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Caroline's Final Adventure with Mr. White

Caroline has sex with Jennie, exposes herself in public, gets to know Mr White really well
Caroline’s Final Adventure with Mr. White

This is the fifth and last of Caroline’s adventures with Mr. White

My next opportunity to be with Mr. White, after the picnic at the nature preserve, arose a couple of weeks later. Jennie spent the weekend after the picnic staying with me. This gave us a wonderful chance to get to know one’s another’s bodies at our leisure and in as much depth as we could manage with our tongues and fingers. All in the name of experimentation to prepare us for our boyfriends, of course. But very exciting. She invited me to come spend the following weekend at her house. I accepted with alacrity, as you can well imagine. On the Thursday before the weekend, though, Jennie called to say that her mother had to go out of town to visit her sister who had fallen ill. I was disappointed but said that I hoped her mom’s sister would be okay and that maybe I could spend the night with her after her mom returned. While we were talking I heard Mr. White in the background. After a minute Jennie asked me to hold on, that her dad was trying to tell her something. When she came back on the phone she said that her dad was going to be home and had told her that it was okay for us to go ahead with our plans. I was thrilled! My mind was already racing with possibilities. Which I immediately felt guilty about until Jennie assured me that her aunt wasn’t gravely ill, and that it was more that her mom had wanted an excuse to go visit her as she hadn’t seen her in a while.

I went over to Jennie’s on Friday afternoon. We went to the local mall where we flirted with a few boys but my heart really wasn’t into it as I was thinking so much about Mr. White and wanting to be flirting with him. While we were at the mall Jennie’s dad called and told her that he would like to make us a nice dinner that evening and that we could dress up if we wanted to. Both of us were excited. We didn’t get that many opportunities to get dressed up even though we loved to do so. We hurried home to begin our preparations. We did get a little side tracked, though, when both of us undressed to take our showers. I looked at Jennie and she looked good enough to eat. Her breasts were so lovely and her nipples had become erect. My eyes tracked downwards from her breasts to her navel to her pussy. Jennie’s pubic hair barely covered her lovely pussy. I walked over to her and before she could protest, if she even had a mind to do so, I took her into my arms and kissed her. Jennie’s hands went around my back and caressed my upper torso before sliding down to my naked bottom. Her fingers strayed to the slit in my ass but Jennie, not realizing that this was very exciting for me, quickly moved her hands back, though still keeping them firmly on my hips.

After a few minutes of kissing we moved to the bed. We positioned ourselves so that we could continue kissing but with the freedom to explore each other’s breasts and pussies with our hands. I was already quite moist and Jennie rapidly became equally damp. When she was thoroughly wet I broke off our kissing and scooched my body around so that my lips and tongue could explore Jennie’s pussy and suck on her clit. Jenny used her lips and tongue in a similar fashion on me. We both came within minutes. We knew we should stop and get our showers but what we were doing felt too good to cease so we continued until we had both come twice more. Only then did we check the time. Now we really had to hurry. I told Jennie that I would take my shower in the guest bathroom to save time while she took hers in her own bathroom. I opened her bedroom door and began walking, naked, down the hallway.

“Caroline, what are you doing? What if daddy comes home?”

“He won’t be here for a while, Jennie, and I’ll wrap the towel around me before coming back.”

Jennie wasn’t too sure about that but as we really were running late she didn’t object. At least, not too strongly. During my shower I re-lived the excitement that I had just had with Jennie and fantasized about the fun I hoped to have with her dad. As I was drying myself after my shower I heard the front door open and close. I began to wrap the towel around myself but when I heard Jennie’s shower still running I undraped it, wrapped it around my hair and walked naked out of the shower and into the living room. I’ll never forget the scene that I was presented with. Mr. White, standing in the middle of the room, looked astonished to see me naked in his living room. But I was even more astonished to see him because he wasn’t alone. There was another man, dressed in a dark blue business suit and presumably a colleague, standing next to him! His jaw had gaped open and he was staring directly at my pussy! I turned a bright shade of red, mumbled that I hadn’t heard Mr. White come in, that we were running late and I had to use the guest shower, and that I was so, so sorry. What I didn’t do, though, was to make any move to remove the towel from my hair and cover myself with it. Mr. White stared as frankly at me as his business associate did, though Mr. White alternated between ogling my rapidly moistening pussy and staring at my very erect nipples.

“It’s okay, Caroline. We didn’t mean to frighten you. But perhaps you should finish dressing now.”

“Oh, of course.” And I turned to go back to Jennie’s bedroom but made certain that both men had an extended view of my bottom. I thanked my lucky stars that Mr. White hadn’t asked me why I would be walking naked into the living room even if I had thought that no one was home. I can’t even imagine what excuse I would have tried to come up with.

Once in the hallway and out of sight of the men, I removed the towel from my head and wrapped it around myself before going in to Jennie’s room. Jennie was still in the shower. I very quickly put on a short white skirt. I didn’t want Jennie to see that I wasn’t putting any panties on. She would probably find out later that I didn’t have anything on under my skirt but by then it would be too late for her to remonstrate with me about not wearing any panties. I was just putting my bra on when Jennie came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. “That’s a very pretty bra, Caroline. But isn’t it a little bit transparent?”

“Completely transparent, Jennie. But I’ll be wearing a blouse over it so it doesn’t matter.”

Jennie looked a little dubious but nodded. She turned, dropped her towel and quickly pulled her panties on. Her regular white cotton panties. I smiled but Jennie couldn’t see as she still had her back to me. She put on a bra that any mother could feel good about. If a boy saw it any thoughts he might have had about having sex with Jennie would probably have fled, it was that ugly. I bit my tongue and said nothing as I put my man tailored pink blouse on and buttoned it up. It was almost as transparent as my bra was. I knew that my nipples could be seen beneath it. Maybe not clearly, but there could be no doubt that I had breasts and that they were topped with little pink nipples. Of course, I hoped that my nipples would become erect and be a lot more noticeable, but short of actively rubbing them I didn’t know of any way to make them do that. And besides, I didn’t want them to become erect until Mr. White was there to see them.

Jennie put a dark wrap around skirt on. It was short but still considerably longer than mine. She topped it off with a very pretty peasant blouse. I told her that she really ought not to wear a bra with that blouse and that she truly didn’t need one in any case. Not that her breasts were small because they weren’t. But they definitely didn’t need any support. The bra was to hide her breasts, not to hold them up. I told Jennie that as we weren’t going out any place there was really no need to be shy but she wouldn’t hear of it. I shrugged and gave up gracefully. I was, after all, wearing a bra myself, but in my case it was only because my blouse was sufficiently transparent that if I hadn’t worn a bra it would have been all too obvious that I wasn’t wearing one. That would have been fine if it had been only Jennie’s dad and me but I didn’t want Jennie to become suspicious. In retrospect I would probably have had to get down on my knees in front of Jennie, take out her dad’s cock and suck on it before she would have dreamed that someone her own age could be interested in someone her dad’s age. But I didn’t realize that at the time.

I was quite apprehensive, though, about what my reception would be when Jennie and I walked out and saw Mr. White and his associate. I was hoping against hope that neither man would say anything to Jennie. But in case any mention was made of them having already seen me, I decided I better say something to Jennie. I quickly told her that I had been embarrassed because I had walked into the kitchen wearing just the large bath towel to get some ice water from the refrigerator after my shower. And had run into her dad and a strange man. And had fled back to Jennie’s room. I didn’t tell her that the bath towel had been around my hair rather than around my body. Jennie commiserated with me in my embarrassment. Even as she did so I began getting excited all over again just thinking of Mr. White and the other man practically devouring my body with their eyes. When we walked in to the living room it was twilight and the lights hadn’t yet been turned on. Mr. White smiled at us and introduced us to Mr. Franklin, an old friend who had been in town for a couple of days and was leaving early in the morning. I tried not to breathe too big a sigh of relief at discovering that this man who had seen me naked only a few minutes ago wasn’t someone who would be seeing Mr. White five days a week. Jennie and I both shook hands with Mr. Franklin. His hand seemed to linger in mine more than was strictly necessary but I might have been imagining things. Jennie kissed her dad on the cheek and I gave him a little peck on the cheek.

Jennie and I went into the kitchen to get cokes for ourselves and returned to the living room where Mr. White and Mr. Franklin were sitting catty corner from each other on the two facing white leather sofas. Jennie moved to sit down next to her dad so I sat next to Mr. Franklin. The sofas had fairly wide cushions so there was actually a lot of space between Mr. Franklin and me. I was now seated directly across from Mr. White while Jennie was seated across from Mr. Franklin. As I sat down I noticed Mr. White’s eyes moving down to the area between my legs. I assumed that he hoped I hadn’t put on any panties. I spread my legs to let him see whether I had or hadn’t put panties on. He wasn’t disappointed. An involuntary, and deliciously grateful, smile crept across his lips. I was very pleased. I closed my legs quite demurely but of course I had no intention of keeping them that way for very long. I just needed to be careful to angle myself in such a way that Mr. White could see my naked pussy but that Jennie couldn’t.

As we began talking, though, I found that I pretty soon forgot all about exposing myself to Mr. White as I became involved in the conversation, which was about the use of music to establish mood in movies. At one stage I leaned away from Mr. Franklin to tuck my legs under me on the couch. It was only after I had been this way for quite some time that I happened to glance at Mr. Franklin and saw that he was looking down at my bottom. I pretended not to notice where his glance was and continued with the discussion. As soon as I could, though, I moved my hand to my bottom and realized that my skirt had ridden up and at least three quarters of my naked ass was staring Mr. Franklin in the face. Because of the way I was sitting he was the only one who could see so I decided not to shift positions for a while. Other than to see if I could get my skirt to rise up a little more so that more of my bottom would be exposed to his gaze.

When Mr. White got up to replenish the drinks for Mr. Franklin and himself he walked over to get Mr. Franklin’s glass. I watched him as he glanced down and saw that I was exposed. He looked shocked and I quickly reached my hand back to touch myself, as if I was just discovering that my skirt had risen up. I quickly pulled it down and moved my legs back to the floor. I knew that my pussy was wet, though, and I wondered whether either Mr. Franklin or Mr. White had been able to see the moisture there. After a few minutes Mr. White suggested that Mr. Franklin might like to see the back yard before it became too dark. We all decided to take a walk around the garden. Jennie was very anxious to show off her rose bushes so she led the way. I lagged behind Mr. Franklin so that I could be next to Mr. White. I was very pleased that as soon as Mr. Franklin was a step or two ahead of us Mr. White moved his hand under my skirt and began caressing my bare bottom. I spread my legs and tugged his arm forward. He quickly got the hint and moved his fingers to my moist and waiting pussy. I moved my hips back to his fingers, two of which slid easily inside me. I could feel the warmth and strength of Mr. White as I pressed as much of my body as I could against his without disturbing his questing fingers. I checked that Jennie and Mr. Franklin were focusing on the roses and then began to caress Mr. Whites’ cock through his trousers. He must have already adjusted it because it was pointing up rather than down. I ran my fingers up his entire length and then slowly back down again. He felt so wonderful to me! And I so wanted to have him inside me again. I almost closed my eyes I was in such bliss. Luckily I didn’t because just then Mr. Franklin turned his head towards us as he asked Mr. White a question. I quickly removed my hand from Mr. White’s erection and was glad that it was dark enough that the bulge in Mr. White’s trousers didn’t show. To my surprise and delight, however, Mr. White left his fingers where they were, inside my pussy. It was only when we had to move further into the garden to follow Jennie and Mr. Franklin that the fingers slowly slid out of me. It was probably just as well that they did because I think I would have had an orgasm pretty soon and I don’t know that I could have stifled the sounds.

By the time we finished the tour of the garden and returned to the house it was completely dark and I was more or less composed. Or I thought I was. When Mr. White turned the lights on both his and Mr. Franklin’s eyes immediately went to my breasts. I had forgotten how transparent my blouse was in the light. And the bra was so transparent that I might as well have not been wearing it. But most importantly, my nipples were erect. Very erect. It was like having headlights saying, “Look at me, look at me!” I did my best to pretend not to notice their stares as I helped Jennie to get us more cokes. But I was secretly very pleased that they wanted to look. I was still trying to get used to the fact that older men could find me attractive. Jennie said that even though her dad had told us that he would fix dinner we would handle it. The men, I think reluctantly, left us to return to the living room and their drinks. Jennie had been experimenting with a recipe for Chicken Veronique and she had all the ingredients so we made that. It took us about an hour to finish but some of the time we could just leave the chicken simmering in the tomatoes and wine while we rejoined Jennie’s dad and Mr. Franklin. Whenever I thought I safely could I gave Mr. White peeks beneath my skirt. We had to be careful, though, that Jennie didn’t see and that Mr. Franklin didn’t notice where Mr. White’ eyes were directed.

We ate dinner in the dining room. Jennie did a great job. I wish I could say that I had done a lot but all I did was to peel and chop onions and garlic and then keep Jennie company while she did the rest. Mr. Franklin complimented Jennie at length, as did her dad. She was so happy and I was happy for her. Mr. White even allowed us to have a small glass of white wine each. After dinner Jennie and I cleared the table and then Mr. Franklin said that he would help us with the dishes. Jennie asked me if I would keep her dad company so he wouldn’t get too lonely sitting all by himself. I gladly obliged. I walked to his side of the table which was the furthest from the kitchen and stood next to his chair. As soon as I did he slid his hand up the inside of my leg. All the way up. He massaged my pussy and my clit for several minutes while I held on to his chair to keep from falling. Then he slid two fingers into my pussy while his thumb found and massaged my anus. And eventually pushed into it. He couldn’t get his thumb very far into me without removing his fingers from my pussy and neither of us wanted for him to do that. If we had been certain that no one would come out from the kitchen he could have used one hand to play with my pussy while the other concentrated on my ass but we knew we didn’t dare risk that. And a good thing, too, because Mr. Franklin poked his head out to ask if we wanted any dessert. He looked a little puzzled to see me standing next to Mr. White rather than sitting in my chair but said nothing about it. Both of us declined the dessert, though we would have had at least a little if Jennie had made it, but it was just ice cream. I like ice cream but I knew I didn’t need any. When we heard the freezer door open Mr. White withdrew his hand. I whispered, “Thank you,” and returned to my seat where Mr. Franklin and Jennie found me when they came out of the kitchen a couple of minutes later.

Jennie and I remained with the adults for another half an hour and then excused ourselves and went to Jennie’s room. Jennie yawned, said that she was really feeling the wine and then told me she thought Mr. Franklin was quite nice. I said I thought he was, too. “When you were sitting on the couch with your legs tucked under you I think Mr. Franklin could see your panties.”

“Oh, I’m sure he couldn’t, Jennie.” Well, at least one person in the room didn’t know that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“And I’m pretty sure he was staring at your breasts.”

“Jennie, I’m just a kid and he’s an old man. He would never do that.”

“Well, I suppose you’re right. But you do have very pretty breasts and you really can see them through your blouse.”

“Maybe so, but I have a bra on, too.”

“But Caroline, it is totally transparent. You can see right through it.”

“I’m sure you’re wrong, Jennie. Not with two layers of material covering my breasts. But thank you for saying that my breasts are pretty. I think you are the one with pretty breasts.” We then spent the next minutes seeing who could give the better compliment to the other. Eventually Jennie said she had to pee. I quickly stripped my clothes off and put my nightgown on. It was the translucent, low cut one. Jennie pretended to give a wolf whistle when she returned from the bathroom. I knew that she would still feel embarrassed getting undressed in front of me even though she didn’t feel any embarrassment (any more) at being totally naked in front of me so I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I discovered I really did need to pee so I did, washed my hands, brushed my teeth and returned to the bedroom with my hair brush in hand. As Jennie and I continued our conversation, which was mostly about boys at school that Jennie liked, I brushed my hair.

We were startled when there was a knock at the door. It was Mr. White asking if we were decent. We assured him that we were. He opened the door to tell us that he was going to take Mr. Franklin back to the Days Inn where he was staying and would we like to say good bye to him. I immediately got up from the bed and walked to the door. Jennie instinctively followed me before whispering, “Shouldn’t you put a robe on. You can see through your nightgown.”

“Don’t me silly, Jennie. He won’t even notice me.”

He did, though, and so did Mr. White. It seemed to take them a very long time to actually leave the house and go to the car after Jennie and I shook hands with Mr. Franklin and told him that we had enjoyed meeting him. After they finally left Jennie and I remained in the living room and watched television until her dad returned. The three of us watched the evening news and then we said our good nights. As I leaned down to give Mr. White a good night kiss I could feel my nightgown fall away from my chest and bare my breasts. He looked, which excited me even more than I already was. When we got back to Jennie’s room she said, “Caroline, I could see your bare bottom when you bent over to kiss my dad.”

“Well, as long as he couldn’t. I would have died of embarrassment. Did it at least look pretty.”

“Of course it did. You know you have a very pretty ass, Caroline.”

“I suppose. But it is awfully nice to hear you say so.”

Pretty soon after that little bit of coquetry we were in each other’s arms. Soon after that we were both naked and exploring each other’s bodies with our hands and our tongues. After I had had several orgasms and Jennie had at least two she began to fall asleep. But before doing so she insisted on putting her nightgown and panties back on. I reluctantly put my nightgown on but of course I didn’t bother with any panties. It didn’t take very long before Jennie was breathing regularly and not much longer before she was gently snoring – I thought it was very cute. I waited another half an hour just to be sure. Then I got up, went into the bathroom and, while leaving the door to the bedroom open, I flushed the toilet. It sounded enormously loud to me but when I looked Jennie was still fast asleep. Jennie’s bathroom had a bidet which I put to good purpose. I checked one more time on Jennie who was still out like a light. I opened her door carefully, remembering that it squeaked, and stole down the hallway to Mr. White’s room.

I was relieved to find the door open. The room was dark so I stood there hoping that my eyes would adjust sufficiently to the darkness that I wouldn’t stumble on anything. As I did so a bedside lamp turned on. “Who is it?” came a low whisper.

“It’s me, Mr. White, Caroline.”

“What are you …”

“Shh. Jennie’s fast asleep. I wanted to be with you.”

“But we can’t. Not with Jennie right down the hallway.”

“I’m sure she won’t be waking up until tomorrow morning. She’s a heavy sleeper to begin with and I’m sure she’s not used to having wine with dinner.”

It was very selfish of me, I know, to put poor Mr. White in so much jeopardy. But at the time all I could think of was how much I wanted to be in his arms and to feel his lips on mine. And, to be honest, to feel him inside me. Before he could say another word I had pulled my nightgown over my head and climbed into his bed. Even as he was saying that we really shouldn’t his arms were coming around me and pulling me to him. We kissed and kissed and kissed some more as he held me close to him. He was so strong but so gentle with me. I could feel his penis rising and pressing against me but he made no move to do anything except to continue to kiss me. I parted my lips and his tongue found its way into my mouth. My tongue did the same. I felt tingling sensations all over my body. I’m sure I was in love with Mr. White and I had never felt as happy as I did lying there in his arms, pressing my naked body against his, feeling his powerful erection against my pussy and my tummy, while his wonderful lips engaged mine. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. “Please, Mr. White, please make love to me. I need you inside me.”

“Yes, of course, Caroline, but not yet. Turn around and lie on top of me. I want to kiss your beautiful pussy first.”

I did as he asked. I had barely rearranged my body when I felt Mr. White’ tongue on my clit. I had an orgasm within moments. And then he took my clit in his mouth and sucked on it. I thought I would die it felt so fantastic. When I had recovered sufficiently I remembered his erection which I had been ignoring while exulting in the wonderful sensations Mr. White was providing. I grasped it in both my hands and brought it to my mouth. It felt enormous to me. I moved my hands up and down on his shaft while I did my best to kiss and suck on the head of his cock. I loved feeling how strong it was; firm and throbbing and alive. While Mr. White was still pleasuring my clit I felt him put a finger into my pussy, which was soaked with my juices. I felt an immediate disappointment when he withdrew it but when I felt it circling my anus I knew that this was indeed my lucky day. Or rather night.

He took his time teasing my anus, which I had now discovered was extraordinarily sensitive, before beginning the process of inserting it into me. I redoubled my efforts on his erection until he moved his free hand to my mouth, took his own mouth off my clit and told me that I must ease off or he would cum in my mouth and not have a chance to put his cock into my pussy. I didn’t want to stop what I was doing but I really did want to feel him, all of him, in my pussy, so I did. Mr. White put his mouth back on my clit and resumed sucking and tonguing it while his finger slowly worked itself deeper and deeper into my rectum. I buried my face between his legs as I had another, even more powerful, orgasm. When I was sensate again I could feel Mr. White’s knuckles pressing against my bottom and knew that his finger was in me as deep as it could be. He slowly pulled it almost all the way out before working it back in. Soon he was moving it in and out of me at a greater and greater speed. And soon I had another orgasm. Then he disengaged his mouth from my clit and asked me to get up on all fours. I did so and Mr. White climbed up behind me. He reached under me to play with my pussy for a minute before guiding his erection to me. I reached down to help and pulled him into me. I was quite moist but he was so big that it was still a tight fit. I could feel his breadth, as well as his length as he pushed deeper and deeper into my vagina. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Way better than winning at hurdles. As he began moving out of and back into me with increasing speed Mr. White reached his hands around me and took one of my erect nipples in each of his hands. He squeezed and pinched and caressed them while continuing to thrust deeply into me. I very soon gave in to another orgasm. And soon thereafter I could feel Mr. White tensing. He clenched my breasts very tightly, thrust especially deeply into me and had his own long, shuddering release. How I wished I could have felt it and watched it at the same time. Mr. White soon began caressing my nipples again and kissing the back of my neck as I felt his erection begin to subside. It took a long time for him to lose his erection completely and slide out of me. When he did he gently turned me over, pulled me to him and resumed kissing me on the lips.

We kissed for a long, lovely time before Mr. White said that he thought I ought to return to Jennie’s room. I knew that he was right though it would have been very nice to fall asleep in his arms. I put my nightgown back on, kissed him one more time and went back to the other room. I went to the bathroom, washed myself, and got in bed next to Jennie, who still hadn’t stirred. Then I fell as deeply asleep as Jennie was.

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of pots and pans banging against each other. Jennie was still lying next to me, fast asleep. I quickly got out of bed, brushed my teeth, fluffed my hair and went out to the kitchen, closing the bedroom door carefully behind me. Mr. White was in the kitchen with a frying pan in his hand. He was wearing a bath robe, which I hoped was all that he had on. I had on my nightgown from the night before and was naked beneath it. Mr. White smiled at me as he said good morning. I wasted no time in walking over to him. I stood on my tiptoes for a hoped for kiss while I inserted my hand into his robe below his waist. As I had hoped he was as naked as I was beneath his robe. His penis, even in what I had learned should be called its flaccid state, felt heavenly to me. And it didn’t remain in that state for long. Mr. White put down the frying pan, put his arms around me and kissed me deeply while his hands explored my ass beneath my super short nightgown. His tongue felt indescribably delicious on mine. But feeling his penis become an erection as I held it and caressed it was just the best feeling ever. I was getting so much pleasure from feeling his tongue and his growing erection that my knees were becoming weak. I don’t know whether Mr. White would have put his erection into me right there in the kitchen or not because just then we heard Jennie’s bedroom door open. We jumped back from one another. Mr. White’s erection was no longer confined by his robe but was sticking out in front of him. As he realized when he followed my eyes with his own down to it. He almost shrieked as he whirled about to face the stove, away from where Jennie would be walking into the kitchen.

Mr. White quickly busied himself with pretending that he had the wrong size skillet. He squatted down and rummaged around in the pots and pans cabinet long enough for his erection to completely subside and be hidden once again by his robe. While he was doing that I was saying good morning to Jennie and asking her how she had slept and did she have anything planned for us to do today. It was a little embarrassing when she reminded me that we had already talked yesterday about going to the mall today to look for some earrings for her. Not to the local one we had been to yesterday afternoon but to a much larger one in the next town over. It was at this point that Mr. White finally spoke, to ask us if he would like for him to drive us to the mall. We gratefully accepted his offer and then busied ourselves with setting the table. When the table was set I went to the refrigerator and, with pretended innocence in my voice, asked Jennie if she knew in what part of the refrigerator her mom kept the orange juice. Mr. White started to interject something, probably that I already knew full well where the orange juice was kept, but thought better of it and told me it was usually on the bottom shelf. When I turned back from the refrigerator I saw that he was looking at me. I was standing in profile and I knew that with the light from the open refrigerator behind me he could see through my nightgown as if I weren’t wearing anything. Jennie couldn’t see because she was on the other side of the kitchen with her view blocked by the refrigerator door. Mr. White rewarded me with a large smile and I smiled back at him and mouthed him a kiss before closing the refrigerator door.

After breakfast Jennie and I took showers. I asked if I should go use the guest shower so we could get going sooner but Jennie reminded me that the mall didn’t open until ten and we still had plenty of time. I tried to keep the disappointment out of my voice as I said, “Oh, of course. I forgot.”

Jennie and I managed to play with one another for a bit, though, before, during and after our showers so I still had a very nice time. When we got dressed I toyed with the idea of not wearing any panties. When I put my short skirt on without any, though, Jennie was watching and immediately scolded, “Caroline, don’t forget your panties. That skirt is so short everybody would be able to see your naked ass when we take the Up escalator.”

“Oh, I don’t think it’s that short, Jennie,” I laughed, “but I was going to put them on anyway. I’m not near daring enough to go out without panties on.”

“Yes you are. You didn’t wear any when we went on the picnic.”

“But Jennie, that wasn’t really in public. I knew there wouldn’t be any people around and besides, I only did it for you.”

Yes, I know, I was telling more lies to my best friend. And I felt very badly about it. But I couldn’t stop myself. I had so desperately wanted for Mr. White to see, and to like, my naked pussy that I had been willing to risk almost anything. I put my panties on and shortly thereafter Mr. White drove us to the mall. He was so sweet he said he would come get us that afternoon so we wouldn’t have to take the bus back. We agreed that we would meet him at four where he dropped us off. Jennie and I went to the closest of the four jewelry stores in the mall, Black, Starr and Frost. Jennie wanted some long, dangling earrings. We knew that this store cost almost as much as Cartier and Tiffany’s but Jennie wanted to see what the best jewelry store in the mall had to offer and also to get a ceiling on the price. They really did have some lovely earrings; some with multi-carat diamonds costing more than $25,000. We hurried past those, trying not even to look at them. But even their least expensive earrings were still well out of Jennie’s price range. Though awfully pretty.

We left and took the escalator up to the second floor where there was another jewelry store. A couple of teenage boys were right behind us as we walked to the escalator but then stood and talked for a couple of minutes, blocking the escalator even though other people wanted to get on, before getting on. I bet they wished we hadn’t worn any panties. Zales Jewelry was a big step down, in price and quality, from Black, Starr and Frost. But it had lots and lots of very pretty earrings. Some cost almost two thousand dollars but many were available for only a hundred dollars or so. Which was still a lot of money for Jennie or me but Jennie had been saving her allowance for some time. She found three pairs of earrings that she especially liked. She wanted the store to put them on hold for her while she checked prices with the other two jewelry stores in the mall but the salesclerk, understandably I thought, wouldn’t do so. We went to the 4th floor to the next jewelry store, a purely local one, and after striking out there went to the last store, which was on the 7th floor. They had a couple of nice sets of earrings but Jennie decided she liked the ones at Zales better. All three pairs that Jennie liked were still there so we spent another half hour or so trying them on to determine which pair she liked best. By the time Jennie finally chose a pair and paid for it we had missed lunch. But Mr. White had made us a big breakfast so it didn’t really matter. We still had a couple of hours left so we decided to go try on dresses.

I had already discovered that I loved trying on dresses. They are much better for an exhibitionist, even a novice exhibitionist, than lingerie or bathing suits. Stores require women, for excellent reasons, to wear panties when trying on other panties or bathing suit bottoms. But not when trying on dresses or skirts. It took me a while to find the dresses I wanted to try on. I needed dresses that obviously couldn’t be worn with a bra on. Even if Jennie joined me in the dressing room I could explain why I needed to take my bra off. Though it might be more difficult to keep her from realizing that I was deliberately leaving the curtain to the dressing room slightly open. The dressing rooms in the store that I had picked were out in the open in the store, which was why I liked that store. Plus they had very pretty clothes. I told Jennie I knew I wasn’t going to buy any of these dresses but only wanted to see how they looked on me. As I hoped, she decided to keep looking for dresses for herself rather than to join me in the dressing room as I wouldn’t really need her opinion on how I looked in the dresses. Because there were quite a few men in the store with their wives or girlfriends I was quite excited. I slipped my panties off as soon as I was in the cubicle. Since Jennie wasn’t with me I had no problem in leaving the curtain several inches from fully closed. I took my skirt off, leaving me naked from the waist down. My top came off next, quickly followed by my bra. In the mirror I could see a man watching as I picked up the first dress I had brought in with me. I held it in front of myself, then turned sideways as if to examine it from a different angle. Then I put it down and went through the same routine with each of the other three dresses. All the while being completely naked. Finally I pulled the first dress over my head and tugged it down. The neckline was quite low. I reached inside and adjusted my breasts, pleased to feel how erect my nipples were. By the time I had taken that dress off and repeated the process with the other three dresses there were quite a few men walking slowly around while trying not to lose line of sight to the opening in my cubicle. I was pretty sure that they could see all of my naked body but just to be certain I surreptitiously pulled the curtain open another couple of inches. I finally put my skirt back on, then my bra and blouse. I put my panties into my purse, not sure what I would say to Jennie if she noticed.

I told Jennie I wanted to look at a shop on the 7th floor, which was the highest floor in the mall. She said that we could take the elevator if I wanted but I said that I liked to look at the merchandise on the other floors on the way to the top floor. I didn’t really need anything on the 7th floor, of course. I just wanted an opportunity to flash guys on the escalator on the way up. As I had hoped several young guys, none from our high school, got on the escalator behind us. They followed us on each escalator all the way up to the 7th floor. Just before we reached the end of the final escalator, and just in case they hadn’t already seen all of my naked ass, I bent down to scratch my ankle, making sure to bend from the waist. A wolf whistle immediately came from one of the guys. Jennie saw that I was bending over and said, “Caroline, those boys are looking at your panties.”

“Oh my goodness, I bet you’re right,” I agreed as I straightened up. The store I “needed” to go to was a stationery store. I actually did want some note paper for “thank you” notes and I was happy that I found some. It was almost four so after I made my purchase we hurried back down to the meeting place. Mr. White was already there waiting for us. I told Jennie that she should sit in the front seat with her dad but she said she wanted to lie down in the back seat and take a little cat nap. I was very glad to sit in the passenger seat. I waited until Jennie had actually curled up before lifting my skirt up to my waist. Mr. White was a good driver. He concentrated on the road ahead and on his rear view mirrors. It took him several moments before he glanced over at me. When he did I looked down at my lap. His eyes followed mine. It was a good thing that there weren’t any cars around us. Jennie shouted as we veered and then jerked back. But she quickly fell back to sleep. Mr. White was calmer by then. He drove carefully but reached his hand over and placed it on my upper leg. I placed my hand on his and encouraged it to move from my thigh to my pussy. I lowered the vanity mirror so I could be sure to notice if Jennie should begin to sit up. Then I sat back in contentment as Mr. White used his deft fingers on my clit and my pussy. Even knowing that Jennie was sitting just inches away from us I was coming very close to a climax by the time we turned onto the street where Jennie lived. Mr. White removed his hand from my pussy and licked his fingers. I quickly inserted my finger into my pussy and then licked it, happy to find that I tasted all right. I lowered my skirt and, when we got into the house, made a bee line for the guest bathroom. I actually did need to pee but I also needed to put my panties back on before Jennie could see that I had removed them.

Mr. White didn’t offer us any wine with dinner that night. I think he might have believed that we were very fortunate not to get caught by Jennie the night before and didn’t want to give me a good reason to risk it again tonight. I was disappointed but I’m sure I shared his feelings of relief at not having been caught and his fears about getting caught. I did, however, put my nightgown on as soon after dinner as I could so that we would have several hours of watching television with me almost naked in front of Mr. White. Jennie only made a minor protest about my lack of under clothing but since her father had paid no attention to me last night or this morning when I was similarly attired she accepted my statement that her father wouldn’t notice if I walked around totally naked in front of him. Though she didn’t actually want me to do anything like that. When Jennie left us a couple of hours later during a commercial break to go to the bathroom Mr. White and I leaped into each other’s arms. His fingers quickly found my pussy while mine found his cock. He had just become nicely erect when the toilet flushed. We quickly returned to our chairs. Mr. White crossed his leg and put his arms in his lap as he concentrated on (I hoped pretended to concentrate on) the TV.

After we said goodnight and went to our bedroom Jennie and I pleasured each other for more than an hour before falling to sleep. When I awakened in the morning at a little before seven, which was quite late for me, Jennie stirred and said to please not awaken her at until at least nine as she hadn’t slept that well. I asked her if she was sure, trying to keep the excitement out of my voice. She said she was. I performed my ablutions and left the room, closing the door behind me. In the hallway I took off my nightgown and walked naked into the kitchen. Mr. White’s jaw gaped open when he saw me. I walked directly to him with my arms open as he whispered, “Caroline, don’t. What if Jennie comes out?”

I told him that Jennie had insisted that she didn’t want to be awakened until nine. Mr. White was still cautious, however, until I suggested we could move into the den, which had a door connecting it to the master bathroom, the other door of which opened into the master bedroom. Mr. White turned on the computer in the den and got it connected to the internet. He locked the door to the den from the inside. Our plan was that if Jennie should awaken before nine and come looking for us I would pretend that I had been looking on the internet for a present for Jennie’s upcoming birthday, which was why I had locked the door. Mr. White would go into his bedroom and lock the door to the bathroom before I let Jennie in; and after I had put my nightgown back on, of course. When Mr. White came back out of his bedroom into the hallway he would be dressed. Not foolproof perhaps but given that Jennie would never believe an “old guy” could be interested in someone our age we thought that it would probably work. Mr. White got a towel and put it on the thick carpet. I lay on it on my tummy. Mr. White lay next to me and began stroking my bottom. I could feel his heavy, erect penis on my thigh as he did so. His fingers moved to my pussy which had become thoroughly moist. He pushed two of his fingers all the way into me then moved them to my anus. He pushed only one finger into me there. It slid in easily. He moved it back and forth for several minutes before inserting the other finger as well. I could feel the aperture being stretched. It felt wonderful to me. Mr. White continued playing with my anus for a very long time as I felt his erection twitching against my thigh. When he pulled his fingers all the way out of me I began to protest until he raised himself over me and slowly pushed his erection into my vagina. I moved my hips upwards to meet him. Mr. White moved backwards and forwards for several delicious minutes before pulling his erection out of my pussy and repositioning it at the entrance to my anus. He carefully and very slowly worked just the head of his cock into me. It hurt, but not so much that I wanted him to stop. I tried to relax my muscles there in order to make it easier for Mr. White to enter me. When I finally began to get the hang of it Mr. White’s erection slid deeper and deeper into me. All the way until I could feel his large balls resting on my bottom. He pulled slowly all the way out of me and then began again to enter me. Soon he was moving back and forth in my ass as easily as he had been moving in my vagina. But I found that there was more sensation in my anus than in my pussy. Where he was now I could feel every incredible inch of him whereas in my pussy I could mostly feel only the head of his penis and the base, but not the rest. I was learning so much, and enjoying the learning process so thoroughly. I had no problem reaching orgasms several times before Mr. White tensed and came in spurt after spurt deep in my ass. He remained there until he was thoroughly soft, all the while kissing the back of my neck and nuzzling me sweetly. When he slipped out we got up and went into his bathroom where we washed up. I put my nightgown back on while Mr. White went into his bedroom to get dressed. I returned to Jennie’s room and found her still sleeping. It was only 8:30 so I showered and dressed before awakening Jennie.

My ass was a little sore for a day or two but I was glad that it was because that way I could re-live the pleasure that Mr. White had given me. I was about to receive that pleasure quite frequently, but I didn’t know it yet. Jennie’s mom called to say that she would have to stay with her sister who was in a worse condition than she had realized. She thought she would have to be there for at least three more weeks. Mr. White assured her that he and Jennie were fine and that having me here to keep Jennie company was helping him a great deal. Jennie’s mom then called my folks to ask would it be all right if I stayed with Jennie for a few weeks. My mom first assured herself that it really was okay with Jennie’s mom and Mr. White, and Jennie and me although that was a foregone conclusion and then told Jennie’s mom that she and my dad would take this opportunity to go on a second honeymoon by themselves. She had always wanted to take one of those cruises around the coast of Alaska and this was a great opportunity for them to do so. Mr. White drove me home where I packed more things and kissed my mom and dad goodbye with the hopes that they would have a great time in Alaska.

The next day Jennie received a call from the local hospital where she had been working weekday afternoons as a candy striper. They asked her if, as a special favor, she could work in the evenings instead of the afternoons, from six until nine thirty. I told Jennie I thought that would be fine because it would give us more time during the day to hang out when it was easier to see the other kids if we wanted to. Jennie received assurances from her dad that he wouldn’t mind driving her there and picking her up every evening and I said I would come along to keep him company after he dropped Jennie off at the hospital and before he picked her up for the trip back home. Jennie called back and agreed to the change in the hours.

For the next three weeks I had Mr. White to myself every evening for three hours. As soon as we dropped Jennie off and began the drive back home Mr. White would put his hand on my pussy where it remained until he parked the car back at his house. As soon as we were inside the house our clothes were off and his fingers, tongue or erection were in my mouth, my pussy or my anus. Not infrequently his cock was in my mouth while his tongue was in my pussy or on my clit and one or more fingers were pleasuring my anus. It was after making love on one of those evenings that Mr. White began talking to me about anything and everything. I enjoyed listening to him and I think that made it easy for him to say things to me about his awful boss and frequent unhappiness at work that he probably never would have dreamed of discussing with one of his daughter’s friends. The fact that we were always naked and I always had his cock in my hand probably removed a lot of barriers as well. I would always have several orgasms and he would have cum at least once before we would lie in each other’s arms and talk. From time to time Mr. White let me use my hands on his erection until he came. I had told him how much I wanted to be able to watch him actually shoot into the air. I loved to be able to feel the changes in his penis as he came closer and closer to ejaculation. And then to watch it when it actually happened was so very enjoyable for me. Sometimes, usually near the end of the evening before we had to stop to go pick up Jennie but after a lot of sexual play, he shot way up into the air. Other times if I couldn’t wait that long his bursts didn’t go so high. But they were still so sweet for me to watch. I loved it.

Mr. White was a good listener too and encouraged me to talk to him. I didn’t have all that many interesting things to say but I did talk about going to university and wondering about what I might do after that. We talked about books I had read and how I felt about them. He suggested books he thought I might enjoy reading, all of which I later read and most of which I enjoyed.

It was during those three weeks that Mr. White showed me a wide variety of sexual positions and ways to give and receive pleasure. I told him that I wanted to learn how to provide him with maximum pleasure while using my mouth on his cock and he gladly tutored me. Almost anything he did gave me maximum pleasure so that part was easy. My biggest problem was remembering to dissemble in front of Jennie. It was all I could do not to walk into the kitchen naked every morning and leap into Mr. White’s arms. Jennie was tired from working in the evenings, though and seldom got up before nine, which gave Mr. White and me some time for at least a little kissing and petting before he had to go to work. Several times during those mornings Mr. White had me bend over while he fucked my ass. By the end of the three weeks it was as easy, and certainly as enjoyable, for me to have anal sex as vaginal sex.

On the first night of our three weeks Mrs. White called just after Mr. White had spurted into me. He told her that he had been in the gym downstairs and had run up the stairs to answer the phone, which was why he was out of breath. He suggested to her that if it was okay with her he would call her every evening as soon as he returned home with Jennie so she could say hello to Jennie as well. Mrs. White thought that was an excellent idea and we weren’t interrupted any more.

The last few days of the three weeks were quite conflicted for me. I think for Mr. White as well. I was anxious to see my parents again – we had never been apart for three whole weeks before and I know that Mr. White, who was very much in love with Jennie’s mom, was even more anxious to see her. But we both knew that we might never have another chance for such an extended time together. We tried to make use of it by redoubling our sexual exploits. Mr. White was quite good at prolonging his orgasm so that I could feel his strength inside me for hours at a time while I had orgasm after orgasm. It was an incredibly wonderful three weeks.

I was very happy to see my parents and to be back home again when they returned from Alaska. Both my mom and dad looked very happy and I hoped that they had been having as much sex as I had been. My mom and I didn’t talk about things like that, though, so I only hoped she had enjoyed herself as much as I had. Mrs. White’s sister improved enough that she could return home only a couple of days after my folks did. Jennie and her dad were very happy to see her. After that Mr. White and I had to seize whatever opportunities we could for a quickie or even just a kiss. I was so lucky to find a lover as adept as Mr. White. He was gentle when I needed him to be, strong when that was better for me, slow when that worked and fast when that worked better. I discovered with him that my own needs varied all the time. Not just on a daily basis. While we were making love I would need him to treat me one way at first, another way after I became more aroused. I had never known my body could be like that. And I was extremely fortunate to find a man who knew that could be the case and who could willingly adapt to my needs. Of course, that spoiled me for the next fourteen or fifteen boyfriends I was going to have, none of whom were a patch on Mr. White. But what a wonderful way it was to be initiated into love and sex.
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