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Bucket List: Exhibitionism

Sarah and Mark exhibit themselves
Sex Bucket List Rules.

A list of sexual fantasies to complete before we kick the bucket!

We each have our own list.
We take turns to choose from our lists
Fantasies can be as simple or as complicated as you like.
If a fantasy needs props then it’s the owner of the fantasies' job to provide them.
If you have a fantasy you’re not allowed to introduce it in bed before bucket night!
If you’re not comfortable with the fantasy you can say No.
No involvement of other people without mutual agreement.
Safe word is "Access Denied!"


Our next bucket list session happened accidently during a winter break in Spain. We’d both been working really hard during January and February and had very little time for each other, let alone dedicating a quality evening for a bucket list entry! We were incorporating various aspects of our previous bucket list experience in our ‘everyday’ sexual exploits.

I’d spanked Sarah over my knee twice as a way of giving her stress relief after killer days in the office. The butt plugs had also stayed in use, Sarah in particular liked having the largest of the three in her bum when I fucked her. I generally stuck to the medium sized one and had even used it a couple of times on myself when I was wanking.

We arrived at the hotel in Spain mid-morning after getting an early morning flight. The room was luxurious with a king sized bed, comfortable sofa, bathroom with a double sized shower and, best of all, a large balcony. The balcony adjoined the next room’s balcony and there was a gate with a lock on each side to give access. There was also a gap in the fence where a frosted glass panel had been broken so we could see into next doors balcony!

As I was looking at the broken screen the glass sliding door into the next room opened and a couple in their late twenties/early thirties emerged. The bloke was wearing swimming shorts and the woman was wearing a baggy vest top and bikini bottoms. Both of them were lean and sporty. The woman had small, perky tits with small nipples that were pushing against the thin cotton of her top.

‘Oh, hi!’ said the women with a smile.

‘Hi there!’ I said, blushing a little as I realised it looked like I was trying to peep into their bedroom!

‘Just arrived?’ the guy asked.

‘Yes, I was just looking around. Looks like a privacy screen is missing here,’ I said, indicating the gap.

‘Hello,’ I heard Sarah say from behind me. ‘I’m Sarah, this is Mark.’

‘I’m Ginny and this is Tony,’ Ginny said.

We exchanged pleasantries then went to unpack and rid ourselves of some clothing then have a wander around the complex. Sarah dressed in a light cotton sun dress and I was wearing a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. As it was March, the temperature was what we’d expect in the middle of summer but without the humidity we get in the UK. We had a nice lunch in a café on the beach then slowly made our way back to the room.

‘You know I totally forgot to put knickers on when I got changed this morning,’ Sarah whispered to me as we walked down the path hand in hand, ‘the breeze on my pussy is making me really horny!’

Sarah stopped and looked around, a cheeky grin on her face.

‘Look!’ She said lifting the front of her skirt up to show me her completely shaved pussy.

‘Wow, lovely!’ I said admiring it, my cock getting hard in my shorts. ‘When did you do that?’

‘At the salon yesterday afternoon when I had my hair cut. I had it waxed and it was about the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced so you’d better show your appreciation!’

‘Oh I will. In fact I’d do it here if I could be sure of not getting caught!’ I laughed, hugging and kissing Sarah.

We practically ran back to our room and we were naked almost before the door was shut. We grabbed each other and started kissing passionately, the air conditioned room giving our skin goose bumps.

‘Lie on your back on the bed,’ Sarah demanded pushing me away from her.

I practically jumped on the bed, pushing a pillow behind my head. Sarah climbed on to the bed, straddling my head then lowered her pussy to my mouth. Her hands grabbed my hard cock and her tongue touched the end making me shudder with delight. Her pussy was soaking and I lapped at her clit and lips as my hands roamed over her bum and back.

Sarah slowly engulfed my cock with her mouth as one hand moved my foreskin up and down and the other played with my balls and teased my bum. I opened my legs to give Sarah more access and started to stroke my own fingers over her bum. I began to concentrate on her clit with my tongue and lips, running my tongue around the hard nub with slow strokes. I pressed my finger against her anus and the tip slipped inside. Sarah took my cock out of her mouth and pushed her hips back against my tongue. I pressed harder and started to gently slip the end of my finger in and out of her arsehole.

Sarah wasn’t doing anything to me now, all her attention was focused on her own impending orgasm. Her breathing was rapid and she was grinding her clit against my tongue. Suddenly she stiffened and I knew I had got her. I started to lick directly across her clit with long, hard strokes of my tongue.

‘Oh God!’ Sarah moaned as her orgasm hit her.

I pushed my finger deeper into her arse, holding her on my face with my other hand and continued the long, hard strokes on her clit. Her breathing stopped and her legs began to quiver. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and pushed down on her g-spot. A sudden small squirt of liquid from her cunt told me I’d hit the right spot and I felt her breath explode from her lungs.

Sarah rolled off me, pulling my fingers out of her and lay on her stomach panting. Her whole body was quivering. I knew from experience she’d be out of it for a minute or two and her pussy would be way too sensitive to touch for 10 minutes or so. I knelt next to her stroking her back, buttocks and thighs feeling her shiver at my touch. My cock was rock hard and I needed to cum but didn’t want to rush Sarah. I started to wank myself off as I stroked her skin with my free hand.

I was starting to get really excited and wondered if I should just cum on Sarah’s back and bum when she slowly turned over and smiled at me.

‘Can I join in or do you want a little me time?’ She grinned.

‘What are you up for?’ I asked sliding my hand up and down my cock.

Sarah responded by sitting up and pushing me on to my back and opened my legs. She knelt between them, leaned forward and started to suck my cock. Her hand found my balls and started to pull my ball sac, a pleasure I’d discovered recently. Her other hand went underneath me and started to press against my anus. I lay back and concentrated on the feeling of Sarah’s hands and mouth on my genitals.

Her finger pressed deeper into my arse and started pressing against my prostate. She hit the spot almost immediately and I moaned loudly to let her know she was on it. She pulled my scrotum harder than before and I totally lost control spurting cum into her mouth and down her throat. Sarah gasped and pulled my cock out of her mouth and I rewarded her with a second spurt of cum on her chin.

‘Got you!’ Sarah smiled, cum dripping off her chin.

‘Oh God you certainly did!’ I gasped. ‘What a nice start to the holiday!’

Sarah lay on top of me and I kissed and licked cum off her chin. We chatted for a while then snoozed for a couple of hours before having a shower together and getting changed for dinner. Sarah wore a more formal summer dress with a halter neck but, once again, no underwear at all.

I was horny all through dinner but the restaurant was crowded so we had to be on our best behaviour. We drank a lot of wine with the dinner and walked back to our room feeling the effects. It was a fairly warm evening and there were still plenty of people around in the grounds of the hotel complex so, again, we had to behave. When we got to our room I tried to undress Sarah straight away but she pushed me away.

‘I want to go out on the balcony for a minute and I can’t do that naked!’ Sarah said pushing me away with a smile.

‘You could if that privacy screen wasn’t missing!’ I laughed.

Sarah walked out on to the balcony as I opened a bottle of wine we’d bought that afternoon and poured a couple of glasses out. I took off my shoes and socks and joined Sarah on the balcony. We clinked glasses and stood looking out over the hotel and the distant sea drinking the cold wine. I moved behind Sarah and hugged her, running my hands over her tits and feeling her thick nipples harden to my touch.

‘Lift my dress up and fuck me,’ Sarah said gently.

‘Here?’ I said looking over at next doors balcony. I could see a light on but the door to the balcony looked shut.

‘If we don’t get naked it will look as if we’re just hugging!’ Sarah smiled.

I undid my trousers and pulled my cock out of the fly then lifted Sarah’s dress up over her bum. I was at the right height to enter her thanks to the heels on her strappy shoes and my bare feet. Sarah was soaking wet and my cock smoothly slipped inside her pussy. I started to fuck her gently, taking my time as I kissed her bare shoulders and neck, my hands reaching forward and pinching her nipples through the soft, thin material of her dress.

‘Oh fuck, Mark, that feels good,’ Sarah whispered grabbing hold of the guard rail and pushing her bum back against me.

I thought I heard something from the neighbouring balcony but I was too busy concentrating on kissing Sarah’s neck as we fucked to give it much thought. I felt Sarah stiffen under me and stop pushing back. I looked down at her and she was smiling over at the neighbour’s balcony. I followed her gaze as she started to push back against me again.

Tony was standing on his balcony watching us. Our eyes met and he looked slightly embarrassed but didn’t move. I could see one of his hands on the wall but the other was down in front of him. I wondered how long he’d been watching us, where Ginny was and if he was having a wank as he watched us.

‘Keep fucking me Mark, let him watch us,’ Sarah said loud enough for Tony to hear.

OK, I thought, let’s give him something to watch.

I turned Sarah around so she was facing Tony, my cock still buried in her cunt, and undid the straps around her neck to let her tits go free. I saw a blush appear on her face as I held her tits up so Tony could get a decent view. I started kissing her neck again and rolling her nipples in my fingers, pulling hard on them every so often to make her cry out.

I could tell from the movements Tony was making that he was having wanking as he watched us. The thought made me even hornier than I already was and I began to bang Sarah even harder. Sarah was suddenly naked, she’d undone the buttons on her dress and pulled it out from between us. Tony’s eyes seemed to get wider as he watched Sarah writhing against me. Her hand went between her legs and I felt her fingers brush my cock as she played with her clit.

I couldn’t control myself anymore and shot my load deep inside Sarah’s cunt. Sarah came just after me, throwing her head back against my shoulder. I pinched her nipples and kissed her mouth making her squeal. We broke apart, my cock slipping out of her wet cunt. She picked up her dress and looked over at Tony, smiled and walked into our room.

‘Good night!’ I said to Tony as I put my cock away.

‘Err, good night! And, err, thank you!’ Tony stammered.

I walked into the bedroom and found Sarah sat on the sofa naked. Her cheeks, and her chest for that matter, were blushed.

‘I can’t believe we just did that!’ she said.

‘Me neither. I can’t believe how turned on I was by it too!’

‘I’ve fantasised about it and I suppose I can tick another entry off my bucket list now!’ Sarah laughed, ‘but I didn’t think I’d ever do it. Did you see his face when you turned me around and pulled my boobs out?’

‘Yes but it was nothing to the look on his face when you got naked and buried your fingers in your pussy!’ I laughed. ‘I wonder if he shot his load on the glass wall.’

‘I think he did.’ Sarah said, ‘We should try that again later this week and unlock the gate to see if he’ll come in and watch a bit closer. It’s a bit dark out there so he probably didn’t get a great look.’

‘If you think the same later this week when you’re sober I’ll do it. I wonder where his girlfriend was.’

‘She can watch too if she likes!’ Sarah said in a very slutty voice. ‘Maybe we should put a card under the door and invite them!’

I couldn’t believe my ears, worst yet I couldn’t believe my cock was reacting to Sarah’s suggestions. We went to bed and whispered fantasies about being watched and watching Tony and Ginny until we fell asleep.

Next morning I expected Sarah to be horrified about what we’d done but she was the opposite. She’d tried out a fantasy on her bucket list and it hadn’t been exactly how she’d wanted it to be and she wanted to do something about it. I hoped poor Tony knew what he’d let himself in for. More to the point I hoped Ginny would be interested in joining in. Same room sex was on my bucket list after all!

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