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Chris and Elin - part 1

My name is Joanna; I’m twenty five years old, five feet six inches tall, with long dark hair, hazel/blue eyes, slim build with 34 B cup and run an accountancy business. It had been a long hard day, up early, a two hour drive to South Wales, then stuck in an office trawling over a client’s accounts with nothing to distract me but eventually I finished and as I reached upwards to stretch my tired body, realised there was a decision to be made. Should I get back in my car and make the two hour journey back home or would it be more sensible to find a Hotel and travel back the following day. It was Friday night, the traffic was bound to be bad, I was in a nice town, so, why not stay and simply relax, I was free and single and had no real need to rush back home.

Quickly, I’d collected everything together and was in my car looking for a half decent Hotel for me to spend the night. Soon enough, I found somewhere, booked in and was shown to my room by a fairly attractive middle aged lady but no sooner had she accepted a small tip that I was left alone in the room.

The room was a reasonable size for a Hotel room, a king size bed centred across one wall, inviting me to dive on it and see how comfortable it was. As I landed on it, my arms splayed out wide, lying on my back, I immediately realised how comfortable it was. Using my opposite foot, I pushed off my shoes, letting them drop one by one onto the floor, my bare toes wiggling, embracing their new found freedom.

I lay motionless for a few seconds but then, unfastened my skirt, pulled free my blouse, one by one undoing the buttons, before moving one way then the other to take it off to leave me topless. I rarely, if ever wore a bra, my B cup breasts were still firm and held their shape well, besides which, I enjoyed the attention that my hard nipples seemed to encourage. A second later I’d raised my hips and had kicked off my skirt, to leave me totally naked on the bed. As with a bra, I didn’t see the point in wearing undies, it made me feel a little daring and that turned me on.

As I lay there, I looked around the room, trying to ignore that my nipples were fully erect and sensitive, my pussy dribbling juices onto the bed, for some reason began wondering how many people had had sex on the bed and then what it might feel like to have a cock pounding in and out of me or better still, having another girl grinding onto me lustfully. My god, I wanted sex but there was nobody around to satisfy my urges, so, knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be masturbating.

I sat up, gazing around the room, attempting to ignore my feelings, the bathroom to the right, a huge window covering most of the upper part of the left wall. Curiosity got the better of me, getting up to look at the view, to my amazement, a superb panorama of the town and in that instant decided to go and walk later and maybe have a drink and something to eat.

I stood there for a few seconds until my mind wondered back to sex, this time the sensation of juices tricking down my thighs was too much to ignore, the fingers of my left hand starting to tease my pussy lips and shortly after, circling and stroking my clit. Soon I was breathing hard and moaning, struggling to stay on my feet but it was turning me on more to be masturbating as I stood naked. My fingertips teased faster and harder, my hips bucking as my onrushing orgasm built quickly. Moaning louder and louder, losing control, reaching the point of no return.

Suddenly I heard a knock at the door. What should I do, knowing that I’d cum at any moment, desperate to cum but I should answer the door as soon as possible? I turned around, my body tingling, legs shaking as I moved towards the door. I looked at my clothes on the bed; pondering for a second whether to dress first but the mischievous side of me decided it would be more exciting to stay naked. An instant later I was at the door, opening it without hesitation, making sure I was clearly visible to who was knocking. It was the same lady who’d taken me to the room not long before. She had a look of shock on her face, just about managing to splutter that she’d brought my receipt and handed it to me.

My pussy was throbbing so hard, both of us standing motionless, almost frightened to move. It must have been a subconscious action but before I realised that the fingers of my left hand had moved back to my clit, teasing furiously, I began to orgasm as I stood naked in the doorway. Eyes shut tight as the sensations of pleasure radiated through my body and as my fingertips continued to work their magic, my pussy clenched tight, followed by my juices squirting onto the floor.

I felt elated as I opened my eyes and simply smiled at the lady, with a cheeky giggle, said, "Thanks for the receipt”, turned around and closed the door. The events of the previous few minutes had made me feel incredibly good, always enjoying shows of exhibitionism, for a moment I considered not going out, just ordering room service and staying naked in my room but decided to stick to my original plan to go out.

It didn’t take long for me to get showered and dry, spending a few moments to look at myself in the full length mirror in the bathroom, noticing that my nipples were still standing proud and despite my shower, my pussy was still wet, the throbbing and tingly sensations still very strong. Fortunately I always took spare clothes with me when I traveled anywhere, so, had some choice of clothes to wear.

After a few seconds I decided on a dress that was a little risque but suited my mood perfectly. It had poppers either side, from top to bottom, so could be pulled open very easily and taken off quickly. Dark blue at the bottom, fading to white, I’d say, virtually see-through around my boobs, with thin straps around my shoulders, added to which, short length, falling a few inches down my thighs, I knew I’d be looked at, especially as I wasn’t going to wear undies or a bra. Finally, I brushed my hair, took a last look at myself in the mirror slipped on my shoes and left to go out.

It was a short walk down the corridor and I was at the lift, waiting for it to arrive, a few seconds later the doors opened for me to get in. A couple, I guessed, a little older than me, stood at the back of the lift holding hands but as I stepped inside the two of them looked at me and my dress. All I could do was smile at them, turn and wait for the lift doors to close and for it to take us to the ground floor. As the lift made its way down to the ground floor I made sure I maintained eye contact with them for as long as possible, knowing full well my hard nipples were getting attention from their eyes. I could feel juices trickling steadily down my thighs, turned on by the way I was dressed and the way I was being looked at.

The lift journey was however, pretty short, only three floors, the doors opening to let us out. The couple looked at me and me them, inviting the other to exit first, so, after a second I made the first move, pausing as I moved between the doors. I giggled, took hold of my dress, pulling it up quickly to reveal my bare arse, turning my head to look at them and wink seductively. An instant later I let go of my dress and continued into the foyer of the hotel, immediately going past the lady I’d seen by my room.

She smiled and took a few steps in my direction and said, “You look just as good with clothes on.” I couldn’t help chuckling, smiled and continued out of the hotel.

It was late September, 7.30 at night, so the light was falling quickly, the heat of the day disappearing quickly. As I walked down the street, though it was a little cold for me to be dressed as I was, the energy flowing through me because I was dressed so scantily was keeping me warm. After ten or fifteen minutes of brisk walking I came across a bar that served food and immediately went inside.

The bar was well populated, being a Friday night but my priority was to get something to eat and after that I could think about having a drink and trying to pull somebody for sex. I walked slowly between the tables, trying to attract attention, eventually making it to the restaurant section of the bar.

Waiting to be seated was a couple in their mid-twenties, both looking at me from top to bottom and I guessed almost immediately that they liked what they saw and were interested in me, so quickly made an effort to start a conversation with them. They told me that the restaurant was very busy and that it was possible there were no tables available. I told them that I was looking for something to eat, have a drink and talk to people in the bar. My disappointment must have been obvious to them as they soon offered sympathy that I might have to go elsewhere.

”You’ll have no problem talking to people looking like you do, you’re gorgeous, you’d get my attention”, the guy confessed, who was called Chris.

Before I had chance to react, the girl, called Elin, said, “Mine too, you’re stunning”.

I chuckled, a little embarrassed but at the same time very pleased that I was such a hit with them.

“Why don’t you eat with us?”, Elin asked with excitement in her voice.

How could I refuse, they both look attractive and it could be fun and a few minutes later we were being shown to a table.

Elin was a few inches shorter than me, probably five feet four, with shoulder length light brown hair with streaks of blonde highlights, brown eyes and fairly pretty, very slim build, with small breasts. She was wearing; trainers, tights, very short denim skirt, thong, low cut pink t shirt and an open blue cotton cardigan.

Chris was around five feet ten, short wavy brown hair, and brown eyes and solidly built carrying a few extra pounds. He was wearing; trainers, socks, jeans, blue t shirt and sweat top.

They were right, every table was occupied, ours being tucked away in a dimly lit part of the restaurant. Chris was first to sit down, with his back to the wall, with me directly opposite and Elin on the left hand side between the two of us. As soon as the three of us were seated the waitress gave us a menu each, leaving us a few minutes to look and decide on our choices.

Virtually from the moment the three of us met we began to talk to each other, a conversation that continued after we’d ordered our meal and beyond. I’d long since kicked off my shoes, loving the feel of my feet with nothing on them. If the truth be known, that sensation had always turned me on, if I could go everywhere barefoot I’d be extremely happy. I knew Chris was constantly looking at my nipples through my dress but it was Elin who eventually plucked up the courage to bring up the subject of my dress.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but does it not bother you that your nipples are so obvious?”

I laughed, as she continued after a short pause.

“Not that I’m complaining, I don’t think Chris has taken his eyes off them for long either.”

The three of burst out laughing, although it’s fair to say that Chris looked a little embarrassed by Elin’s words. I confessed to them that I enjoyed being a little risqué and that I wasn’t wearing anything under my dress. Elin’s eyes widened, almost disbelieving but at the same time, bursting with curiosity. I told them how exciting it was to be around people and wearing no underwear and feeling my juices trickling down my thighs.

I’d guessed that Elin was bisexual but had no experience with another girl and after some time wondering, I asked her directly.

“Are you bisexual Elin? my guess is that you are but have no experience and are desperate to try.”

She looked stunned by my observation, clearly not sure how to answer, I altered my chair a little, moving away from the table, took her right hand with my right, encouraging her to get up and sit on my lap. She was nervous, I could almost feel her body trembling as I used my fingertips to tenderly brush her hair back, all the time letting the lips of my mouth move closer to hers. Elin’s breathing grew heavier as my lips hovered within touching distance of hers, teasing and tempting her, until she could resist no longer and attempted to kiss me.

I allowed her lips to briefly touch mine before pulling away, her eyes full of disappointment. I held my lips close to hers for a few seconds and then let my tongue trail slowly across her lips. As her mouth opened instinctively I sucked gently on her bottom lip. Then let the tip of my tongue, gently caress hers, teasing and enticing hers into my mouth, the kiss growing in passion and intensity, Elin gaining confidence, hands wandering up and down my body.

“Oh my god that was so good”, she said as soon as our mouths parted, smiling and extremely pleased with herself.

With her still sat on my lap, I leaned towards her and whispered in her left ear, “Go and take off your tights, undies and bra. When you get back, put them on the table.”

She paused, thinking what she should do. I gave her a few seconds and told her again, this time being more demanding; she looked into my eyes, smiled and left immediately for the toilets.

Chris looked as though he’d just won the lottery and after a few seconds silence said, “It was so hot seeing you and Elin kiss. What did you say to her? Where’s she gone?”

I smiled shyly, knowing full well I’d got his attention and that he was pretty turned on, wanting to seduce him still further. Just as I was about to say something to him the waitress appeared with our meals and a few seconds later, Elin was back, smiling triumphantly, with her undies and tights in her right hand. Chris’s eyes opened wide in disbelief as she sat down and put them on the corner of the table between us.

“How turned on were you kissing me, were your undies wet Elin?”, I asked her.

With a huge grin on her face she picked up her thong, opened them out to show me the wet patch that had been covering her pussy, easing them towards my nose, enabling me to smell their gorgeous aroma. The two of us laughed as we noticed the look of amazement on Chris’s face.

A few seconds later the three of us began eating our meals, our conversation starting up again, Chris casting an occasional glance at Elin and then her discarded clothing on the table. I could resist lifting my right foot up, under the table, going between his thighs, a combined look of horror and pleasure on his face as my toes rested on his hard cock, rubbing it gently.

Elin saw what I was doing and giggled mischievously. I wanted to turn them both on even further, thought for a second and said to her, “Take his cock out Elin please; I’m going to stroke it with my toes.”

She stopped eating, looked at Chris, as if asking for permission but an instant later, after I’d pulled away my foot a little, she set about freeing him. Firstly undoing the button on his jeans, then there was the unmistakable sound of a zip being lowered. All the time my eyes and his were fixed on the others until Elin finally did what I’d instructed and I could see the tip of his cock poking above the table. She was far from finished, with her left hand, slowly stroked up and down his shafted as she teased my foot and toes with the fingers of her right. Chris tried to continue eating, obviously finding it harder and harder to concentrate.

After about a minute Elin guided my foot back onto the shaft of his bare hard cock and turned nonchalantly to eating her meal. I let my toes move slowly up and down his cock, feeling it throb harder the more I teased and as I look at his knob I could see pre-cum trickling slowly out. It felt so warm on my toes as I stroked him, my actions turning me on as much as it was him, thoughts of having sex with them both filling my mind.

Elin had taken off her cardigan, putting it on the back of her chair, her hardened nipples clearly visible through her top. With my left hand I undid the poppers to just above my waist on both sides of my dress, casting the material to one side, over my right thigh. She stopped eating for a second to look, just able to see my freshly shaved pussy and an enticing glimpse of my wet lips.

I encouraged her to put down the cutlery in her right hand. With my left hand I took hold of her right, guiding it to between my thighs. Still teasing Chris’s cock with the toes of my right foot, I moved my left leg to free up access to my pussy and began using her fingers to tease my lips and after a few seconds pushed two of them inside.

”Oh fuck Jo, you’re so wet”, Elin exclaimed, loud enough for people on adjacent tables to hear.

She needed no encouragement, using her fingers to fuck me, her rhythm steady at first but gradually increasing as I began to respond, bucking on her and moaning a little.

All three of us were becoming more desperate with each passing second, devouring our meals as quickly as we could, until after another five or six minutes we were all finished. I caught the eye of the waitress and asked if we could have the bill. As soon as she’d turned, I looked at Elin and demanded she tease my clit hard and fast and sure enough, no sooner had the words left my mouth, her fingers had got to work. I didn’t care where we were, I knew I was going to cum at any moment. My body writhed more and more, moans louder, more intense, until suddenly, with a gasp and moan of pleasure I was squirting my juices onto the floor, eyes closed, enjoying a wonderful orgasm.

I allowed myself a few moments to regain my composure and smiled at both Elin and Chris.

“If you’re paying for the meal, you should come home with us now”, Chris suggested, almost forgetting that his cock was still out and standing proud.

I gave him no answer, simply handing my credit card to Elin, telling her to pay and that Chris and I would go to the car but added that she had to leave her thong and tights on the table. I expected her to protest but was pleased that she merely smiled in a submissive manner.

A few seconds later, after Chris struggled to put away his card cock, the two of us were heading towards the exit, not bothering to fasten my dress and picking up my shoes to carry them. I could feel juices trickling down my thighs as I walked a step or two behind Chris. He held the door open for me, as soon as I was through he walked hurriedly towards the car, not noticing that I’d ripped open all the poppers on my dress and pulled it off and dropped it on the floor.

I didn’t care that I was totally naked or that I’d be leaving my dress on the car-park, that I’d have to go back to the hotel nude, I was too excited to bother.

Chris got to the car first, turned and with total disbelief exclaimed, “Oh my god, fuck.”

I giggled as I slowly took the four or five steps towards the front of the car and casually got up to sit on the car bonnet with my legs open.

“Drop your jeans and fuck me now Chris”, I demanded.

“What. Here. Are you joking? We can’t, not here”, he replied, with some trepidation.

“Yes. Here and now. Get your jeans down and fuck me now. Elin will love seeing you fuck me”.

Chris took a deep breath, to my surprise, began undoing his jeans, as soon as his zip was lowered he pulled down his jeans to his knees, cock springing free and immediately moving towards me. He took hold of my legs, pulling me closer and as they opened wider, without ceremony he thrust his cock hard into my pussy. I gasped as he filled me and started to pump in and out faster and faster, my legs wrapping around him tightly. He leant forward, mouth pressing onto mine, our tongues working together feverishly, kissing desperately. With each passing second Chris was fucking me harder and harder as I moaned loudly; I knew I’d be cuming soon.

“Oh my god, you’re having sex. Shit, Joanna, you’re naked. This is so good”, Elin said, seeing us as she came from the restaurant.

Knowing that she was there watching us turned me on more, moving on and off Chris’s cock with even more desperation, telling him to fuck me harder and ill me with his cum. My pussy was throbbing so hard until suddenly, with a gasp, it contacted violently, I was about to cum. Chris continued to thrust harder but as my orgasm exploded, he too began to climax, shooting his sperm deep inside my body.

I relaxed back onto the bonnet of the car relaxing, Chris slumping on top of me, cock softening in my pussy. After thirty seconds or so he pulled away from me, a concoction of our cum pouring steadily between my thighs as I sat up, Elin looking at my naked body as Chris had already found his way to the driver’s seat in the car.

“Where’s your dress Jo?”, Elin asked as she smiled.

“Oh, it’s by the door somewhere but I don’t need it, I’ll stay naked, it’s more fun”, I replied.

The two of us walked around to the passenger side of the car, Elin telling me to sit in the front by Chris. As I sat down she’d opened the back door but before she got in I said, “Wait, come here Elin”.

She did as I said, standing beside the open door as I told her to undress. She didn’t hesitate, giggling with excitement. She’d left her tights and thong on the table in the restaurant and had carried her cardigan with her to the car. She crouched down to undo her trainers, pushing them off quickly, along with her socks, then stood up, in an instant her top was pulled off over her head and finally dropping off her skirt to leave her standing there naked. I took a few seconds to look at her; she was far slimmer than I’d first thought. Her skin extremely pale, breasts almost non-existent but for very hard looking nipples and pussy; smooth with no hair, lips glistening from her arousal.

Quickly I wound down my chair, so I was able to lie down and moved the chair back as far as it would go and then told Elin to kneel in the foot-well of the car below me. To my surprise, she too left her clothes on the floor, only putting her trainers in the car before the door was shut.

Chris took a look at the two of us naked before turning the ignition key and starting to drive home. I lifted my feet up onto the chair, spreading my legs as wide as the space would allow, Elin looking up into my eyes.

”Use your fingers to spread my pussy Elin”, I instructed.

I felt her fingers spreading my pussy, gasping a little as they were still extremely sensitive but enjoying the sensation of being opened wide.

“Now use your tongue to lick Chris’s cum out of me”, I said.

Without hesitation her tongue went to work, licking deep into my pussy, lapping up every drop eagerly, circling and probing in and out as I began moaning and writhing in response to her touch. With every passing second her confidence and expertise grew, her actions no longer cleaning but teasing and trying to turn me on.

“Suck and bite my clit Elin. Do it hard”, I said as I moaned.

I felt her teeth take hold of my clit, biting and pulling on it, sucking and licking. I was very turned on, body tingling all over, not noticing that the car had stopped, Chris getting out, opening the passenger door, leaving the car open enabling anybody who wanted to see us. I was racing towards another climax, pussy contracting and releasing with greater intensity until suddenly, with a loud moan of pleasure, I was squirting over Elin’s face.

As my orgasm began to relent, my body’s movements decreased, Elin looking up at me smiling, before climbing on top of me, our mouths locking together kissing passionately. After some time our mouths parted, both giggling as we noticed the doors of the car open and that we were visible to the rest of the world.

“I think we should go and fuck Chris”, I said to Elin.

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