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Carla's Interview - Part 2

Continuing Carla's interview for a kinky position.
“Now,” said Michelle, “I suppose we’d better take a good look at you”.

She guided Carla by the hand and made her stand in front of the desk, while Andrew moved to sit on a sofa. Michelle instructed Carla to take off her skirt. She obliged, letting it drop to the floor and stepping out of it. She was now wearing nothing but a pair of lacy black panties, black stockings and black high-heeled shoes. Michelle glanced at Andrew and smiled. They were both pleased with what they saw. Carla felt exposed and vulnerable, but also a little excited by the attention she was getting.

Michelle stepped towards Carla, took her arm and turned her towards the desk. “Bend over” she whispered, pushing Carla onto the desk until her face was flat against the surface. “Very nice,” said Michelle, as she allowed her hands to wander down Carla’s back towards her arse. She left one hand placed firmly on Carla’s back. With her other hand, she reached between Carla’s legs and lifted her crotch, causing her arse to stick up in the air.

“That’s it.” said Michelle “Arch your back. Keep that gorgeous arse sticking out until I tell you otherwise.” Michelle slapped the inside of Carla’s thighs, ordering her to spread her legs wider. Carla felt a bit like a porn star, displaying her goods for everyone to see. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Andrew staring at her lustfully while playing with his cock. His face looked flushed with excitement.

Michelle stepped back to stand besides Andrew and get a good view of Carla’s arse on display. “Hmmm, very nice,” said Michelle “I like your underwear. You don’t mind if I take it off, do you?”

Michelle didn’t wait for an answer. She moved quickly to where Carla was bent over the desk. Carla was wearing black panties, the type with two satin ribbon bows either side, making them very easy to undo. “I’ve always wanted to do this to another girl.” said Michelle as she slowly pulled the ribbons undone.

Michelle stood to the side of Carla to give Andrew a good view as she teased the bows apart. Carla’s knickers slowly came away as Michelle lifted them up, exposing Carla’s tight young pussy. Carla was doing her best to keep her arse sticking up in the air, as Michelle had instructed. Carla looked at Michelle, who was now folding her panties into her hand.

Michelle said “You don’t mind if I keep these as a souvenir, do you?” Staring directly at Carla, Michelle lifted the crotch of the panties to her nose and sniffed them.

“No.” gasped Carla, thinking, “Oh my God, she’s so sexy, I can’t believe how horny she’s making me.”

Michelle pocketed the young girl’s panties and spoke to her in a teasing manner: “I bet you didn’t think you’d be doing this on your first interview, did you Carla? How does it feel, to be in this position, exposing your cute little body to the boss on your first day here?”

The reality of the situation began to dawn on Carla as Michelle taunted her. She’d only met them an hour ago, and yet here she was, spread naked in front of them, like a common slut. How had she gotten herself into such a vulnerable position? She knew she’d been played by Michelle. The woman was so incredibly sexy; it was hard to resist her. Carla began to suspect that she would do just about anything Michelle asked.

“Well?” Michelle was still waiting for answer “Are you normally this speechless at interviews?”

“This is my first interview,” replied Carla.

“I see,” continued Michelle, “And do you like this type of interview process?”

Carla had to admit that she did.

“Good,” said Michelle “We like to keep our staff satisfied. I can assure that if you get offered a job here, there’ll be plenty more of this sort of treatment in store for you young lady, especially from me.”

Carla couldn’t help notice the slight menace in that last statement, but all she could think was how fucking fantastic it would be to work at a place like this. Now she was desperate for them to offer her the job.

“I’m still waiting for an answer to my previous question.” said Michelle, impatiently “Do you like being put on display like this?”

“Yes, I do.” Carla responded quickly. She was learning that Michelle didn’t stand for any nonsense.

“Tell me honestly: how does it make you feel?” asked Michelle.

“Horny,” answered Carla. “It turns me on knowing that I’m exposed, vulnerable; that you’re both staring at me. It’s making me wet.”

“Hmm, good answer.” smiled Michelle. “That wasn’t so difficult, was it? Are you really getting wet?”

Michelle walked up to Carla, who was still bent over the desk. She placed her fingers on Carla’s exposed mound and rubbed her pussy, making Carla gasp in delight. Then she slipped a finger into Carla’s pussy. It went in easily.

“Ooh, you are wet, aren’t you?” said Michelle. “What a dirty little slut.” She pulled her finger out and looked back towards Andrew as she put it into her mouth to taste Carla’s pussy juice. Then she plunged two fingers back into Carla’s cunt and finger-fucked the girl. Michelle grabbed Carla’s hair, pulling her head back while continuing to probe her cunt vigorously.

“Oh fuck,” gasped Carla, as she was forced to arch back with her legs against the desk. Michelle noticed that Carla had risen from the desk slightly. She stopped fingering, and gave Carla’s arse a firm slap, causing Carla to cry out, more in shock than pain.

“Keep your fucking arse sticking out,” said Michelle vehemently. She grabbed Carla’s pussy lips and physically lifted her up until she was back in the correct position. “Don’t make me tell you again, slut.”

Carla was shocked by the fierceness of Michelle’s tone. She’d sensed the woman was not to be reckoned with, and now she knew just how dominant she could be. Not only that, she was surprised to discover that, in some perverse kind of way, she actually enjoyed the rough treatment.

Michelle grabbed Carla's arse cheeks and pulled them aside, exposing her arse hole. She gently prodded Carla's arsehole, causing Carla to moan and gasp.

"Do you like that?" asked Michelle.

"Yes" groaned Carla, her face flat against Andrew's desk.

"Do you know what I'm thinking right now, Carla?" Michelle went on as she continued to probe the Carla's arse hole. "I'm wondering whether you'd like me to replace my finger with my tongue."

"Oh, God" was all Carla could manage to say. She could feel herself getting wetter at the very thought of it.

Michelle continued to tease the young girl. "Would like that Carla? Would you like another woman to tongue your dirty little arse hole?"

"Uhh... yes... please," breathed Carla. She struggled to maintain her position with her arse sticking up. Her legs felt like jelly.

"I thought so." said Michelle.

Andrew watched as Michelle squatted behind Carla and promptly started to lick and tongue the young girl's deliciously tight arse. Carla started to writhe and squeal in delight. She clung on to the desk, almost causing it to tip over as she shuddered and groaned in response to Michelle's expert oral attention.

"Oh my... fucking... God, I'm coming." Carla cried out. She shook the desk violently as an orgasm rippled through her. It was intense. She was still breathing heavily and heaving against the desk as the wonderful feelings she'd just experienced began to subside.

Michelle looked back towards Andrew, smiled and licked her lips before standing up and walking to the middle of the room, leaving Carla propped against the desk, recovering from her orgasm.

To be continued...

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