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Bit of Kink

testicles upon the pane
My lover and I are into exhibiting self gratification for would be voyeurs or just passers-by. You might say we are kinky with a twist. Peeping Toms never had it so good. Tonight was my night to shine. On any given night depending on the weather we raised the window shades and performed for our fans. Tonight being partly cloudy and over cast it was fair weather. 

I have always been an adventurer into the kinky world of eroticism. I think of myself as an explorer. What I do may seem extreme but that is my nook in the cranny. Tonight will be tamed compared to some in my conscious mind. 
There is me, Adagio, your host and connoisseur of wee gadgets and things found around the home. There is Lace my lover and Dominatrix. She would be the moderator for tonight's session. That being between 10pm and 11pm tonight. We don't like to disappoint the audience.

The window shaded is raised promptly at 10pm. I'm nude and ready and to perform. Lace tells me to speak clearly into the Mic and explain what I'm doing. She is recording this for future whatever. I forgot to tell you that Lace was taking a 'Director's' class at the local Junior College.
It's not every day that one can bestow upon the testicles that of the musings of one's Dominatrix. I being the submissive had little choice. It was either that or the Iron Maiden cage again.

"I'm taking a roll of string and wrapping my balls as if my gonads were the body of a mummy before placing in a sarcophagus, making sure they are wrapped tight."

I do notice that we have drawn a small audience out on the lawn, and it sure wasn't Santa and his eight reindeer. It was the next door neighbors and they had brought lawn chairs plus friends.

Lace tells me to stand a little closer to the window and rub my testicles upon the pane of glass. Being right handed I went from right to left in a quick swoop. Lace being a no nonsense gal stopped me in my second swoop. She is a perfectionist and insisted on me taking a bow, but not until a left to right testicle dash across the glass.

"I'm rubbing by wrapped balls on the glass as a bit of cum streaks a small path, making sure the way is left to right."

Not fully satisfied with my performance Lace flicks my cock head with her finger and tells me to remember the script. You have to remember we haven't rehearsed. She hands me a cup and says, continue.

"As you can see, I'm about to dip my wrapped balls into the cup."

She screams at me to stop the action and before dipping my balls, explained what is in the cup.

"A cup of melted wax has been sitting on the warmer waiting for me to bring into play the deep diving of my nuts. I let my wrapped balls submerge beneath the wax and make sure they are well covered. Then I remove the cup."

Almost immediately my balls are cocooned and the wax dries. My red waxed balls look as if they are a Christmas tree ornament. My cock is oozing juice and my erotic mind firing on all cylinders. Lace tells me to show our viewers and as I obey she spreads her legs and rubs her naked cunt. My cock raises and extends. Throbbing as my juice is flung to the window.

"I'm taking a rawhide strip and tying it around the base of my hard cock, making sure I cut off circulation."

Lace can't resist a touch of my engorged cock. The rawhide keeping the blood flow from retreating. She takes a lick of my cock head and then kisses it. I don't think that's in the script.

"Now I'm taking a q-tip swab and running it around the head of my cock and then push it in the eye of my penis. It does feel fantastic."

Lace stretches her pussy lips wide and pushes three fingers into her wet cunt. Rolling her bud with her thumb she insist of another q-tip entry.

"Watch as I fuck my cock with two q-tips."

Again she tells me to stand closer to the window. I can see people walking down the sidewalk. The window is starting to steam up. She gives me a taste of her sweet nectar from her fingers. I can hear the clapping of the audience. I am not done.

"I take a bottle of honey and pour it on my cock shaft."

Lace tells me to speak louder into the Mic. She is on her hands and knees licking the under side of my cock shaft. Then she licks my juices that have streaked the window.

"I take a bottle of honey and pour some on my cock shaft and then some on my nipples."

She rubs the honey all over her tits and down to her wet cunt. She hands me a brown paper bag. The show is about over. I shake the contents over her tits and cunt, then my cock.

"With the goose down feathers I become a big bird and strut."

 The show ends for the outside guests and the shade is pulled down. Then I give the mating calls of Lace's favorite birds.
"Big Bird where are you!!"
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