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Camryn's Dive Trip

Needing relief from a hectic life.
I needed an escape from my crazy life at work and my “too good to be true” guy in Vegas. It felt like the world was closing in on me a bit. I needed some release. Every year my mom, sisters and I, and sometimes some extended family make a trip to St John's Island for two weeks of fun and relaxation in the warm sun and clear tropical waters. For this trip, it would just the four of us girls. It came at the perfect time for me.

We had a guided scuba trip set for the first day. I couldn’t wait to get the scuba gear on and spend an hour with the fishes. After a quick island breakfast my sisters Melissa, Michelle, and I left mom at the hotel for her spa treatment while we made our way to the docks for our tour. We easily found the sign for “Captain John and Scuba Dan's Underwater Tours" and made our way to the boat.

Some of the other pleasure divers were already there. We said a few hellos and shared excited pleasantries as we prepared to leave the dock. Captain John and Scuba Dan greeted us and promised an adventure that we would never forget. They were not at all what I expected. Instead of gray hair, pot bellies, and scraggly beards, they were younger and quite athletic. Both were in their early 30s, and were fit and nicely tanned. Captain John was 6 feet tall with sandy blonde hair and eyes as blue as the ocean water. Dan was slightly taller with brown hair and eyes and the body of an Olympic swimmer.

The two men helped the passengers aboard. Captain John took my hand and as he helped me over the side of the boat, I lost my balance. He grabbed my waist and pulled me against him. It felt good having me in his strong arms. He held me there for a second or two longer than he needed to, but I didn’t resist. He whispered in my ear, “Are you okay, Miss?”

“Yes Captain. I think you can let go of me now,” I chuckled.

“Yes. Yes,” I suppose I can. “You seem to be steady now.”

I joined my sisters toward the stern as Scuba Dan cast off the lines. As the boat chugged out to a nearby cove, Scuba Dan gave us our gear and ordered us to do a check of our equipment. He walked over to the Captain and they began whispering and chuckling in muffled tones. Soon Scuba Dan was back going over the gear with the other divers. Everything looked fine on my rented equipment, so I began to get ready to dive. I took off my cover-up, leaving me in my bright purple bikini and white t-shirt.

As I helped Michelle put her tank on, I noticed Scuba Dan fiddling with my scuba tank. He was shaking his head. It didn’t look good.

“I’m afraid you have a leaky weld here, Miss. I can’t let you dive with this equipment today,” he said.

I said, “Don’t you have another tank?”

“I’m afraid not. You’ll have to sit this one out, Miss,” he said.

My sisters said that they would not dive as well and keep me company, but I insisted that they go. We had all been looking forward to this trip and I didn’t want them to miss the opportunity. I told them that I would lie out on the deck and get some sun while they swam with the fishes. As Melissa and Michelle got their gear on, I noticed that the captain seemed to have his eye on me. I did find him attractive, so I thought I would give him something extra to look at.

I took off my t-shirt and caressed my flat tummy, knowing full well, that the Captain was watching me. Michelle noticed what I was doing and smiled. “I can see you will be putting your time to good use, sis,” she said chuckling.

I just smiled and edged my fingertips lower, sliding them just under my bikini bottoms. I could see him staring at me. Our eyes locked. He knew that my show was for him and I knew that he wanted me desperately. I couldn’t wait for everyone to get over the side. I had big plans for Captain John.

As the divers went one by one over the side, I helped my sisters get prepared. Melissa was very focused on the dive, thinking about her gear and her training. I was a mere afterthought, buy my other sister Michelle was still hesitating because I wouldn’t be able to join them. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “Go ahead, sis. I plan to see if the Captain is a good diver too.”

She laughed out loud, and then flipped backward off the side of the boat and into the clear blue water. I grabbed a beach towel from my bag and climbed the ladder to the bridge to join the Captain. He seemed startled at first but smiled and invited me to join him up above. The breeze was barely a breath and the sun made my whole body feel toasty warm.

“Sorry about the gear, Miss,” the Captain said breaking the silence between us.

“No problem. Would you mind if I caught some sun out there?” I said pointing the foredeck.

“As you please. Just watch your step. The footing can be a little tricky up there,” he said.

Being experienced on boats, I hurried down the ladder, moved along the side of boat and onto the bow. Without looking back at the Captain, I united my purple string bikini and let it fall to the deck. I bent over, with my back turned to him, giving him a spectacular view of my bare ass. I spread out the beach towel and lay down on my back. I slowly spread some suntan lotion over my stomach and breasts. I knew he was staring at me. I could feel it. I didn’t even have to look up.

I closed my eyes for a few moments and enjoyed the warm sun on my skin. I could also feel the dampness building between my thighs as I knew how my naughtiness was playing for the horny Captain.

Suddenly, a thump startled me. First, I thought Captain John may have fallen out of his chair while watching me, but as I sat up, I saw him coming towards me. I could also see an enormous bulge in his cargo shorts. As he got closer, I teased him, “Did you decide to get some sun too, Skipper?”

He didn’t say a word. His hands were feverishly working to unfasten his pants. As they dropped to the deck, I saw his enormous cock for the first time. He had to be at least ten inches long and the girth of his member left me speechless. Instinctively, I reached out and took it in my hand and stroked it. He moved closer, and without another word between us, I took his cock deep into my mouth. It was so large that I could only get an each or two below the head into my mouth.

I love to suck cock, and it frustrated me a bit that I couldn’t take him deeper. I gagged a couple of times while doing my best. The Captain thrust his hips into me, but after several strokes, he seemed to lose patience. He grabbed my wrist and spun me around until I was on my hands and knees before him. He unceremoniously grabbed my hips and drove forward until I felt his beautiful dick stretching my soaked pussy. He took it slow at first, but picked up speed as my body adjusted to him. At that moment, I was lost in a wave of pleasure. I was oblivious to where I was. I didn’t care if the rest of the party surfaced to find us. I didn’t care if a typhoon hit. Hell, I didn’t care if we were boarded by a band of cutthroat pirates. All I cared about was having him pound that marvelous cock into my pussy.

As he continued to fuck me, he started caressing my right ass cheek. Suddenly, he smacked it hard. He caressed where he smacked me, then smacked me there sharply again. The pleasure and pain were exquisite. He managed to time each smack with a down thrust of his cock so I felt the impact of both sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. After a dozen slaps, he switched hands and left my ass a perfect crimson color.

Just as I felt my climax starting to crescendo, he pulled his cock out of my pussy. I felt a momentary sense of disappointment, thinking that he was somehow through with me. Then, I felt him rubbing the head of his cock against my asshole. I panicked, and tried to pull away. I was no stranger to anal, but I didn’t think there was any way that his member would fit inside of me. He held me. He controlled me. He put his right hand on my throat, leaned in and whispered, “You be still now.”

For some reason, those few words relaxed me. I let him have me. He pushed his enormous head inside my ass. He hurt for a second as he eased slowly and gently inside me. I felt completely full as he began stroking. He held my hips and began caressing my throbbing ass cheeks. I reached back and pressed my fingers into my clit. I felt his body tense and I knew his climax was near.

“Fuck my pussy, please,” I begged.

He pulled out of my ass and slammed his cock back into my soaked pussy. As I climaxed, my pussy clenched him tightly and I heard him moan loudly as filled me with hot cum. I collapsed against the deck. We both worked to try to catch our breath. When I finally came to my senses, I saw the Captain standing and pulling his cargo shorts back on. I turned and saw Michelle and Scuba Dan standing on the bridge watching us. Michelle yelled to me, “Scuba Dan here still says he owes you a drive trip. Do you think we can come back tomorrow?”

I laughed loudly, “You bet, sis. I would love to cum again and again.”

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