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Nude dancer is surprised by co-workers
Twenty four year old Kelly peered into the mirror to give one last look before heading out to the dance floor.

It had been three years now since she had began dancing at the all-nude club. She was down on her luck and about to be evicted from her apartment when she passed the gaudy club and saw the advertisement for exotic dancers. One year after, she landed a part time job at a call center some 35 miles away, but closer to her apartment. Since the call center job was morning work, she kept her strip club job, certain that no-one at work would ever find out.

It was a typical Saturday night crowd.

The girls coming in chattered away about the usual high tippers and where to find them. It was time for her performance and she had opted for the cowgirl routine tonight. The rowdy guys loved it when she roped them and pulled them to her naked body. It generally resulted in some extra cash, and that was the name of the game.

The disc jockey fired up her favorite tunes and she was soon bumping and grinding to get the crowd riled up and the guys reaching for their billfolds.

Fate had given her the perfect body for stripping. She had hypnotic green eyes, and a smile that was intoxicating. Her 38C breasts were equally blessed with soft brown areola and puffy nipples that often grew hard while performing. Her tight abdomen, long sensual legs, and pear shaped ass made her one of the most favored dancers.

Kelly zeroed in on a table of college studs and began dancing directly in front of them. Their eyes were glued to her every move as if in a trance. She reached up and removed her cowgirl hat and playfully placed it on one of the guys heads to the delight of the others as her body swayed to the grind of the music.

She played the first set with perfect timing, making sure that she removed her top, giving the guys an up close and personal view of her luscious tits. The money was already coming her way when her first song ended. She had whetted their appetite. They wanted to see this girl totally naked and she had them right where she wanted them as the next number began playing.

Things could not have been going any better for her as she glanced at the dollar bills lining the runway. Moving down the rows of tables she was just about to strip out of her skimpy skirt when she froze in sheer fear.

Sitting at a table were a dozen or so co-workers from the call center.

The crowd sensed her hesitation and was growing restless.

“ Come on strip.” “Take it off girl.” came the calls from the crowd.

She was close enough to her co-workers to hear them as well. Jenna, who Kelly did not particularly like called out first.

“ Yea take it all off bitch. We came to see a strip show, so show us what you got,” she yelled as the others laughed and hooted.

Her eyes shot to the rear of the room. The club owner was leering at her. She was a mouse caught in a trap. If she stopped dancing, she was finished, if she continued she would never live it down with her co-workers.

She snapped back to reality, deciding to move back towards the table with the college guys. She tried in desperation to block out the fact that her co-workers were watching as she slipped the mini skirt off revealing a bright blue thong. The tight strip was buried in her ass cheeks as she sensually moved her ass around for the delight of the guys, who were busy stuffing it with money.

Not to be outdone, her co-workers began waving money in the air. No stripper in her right mind would ignore a table flashing money, especially with the owner watching. She bit her lip and sexily danced towards the table, her breasts and ass moving to the intoxicating rhythm of the music.

As she approached the dreaded table, she was rather shocked to see them all eagerly stuffing money into the only piece of clothing remaining.

“ I'm sorry you had to find out like this. Please don't tell any of the supervisors,” Kelly managed to remark, while keeping her smile and composure going as a masquerade to the rest of the room.

“ Hell no. We think it is great,” one of the guys remarked.

The others nodded in approval, but it was now time for Kelly to lose the thong and go commando. She stood up, shook her raven locks and in a sexy way, she lowered her thong and stepped out of them. Twirling them in her fingers, she pranced around the table, exhibiting her sensual naked body as the crowd shouted deliriously.

In a final moment of triumph, Kelly tossed the blue thong directly into the face of Jenna and strutted off triumphantly.

The next day at the call center, everyone came up to tell her how awesome she was. Jenna called in sick that day. In the weeks that followed more and more of the workers went to see Kelly perform. She became the highest grossing dancer at the club thanks to the support of her co-workers and new found fame.

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