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Chloe Seduces Me

I was just under seventeen years old when the following events took place. I belong to the local Swimming Club, training twice each day, with sixth form at school sandwiched between. I counted myself as being single but regularly had sex with various friends of either sex, it was great to have that type of freedom.

For weeks and weeks, Chloe at the Swimming Club had been flirting with me but the relationship had progressed no further than suggestive remarks. We were the same age and both competed in the same events, so whilst we were friends, there was a competitive edge to everything we did together.

I’m 5’ 6 tall, with long dark wavy hair and blue eyes. I had an athletic slim body, with B cup breasts and shaved pussy. Chloe was 5’ 9, with blonde hair, falling onto her shoulders, with blue eyes. As you’d expect, being a swimmer too, physically we were similar, except her breasts were a little bigger and she maybe carried a little more weight.

It was a normal day in mid-May, getting up and to the pool by 5.30am. I hurried through the foyer and changing rooms, going onto the poolside, quickly removing my shorts, top and trainers and prepared for the session ahead. I’d always put on my costume at home, it saved time and meant I could squeeze in an extra few minutes in bed doing things like that. There were approximately twenty of us that swam each morning and all got on well with each other.

We congregated at the end of the pool, ahead of our designated lanes as the coach calmly told us what to do. Jack stood inches in front of me, preparing to lead the lane and Chloe behind. As I continued to listen to the coach’s instruction, I felt hands begin to caress the cheeks of my arse, squeezing and manipulating seductively. I turned my head slowly, making no effort to pull away and saw Chloe smiling with a look of mischief in her eyes. I tried to maintain my focus, turning my eyes to look at the clock on the wall, watching Jack adjust his goggles and as the hand ticked past zero, dive into the water. I stepped forward, wrapping my toes around the edge of the pool, made a final check that my costume, hat and goggles were all in place, ignored the sensations of my arse being groped, saw the second hand tick by to two and dived into the pool.

The coolness of the water always came as a shock to my body as I entered it but was refreshing too, waking me up in an instant. My legs kicked, exploding my body to the surface and I began to swim. Length after length was completed, making sure that I warmed up properly before I began to increase pace and swim faster. Twenty-five minutes later, the first set of our morning session was finished and we were standing waist deep in water, at the shallow end of the pool, watching and listening to the coach as he gave us further instruction.

Once again, Chloe was behind me but standing as close as she could, her body pressed tight against mine. I thought nothing of her actions, even when her arms wrapped around my waist. It wasn’t unusual for her to act in such a manner, especially since our flirting had developed to being more tactile. It was only when I felt her warm breath on my neck that she got my attention. She was definitely seducing me, each breath sending shivers through my body and making me tingle. I was becoming more turned on with each passing second, almost relieved when the coach finished his instruction and we began swimming again.

My focus had gone, wondering how far Chloe was prepared to go with her seduction and would I be able to continue ignoring her actions. The way she’d teased my neck with her warm breath and lips almost touching my skin, all I’d wanted was to turn around and kiss her but I stayed tough and maintained a cool façade to the rest of the world. I tried to push myself harder, swimming faster with each length but it did nothing to help, my mind was racing and pussy throbbed in anticipation.

Another twenty-five to thirty minutes past by before we’d all finished the set and stood in the shallow end waiting for our next instructions. My heart was racing, not from the exertion of the swim but because of anticipation. Within seconds of finishing the set and standing facing the wall, Chloe was behind me but this time, not breathing on my neck but kissing and nibbling my skin. It was driving me wild with desire and despite biting my bottom lip to control myself; I couldn’t help moaning a little with pleasure. I had to turn my head and look at her and as I did, she giggled and kissed my lips tenderly.

Just as I considered using my tongue, the clock hit zero and Jack pushed away from the wall to start the next set. I pulled away from Chloe, preparing to follow him as I watched the clock tick round another ten seconds and then began to swim. It was a longer set that would take at least forty-five minutes to complete and allow me time to clear my mind and body of the desire that Chloe had enflamed in me. It was an impossible task; she had turned me on so much that I simply couldn’t shake the urges that were flowing through my body. I tried to focus my mind back onto my swimming but Chloe was so close behind me that she’d touch my feet every few seconds, making my task impossible. It was almost as though she was trying to tell me she wasn’t about to stop teasing me and I just couldn’t stop wondering what she’d do next.

I was starting to get tired but knew that once the latest set was completed there’d only be about ten minutes more swimming and I could cope with that easily. Finally, I was on the last length, kicking fast to pull away from Chloe a little, allowing myself a few seconds when I reached the wall to compose myself.

My plan was left in tatters, when within an instant of stopping and standing by the wall in the shallow water, Chloe had her arms wrapped around my waist as she kissed my neck again. An instant later, her left hand moved from my stomach, down to between my thighs. Immediately, she started to rub her fingertips against my pussy lips. Although I tried to ignore her actions, my body responded, bucking rhythmically onto her hand. I froze with fear as she pushed my costume aside and slipped two of her fingers deep inside my pussy. I bit my bottom lip hard, trying desperately to stop myself from moaning loudly. I was being tested to the full as I felt Chloe begin to grind her pussy against my thigh at the same pace as she was fucking me with her fingers.

The coach continued to talk to the group, outlining the last set of our session but I was struggling to take in his instructions. Chloe was moaning as she kissed and sucked below my left ear. I sank my teeth harder into my bottom lip but the faster her fingers moved in and out of me the more I gasped.

It was almost a relief when Jack pushed off the wall and the set began. My body had been sapped of energy and struggled to sprint as hard as the coach had instructed. The section was small, taking fifteen minutes to complete. With a number of one length swims and short rests between, Chloe took every chance she had to seduce me further. Each time we climbed out of the pool, she’d come up behind me, kiss the back of my neck and run her fingers between my legs. I’d not even realised that my costume was in the same position as it was when she’d pushed it to one side to finger fuck me but made no attempt to cover up. To begin with, only two of the swimmers had noticed my shaved pussy was exposed but each time we prepared for another sprint, so more eyes looked in my direction. Chloe too, was becoming more brazen, pinching and teasing my clit or fingering me slowly. It was as though the more of our team-mates looked at us the more she’d tease me. I was so turned on, my pussy throbbing harder and harder and legs became weaker by the second.

Finally, the session was completed and we got out of the pool to go and change. I picked up my bag from the poolside and walked to the changing rooms with Chloe and the other girls. We turned the corner and as I’d done hundreds of times before, went towards the showers. There were only four showers but eleven of us wanting to use them. Going home and showering there, wasn’t an option for most of us, we had, school, college or jobs to get to.

I put my bag on the floor, took off my costume and waited my turn to use the shower. Chloe had disappeared into the changing room but then I heard her calling my name and as I looked up, gestured for me to go to her. Picking up my bag and costume, I walked as calmly as I could towards her. As I got closer, she suggested that we used the Squash Player showers as they were all free.

As I approached her, she took off her costume, picked up her bag and began to walk towards the other changing area. I couldn’t help looking in admiration at the taught cheeks of her arse as they bounced in rhythm to her movement, metres in front of me. It took less than thirty seconds to walk to the Squash Player changing room, which was completely empty as we went in, shutting the door behind us.

We dropped our bags on the floor, before picking out our shampoo and soap and going to the shower cubicle. Chloe entered first, turned on the water, encouraging me to follow her with a seductive look in her eyes. Without hesitation, I stepped forward and joined her under the cascading flow of warm water. We wrapped our arms round the other and began to kiss. There was little subtlety as our tongues swirled together, both desperate and extremely turned on.

I shifted my feet a little, manoeuvring my left hand between our bodies and plunging two fingers deep into her pussy. She groaned as her body tensed in response but an instant later, Chloe’s fingers had probed between my pussy lips as her thumb began to tease my clit. It felt as though she’d been teasing me for the last hour and that I’d been kept on the edge for that period too. As soon as her thumb touched my clit, my pussy began to throb hard and I knew I’d be cuming very hard within a few minutes. Neither of us were able to maintain our kiss, breathing hard as our moans grew louder. I slid my fingers in and out of her tight virgin pussy, encouraged by the way it pulsated on my fingers and how her hips bucked in response. I tried desperately to move in and out of her faster but it was no use, her thumb was driving me wild.

Suddenly, my whole body tensed and my eyes clamped shut. Chloe continued to tease my clit as I stood helpless but an instant later, I was cuming. As my pussy relaxed, I felt my juices surging between my lips in a powerful spurt and the feeling of ecstasy radiated through my body.

After a few seconds, I opened my eyes and smiled, as did Chloe and an instant later we began to kiss. Our tongues swirled together slowly as I continued to slip my fingers in and out of her pussy. I could feel her bucking rhythmically against my hand. I pulled away from her mouth and began kissing down her body, starting at her neck. She moaned more and more as I continued to kiss lower and tease her pussy. I dropped to my knees, kissing her stomach, down towards her pussy. Chloe spread her feet further, as if inviting me to tease her more.

My fingertips moved to her g-spot and started to tease hard and slow. She groaned with pleasure as I took her clit between my teeth and pulled, teasing fast with my tongue. Her pussy started to throb hard on my fingers as I teased both g-spot and clit faster and faster. The water continued to cascade down our bodies from the shower but did nothing to dilute the taste of her juices that were trickling steadily into my mouth. My fingertips continued to press hard against her g-spot, maintaining a steady fast rhythm, whilst my teeth bit down on her clit. There was an increasing air of desperation in the sound of her moans and motion of her body becoming more erratic.

Chloe took hold of my hair as she buried my face harder against her pussy. She lifted her right foot and placed her leg over my shoulder. I knew she would struggle to hold that position for long but realised she was trying to open her pussy further. I bit and pulled her clit harder still, making sure it was stretched to its limit. An instant later, she gasped, tensing hard against me. I flicked her clit furiously with my tongue and released it a moment later. I opened my mouth, heard Chloe moan my name and a second later tasted her juices as she squirted hard.

We burst out laughing, when a few moments later she collapsed onto the floor in front of me. We kissed tenderly as we tried to recover our senses, before realising it’d not be long until her mother would be there to pick us up. We helped wash each other and finally got out of the shower.

We were soon dry and putting on our clothes. I put on my white thong and bra, white shirt, school tie, dark blue tank top, knee length blue skirt, long white socks and black shoes. Chloe had chosen to do a vocational course at the local college, taking the option to leave the school sixth form. Her attire was therefore, far less regimented, wearing a red thong, no bra, jeans, yellow vest top, blue jacket and trainers. Shortly after getting dressed, we were in the car en route to Chloe’s house.

We had breakfast and were back in the car around 8.15am, sitting in the back seat. I’d be dropped off at school and Chloe be taken to college after. The rush hour traffic meant that a journey of around two miles would take between ten and fifteen minutes but with her parents appearing to be half asleep, Chloe and I were seemingly invisible to them.

I looked at Chloe, smiling as visions of having sex with her filled my mind. She winked at me as if reading my mind. A second later, I felt the zip, on the left side of my skirt being pulled down. I must have looked panicked because she grinned and gestured for me to be quiet. My heart began to race as she slipped her hand inside and pushed my thong aside, easing two fingers into my pussy. Despite the risk of the situation and being scared, I couldn’t help opening my legs wider to allow her better access. I was amazed that I was still sensitive from the sex we’d had earlier and did well to contain my moans of pleasure as she probed in and out slowly. My pussy was pulsing so hard on her fingers, making it impossible to keep my body still. Soon, as her rhythm quickened, fucking me with her fingers and teasing my clit with her thumb, my body began to writhe in response.

My mind was racing, every now and then, I’d gasp and whimper and knew that if she made me orgasm, there was no way I could say quiet. It felt as though I’d wet myself and the smell of my arousal filled the air. Each throb of my pussy was intensifying my sensations and realised there was no way of stopping my climax. I had been so focussed on maintaining my silence that I’d not noticed where we were. Without warning, Chloe pinched and pulled my clit hard but then removed her hand from my skirt. With a satisfied grin, she sucked on her fingers and told me, she’d text and see me later.

I opened the car door and got out. I don’t know how I managed to stand up, let alone walk into school. I was desperate to cum, my entire body was tingling, legs sapped of strength and the back of my skirt satisfyingly wet. Within a few minutes, I’d made it to the sixth form common room and was talking to my friends as normal, the events at the pool dimming in my thoughts with each passing minute.

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