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Bra-less and stocking tease

My first submission - how I like to turn guys on with my down blouse and upskirt teasing
Part one - Bra-less tease

I don’t usually wear a bra. I’m a student and also work part-time in a travel agency. For work I wear a uniform skirt, white blouse and jacket (although the jacket is rarely needed in the office). Most times I wear a camisole under my work blouse. For college I wear a variety of T’s and tops, unless I am going there straight to or from work. I particularly like wearing loose rather than tight tops.

My boobs are 34B and quite perky so I don’t need any support and I find it more comfortable without a bra.

I love that ‘take two’ moment when a guy first realises that I might not be wearing a bra and then the process by which he tries to work out whether I am or I am not. They can’t help themselves. Trying, but failing, not to stare. Trying to maintain eye contact whilst speaking to me but constantly glancing down at my chest. Trying to manoeuvre into a position where he can see down my top. Sometimes I make it easy for them; sometimes I make it hard (oops – pun!).

I never tire of it! It doesn’t matter how young or old they are. Customers in the travel agency – guys, husbands, fathers, sons (over 16 only). Lecturers at college. My friends’ husbands, partners, boyfriends; my hubby’s pals; people I pass in the street, see on the bus or the train. There’s no shortage of people to tease and almost all of them are up for it! Even people who know me well and are used to me not wearing a bra can’t help but try to sneek a peek! My hubby, too, says he gets a thrill catching an ‘accidental’ glimpse of a nipple, glancing down my top.

Gals and your guys – if you’re not playing this game, you should!

Part two - Stocking tease

I’ve told about how I like to tease guys by not wearing a bra.

Another tease is stockings.

When the weather turns chilly I never wear tights, only stockings. There’s something about them that is a real turn on for guys. It’s not that they reveal any more flesh than would commonly be seen if I wear shorts or a short skirt. It’s something about that boundary between the stocking top and the bare flesh beyond. Something secret and forbidden; something meant to be hidden from view, but ‘accidentally’ revealed.

My hubby loves stockings. He looks first for the tell-tale bumps under the skirt where the garter clips onto the stocking top (for this reason, hold ups are not as good for this purpose). Once he’s spotted a likely candidate he makes it his mission to get firm evidence as to whether his suspicions are correct. It’s with his encouragement that I entered into this game. There are lots of opportunities to play at work, college and elsewhere. Here’s just one example.

In college I sit in the front row in the lecture theatre. There’s a bench desk in front with a modesty panel below. But there’s a gap between the top of the modesty panel and the desk top. There’s also occasional vertical breaks between the panels to accommodate the curvature of the lecture theatre and the desk. When we have a male teacher, by carefully positioning myself and crossing, un-crossing and opening my legs, I ensure that there is a direct sight line from the front of the class straight up my skirt to my stocking tops. It doesn’t take them long to spot it. Like my bra-less tease, from then on they cannot help themselves. They try not to stare but they do. They look away and then look back again. They get distracted, loose their point, waffle and get flustered. If I make eye contact they blush – not sure if I know what they know.

Sometimes I ask a question so that they look straight at me when they reply. It’s at this point that I generally, not too discreetly, adjust my skirt, cross and un-cross my legs or open them a little wider. They try not to look down but cannot help themselves!

Some of them have learnt to play the game, too. They know that there are certain places at the front of the class where it is easiest to get the best view and they make a point of taking up that position. Generally I oblige with a showtime spectacular, but sometimes I’ll keep my legs together or sit elsewhere or, occasionally, even wear trousers!

If I’m feeling particularly naughty I might go to the front of the room at the end of the class to ask a question; leaning forward to point to something in my notes or in a book, accidentally revealing my breasts beneath a loose fitting top. Or dropping my notes on the floor and crouching down to pick them up – providing both down blouse and up- skirt views simultaneously!

Of course, when playing this game, I make sure I’m wearing some suitably sexy panties – just in case I accidentally reveal a little more than intended!

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