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Birthday Cruise, Part Three

Anne and I meet the couple from Room 1002 and spend a wild day with them on the beach.
The ship’s elevator opened to Deck 15 and Anne hurried out towards the pool area. At each port of call, we had made a point of sitting in the hot tub at the back of the ship as we started to sail away. For reasons that I didn’t understand, Anne found that very interesting. But I wasn’t about to complain. For me, it meant more time to see Anne in her bikini.

Anne was worried we were going to be late for the sail away from southern France. She turned back towards me and, with mild irritation in her voice, told me to hurry up. I purposely slowed down. It was partly childish teasing, and partly to steal another glance at her tight ass. Sadly, it was frustratingly hidden by her pool wrap.

One of the hot tubs was full, but we were fortunate that the other was occupied by a solitary, overweight middle-aged man. When we reached the hot tub, Anne removed her wrap and revealed her curvy body. She was wearing her grey bikini that had a floral print. It was the more conservative of the two she’d bought for our Mediterranean cruise, but it still flattered her trim waist and ample cleavage. The man in the hot tub watched Anne settle into the hot, bubbly water and he couldn't help but smile.

I followed Anne into the water and immediately snuggled close to her. There’s something about hot tubs that I find extremely erotic, and our unwelcome companion wasn’t enough to overcome my need to feel her next to me. To my delight, Anne turned her head and kissed me, forcing her moist tongue into my mouth. Beneath the bubbles, Anne squeezed my growing cock through my swim trunks. Clearly she found the hot tub erotic too.

Just when I was starting to think that our hot tub mate would never leave, he hoisted himself out and mercifully left us alone. I returned Anne’s kiss even harder, and my hands found her tits hidden beneath the surface of the water. I rubbed her nipples and my mouth stifled her soft moan. She started to reach inside my trunks, but froze as she heard another couple join us in the hot tub. I tried to play it cool and moved from her mouth to her ear, thinking that it would appear to the intruders that I was just whispering something to her. As I did, I felt Anne release my dick and put her hand on my chest. She wasn’t pushing me away, but she was keeping me from getting any closer. From behind her sunglasses, I saw her looking in the direction of the other couple.

“It’s them,” she whispered under the sound of the hot tub’s jets. “It’s 1002.”

I nonchalantly turned to face them. I wasn’t sure at all. It could have been them, but I hadn’t been focused on the faces of the couple that had caught us fucking on the ship’s sundeck the previous day. I looked back at Anne and almost imperceptibly shrugged my shoulders.

The four of us sat in silence for several minutes enjoying the hot water and sun. A waiter came over and brought the other couple drinks that they’d obviously ordered from the bar on their way to the hot tub. Then, finally, the mystery was solved. “So . . . do you two spend a lot of time on the sundeck?” the man asked.

We all burst out in nervous laughter. I looked at Anne and she blushed through her mild sunburn. I suspected I was doing the same, but joked, “I hope we’ll be there a lot more!”

Anne slapped my shoulder playfully and protested, “We’ve never done anything like that before, and it certainly wasn’t planned. We were actually worried that you might call security on us.”

“Until you stood outside our door and listened to us?” the woman smiled.

Anne’s message to them in the form of our champagne glasses had obviously been received. “We heard you going at it long before we got to your door,” I teased. Then it was their turn to blush red.

With the ice successfully broken, we more formally introduced ourselves. Their names were Darrell and Linda, both in their early 30s, from Washington state. We talked about our jobs, previous vacations, and the shore excursions we’d done so far on the cruise. Then Linda noticed that the ship had started to move. “Oh, we’re sailing,” she declared. “I want to watch this.”

Apparently Linda shared Anne’s fascination with leaving the dock. Linda jumped out of the water and proceeded to climb up on the top rail of the fence that surrounded the pool area. There was no danger of her falling as sheets of plexi-glass extended several feet up from the top of the fence. “Come on up, Anne, this is neat,” she said, and waved Anne up to join her.

Anne climbed up onto the rail. Linda put her hand on the small of Anne’s back as if to steady her, although it didn’t look to me like Anne was about to lose her balance. They pointed at people on the dock and chatted casually, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying over the noise of the hot tub.

I said to Darrell, “I don’t think they’re supposed to be up there.”

“Who’s going to tell them to get down?” he replied. “That’s the best view on the ship!”

He wasn’t wrong. Darrell and I talked a bit, but mostly we were looking up at Anne and Linda to get an eyeful of ass directly above us. Linda was wearing a gold bikini that almost perfectly matched the colour of her hair. The bottoms were cut higher on her hips and exposed a bit more of her ass cheeks than Anne’s. Linda didn’t have Anne’s hourglass figure, but she was slim, fit and attractive. It was a very sexy sight to watch them talking and laughing as water dripped seductively down their bodies.

As this was going on, it seemed to me that Linda was inching ever closer to Anne. Every time she said something to her, Linda touched her on the arm, shoulder or back. It seemed overly familiar for someone she’d just met, despite the fact that Linda had seen Anne completely naked and screwing me a little more than 24 hours ago.

I couldn’t be the only one noticing this. I looked at Darrell to see his reaction. If he was surprised by Linda’s behaviour, he wasn’t showing it. Anne seemed oblivious too, but I expected that; she doesn’t seem to realize how attractive she is, even though I regularly tell her. Anne thinks it’s insincere flattery when I comment that other women are checking her out. It’s a fantasy of mine to see Anne with another woman, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean I’m imagining the looks she gets from the fairer sex.

When I looked up to the rail again, Linda leaned very close to Anne. For an instant I thought she was going to kiss her and my heart skipped a beat, but instead Linda whispered something in Anne’s ear that made her giggle. The two women looked down and me and Darrell and caught us staring at them with wide smiles. They burst out laughing at some private joke and started to climb back down into the hot tub.

“Can you believe Anne’s had two kids?” Linda asked Darrell. “I hope I have a body like that after I have kids.”

Darrell looked at me, not really knowing what he should say. Complimenting another man’s wife like that would be a big step for a relative stranger, one I thought most men would be reluctant to take, at least in front of the husband. I quickly decided to get him off the hook. “She does have a great body,” I said. “I can’t get enough of her.”

“You’re a shameful flatterer,” Anne said.

“But not a liar,” I replied.

At that point, two more men crowded into the hot tub and ruined our collective fun. We decided that we’d had enough of the hot tub for one day. After we’d towelled off, Linda said, “See you tomorrow.” Darrell and I exchanged a quizzical glance, and Linda explained, “Anne and I decided that we’d spend the day together tomorrow in Spain.” It sounded like a great idea to me.

Darrell and I shook hands and Linda gave Anne a hug that I thought lingered a bit too long. When they were out of earshot, I said to Anne, “Linda’s got the hots for you.”

“You and your silly fantasies,” Anne said in exasperation. “She’s just friendly. And when you’ve already watched someone having sex, there’s no reason to be shy.”

I decided not to protest.

The next day after we docked in Spain the taxi let us out at what appeared to be the main walkway towards a beautiful, white sand beach. It was early afternoon and the sun was bright in the cloudless sky. The picture perfect day meant that the beach was crowded with a mix of locals and tourists. The locals were easy to spot: men in tight fitting trunks that are almost never worn in North America, and women of all shapes and sizes in bikinis or topless.

The four of us walked farther down the beach in search of a spot away from the crowd where we could spread out our towels on the sand and relax. The farther down the beach we went, the more skin was exposed. We saw several men and women completely nude. We passed a sign that might have read, “Clothing Optional” in Spanish, but who knows? Europeans are much more liberal about nudity than North Americans, as we were clearly learning.

We finally reached a reasonably quiet area. There were several other beachgoers around in various states of undress, but there was ample room for the four of us to get comfortable. As Darrell and I spread out our towels, Linda reached behind herself and unhooked her bikini top and let it fall to the sand. Darrell and I froze. She looked seductively at him and said, “When in Rome...” then got down and stretched out on her towel.

Darrell and I stared appreciatively at Linda’s pert breasts for a moment, and then reflexively turned towards Anne in anticipation. We weren’t disappointed. As we looked on, Anne unhooked her top and peeled it off her shoulders. “Wow,” Darrell and Linda said in unison, and I realized that Linda was starting too.

“I know!” I exclaimed. “She can make me do anything with those tits!” I knew I was embarrassing Anne, but I pulled her towards me and felt her boobs squish into my chest. I kissed her and ran my hands up and down her sides, tracing the curves of her hourglass. Anne offered no resistance and returned my kiss passionately. I felt the familiar stirring in my crotch of the beginnings of a hard-on.

“Whew, it’s getting hotter on this beach,” Linda laughed. “Anne, let’s go cool off in the water.”

I was slightly annoyed that Linda was cock-blocking me, but I realized that the afternoon was still young. Linda got up and peeled Anne away from me. Darrell and I watched them dip into the water, and then realized that the others in the area were staring at them too; the women turned heads all down the beach. We made small talk while Anne and Linda splashed around and my burgeoning erection subsided, but only partially. I couldn’t help thinking about Anne’s body on display, and our crazy last few days. When I first told Anne about the sundeck she wanted no part of it. Then, it was as if she’d flipped a switch and found new comfort and confidence in her sexuality. She became devilishly horny and couldn’t get enough sex. I thought back to her riding my throbbing cock reverse cowgirl style on the sundeck, about filling her pussy with cum while Darrell and Linda watched breathlessly, and then later that night licking her sweet cunt and burying my shaft deep in her tight ass until I came all over her.

Darrell broke me out of my trance. He said something to me that I didn’t quite hear and pointed towards the water. I turned to look and saw Anne and Linda walking up the beach and holding hands. In their free hands, they each carried their bikini bottoms. I admired these sexy women as they walked towards us. My eyes were drawn to the small, dark strip of hair between Anne’s legs that pointed the way to her pussy. In contrast, I couldn’t help but notice that Linda was completely bare. As they got closer, I observed Anne’s big tits swaying seductively as she walked, and I noticed that Linda was spending more time ogling Anne’s chest than watching where she was walking.

When they reached our spot on the beach I joked, “That’s weird; the water looks calm, but somehow it knocked your bikini bottoms off!”

Anne tossed her bottoms at me and teased, “Come on, you prude. Live a little!”

I looked at Darrell to see what he was going to do, but his eyes were glued to Anne and Linda’s wet, naked bodies. I decided I wasn’t going to be the wet blanket. I stood up and pulled my swim trunks down over my bulging prick.

“Mmmmm, that’s what I wanted to see," Anne purred. Linda pulled Anne closer and they stared shamelessly at my cock. I made eye contact with Anne. She winked and licked her lips, and somehow my cock got even harder.

Darrell wasn’t about to be left behind. He tugged off his trunks and his rigid member sprang free. I was mildly relieved to see that he was about the same size as me, and he was completely shaved below the waist, just like his wife. Anne and Linda took their turn checking out Darrell’s package. The sexual energy in the air was stifling.

The women released each other and Anne came and stretched out beside me on my towel with one leg resting on my stomach and crotch, and Linda did the same to Darrell. Anne kissed my cheek and whispered, so that the others couldn’t hear, “Linda felt me up in the water.” I let out an audible groan as the image of Linda caressing Anne’s beautiful tits appeared in my mind, and Anne covered my mouth with her hand to keep me quiet. She continued, “She kept complimenting me on my body and talking about how hot it was to watch me get fucked on the sundeck. She said she wanted to walk over and grab my boobs, but Darrell had a firm grip on hers and wasn’t letting go. She was making me so horny, eventually I told her she could feel them if she wanted. God, it was hot. I thought my legs were going to buckle when she put her hands on me.”

I grabbed Anne’s wrist and pushed her hand down to my cock. She started stroking it immediately. “How did you end up naked?” I was so excited I could hardly force the words out of my mouth.

“I told her that it wasn’t fair that she’d seen all of me, but I hadn’t seen her. She said she wanted to show herself to me, but didn’t want to be the only one of us naked.”

“I told you she liked you,” I said quietly.

“I don’t think she’s thinking about me at all anymore,” Anne replied. I strained my neck to see what Anne was talking about. Linda was kneeling between Darrell’s legs, no more than six feet away from us, bobbing her head up and down on his engorged cock. She was giving him a slutty, wet blow job and we could clearly hear her slurping noises as she devoured his entire length. Out of the corner of her eye, Linda saw us watching and she repositioned herself to Darrell's side so that her pussy and ass were pointing at us and on full display. Outside their room on the ship Anne and I had heard Linda talk about giving us a show, and we were certainly getting an eyeful now.

While Anne continued to watch her new friend suck her husband, she rolled on top of me and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. She lowered her dripping cunt down onto the length of my shaft and trapped it between her and my stomach. She slid back and forth on my raging prick and lubricated me with her pussy juice as she bore down to increase the stimulation of her sensitive clit. Her hands pushed down on my chest and in doing so, her upper arms squeezed her tits together. I pulled Anne down towards me and groped her jugs and took turns sucking on her hard nipples.

While Anne smothered me with her tits, Darrell repositioned Linda to face towards us while staying on her hands and knees. He moved in behind her and savagely thrust his cock into her waiting hole. “Oh, yeah,” he grunted. “Take it all, you horny cocksucker.”

Linda eagerly rocked her hips back to meet Darrell’s pounding rod. “Fuck me, honey,” she begged. “Fuck my wet cunt.”

Darrell and Linda weren’t any quieter on the beach than they were in their room, and their dirty talk was firing me and Anne up even more. I pushed Anne off of me and rolled her onto her back. She pulled her legs up by the back of her knees and exposed her delicious pussy to me. I knelt between her legs and alternated between flicking the tip of my tongue around her clit and forcing it deep into her slick tunnel. I continued licking the inside of Anne’s pussy while my fingers teased around her clit. Anne’s moans began to match Linda’s in volume and intensity. “Oh God, yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Make me cum with your tongue,” she cried.

Meanwhile, Linda was not about to let this glorious opportunity pass a second time. As Darrell pounded her from behind, she moved forward on her hands and knees until she was right next to Anne. Linda had delicately cupped and squeezed Anne’s big tits earlier in the water, and now she practically attacked Anne’s heaving chest. The urgency with which she dove at Anne’s luscious tits shocked and excited both of us. She greedily fondled Anne’s boobs and then squeezed them together so she could suck on both nipples at the same time.

I looked up from between Anne’s legs to enjoy the spectacle. Darrell repeatedly ploughed into Linda’s pussy and bounced her whole body around, but she refused to let go of Anne’s magnificent tits. I returned my focus to Anne’s overheated snatch and replaced my tongue with two fingers that slid into her effortlessly. As I probed her, I licked and sucked her swollen clit and Linda continued to maul her chest.

“You nasty slut,” Darrell called to Linda. “You’re going to make me cum so hard.”

Linda’s mouth released Anne’s nipples long enough to egg him on. “You know I want it, baby,” she moaned. “Pound me like the dirty slut I am and give me all that hot cum.”

The combination of filthy talk and two horny mouths on Anne’s body pushed her over the edge to a thundering orgasm. She spasmed uncontrollably and pressed her legs tightly together, trapping my head between her thighs as she came all over my face and tongue. As her shuddering subsided and Anne’s legs released their vice-like grip on me, I sat up and noticed that the four of us had attracted an audience. The men and women in our area of the beach had moved closer to us for a better view of the action. Some were openly masturbating, but all were visibly aroused, oblivious to anything and everything else that was happening on the beach. Santa Claus could have surfed ashore at that moment with his beard on fire and no one would have noticed.

I turned Anne onto her side facing Darrell and Linda and thrust my throbbing cock into her steamy cunt from behind, the same position in which they’d seen me fill Anne’s pussy with cum on the sundeck. “God, you’re a hot fuck,” I moaned into her ear.

Darrell pulled out of Linda’s drenched pussy and moved around in front of her. She eagerly started deep throating him again as I fucked Anne’s hungry cunt and held her body tightly against mine.

After Linda had sucked Darrell’s cock clean, she rolled onto her back beside Anne and Darrell resumed screwing her. Anne must have liked what she saw, because she wiggled away from me and got on her back as well. The interruption was like agony, so I quickly scrambled between her legs and guided my granite hard rod back into her hot pussy. It was like there was a mirror between us, as Darrell and I nailed our horny wives missionary style in perfect rhythm.

Anne had one more surprise in store for me. She reached up and turned Linda’s face towards hers and their mouths came together like they were magnetized. Darrell and I fucked them for all we were worth as we watched Anne and Linda kiss, their tongues probing each other’s mouths. Without breaking their lip-lock, Linda reached down and her fingers found Anne’s clit. The sensation of another woman stimulating her there for the first time shot electricity through Anne’s body. The feeling overpowered her and she climaxed on the beach for a second time, her body quivering like jello. It was more than Darrell and I could handle. I blasted what felt like a gallon of hot, sticky cream into Anne’s sweet pussy, and then watched breathlessly as it dribbled out and down to her ass. Darrell pulled his cock out of Linda’s steaming cunt and furiously jacked it as Linda rammed two fingers into her box with one hand rubbed her clit vigorously with the other. Linda screamed as she made herself cum and Darrell simultaneously emptied his balls onto her stomach and tits with a long, low groan.

I collapsed on top of Anne and kissed her warm mouth. In the background, I was sure I heard clapping and cheers from our audience as they dispersed. My only regret was that our birthday cruise was ending the next day.

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