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Carol's Cheeks Go Red

Carol's Cheeks Go Red

We let other hotel guests hear Carol being spanked and brought to orgasm by a vibrator.
A while ago Carol had asked an online friend for some ideas about how I might embarrass her, and give her a sexual thrill. She suggested doing something in a hotel room that would be overheard by other people and this is what we did! 

We had an anniversary get away recently; for the first couple of days we didn’t make love, although hungry to, as I wanted to be sure Carol had a healthy appetite for later. It also allowed me to check out who was in the rooms next to ours (a couple maybe in their late thirties on one side and what appeared to be a mother and daughter, perhaps mid forties and early twenties, on the other). We got on nodding terms with the couple and then had a drink together in the bar. It wasn’t much but I was aware it would deepen Carol’s sense of shame when she knew they were hearing her having sex. 

That evening, not long before our meal, I made my move. I came up behind Carol and lifted her dress to her waist to slap her bottom. Not hard but enough to make the recognisable sound of a smack. I pulled away a chair that was in front of a desk and sat on it; Carol took the hint and lay across my lap. I took her panties down and spanked her three or four times. Each one made that sharp ‘whack’ that would have been heard by anyone walking by our door and more than likely by our neighbours. 

Carol had wheedled a hand between her legs and rubbed herself as I gave her half a dozen more, interspersed with fondling her reddening buttocks and getting my own hand on her pussy, too. She was wet. 

“What will they be thinking?” she asked between moans and ‘oos’. 

“ 'Who would have known she was such a kinky hussy!' ” 

With that, I tugged her dress down. “Don’t stop now!” she complained

I told her, “We are late for our reservation.” Then, as she bent down to pull her panties up, “You can leave those behind.” 

We left for the restaurant with Carol’s arse smarting and clit tingling. 

In the restaurant our neighbours arrived for their evening meeting soon after us. We exchanged nods again but their table was too far away for conversation. Carol kept thinking that the woman was looking over at her, which was probably just her being self-conscious. As we passed them to leave a little later, she could not help but blush at the thought that they knew what we had been doing. 

Back in our room we had a drink until we heard the couple come in next door. I invited Carol to lie over the back of a low-back armchair. Nervousness showed on her face but she was hitching up her dress as she came and presented her arse to me. 

Smack! Smack! I spanked her, I fondled her and I frigged her. I spanked her again. Carol’s moans told me I was getting the rhythm and mix right, but I had another trick to play. I’d packed Carol’s vibrators and now was the time to use one. I turned it on and she knew what was to come; so would anyone listening. The buzz seemed noisy as I held it against her clit, dulled slightly as it penetrated her. 

Carol was trying to stifle her cries of excitement but it was becoming harder the closer she was to climaxing. One more thrust with the vibrator eventually pushed her over the edge and I spanked her as she came. 

Our neighbours may have mistaken the buzzing for a toothbrush and could possibly have thought the smacking was clapping (although quite a strange rhythm) and I wasn’t really sure they would have heard Carol enjoying herself either. Years of having sex with kids in the house meant she was able to contain herself very well. She, however, was sure everyone in the hotel was listening to her bottom being spanked, and her face was as red as her buttocks!

I wasn’t finished though, and I beckoned Carol to the bathroom. Shaky legged, she stood in the door as I invited her to sit with me on the floor. I’d picked up the other vibrator as I came by the dressing table and she knew what it was for. 

Well, everybody knows what a vibrator is for, but she recognised the particular activity I had in mind. One of Carol’s favourite ways of getting off is for me to play with her nipples while she wanks herself, usually with this vibrator. I loved the apprehension in her face as she wondered whether to play the ‘game’, aware she was more likely to lose her inhibitions here in the bathroom where every moan and squeal would be amplified. Not only that, she also knew this vibrator was louder than the one I had just used on her. I knew she would not be satisfied with just one orgasm. Carol gave me a pleading look, but experience told her I would not relent! After a moment’s hesitation, Carol pulled off her dress, undid her bra and came and sat between my legs wearing only stockings and shoes. I gave her the vibrator and put a damp flannel over her eyes. Okay it didn’t look that sexy, but with her eyes covered I knew Carol would lose herself even more.

And she did. Three orgasms later we both came back to reality. Surely our neighbours could not have mistaken the sounds of a woman experiencing the throes of sexual ecstasy for anything else! 

Carol gathered her composure, now just breathing heavily. The vibrator was off but the room wasn’t silent; we could hear the unmistakable sound of the rhythmic pounding of bedsprings, not from next door but from the room above.

We smiled broadly at each other until I asked, "Will you be smiling like that when you see the other guests at breakfast?"

A look of shock came over Carol’s face and she went very red.

Carol's comment: I’d managed to put the thought of people hearing us, hearing me, to the back of my mind but the reality that I would be seeing them the next day and they would immediately think of me cumming as hard as I had was overwhelming. The shame felt huge, but there was also a twinge of something like pride and pleasurable sensations between my legs again. Finally Col got his reward and he fucked me roughly, having held his own sexual urges back for so long. I went to bed with every erogenous zone stinging, or aching.
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