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Breaking the Highway Code

Fucking in the Headlights
Lucy and Jake - Breaking the highway code.

Driving through town on Lucy’s last night, Jake looked over to her and saw a tear in her eye. She was leaving the next morning for Paris and couldn’t bare to be away from her lover and best friend. He sensed she needed something, a chat, a few more minutes alone so he indicated and turned off the main road to go out into the country.

Lucy looked at him bemused, but he had turned on their favourite album, wound down the windows and before Lucy knew it, the two of them were singing along full pitch. She felt immediately better by releasing all that tension, and put a hand on Jake’s leg as a thankful gesture. It made her feel free and careless again, just what she needed. The couple winded down country lanes into the night, the lampposts got fewer, cars scarcer and before they knew it, they were alone.

Jake pulled into a lay-by, undid his seat belt and turned towards Lucy. They were so in love that with every look they gave each other, there seemed to be such disbelief that they were each others. He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her towards him, their mouths locking in a long and passionate play, Jake’s tongue twirling playfully around Lucy’s which always made her giggle. She returned the playful gesture by gently biting on Jake’s bottom lip which immediately made him groan a little. Lucy loved hearing Jake enjoying himself, so she tried to get him as noisy as possible. After all, no one was around for miles.

She un-belted herself and sat as close to Jake as she could, her arms locked around his torso as she sucked his lips and kissed his neck. He was giddy with exhilaration when he leant forward to whisper in Lucy’s ear. This always made her giggle too, and he knew she would love what he said.

“Ever fancied cumming in a car, Luce?”. She loosened her embrace and paused to look at him. His eyes were glistening with anticipation, his breaths short and his heart racing. It hadn’t been the first time they had made love in public, in fact, they quite enjoyed the risk of being caught completely naked in broad daylight, so this was nothing in comparison.

No sooner had these words left his mouth, the couple jumped as they saw headlights in the distance. They clung to each other, hearts thumping, ducking their heads a car drove past. It seemed to last forever, the suspense making both of them hold their breaths and bodies rigidly. Then it passed. But what were they scared of? They were doing nothing wrong! Not yet anyway...

The two of them burst out laughing at how un-necessarily on edge they’d been, it was only a kiss!

“Why don’t we give them something to look at then” Said Lucy with a flirtatious grab of Jake’s balls.

“Why did you think I drove us all the way out here?” Jake replied, moving his hand further up Lucy’s thigh. He continued exploring her body in this way, touching and caressing every last inch he could lay his hand on until his hands found themselves in between Lucy’s legs.

He could feel her warm pussy, it must have been beginning to get wet he thought. Jake’s hands creeped slowly towards the top of Lucy’s tights. She raised her hips into the air allowing Jake to slide her tights down the length of her long legs. He did it so slowly, kissing each bit of skin that was revealed as if each bit was better than the last.

Lucy was certainly wet now, her petite breasts erect with anticipation that they could soon be kissed in the same passionate way as Jake was treating the rest of her body. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world having such a tender lover, and he felt the same for the fact that Lucy shared his adventurous side in the bedroom...

Lucy tried to move to un-button Jake’s jeans, but he moved her hand away, he wanted to get her ready for an amazing fucking first. With the same action as when he removed her tights, Jake pulled down Lucy’s thong and hitched up her skirt. He pulled her hips closer to his seat and made her lie back against the window. And there it was, her shaved pussy just visible in the dim moon light, her clit ready to give away to Jake completely. She was completely relaxed, the slow massage up Lucy’s thighs was to blame for her groans.

“Oh Jake, yes, YES, touch my clit baby.”

He teased her a while longer kneading the flesh at the the very top of her thighs, concentrating on her pubic mound, around her pussy lips until finally, what had seemed like hours, he simultaneously touched her clit for the first time and entered a finger into her pussy.

“OH JAKE” she moaned, already writhing in such pleasure. “Yes, rub my clit, rub it hard”

Jake did as he was told, circling the perfect little clit clockwise, inching his finger further into her pussy. He loved when Lucy was like this, telling him exactly what to do and being so loud. He made her sit back in the chair normally, pushed it back as far as it went and he sat in the footwell. She reclined the seat so she was lying down again, and let him get back to work.

He pulled her loose t-shirt over her head, revealing her small breasts. Jake remembered he had taken her bra off earlier and shoved it in her handbag. He loved it when she had no underwear on. He unbuttoned her skirt from top to bottom as it slid off to the floor. Now he had her naked.

He immediately went in for the kill... her pussy juices were far too tempting. He buried his face into her pussy, licking the juices, teasing her clit. He loved to taste her own sweet lube, his cock now bulging in his trousers. He inserted two fingers into her pussy and curled them up towards him, moving them quickly as he felt her g-spot begin to swell. He carried on licking around her clit, bringing her screams and moans to another level.

“YES, FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR FINGERS! EAT ME OUT!” Lucy panted. He could feel her getting so wet now, he was whipping his fingers inside her with such force you could even hear how wet she had become. Her naked body lifting and twisting with the intensity of each lick.

Then the two of them stopped still again. Headlights. Lucy sunk further into the chair as Jake scrambled back to his seat in an attempt to cover up his naked girlfriend. The car sped past as for the second time that night, the couple froze in panic.

“If I’m getting caught naked, then so are you!” Giggled Lucy, as she pulled off Jake’s top revealing his amazing chest. She went to un-button his trousers again, this time he let her. Jake’s cock was rock hard, it bounded out of his boxers into the sex-scented air of the car. He kicked off his shoes and helped Lucy to pull the jeans off him too.

Jake clambered over onto the back seat and held a hand out for Lucy. She followed excitedly as he sat back and turned her round. She couldn’t believe what they were about to do. She made sure that before a hand, a mouth or anything, that the very first thing his hard cock would feel would be her tight pussy locked around it.

Jake guided her back with his hand on Lucy’s curvy hips, then stopped as she hovered over his cock stood on end. He felt her full, juicy bum with both hands, squeezing it, biting it, before lowering her down onto him.

He felt first warmth, all over the head of his cock Lucy’s pussy juices glided over him. He went in further. Tightness. Her pussy clamped around the head of his cock as it pulsated, he wanted his whole cock to feel this so he pushed Lucy right down onto his cock.

“My cock is so deep in you baby” Jake said in disbelief. As he pushed her up and down, Lucy’s G-Spot getting pounded, the two of them moaned so loudly, shouting each others names, telling them to fuck each other harder, faster.

Jake let go of Lucy’s hips and his hands wandered to find her breasts. He held one in each hand, squeezing them, tweaking the nipples, rubbing them so passionately. Lucy took the opportunity to slow things down a bit, and to really feel his dick inside her. She moved her hips from side to side, then rotated them around the head of his cock. The whole time he couldn’t have been any deeper inside her, his balls pushed right up to the entrance of her vagina.

It felt so good for Jake, he felt a sudden tightness from every angle as she moved her body seductively for him. She put her hands in the air so he could just make out the silhouette of her curved back, her waist, her soft ass.

The scene was too much to take in. Jake could see that beautiful silhouette, smell the musty sex smell radiating the car, still taste her juices on his lips, hear her moaning getting louder with every rotation on his cock, and feel her breasts cupped tightly in his hands.

“OH GOD, Jake it feels too good!” Lucy moaned. He had forgotton about the amazing fingering he had given to her.

“I’m going to cum!” She screamed, now bouncing on his cock up and down. Jake caught a glimpse of his cock in the dim light, almost completely out of her pussy, it glistened with pre-cum and juices and stood hard on end. Then before he could catch his breath, Lucy crossed her legs over, tightening her pussy further and rammed his hard cock right up into her, panting with pleasure as she climaxed from his big cock in her.
She forcefully rode his cock, with every thrust another wave of orgasm hit her body, clamping tighter onto his cock until he found himself joining in with these waves or orgasm.

Thick white cum came splashing out of Jake’s cock, filling her pussy with a warm and wet sensation. She continued riding his cock, cum trickled out of her pussy and onto his balls.

They sat worn out, breathing heavily as Lucy turned round to kiss Jake. The sort of kiss that said everything from “Thank you, I love you” to “We have got to do this again!”.

They slowly got dressed and climbed back into the front seats of the car. Jake started the ignition and pulled out into the road, making sure to look in his wing mirror at the place he had just fucked his girlfriend so well.

“So.. Where shall we do it next?” Winked Jake.

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