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Changing Minds

A walk along the prom turns naughty.
“I still can’t believe you managed to convince me to do this.” She frowned at him slightly. “You know I’d never normally wear something like this.” She gestured towards her top, a thin white shirt that clung to her figure, with a deep plunging neckline, over which her black bra could just be seen to be peeking out, and a decorative edge. Sleeveless and only as low as her navel, it afforded little protection, but that was exactly why he wanted her to wear it.

“You didn’t take much convincing back at the hotel.” He smirked, knowing that she’d always wanted an excuse to wear it, without ever daring to.

“Are you surprised?! It’s the hottest day of the year. Look around, everybody’s wearing as little as poss-“ She stopped as he cut her short.

“I know, I know. I’m only poking fun. But really, what’s wrong with it?” he asked trying to keep a straight face. She rounded on him, hands on hips, with a pout on those beautiful lips of hers. God, how he loved her feigned angry pout.

“What’s wrong with it?!” she asked, incredulously, as his façade broke and he began to laugh. She paused for a second or two until he stopped. “Nothing’s wrong with it,” she said, with a frown and another cute little pout. “It’s just… A bit more revealing than I’m used to.” She straightened her back and pushed the already figure-hugging shirt down over her body, exposing another inch of her bra. It really clung to her, the definition of her breasts, and of course her bra, was unmistakeable underneath the thin fabric. He resisted the urge to lick his lips.

“But it’s like you said, everybody’s wearing as little as possible today.” A more adequate justification he couldn’t find.

“I know,” she said, drawing out the last syllables, as she carried on walking down the busy promenade. “But I still feel…” She hesitated.

“Feel what?”

“I still feel like… Everybody’s looking at me,” she muttered out with a shy smile and a glance at the paved promenade beneath her feet. He could barely contain a grin, putting his arm around her and holding her by the hip.

“Oh babe, don’t be silly…” he began, as she pulled herself into his body. “Of course they’re looking at you.”

She froze, turned to face him and gave him that look again. His heart jumped at the sight.

“What do you mean of course they’re looking at me?” she asked slowly, crossing her arms over her chest.

He took this second to appraise her, head to toe. She was slightly shorter than him; red hair, falling around her shoulders; those unmistakeable, intoxicating pink lips, once again sporting that incredible pout; green eyes that cut into his soul and hooked her inside his heart and his mind; pale complexion with a sprinkling of freckles; hourglass figure barely contained inside her straining shirt; breasts now pushed higher by her tightly crossed arms and a demin skirt that ended halfway to her knees, finished with a small pair of slip on shoes. He took a second to just stop and admire her. God she was gorgeous.

“Well?!” she asked, impatiently, crossing her arms tighter and tapping her foot.

“Well, look at you!” He gestured towards her. She looked at herself and back, with a puzzled look before he continued. “You’re gorgeous, you can easily get inside any man’s head. And with THAT cleavage…”

She pouted, but he saw a smile tug at her lips before she stiffened her arms again and looked him in the eye. “Don’t give me those lies.”

He opened his mouth as though incredulous. “Lies?! I’m being serious. Deadly serious. Any man on this beach today could be yours,” he told her, with a wink.

She unfolded her arms and started to walk again, but he noticed a little smile before she did. A few steps later, she turned around again and asked him “Any man?” with a raised eyebrow.

“Any,” he slowly replied, with a smile. She giggled and turned back around. A sudden idea struck him and he caught up with her, looping a hand around her waist and pulling her hair back from her ear on his side.

“Stop,” he whispered in her ear. She did. They both turned to face the sea, backs to the wall of a small shop, the prom and its streams of walkers passing by in front of them, all dressed in little more than shorts and bikinis in the baking heat; the beach behind busier still with similar people sunbathing and playing in the calm sea that merged so perfectly with the sky above. As they stopped, a middle-aged man strolled past in a t shirt and shorts. He glanced in their direction, a little longer in hers, and carried on.

“See him?” he asked, pointing him out. She raised an eyebrow again and made a murmuring noise. “He was looking at you.” She tutted next to him but he cut her off before she could complain. “He was looking at you. He made no secret of WHERE he was looking, either,” he said with a grin, nodding at her chest. She scowled.

“He was not looking at my chest, he was just walking by!” she said with a giggle.

“Trust me. I’m a man. I can see these things. He wanted you.” He was struggling not to laugh himself now. Again she was out with the pout, he wasn’t sure he could handle much more without having to really kiss her. It was far too inviting.

“Really?” she asked, sarcastically. But he could see something change behind her eyes as she did so. She leaned in closer, her hair brushing his neck and face, distracting him, to whisper in his ear. “How did he want me?” She leaned back with an almost triumphant grin.

This, he had to admit, was not a response he expected from her. But it would be one he would relish. If she wanted to be naughty… he thought. Again he put his arm around her waist and leaned in close to her ear to whisper. He’d had an idea for a fun game.

“He wanted you for himself. He wanted to kiss you hard against the wall and take his hands to you. He wanted to rip your flimsy shirt from your body and grip your breasts while he kissed you.” He paused for a moment to let her feel his breath on her neck. There was a shiver through her body but she didn’t move, still staring ahead at the sea. “He wanted your breasts in his hands, rough and ready. To tear you free of your bra, grasp them firmly and roll your nipples under his fingers.” His hand stroked gently down her arm and he felt goosebumps on her skin, smiling to himself. “He wanted his lips around them…” he paused, kissing her neck. “His tongue…” He paused to lick his tongue up her neck to her earlobe to whisper again. “His teeth…” He bit her earlobe gently and then her neck.

She moaned gently and he felt all the better for it. He was enjoying this. She was enjoying this. Again she shivered and now turned to face him, inches away. Her eyes met his, a fire burning in them, and she licked her lips slowly. He didn’t feel he ought to give her time to say anything; he was enjoying it too much. Instead he held her chin and turned her to face the crowd once more, pointing her in the direction of a younger man, perhaps late 20s, in just a pair of shorts who was leaning against the seawall.

“Him,” he said, identifying him and he felt her tense under him again. Her arm snaked around his waist and she nodded slowly. “He’s been watching you for a while. He’s been watching us talk and he’s seen you. He’s seen your sexy smile and your sexier pout.” He stopped for a second as she leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes, gripping his waist tightly. “He’s seen what your lips can do. Now he’s wondering what else they can do. Now he’s wondering what your tongue can do.” Being so close to her, he could hear her breathing getting heavier. A single drop of sweat rolled its way down her temple and her cheek, but she didn’t wipe it away. She didn’t move an inch, except to bite her lip.

“He wants to take you too. He wants to grab your hair and kiss you hard until you feel faint. He wants to push you to your knees and watch you yank down his shorts to free his manhood. To watch you admire it. To watch you take it in your hands and study it. To watch you lick it, just once, all the way up. To watch you wrap your lips around it and moan hungrily as you show him the best blowjob he’s ever had. He wants to see your head bobbing and your tongue darting. He wants your mouth around his balls and your hands around his shaft. He wants your magic lips and he wants to see you lick them, and him, clean after you’ve swallowed every drop he’s given you.”

Her eyes were still locked shut, but her whole body shook, still biting her lip hard. He stroked her stomach and side gently, still breathing on her neck and occasionally nibbling at it. She opened her eyes and again stared him down, the fire burning even brighter now as she came alive once more, grasping his hair, kissing him hard and pulling her body into his.

The kiss lasted for what felt like an eternity, though they both still felt it wasn’t enough. Looking into each other’s eyes, a passion burned white hot. He didn’t remember seeing her like this before. Her lips met his again with a hunger, her hands gripping tightly onto his arse through his shorts as he held hers in one hand and pulled her close with the other.

She broke the kiss sharply, ignoring the glances of a few people around them; grasping his hand she led him off down the street at a pace. This was new to him; she wasn’t normally so forceful and decisive. But he wasn’t about to complain, he was beginning to like this side of his normally submissive girl. He was happy to go along with it for now.

They rounded a corner and she locked lips with him once again, if only briefly, before carrying on down the road. She led the way, weaving through the crowd as she dragged him behind her, still somewhat surprised. He wondered what she had in mind when she made a sharp turn into a clothing shop on their right. They stopped for a second in the entrance as the air conditioning unit over the door hit them both. It was only then that they realised how much they were sweating. The cool air was refreshing, even a little calming. If only a little. He reached behind, into the pouch of his backpack and took out his water bottle. Raising it to his lips, he barely managed a sip.

She pulled him into the shop, hasty again, after she’d quickly glanced around. It was just another typical clothing shop, seventy percent dedicated to women’s summer clothing and a small section at the back for the men. But she wasn’t looking for clothing. Grabbing his hand she tugged him forward, unaware of any protests from him, heading straight for the fitting rooms at the back of the shop. Walking past a line of clothing she snatched up two tops and a pair of shorts, picking up the pace and still dragging him behind her. As focussed as she was, he couldn’t help a smile crossing his face knowing what was to come.

She found the nearest open stall and pushed open the wooden door, pulling him inside behind her. She turned to lock the door and he glanced around quickly. A large room, as changing rooms go, he thought. Two partition walls either side, with a foot or so missing at the bottom, each held a full length mirror, with a bench on the back wall. He smiled again, this boded well. Turning to face her, he found hands on his shirt immediately as she pulled him stiffly forwards and kissed him hard; he could feel the pent up energy inside her. Suddenly she gasped and pulled away, surprising him.

She stepped back and looked down, with wide eyes. He suddenly wanted to laugh. Her tiny thin top was drenched. She looked up and then at his water bottle just as he too realised what had happened as she’d pulled him forwards. The fire within her had been tempered a little, it seemed, as she pulled the top away from her skin and tried to stop it clinging to her, in vain. If it highlighted her breasts before, it now brought it to a whole new level. Showing every line of her bra through the transparent material, every contour of her chest and stomach was visible. It was quite a sight, and one he was enjoying.

Speechless for a few seconds, she could only gape at herself in the mirror. “I… I can’t wear this,” she stammered. “I can’t go out there in this!” She turned and grabbed the two tops she’d picked up on her way in. She checked the sizes and got lucky with the second. It was a fit.

“You’ll have to go and pay for this for me,” she told him, hurriedly reaching for her purse. “I’ll have to wear this out of here.”

He only smiled and slid off his backpack, sitting down on the bench as she gawped at him.

“Well?! C’mon!”

Settling in, he shook his head. “I’ve had an idea.” Taking his time, he licked his lips. “You buy it.” She rolled her eyes, tutted and began to take her top off to swap. He raised a hand to stop her. “No, you don’t understand. You buy it. Just as you are.”

She only stared back at him, her eyes shining, as he smiled at her. He was willing to bet that fire hadn’t quite died down just yet.

“You thought people were looking at you before; let’s see what attention you get now, huh?” He stood up, closing the gap to her as she still stared at him, frozen. He traced a finger around the edge of her neckline, over her sopping breasts and her cleavage. She could only look him in the eye, biting her lip. “I want you to go out there, just as you are.” He used his finger to follow the very visible curve of her breast. “The shop’s relatively empty. I want you to walk up to the counter, with a swing to your hips and a spring in your step, to the man behind the desk…” he felt her stiffen a little, but still she didn’t react. “I want you to walk up to him and act like everything’s fine. You’ll pay for the top, you’ll thank him kindly, give him a big smile for me and then you’ll come straight back here to me. How’s that sound?”

Goosebumps were raised on her arms and her chest, but he wasn’t sure if that was him or the cold water. Still biting her lip, she glanced sideways at herself in the mirror, while the hair was brushed out of her face. Only a second or so later she relaxed with a shiver, turned to look him in the eye and nodded, with a sly smile. One last glance at her clinging top in the mirror then she turned to face the door, top in hand. She steadied herself for a moment, took a deep breath and opened the door.

A smile spread across his face as she disappeared through the door. He wanted to shout encouragement after her, as he followed her out of the door and peeked around the partition wall that separated the changing rooms from the shop floor. He watched her go, hair and skirt bouncing as she almost skipped along towards the counter, eager to see how she faired.

Her mind screamed at her to go back as she put on a strut and a seductive smile. She didn’t know what she was doing, or why. She only knew that when he spoke to her like that, as he had on the prom, a fire lit within her. She felt sexy, naughty and daring. She could do anything. And she was going to do this. As soon as the idea had taken root in her head, she felt herself growing excited. All worries passed from her mind, this was something she was determined to do. She knew he’d be watching; she’d do him proud.

The man on the counter looked up as she approached, smiling rhythmically at her as he began to greet her. She pushed her chest out and began to swing her hips. As his eyes took sight of her, he was cut short immediately. His mouth fell open and he barely stammered out a greeting; she replied cheerily, with a smile, placing the top on the counter. He took a second to recover, to drag his eyes away and take the shirt. Staring down at the counter, he dare not look up until he noticed her looking away, around the shop. Taking his time, he put the top through the scanner, while stealing glances at her very visible chest.

She loved to see his eyes bug out as he saw her and to see his supposedly subtle glances in her direction. She was feeling sexier by the second and growing with confidence. Feeling the urge, she tipped her head back and shook her hair out, running her fingers through it. This pushed her chest out further and gave the cashier plenty of time to catch a large eyeful. She could only imagine her boyfriend’s reaction, watching her, to see his eyes bulge at the sight.

Eventually, and reluctantly, the cashier took her payment for the top. She thanked him with a cheery tone and a cheeky wink. She spun on her heels and skipped back towards the changing room, her skirt billowing about her, to see he was watching from behind the partition with the largest grin she’d ever seen on his face.

The door snapped shut behind them and they were immediately in each other’s arms, kissing as though a month had passed. Her hands were all over him, gripping his arse and clawing at his shirt. She pulled it from him and scratched her fingernails down his chest as they locked lips again. He broke the kiss to bury his face in her collar, biting and kissing her neck. Her breathing was ragged, he could feel the heat radiating from her hands as she scratched down his body and her hips ground against him hungrily.

“Did you see his face?” he asked her at a whisper, gripping her hips and pulling them closer to his own. She moaned, though in reply or from his grip he didn’t know. “He wanted you. He made no secret of it, did he? He wasn’t too good at hiding it. But then neither were you, eh?” Her back arched a little under his touch as he stroked up her back. “But then you know this, don’t you? That’s what’s got you so…” A second’s pause felt a lot longer as she waited for him to finish. “Hot.” He bit her neck and she gasped out, in his ear. A hiss escaped her tight lips and her back arched again as her pelvis rubbed down over his groin.

“What you don’t know, though…” he continued, licking up to her ear, feeling her body tighten up. “Is what he did when you turned around. When he saw you skip away from him, your skirt gliding around your lovely, pale legs.” He straightened up to look her in the eye. “When he bit his lip, like you are now.” Leaning closer, he took her lip from her and bit it himself, kissing her hard. When he broke away, he leaned back to begin pealing her sodden shirt from her skin. “When he closed his eyes and grabbed his crotch in frustration.” She looked him in the eye then, shivering slightly on her feet.

“He wanted you,” he told her again, eye-to-eye. “He wanted all of you.” Gripping the base of her top, he pulled it over her head and watched it peel away from her skin, tiny droplets left behind to roll down her stomach, past her navel and slip into the top of her skirt. He hoped to join them soon.

“He wanted to hold your dripping chest,” he whispered now in her ear, running his fingers over her torso. “But he wanted more. He wanted to pull back the folds of your skirt, to run his hands up your thighs and pull away your sopping panties.” His hands stroked her stomach and sides as she moaned gently and her hips rolled a little. Now she finally spoke again and it was something he honestly hadn’t expected to hear her say.

“I’m not wearing any,” she gasped out, breathlessly.

Their eyes met, alight, as he straightened. She bit her lip tightly and smiled coyly as their foreheads met. A growl escaped him as he kissed her hard, leaning her back and gripping her arse. She returned the favour and he led her back towards the bench, sitting her down and breaking away from the kiss. She moaned and pouted, wanting more, but he raised a single finger to her lips. She ignored him and licked it, then took it in her mouth, sucking it with a cheeky smile. He liked this naughty, cheeky side to her.

The finger came from between her lips, which immediately pouted again, with a pop. Lips and teeth found her collarbone as his finger trailed its way down her chest. Snaking down her breasts, it found the cup of her wet bra and flipped it over, repeating for the other.

Now exposed and hard as bullets, her nipples ached for treatment. Her chest was treated to a trail of kisses and nibbles, slowly lower, as his hands now stroked her hips and her stomach. His tongue found her nipple, circling it at a distance, and her hips rose up with her arching back. She moaned and reached for his head, holding it to her breast as his mouth locked around her nipple and sucked in.

Fingers gripped his hair tightly and her legs locked around his, holding him. He reached up with one hand to grasp her other breast, rolling the nipple and pinching as his teeth rubbed over her other. She growled deeply and her whole body shuddered and gripped him tighter. Her legs released him and she pushed his head lower. He grinned, giving her nipple one last lick and a bite. She moaned as he started to work his way down her stomach.

She was impatient now, trying to push him down faster, while his tongue ran around her navel. Smiling and giggling slightly, he took the hint and fell back on his haunches, on the floor at her feet. He rested his hands on her knees and stroked his fingertips along her thighs.

Again she shuddered and moaned, eager with anticipation. Glancing to his right, he saw a pair of bare feet in the room next door. The occupant was also sat on their bench. Raising a finger to his lips, he shushed her with a smile, seeing that she was gnawing on her lip with excitement. Her hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed tightly, her head dropping back against the wall.

Stroking her thighs again, a light grip on the hem of her skirt, he peeled it back towards her letting the palms of his hands stroke over her legs. She looked down at him again, hunger in her eyes, a firm grasp on her breasts and her tongue darting over her lips.

He smiled as her slit was slowly revealed to him. Engorged, moist and obviously excited, her lips a deep pink next to her pale thighs, she really was going commando. The insides of her thighs were slick with excitement. His eyes found hers again to share a cheeky smile. So badly he wanted to taste her but he resisted, breathing over her dampness bringing yet another shiver and a barely contained moan from her. This was too much fun for him to resist.

Holding her knees, he pushed the legs apart slowly. Spreading further, the lips began to spread too, separating before his eyes, wetter than ever as he breathed over her. Her legs as wide as they could go, bracing against the walls, he dipped his head to finally taste her with one long lick that started at her entrance and ended close to her knee.

A long, deep groan echoed through the room. It was then that he noticed movement in his peripheral vision. To his side, he could now see a discarded pair of blue panties around the ankles of the woman in the next stall. Clothes were discarded, hurriedly, all over the floor of the changing room. Her legs were outstretched, bouncing and shaking with toes pointed straight, towards the door.

Taken by surprise, he stopped for a moment and watched her legs bounce and twitch, then lurch as she slid further down the bench. Picking his head up to point this out, fingers impatiently gripped his hair and he was pulled face first into the dripping folds in front of him. Focussed now, his arms looped under her legs and he held her hips in his hands, pulling her down into him. His tongue probed around her entrance until his mouth sealed around her lips, kissing and sucking them in. Her hips bucked in his hands and she moaned loudly, but he held on tightly. Her hands pushed him deeper into her again, in an attempt to grind against him.

Still looped around her legs, his hands now reached the insides of her thighs, pulling the skin tight to spread her lips even further apart. His tongue probed deeper into her entrance, while she ground her hips against him. Her hands left his hair; he could just see them squeezing her breasts tightly, above him, over the hem of her skirt. He pulled away now, looking into those piercing green eyes that still burned with desire. Kissing the insides of her thighs, still fresh with her dew, caused them to kick and quiver in the air. He licked the length of her slit with a hard tongue, flicking and kissing her clit at the top, and going for a second lick.

Reaching her clit again he worked around it with his tongue and brushed his lips over it repeatedly. Her legs now locked around his back. She wasn’t prepared to let him stop now. Taking the hint, his lips sealed over her clit and sucked in hard, tongue still flicking over it feverishly. He felt fingers grip his arms that held her hips, scratching nails down his forearms and gripping him as tightly as he gripped her. She would leave her mark on him today, they were both sure.

He sat back onto his haunches again, catching his breath and stroking his fingertips down her stomach, circling her hips and kissing the inside of her thigh. He reached up, gently massaging her breasts in his hands and stroking down her body once more. His lips trailed kisses along her thigh, down to within inches of her now swollen and glistening labia. He then reversed his direction and licked up her thigh to her knee. He repeated the movement and she moaned, crying plaintively. She loved and hated to be teased. Her hips rolled and thrust out for his hot mouth whenever it came within reach, but she never felt his touch.

When his hands next stroked down her body, he reached her clit with his thumb. She tensed up at his touch, while he continued to kiss her thighs, teasing her. His thumb pushed gently onto her clit and began to rub, back and forth, side to side, around and around. His other arm released its grip on her leg, bringing it down to run a single finger along the length of her lips. Her juices seeped from her lips as they parted, she was so wet.

“Mmm,“ she moaned, eager to feel his touch again. Her head fell back onto the wall and her whole body relaxed as she slid down the bench towards him. Smiling, he added a little more pressure to her clit and saw a smile break across her face. His fingers pinched her labia together as her juices were squeezed out her, groaning. Rubbing up her slit with his thumb, he collected the wayward dew and sucked it off his thumb, making sure the pop of it leaving his lips was audible. He knew he’d succeeded, he saw her smile again and her hips shook a little under his touch.

Wanting her attention, his face brushed her thigh so that his stubble grazing her sensitive skin caused a shudder through her body. He bit her thigh and her eyes opened, looking down at him with a look he couldn’t put a name to but instantly understood, licking and biting her lips. Pushing a finger against her entrance, he kept his eyes locked with hers as he slowly eased it inside of her. Her eyelids began to close and she squinted, determined to keep his gaze, as she felt each knuckle slip inside. A small whine slipped out.

Still massaging her clit, he slowly fingered in out of her slit with ease as he felt her muscles grip him inside her. Pushing a second finger against her, their gaze never moving, he saw her lip go white as she bit down harder and harder to keep quiet, against every minute centimetre he entered into her. Eventually reaching the knuckle, he picked up the pace and began to slip back and forth, swivelling them inside her and curling up to rub against her. All her efforts now focussed on maintaining eye contact, he knew he had her where he wanted her.

Taking things up a notch, he gave her thigh one last kiss and took his tongue to her clit, his free hand holding her hips down, still meeting her gaze as he licked her special spot. With difficulty, her eyes remained focussed on him as her legs closed shut around his head and gripped him close.

He laughed at the concentration etched across her face, sending vibrations through her clit and causing her legs to clamp him tighter to her button. He thought it time to go a little further. He fingered her faster now, his lips brushed over her clit faster and faster until he locked his lips onto her, sucking hard and lapping quickly at her buzzing button.

Her hips jerked violently, but he held her down with his free hand, pinning her in place as she pinned him into her folds that he was putting all his energies into assaulting. Her gaze failed, now. Her eyes locked shut, her teeth bit into her lower lip and her hands braced against the bench. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. Her body spasmed, her back arched and her hips jerked under him. Her legs gripped his head tighter and her mouth dropped open in a silent shout. Finally a moan, deep and loud, fell from her lips. He felt it run through her body while it echoed around the walls.

Her climax began to break as the moaning continued, quieter now, encouragements hissed through teeth. Still attacking her clit, he felt her muscles tightening around his fingers and knew she was nearly there. Almost removing his fingers to the nails, he pushed a third into her on the return stroke, pushing her over the edge. Her fingernails buried into the arm that held her down while she bit down on her other hand. Her hips bucked, as though to throw him off, but he kept up his assault. Holding her down, his tongue still worked her clit and his fingers pushed through against all the resistance she put up. Her orgasm seemed to flow on and on with his constant attention until she sighed heavily and collapsed, all at once, her energy spent.

With her settling, he was immediately on her. Holding her head up, he kissed her hard and deep. She knew little about it at first, until the feeling returned to her and she tasted herself on his tongue. Another rush of energy surged through her and she reciprocated the kiss, grabbing him in turn and pulling him closer. His hands left her for a few seconds until she felt heat against her slit and gentle pressure.

Lost in her own mind, it took her a few seconds to realise what was happening. She broke the kiss and looked down in time to see his manhood, rubbing up and down her slit, push gently into her swollen lips. He eased inside her and her mouth fell open again as she enjoyed the agony of his intrusion. He kissed her again, holding her face, his full length sheathed inside her and still.

She enjoyed the heat of him and full feeling she got from him for a minute or so, lost in the kiss. There was soon more needed from him, though, and she was determined to get it now, her energy levels as high as ever. Her hips rolled and bucked as she ground against him, moaning into the kiss. His hands left her face and held her hips instead as he broke the kiss with her to look into her eyes. She saw a primal look in his eyes, as though about to devour her; he saw a pleading, anticipating look in her eyes as she waited patiently for what he knew she wanted.

Eyes fixed, hands holding her hips, he pulled his length slowly out of her leaving only the head still inside before thrusting quickly back inside and holding once more. Her body pushed back against the wall, the room seemed to shake with the force of the thrust, which helped hide the squeak from her. He did it again, harder. She squeaked again, but her eyes closed momentarily this time. Opening her eyes, she saw a pair staring back at her. But not his. A strange pair, wide and focussed, was reflected under the wall in a small make-up mirror. She was shocked for a second, as the mirror was hurriedly removed, and barely noticed his third and most forceful thrust so far.

He wasn’t allowed to comment or question her however, she immediately stood up, pushing him off her and onto the bench she’d just been sat on. She turned to face him, stepping over his legs to straddle him; she grabbed his hands and placed them purposefully on her hips as she braced against his chest with one hand and guided him inside her with the other, slowly lowering onto him until she could grind her clit against his pelvis, leaning forward to kiss him hard.

His hands were placed on her breasts and were used to squeeze them both hard as her hips began to bounce. She was in control now, holding his body down she decided the pace while his hands and mouth worked over her breasts. His mouth took in a nipple and sucked hard, which she rewarded with a faster and faster fucking. Her bouncing arse would be a great view from behind, she thought to herself, thinking of the mysterious eyes in the makeup mirror. Another flush ran through her and she felt herself grow wetter at the thought, surprising herself. She was learning a lot about her desires, today.

She sat up straight, throwing back her hair and grasping her own breasts. Her hips wriggled and she somehow worked him a little deeper, grinding her hips against him. It was his turn to let his head fall back and moan, now. His hand reached out and found her clit, rubbing it as furiously as she was grinding against him.

“Yeah, keep fuckin’ like that, babe,” he gasped out, admiring her tight frame. She tutted and put a finger against his lips, scratching nails down his bare chest with a low shushing noise. His eyes suddenly looked down, to the left, and widened, as she watched him. She never slowed her movements, but she knew what he’d seen. She just smiled and braced herself, leaning forwards a little with her hands on his hips. Her hips now thrust against him faster and harder than ever, his attention suddenly brought back to her with a gasp and a sigh. Their bodies met with a light slapping noise and her clit ground against him. Knowing they had an audience was beginning to push her over the edge again. She could hear his growls getting deeper and coarser; she knew he wouldn’t be too long.

She leaned further forward, fingernails digging into his chest and causing him to moan. Her hair brushed his face as their cheeks rubbed together, she whispered into his ear sweet encouragements.

“Y’like that, babe?” she asked him with a gasp, biting his shoulder. He didn’t respond, only moaned and gripped her arse, pushing her deeper and harder. “Is this naughty enough for you?” She asked him now, “Is this turning you on? Are you gonna cum for me?” she whispered with a smile, enjoying herself. He growled and bit her shoulder in turn, which only served to excite her even more. “Are you gonna cum inside me, babe?” she offered in response.

He really growled now; his teeth buried into her shoulder; hers in his; with her nails in his chest and his hands forcing her hips harder and harder, they were both racing towards their orgasms.

“C’mon, babe!” she encouraged him, sensing how long he’d got to go. “Give it to me! Give me all you’ve got! Let me have it, I want it all!”

He snarled loudly at this, pushed over the edge and exploding inside her. She felt him go, feeling him pulse and grow inside her. She couldn’t hold it back anymore and she shuddered down, his length finally resting inside her again, still pulsing as he convulsed underneath her. Her body twitched and shook with her orgasm as their bodies fell together on the bench, breathing heavily.

Their bodies recovering slightly, after a minute or so, she picked her head up and looked her lover in the eyes. “I hope you enjoyed the show.” She said loudly, to the room. His eyes widened a little, but he soon smiled, understanding. A small flicker of that primal look was visible in his eyes again, for a second. She wanted to see it again. Leaning to his ear, she whispered to him.

“Let’s get out of here, there’s something I really want to do. Right now.” She smiled sexily and stood up slowly. He watched her figure straighten out and smiled. How could he say no?

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