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Chicken and Waffles (Naughty Situations)

Randall wanted something yummy, so he decided to get some Chicken and Waffles
A waitress led Randall to his table and seated him in a booth. He stared at her voluptuous ass as she walked away. Her panty lines were visible through her short white skirt. It was a real turn on to him, seeing the shape of her panties. She had dirty-blonde, wavy hair. Her pointy nipples poked through her violet top. The contrast between her small boobs and big butt was lovely. He imagined nibbling on her supple behind while fondling her perky breasts. If only he could have some of that, he thought. It would be a dream come true. She turned her head back toward him with a knowing look. He realized that she caught him gawking at her. Randall blushed. She smiled and walked back to the table.

"You look hungry," she said. "See anything you want?"

"Um..." he murmured, "What do you recommend?"

"I give a great blow job," she said, as she licked her lips and stared down at his crotch. 

Randall looked back and forth as he thought for a moment. Was he on a surprise reality show, he wondered? His friends must have been messing with him, he thought. He decided to ignore her sexual advance and looked down at the menu.

"I'll have chicken and waffles," he said. 

He figured that a woman, as attractive as her, would have never been coming on that strong, unless she had ulterior motives. What did she want? Could it have been possible that she did desire to suck his cock, he wondered?

She smiled and went into the kitchen. Moments later, she returned with a plate of waffles and a bottle of maple syrup. She slid them across the table to him. Randall looked down at his plate and was puzzled.

"Where's the chicken?" he asked.

"That's what I'd like to know," she replied. "Whip it out and let me get a taste."

"What?" he said, acting oblivious to her request. "I don't understand."

"Don't be selfish," she said. "I gave you waffles, now you give me something yummy to nibble on."

Randall gulped. He looked around the restaurant to see if anyone was paying attention. The place was almost empty. 

"Well?" she asked. "Show it to me."

Randall hesitantly opened up his pants and fished out his penis through the opening in his boxers. It seemed the current situation had stimulated his cock. He was already fully erect. 

"Mmm..." she said. "Looks yummy. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks."

She knelt down in front of him and poured the maple syrup, covering, his throbbing erection. Her hand reached over and picked up the two waffles from the plate. She wrapped them around his shaft and stroked it. The warmth made his cock spasm slightly as it got even harder with each caress.

"Here it comes," she said, while rubbing toward the head and applying gentle pressure. "Yummy butter from the tip."

She teased and tantalized the opening causing pre-cum to leak out. Her warm mouth gently sucked on the head and it saturated her tongue. She sent chills down his shaft to his balls. His body tensed up and quivered as he let out a gasp. 

"It tastes delicious," she said. "I want more."

She stroked his cock firmly as she squeezed more of his buttery spunk out onto her lips.

"Give me your butter," she said. "I love the flavor."

She puckered her lips and wrapped them around his head and sucked. Her sucking became more aggressive as the slurping noises raised in volume. He thought about stopping her, but was helpless to his desire. She already had him, the moment she discovered the first burst of butter that coated her tongue. She moaned as she raved about how good he tasted. Her hand massaged his balls with the waffles as she went down on his cock even deeper. She had his full length in her throat and opened her mouth as she gently tongued his balls.

He reached over and grabbed her ass and fondled it. His hand slid under her skirt and his fingers wandered in through the side of her damp panties. Her pussy lips were warm and inviting. He slid his finger gently between her wet pink folds. Her sucking became more passionate as he playfully caressed her clit while fingering her. She gyrated her hips influencing his finger deeper inside of her swollen slit.

Randall picked her up and pulled her ass toward him as he lay back on the booth seat. Her pussy lips were right in front of his mouth. He felt her warm tongue teasing the tip of his cock in search of his hot buttery treat. His lips surrounded her clit and gently sucked as his tongue swirled around it.

"Mmm..." she moaned. "So yummy."

The moment Randall heard her rave on his flavor, his libido went into high gear and he almost burst into her mouth. He didn't want to have the feeling just yet, so he smacked her ass hoping to shift gears. She stopped and giggled. 

"What are you doing back there?" she asked.

"You deserve a spanking," he replied.

"I do," she said, as she crawled off of him and knelt over the table waiting for more.

Randall got up and stood behind her. He fondled her ass as he contemplated, which cheek he would swat first.

"Well," she said. "Are you going to do it?"

He felt a sense of power in the current situation.

"I'll do it when I'm good and damn ready to," he said, smiling.

"Oh please," she begged. "I've been a bad girl."

"I'll think about it," he said, as he massaged her ass sliding his fingers through her warm wet path.

Her pussy lips glistened in the light as he playfully fondled them. He pulled his arm back and aggressively spanked her bottom. She yelped and gyrated her hips.

"Again!" she cried out.

He swatted her with more force than before. She shrieked with pleasure.

"Fuck me!" she demanded. "I need you inside of me."

Randall teased her warm wet opening with his rock hard erection. She squirmed around trying to influence his cock inside of her, but he pulled it away every time it got close to going in. He smiled, as he knew she wanted him badly and he was in total control. The thought of her desiring him, made his cock even harder. His warm butter was oozing from the tip.

"I've got a treat for you," he said, as he smacked her ass to get her attention.

She turned around and looked in his direction. When she saw the pre-cum, she dropped to the ground on her knees and desperately sucked it off.

"So, you're hungry for my butter?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied. "Yummy on my lips."

"Do you want me to butter your bread?" he asked.

She quickly got up and bent over the table once again. Her hands pulled her ass apart revealing all of her loveliness.

"Please give me what I deserve," she begged.

Randall slid his cock across her warm wet path and squeezed her ass. Just as he inserted his throbbing erection, he swatted her bottom. She cried out.

"Yes!" she shouted. "More! More! More!"

He grabbed her hips and thrust his pelvis influencing his cock deep inside of her. She reached between her legs and fondled his balls. Her touch sent tingles from his balls through his hot pulsating erection. He realized at that moment that he was about to burst, so he aggressively rammed his cock as deep as he could inside of her pussy. She shrieked each time he pumped. He spanked her bottom as he humped her harder. She sucked on her fingers as she winced with each swat to her ass. Randall let out a moan as his cock burst and warm cum filled her inviting pink pleasure palace. Her pussy lips tightened as they constricted around the base of his shaft. She moaned with pleasure.

"Thank you for coming," she cried, smiling. "Please come again soon."

Randall collapsed on top of her. They were both covered in sweat as they lay on the table.

Another waitress walked a customer to the next booth. She handed him a menu.

"May I take your order?" she asked.

The customer pointed over at Randall's table and said, "I'll have what he's having."

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