“Ah, I see. Brit, why don’t you come back with your friend. I have two tables in the room. I can work on both of you at the same time.”

We both got up and headed to the door that led into the room for our massage. As we went, he told us his name was Gavin.

Gavin showed us to the room and told us to lie down on the massage tables, face down first. We did and all I could think about is my round ass showing. I looked over and saw Brit doing the same.

The room smelled of so many different oils. The scents were sensual and very calming. After getting settled on the table, I felt the cool oil being poured onto my back. Suddenly, the feeling of arousal entered me and I hoped it would not travel any further.

Gavin’s hands began to rub the oil all over my back, my shoulders, and my neck. That’s when I felt the stirring inside my pussy and I began to worry. I surely did not want to get aroused on the massage table. I tried my best to sequester the feeling.

Then Gavin moved over to Brit and I was glad. That was until Brit said, “Mmm, that feels so good,” and it was muffled and sounded very erotic, which aroused me even further. I thought to myself, “What the fuck am I going to do?”

Gavin switched back to me and as his hands massaged the small of my back, I so wanted to moan, but I bit my bottom lip instead. I was getting hotter inside and the moisture was starting to build inside my smooth folds. My nipples also began to lengthen. This was not good for me at all.

Then Gavin ran his hands over my ass, feeling it in more than a way a masseuse was supposed to I thought, but chalked it up to my arousal instead. He continued to run his hands down my smooth legs and that did not bode well for me either. I felt a trickle of fluid exit my tender pink lips as Gavin manipulated the muscles on my legs. It did not help matters any when he ran his hands back up, rubbing all the way to my neck again. My now hard nipples rubbed on the fabric of the table as Gavin massaged my neck. Yes, I was more aroused and there was nothing I could do about it. I was once again happy that he switched to Brit.

I lay there breathing heavier than I should have, but the feeling inside me continued to build. No matter how much I tried to stop it, I couldn’t. Partly because it felt so damn good, and also because Brit would not stop moaning as Gavin worked on her. I knew she was only doing that because the massage felt good to her, but it had the opposite effect on me. I surely did not want to say anything or leave, but I knew when Gavin asked me to turn over, well, that would be my downfall.

Then Gavin asked. At first, I paused. Then I sighed silently and slowly turned over, showing my hard nipples and my pussy lips coated with my arousal. It was apparent he saw. I immediately saw his soft cock jump. I could tell he was trying not to get hard.

Gavin stood there wondering what to do. Brit just watched. She knew what had happened. I looked up to Gavin and said, “It’s okay. Go ahead and touch me.”

Gavin did and my body gave in to his hands. It seemed I was letting go of my reserved side just fine.

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