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Birthday Cruise, Part One

My wife and I push our boundaries and celebrate our 40th birthdays with public vacation sex.
Birthday Cruise – Part One

My wife, Anne, and I stood at the bottom of a set of stairs on Deck 18 of our gigantic cruise ship. The sign advertised the ship’s sun-deck at the top of the stairs and noted that it was for “Adults Only.” I couldn’t decide if that was a warning, a challenge, or an invitation. I looked at Anne out of the corner of my eye to try to gauge what she was thinking, but her expression betrayed nothing. For the most part she’s quite conservative sexually, and I sometimes tease her about being a prude even though she has no reason to be. She is a beautiful woman with dark brown hair past her shoulders and a body that makes me salivate even after 17 years of marriage. A part of me still wondered if she would go through with it, but she boldly ascended the stairs in front of me to what we’d heard was the small, private, “clothing optional” part of the ship. The two glasses of wine she had at the pool bar undoubtedly boosted her courage.

By way of background, Anne and I both turned 40 last year, her in November and me in January. We spent weeks planning and negotiating what we’d do for our birthdays and ultimately agreed on a Mediterranean cruise. We decided to go in the summer to split the difference between our birthdays, but also to ensure that our kids would be finished school for the year and away at summer camp.

It was the fourth day of our cruise and we were sailing towards southern France. Two days earlier I was relaxing in one of the hot tubs on the pool deck while Anne gave one of the treadmills in the fitness centre a workout. An older North American couple joined me and asked if I’d been to the sun-deck yet. I had no idea what they were talking about. The man explained that they had been exploring the vast ship earlier and found the sun-deck quite by accident. From the sign, they thought it was another pool area where adults could go for some peace and quiet away from the main pool deck and its music, bars, and laughing and screaming kids. They got the shock of their lives at the top of the stairs.

“It’s a topless area,” the man explained to me with a slight grin.

“It’s a nude area,” his wife immediately corrected. She clearly did not enjoy the experience as much as her husband, and he forced the grin off his face to placate his better half. She proceeded to tell me that they’d innocently gone up to the sun-deck intending to get some sun and found a handful of couples lounging on deck chairs either completely naked or close to it. She made it clear that they immediately turned around in disgust.

“Well, Europeans are much more open about that kind of thing than we are,” I said, trying to sound diplomatic.

Anne and I had no idea when we booked that the sun-deck was clothing optional. We knew, of course, that we’d see topless beaches at some of the ports of call, but this was an intriguing development. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about seeing Anne naked on the sun-deck, but I knew the chances of getting her there were not good. It was all I could do to get her to buy a couple of bikinis for the trip and leave her one-piece swimming suits at home. She’s inexplicably self-conscious about her beautiful body.

All through dinner that night I waited for an opportunity to casually tell Anne what I’d learned about the sun-deck. She finally gave me my opening when we finished dessert and she commented on her sunburn and the stark contrast between the redness of her arms, neck, stomach and legs compared to the parts that were covered by her bikini.

I said, “I know where you can go to even out your tan.” Then I relayed the story from the hot tub earlier that day.

I intentionally didn’t suggest that we should visit the sun-deck, but Anne saw right through me and her reaction was predictable.

“Nice try, you horn dog. I’ll live with my tan lines.” She got up from her chair to leave and then whispered to me, “But you can see me naked in our room right now if you play your cards right.”

I threw my napkin on the table, grabbed her hand and practically dragged her out of the restaurant to our room. Inside we quickly stripped down and I pinned her on the bed. We had a hard, intense fuck while I pictured Anne on the sun-deck. Anne’s eyes were closed as we orgasmed together, and I wondered if she was secretly thinking about the same thing.

Two days later Anne confirmed my suspicions when she casually mentioned that she’d give the sun-deck a try if I was up for it. Now it was my turn to be nervous. I’m no nudist, and while it sounded like it was OK to keep your bottoms on, I knew I’d feel out of place if everyone else there was totally nude. And the thought of being naked in front of strangers was intimidating.

“Then let’s do it,” I said with more confidence than I actually felt.

In the back of my mind, I still thought Anne would back out and let me off the hook. But two drinks from the pool bar later, there she was, climbing the stairs to the sun-deck, while I followed with a bucket of ice and another bottle of wine.

As we approached the top step, we each took a deep breath and involuntarily hesitated. Anne and I were playing an unspoken game of Chicken, but we were both determined not to lose. We made it to the top and surveyed the sun-deck.

It was empty.

“That’s rather anti-climatic,” I joked.

“Poor John,” Anne chided. “Wanted to see some strange titties, but no one’s here.”

“There could have been 20 women here and I guarantee you’d have the best tits in the group,” I replied. I wasn’t joking. Anne has big, round boobs that I absolutely adore. I can hardly keep my hands off of them. When we’re having sex, grabbing onto them is almost enough to make me cum.

Anne pressed her body close and kissed me on the lips. “Pull a couple of deck chairs over here and turn them towards the sun,” she said. “We’re here, no point leaving now. I’ll pour more wine.”

Anne filled two glasses with white wine while I arranged the deck chairs. Then, with no hesitation at all, she pulled off her wrap, unhooked her bikini top and freed her gorgeous tits. I stood and admired them and felt my dick start to harden like it always does when I see her undressed. I’m like a teenager around her; she can give me a hard-on by looking at me sideways. Then, to my mild surprise, Anne slid her bikini bottoms off and lied down on one of the deck chairs, completely exposed. I wasn’t sure she’d go topless, let alone nude.

“I guess we’re going all in,” I thought to myself. I pulled off my t-shirt, unfastened my trunks and kicked them off. My semi-erect cock pointed straight at Anne, but if she noticed she didn’t show it. I got on the chair next to her and we relaxed for a while in silence, sipping wine and soaking up the sun.

I tried my best not to look at Anne’s luscious body because I was hoping to avoid a full-fledged boner. I kept reminding myself that at any moment other people could arrive and I wanted to be more composed if they did. Granted, anyone who looked at Anne on her deck chair would have understood my arousal. Hell, no one could have blamed me for openly stroking my cock. But still, I wanted to stay in control.

Anne rolled towards me to reach the wine bottle that was resting in the ice bucket between us. Damn she looked good. She noticed me staring and smiled and blew me a kiss, then rolled onto her back again. She seemed oblivious to how horny she was making me. Her legs were slightly apart, so when I looked down I could just see the top of her pussy below her closely trimmed landing strip of pubic hair. My willpower was starting to fade and I imagined reaching over and touching her mound and feeling the smooth skin around her pussy.

I looked at Anne’s face to see if she noticed that my dick was now almost fully erect. Her eyes were closed behind her sunglasses and from all appearances it looked like she didn’t even know I was still there. I looked her up and down and imagined fondling her boobs and pinching her nipples to make them poke out. Her vivid tan lines made me think wicked thoughts. I was seeing parts of her in public that no one else gets to see, but they’d love to if they could. I wanted to touch her body so badly, but I knew I couldn’t. It may have been the clothing optional part of the ship, but I knew public sex wasn’t part of the deal. I reluctantly turned my head away from Anne and forced myself to think about something, anything, other than nailing her right then and there.

Anne took a long sip of wine and announced, “I’m so fucking horny right now.”

I immediately surrendered the mental battle against my arousal and my cock stood straight up. It was so hard I could feel it throbbing with every beat of my heart. I pulled my chair closer to Anne’s and reached down between her legs. She instinctively parted them wider to accommodate my hand. She was dripping wet; it took all my willpower to not jump off my chair and bury my tongue in her snatch. Instead, I tried to content myself by rubbing her slit and licking the wetness off my fingers. She tasted absolutely terrific.

I reached into the ice bucket and pulled out a partially melted cube. I touched the ice to Anne’s left nipple and watched with satisfaction as it hardened at the cold sensation. I then traced the curves of her breasts with it. The ice melted quickly in the combined heat of the sun and her body and left her boobs covered seductively with droplets of water.

Anne turned her body towards me and our mouths met with a sense of urgency. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths while I continued rubbing her wetness all over her pussy and clit. She spread her legs wider and I pressed a finger deep inside of her while she simultaneously wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a squeeze.

“Oh God John, you’re hard,” she whispered.

“God, you’re wet,” I panted in reply.

Anne stroked my cock slowly while I alternated between rubbing her swollen clit and sliding first one, and then two fingers in and out of her slippery hole. She squeezed pre-cum from my dick and wiped it around the shaft as I probed her with my fingers.

Suddenly, a sense of panic filled me as the realization of what we were doing, and where we were doing it, struck me. “We need to go back downstairs before we get caught,” I said to Anne.

“You need to fuck me,” she replied.

I took that to mean that she was agreeing with me, that she wanted us to cover up, run back to our room and screw each other senseless. I reluctantly stood up to gather my swimsuit and t-shirt. As I did, my rock hard dick ended up right in front of Anne’s face. She pulled it to her mouth and started licking all around the head. This was dangerous and wrong but I was powerless to pull away from her. “Anne, stop,” I pleaded, but she knew my words had no conviction behind them. She continued licking the head and shaft and then guided my cock into her warm mouth. Anne held still for a moment and I felt her tongue swirling around my cock. She then began moving her mouth back and forth over me, taking more of my prick each time.

After a few minutes, Anne allowed my cock to escape her mouth and it sprung like a mousetrap and slapped against my stomach. For an instant, I thought she was signaling that it was time to run back to our room. Just as I began to feel relief that we hadn’t been caught, Anne grabbed my ass with both hands, pulled me closer to her and started to lick my balls as my cock aimed at the sky between us. Anne knows that this is probably my favorite thing that she does to me. I closed my eyes and tilted my face to the hot sun. The expert tongue bath that Anne was giving my balls was making my legs shake.

I thought to myself that this couldn't possibly get any better, but then I looked down at Anne and saw her fondling her tits with one hand and rubbing her dripping pussy with the other. The vision pushed me to the brink of cumming so I instinctively pulled back. Anne looked up at me and I leaned forward and kissed her hard. My hands joined hers and we massaged her tits together while my overheated prick cooled down.

A million conflicting thoughts were racing through my mind. Are we really going to fuck on the sun-deck? We can’t, it’s too dangerous. But I don’t think I can stop. I stood straight up again and from that position I could see the top of the stairs. The coast was clear; for now.

I regained a bit of composure and decided that I would turn the tables on Anne. I decided I’d go down on her for a couple of minutes, bring her almost to the point of no return like she had just done to me, and then we’d dash to our room and finish what we’d started with a proper fucking.

I laid Anne back down on her deckchair. She knew exactly what I was going to do and pulled her legs up and spread them as wide as she could. I dove at her pussy and inhaled her delicious scent. There was no time to waste, so I buried my tongue inside her snatch as far as it could reach and I felt her whole body become tense. I couldn’t remember Anne ever being this wet; her pussy juice was dribbling down her crack towards her ass. I forced my tongue farther into her and then licked all around her pussy and clit. I thrust Anne’s legs farther back to lift her hips slightly and then tickled her puckered ass with my tongue. She moaned and shuddered at the sensation. “Now it’s time to go downstairs,” I thought.

“Let’s go,” I said. I stood up and again went to gather my clothes. But Anne was too far gone and it was too late. She pushed me down onto my back on my deck chair. She turned her back to me, threw one leg over the chair to straddle me, and slowly descended onto my aching cock until she’d taken it all the way to the base. Anne ground her hips down on me and made small circular motions as she forced my dick into every part of her pussy.

“Oh fuck, I love your cock.”

I mumbled something in response but don’t remember what I said. The feeling of Anne bouncing up and down on my cock was the only thing in the world that mattered. She leaned forward and I got an eyeful of her smooth, wet pussy wrapped around my shaft. She slid up and down on it effortlessly as her snatch was almost impossibly wet. The sun was slightly behind us now, and on Anne’s every upstroke my cock glistened in the sun, covered as it was with her sex juices.

Anne increased the pace and started fucking me with urgency. I thought about how great her tits must look bouncing up and down to the rhythm of her fucking.

At that moment I heard a noise on the stairs and people talking.

“Someone’s coming!” I hissed in a panic.

Anne grunted and started fucking me even faster, willing us both to cum before we were interrupted. But the stairs were too close and there wasn’t enough warning; within seconds, another couple was on the sun-deck. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Anne impaling herself on my dick.

There was no point stopping now, and Anne and I both knew it. She got off of me and stretched out on her side, facing the unwitting intruders. I positioned myself behind her on the deckchair and slid my cock back into her waiting pussy. We both groaned loudly as our sex resumed, as if the seconds that our bodies were apart had been an eternity. I started pumping Anne’s fuck hole with everything I had. I lifted her top leg and positioned it over mine to get access to her clit. I rubbed it with my middle finger while I fucked her.

“Argh, argh, argh,” Anne grunted with each of my thrusts.

Over her shoulder I could see the other couple watching us. It was insanely hot to have an audience, and Anne was clearly enjoying it too. Without taking his eyes off us, the other man moved behind his wife and started groping her tits through her bikini top. The woman’s gaze was fixated between Anne’s legs where my cock repeatedly penetrated her willing pussy. As her husband fondled her and whispered something in her ear, she reached behind herself and we knew she was stroking him.

My fingers continued their relentless assault on Anne’s clit as I held my cock deep inside her. I felt her pussy tighten as she came, and the sensation combined with her orgasmic squeals unleashed a flood of my cum into her already soaked cunt. Our bodies trembled together and for a moment I thought we were going to fall off the deckchair.

I left my cock inside Anne’s quivering pussy, twisted her upper body towards me and kissed her deeply. That was the best sex of our lives, and I couldn’t believe it had just happened. “Wow!” was all I could think to say. Anne smiled and kissed me back while I pawed at her beautiful, round tits. Finally, my softening cock slid out of her pussy, followed by my huge load of sticky cum. We looked back towards the stairs and saw that the other couple was gone.

Anne and I got dressed and then picked up our glasses to finish off our wine. “To the hottest piece of ass on the ship,” I toasted to her. Anne slapped my shoulder softly in a mock, but flattered protest and we emptied our glasses.

As we descended the stairs from the sun-deck, a waiter came towards us carrying a bottle of champagne and two glasses. “Compliments of the couple in Room 1002,” he said.

Anne laughed a slightly embarrassed laugh and I popped the cork.

To be continued . . . .

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