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My first lap dance with Vixen...true story.
“So, have you made up your mind yet? Where are we going tonight?” my husband, Greg, asked.

“It's a toss up, baby. Part of me wants to go to the casinos, but a bigger part of me wants to go to the strip club, like we talked about,” I told him, as we drove home from his mom's house.

My mother-in-law agreed to watch my 2 daughters for the night. Tonight was our 7th anniversary, and since I rarely have the weekend off, we really wanted something fun to do. We sat silently in the truck for awhile, just enjoying the quiet of the afternoon.

“OK. Let's go to 'Centerfold'. You know how much I want to touch another woman, but if we go, I want a new outfit,” I said suddenly.

I was so nervous. For years now, I have wanted to be with another woman, but circumstances have always made it hard for me. First, my ex-husband, the devout Southern Baptist, would not hear of it. Then, my dating years, after the divorce, were restricted by my job and being a single mom. Finally, I got married again, and the new marriage was in its baby stage.

“Baby? I won't be sitting alone, will I?” I asked, for the third time.

“No. From what I saw when I used to go there every weekend, the girls love the women customers,” he said with a sigh.

“I'm sorry. I am just worried that they won't like me,” I told him, while looking out the window.

“Like I said before, the strippers are not looking to get fucked. They are there for your money. You are sure to get to at least second base, maybe even third,” he laughed.

We rode into the city. I was determined to find something that would get me noticed. Greg is a jealous man, so my outfits are mostly T-shirts and pants, but damn it, I want to be noticed.

We looked around the boutique for a few minutes. Finally, I saw this pink halter-typed corset that laced up the back. Taking it to the dressing room, I stripped down to my bra. Neglecting to lock the door, I was a bit surprised when he opened it to see if I was alright.

“You OK in there?” my husband asked.

“Yeah. Just trying to figure out how this damn thing goes on,” I replied.

Needless to say, it was uncomfortable. I couldn't breath, and I looked totally hot. Greg shelled out $85 for my corset, and we set out for home. We had a good 4 hours before the place opened, so I decided to take a nap.

Greg followed me into the bedroom.

“Can I put my dick into you?” he asked, while grinning wickedly.

“Excited or something, honey? You could try a little foreplay or something,” I laughed, while getting undressed.

“I can't help it. I am hornier than hell,” he said, while he tried to maneuver me onto the bed.

“You're always horny, baby. What's new?” I said.

“I don't know. Maybe it's the thought of another woman kissing you and playing with your boobies,” he cooed, while nuzzling my neck.

I half-halfheartedly pushed against his chest. As I was only wearing a bra and panties, it was easy for him to slide my panties to the side. He slid a finger into my pussy, which is always wet whenever he is around.

“Mmm, baby. You know it is really hard to take a nap with you doing that,” I purred, as he slowly slide in and out of my pussy.

I love my husband's hands and arms. They are super strong and muscled, just like I like them. His hand's are so strong, but always gentle when he touches me. Tonight, he wasn't so gentle. I could tell that he was really excited, because he had 2 fingers deep inside me and was rubbing on my sweet spot. It seemed to me that he was trying to make me cum.

He pulled his fingers out and shoved his rock hard dick in me. I was wet, but still really tight. He kept thrusting, and soon, my pussy was pliant, as it was sopping wet. Greg hooked my legs over his arms and grabbed my wrists. He began to pound away at my pussy, savagely.

“Oh, God! Baby, you are so hard,” I whispered.

I had to be quiet, as his brother was in the next room. He kept pounding and pounding, and all I could do was lay there and enjoy it. I could feel my pussy clenching his cock. I felt every bump and ridge along his shaft.

“Gonna cum...gonna...” he breathed.

I felt his hot juice splash against my walls. He thrust a couple of times more, then he dropped my legs and leaned over me. Placing a kiss on my lips, he told me to take my nap.

I rolled over on my side. I could feel my husband's juices running out of my swollen pussy, down over my thighs. I hadn't cum, yet. My clit throbbed. Slipping my hand down, I began to softly rub my clit.

Electric pulses ran down my legs. Rubbing harder, I made my nub grow, and soon, it was peeking out of the protective hood. Moaning softly, I started to rub on the pillow between my legs.

The soft suede of the pillow tickled my hard clitty. Smiling to myself, I straddled the pillow and moved my hips back and forth. My pussy was contracting, spurting tiny jets of my juice, mixed with Greg's sperm.

My breath began to catch, as waves started in my thighs and spread up my pelvis. Throwing my head back, I gasped. Trying to be quiet, I gulped the air, as I came all over the pillow. Satisfied, I laid down and took my nap.

About 3 hours later, we woke up.

“When did you come to bed?” I asked Greg.

“About an hour ago,” he said.

We got up and proceeded to get ready. I took extra care with my make up, putting on way more than I normally do. My normally wild red hair was curlier and wilder than ever. Sliding into a pair of tight blue jeans, I put on my new corset. Opting for comfy tennis shoes, instead of my 6 inch heels, I told myself that I wanted to wear one thing that was comfortable.

Walking out to the kitchen, Greg did a double take. He was practically drooling. I never dress this way, so I was self conscious.

“How do I look?” I asked, timidly.

“Wanna go to the bedroom?” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“We need to get going,” I laughed, “but seriously, do I look good?”

“You look fucking hot, baby!” he said, unable to take his eyes off me.

Pulling out his iPhone, he snapped my picture. We walked outside and got into the car. It was a long drive, taking about an hour and a half, but we finally made it. It was a seedy, little joint, not much bigger than a large house.

Greg opened the door for me, and immediately I was bombarded by loud music. We paid our $10 cover charge. Finding a table by the bar, we sat and watched the lady on stage.

She had the most amazing breasts I had ever seen. As she danced and jiggled on the stage, I found myself envying her. I wanted to learn how to dance like that. I wanted men to ogle me on the stage. I looked over at Greg, but he was watching, too. The woman on stage skipped to the pole.

Grabbing high on the pole, she lifted herself up and flipped upside down, while swirling around the pole. All I could think was about how I would end up with a broken neck. She finished her 2 songs and went off stage. I watched her bounce up to the bar, and as she past by me, she told me how much she liked my shirt.

For some reason, I was drawn to her and wanted to talk to her more. I asked Greg to tell our hostess that I wanted to buy her a drink. She went into the locker room and came back to tell us that 'Vixen' would be out to sit with us, shortly.

I was so excited that I couldn't sit still, but so incredibly nervous. Vixen bounced out to our table. She had to be about 22 years old. She looked so young. Damn! I felt so old. Hell, I was 14, when she was born.

She had long, curly, brown hair, and she kept constantly twirling a piece of it. I wondered if she was nervous, too. Sitting down, she introduced herself.

“Hi! I'm Vixen. Have y'all been here before?” she asked.

“No, this is my first time, but my husband used to live here before we got married,” I said, grinning.

She laughed, as our hostess approached the table to ask if we wanted to buy Vixen a drink. Greg paid the $20 to buy her a drink and to ensure she stayed at our table for 30 minutes. I was amazed at how easy she was to talk to. As she chattered away, I studied her.

She had ivory skin, and since it was very dim in the room, her eyes were dark in color. She mainly talked with me on a variety of subjects. Eventually, the subject of talk turned to piercings.

“I used to have both of my nipples pierced, but I took them out. Didn't like them much. And, you know what? Ever since I had them pierced, my nipples are so sensitive,” she said, in one breath.

Laughing, I said, “Mine are not so sensitive anymore. I had a breast reduction about 5 years ago. I went from a size K to only a D.”

“Only a D, huh!” she laughed. “Did you get a lift or anything?”

“No, he cut off 3 pounds per breast and moved my nipple up,” I said.

“Let me see,” she told me, as she reached down my corset and pulled my breast out.

I was stunned. This was the first time a woman had touched my breast, in a non-clinical way. Her hands were so small and soft. It felt so different from my husbands hand. As quickly as she took it out, she put my breast back. I looked over at Greg. He too had a stunned look, as we were not in the private area, but at the table.

Vixen and I talked for more than 30 minutes. She must have liked me. I had only paid for 30 minutes, and here it was going on an hour. Finally, she asked about a lap dance.

“So, do we want to buy Vixen another drink, or maybe a dance?” our hostess asked.

I looked over at Greg, who grinned back at me.

“I want a dance, then we will get her another drink,” I told the hostess.

I was monopolizing Vixen for the night and didn't care. I saw the other men at the other tables, glancing our way. I wanted to grin back at them and laugh.

Vixen led me and Greg to the back room. There was one other man in there with another stripper, but he was oblivious to anything going on. To tell the truth, he looked about ready to cum.

She sat me down in a chair in the corner, bringing a chair for my husband to sit and watch. The song came on, and she started to sway in front of me.

“Take off your shirt. Don't be shy. Show me them tits,” she crooned to me.

I unclasped my corset half way. She pulled it down, exposing my 40D's. Leaning down, she ran her lips over my collarbone, trailing down to my right nipple. Sucking my hard nipple into her mouth, I felt her tongue flick over my turgid nub.

She let go of my nipple with her mouth and cupped both of my breasts in her hands.

“God, I love your breasts. They are so firm! Making me want to get a breast job,” she laughed.

She pulled me down into the seat. Spreading my legs, she rubbed her face into my jeans clad pussy. I felt a vibration over my clit. Wondering what the hell is vibrating on my pussy, I moaned and pushed my pussy into her face.

Kissing back up my naked chest, I finally got to feel her soft lips on mine. She tasted sweet. Her plump lips brushed softly over mine. I touched her tongue with mine, and she sucked the tip of my tongue briefly.

Standing up, I felt her rub her shin over my clit, which by now was throbbing. Again, she gravitated back to my breasts. Rubbing her face over my chest, she stood up and rubbed her soft breast against mine.

I was in heaven. As the song ended, she offered me a taste of her nipple. I brushed kisses all over her soft tit, sucking her nipple into my mouth. Oh My God! I love her nipple. It felt rubbery, and yet hard. The more I sucked her nipple, the more I wanted to feel her pussy.

Damn! The song ended, and we went back to the table. Vixen sat back down with me. I was so wet that I wondered if anyone could smell my arousal. She helped me clasp my corset back up, right at the table! I was so aroused that I had forgotten to cover my breasts.

We talked for some time before the hostess asked about the $20 drink again. Of course, I told Greg to shell out some more money. I'd be damned if another was going to steal Vixen from me for the rest of the time I was there.

She sat with me for another hour and a half, through her next stage act. I knew she would be back, because she left her drink and cigarettes. After her performance, I wanted another dance. This time I wanted Greg to participate.

It was about 2 am when we went for the last dance. This time I took the corset all the way off. She began to dance in front of me again. I could see her naked tits bouncing, gently. Leaning down, she kissed and sucked on my neck. Oh God, how did she know I was sensitive there?

Trailing kisses down my chest, Vixen latched onto my hard nipple. Sucking hard enough to make me gasp, she bit down, gently. I trailed my hands up over her soft arms to her full breasts.

Rubbing the undersides of her full globes, I kissed her chest. She dropped to her knees to nuzzle my cunt. I knew she could smell how wet and aroused my pussy was. I looked over at Greg. He was rubbing his cock, and I could plainly see how hard he was.

Reaching for him, I pulled him to me. He started kissing my neck, while Vixen vibrated against my swollen clit. Damn, I had my husband sucking my sensitive neck, and this hot 22 year old eating my pussy through my jeans.

Coordinating their movements, the next thing I knew, both of them latched onto my nipples. Sucking hard and randomly, I dropped my head back. Breathing heavily, I knew I was going to cum.

Vixen rubbed her shin against my clit, bring me over. I began to breath raggedly, and Greg took advantage of the situation, by laying one of his famous open mouth kisses on me. As I came, he kissed me, and she frigged my clit.

Thrusting against her fingers, I let the waves flow over me. Sadly, the song ended, and she stopped. Helping me get my corset back, I gave her a full body hug and sincerely thanked her.

I didn't want the night to end, but as it was after 2 am, we needed to head back home. With a stupid grin on my face, I relived every moment, over and over, the whole hour drive home.

“Did you like it?” Greg asked.

“Oh yes! You are going to have to find me a woman that will let me eat her pussy. All this did was make my desire for a woman stronger,” I said.

Now, I have him on the look out for a woman...for me!

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