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Cindy by the pool

Cindy waits for the pool cleaner to arrive

            Cindy smoothed the last of the oil on her body, luxuriously rubbing it into her skin.   When she finished, she picked up a tube of sun block, SPF 35.   Carefully, she squeezed a small amount into her palm.   With one finger, she took a dab and traced the white tan lines around her crotch where her bathing suit would normally be.   She took a little more and covered the small amount of white she still had left on her cute butt; then spread more over the other white parts, mostly on the undersides of her breasts.   She had no strap lines, so she didn’t have to worry about those.

            She was then about ready.   The sun would continue tanning the places already bronzed, but, she hoped, she wouldn’t burn the white parts that had not been exposed.   She considered carefully, and decided that she had hit all the spots.   As she gazed across her naked body, she became excited.   Her heart was racing, just a little, at what she was about to do.   For the first time, she was about to display herself nude before a relative stranger.    Afraid she might chicken out, she had left her suit in the house.

            She lay back down, facing up, on her lounge, and waited for Steve, the pool boy, to arrive.

            For the past few weeks she had been getting increasingly excited watching Steve work when he came by, once a week.   Steve was new.   He was young, muscular, and attentive to Cindy as she lay out, watching him.   She had bought three new bikinis, each one skimpier than the last, but last week she had realized it still was not enough.   Today she was nude, brazenly so, and she wanted fuck Steve.   Nothing like this had ever occurred to her before, but she had become increasingly excited as the week went by and she planned and fantasized about how it would go.

            The thought of the sheer wantonness sometimes scared her, but it also intensified her excitement and filled her with lust.   She would be a slut, showing she had only one thing on her mind, and she would not back down.  

            She was trembling as she lay there, feeling the familiar warmth of the sun, knowing that any second he could walk through the gate and see her lying there nude, openly and unashamedly nude, and he would know why.

            She thought her heart would beat through her chest as she waited, wanting to chicken out and yet pushing that thought as far away as she could.   She would do this thing, so unlike any she had ever done before.  

            Cindy closed her eyes and dreamed.   Without really thinking about it, her hand moved up and began to play with a nipple.   She loved the feeling of the warmth and the open air and the hardening of the nipple between her fingers.   With eyes still closed, Cindy lost herself in the feelings and her thoughts about what she was about to do.



            As the two men approached the gate, the first stopped and looked at his friend.

            “This is the woman I’ve been telling you about.   She is one hot lady.   She’s had on a skimpier suit each week, and she seems to want me to look at her.   Lord knows what she has in store for me today.   Just remember, I’ve been letting her set the rules, and it has worked out pretty good, so don’t blow it by acting like a jerk.”   Steve had laid out the rules.   He did not want Rick spoiling his fun, just because he was filling in for a week.

            Steve opened the gate and walked in, then stopped suddenly.   Rick almost ran into him from behind.

            “Holy shit, would you look at that?” Steve whispered.

            Fifteen feet away from them, Cindy was lying stark naked on her lounge.   Her white spots shown bright white in the sun, and her whole lithe body shimmered from the oil that covered it.   Her eyes were closed, and she apparently had not heard them enter.   She was lying facing them, her feet toward them, and her legs were parted, giving them a wonderful view right up the pink, inviting pussy nestled in the neatly trimmed pubic hair.   She appeared lost in thought as she lay, gently rubbing one of her nipples between two fingers.   The other nipple was standing straight out from the large round red areola.

She was an entrancing sight.

            Steve whispered to his friend.   “We could probably go over there and fuck her right now, but let’s play a bit and see what she wants.   We’ll just act as if we see this all the time, and let her come to us.”

            Rick whispered back.   “Yeah, we can take our time.   I’ll bet she wants this to last a bit, too.”

            The two men, with stiffening cocks, slowly approached Cindy as she lay there dreamily playing with her breast.   When they were close, Steve spoke, in his best matter-of-fact voice.



            “Hi, Cindy.” He said.   “Wow, you’re looking awfully good today.   Nice lines.   I’d like you to meet Rick.   He’s going to be filling in for me while I’m gone for a week.”

            It was all she could do to control herself.

            “Rick, who the hell is Rick?” she thought to herself.   “Where did he come from?”

            But she was cool.   Neither man would know of the effort it took for her to slowly open her eyes and casually look over at the two men, now standing a mere five feet from her total nakedness.   Her eyes took in the sight of the two men, standing there, both young, virile, and equally good looking, staring openly down at her.   They both were smiling warmly, not dirtily or leering, but with friendly, admiring smiles.   Knowing smiles that forecasted the inevitable pleasure of the afternoon.

            “Hi, Rick.   Nice to meet you.   I didn’t know Steve was going to be gone, but I’m sure you know your way around a pool, just as well, don’t you?   I’m glad to have you here.”

            Cindy amazed herself by casually sitting up and extending her hand to shake his.   She did it as if being naked in front of two strange men was normal.   It belied the shortness of breath, the beating of the heart, and the twitching in her pussy.   It hid the fact that she had never done anything like this before.

            She was certainly not going to abandon her plan.   Was she going to amend it a bit?

            “Holy shit,” she thought, “what am I about to do?”

            Steve broke the small silence.   “Well, we’re going to get started.   With two of us, it won’t take very long.   Rick knows what he’s doing as much as me.   He’s mainly here to meet my customers and learn my route.”

            The two men smiled at each other as they each grabbed a long handled brush and began to brush the walls of the pool.   They paused to strip off their shirts, and Cindy began to sweat a little more as she watched their rippling backs.   She raised the back of the lounge chair and openly watched them as they worked.   She sipped from her cool drink; she raised one knee for comfort, and did not worry about the view up her pussy.   In fact, the thought of that excited her even more.

            She watched for a while, and then she realized she needed more iced tea.

            She stood up and addressed the men, and waited for them to turn to look at her.

            “Guys, I’m going in for more iced tea.   Do you want some?”

            “Yeah, that would be wonderful.” Rick replied, realizing for the first time how tall she was, and confirming that she had long, gorgeous, dynamite legs.

            “Ok, I’ll bring some out.   But, if you two are going to work on my pool and drink my drinks, I think you need to be cooler.   Why don’t you have your shorts off, too, when I come back?”

            Cindy turned and walked slowly into the house.  

            Inside her head a voice was screaming, “Where the hell did that come from?   Who said that?   That couldn’t possibly have been me, could it?   I just told two men – two men – to take their clothes off for me!”   She had succeeded in amazing herself even more, and yet, her resolve had grown.   She was in charge now, and this afternoon was definitely going to happen.

            Once in the kitchen, she looked out the window.   “Oh my god!” she thought.   “They did it.”

            The two men were each buck naked, brushing the pool.   She noticed the slight erection that each had.   They were getting turned on, as well.

            “Well, I guess I know what game she wants to play.” Steve said quietly to Rick, who was across the pool looking at the house.   “I believe the lady wants to get laid.”

            “No shit, man.” Rick replied.   “But you’re right, playing this game is kind of fun.   I can’t wait to see what she’s going to come up with next.   And you were also right about her being hot.   I can’t think of a sexier girl I’ve seen anywhere.”

            Cindy prepared the drinks, placed them on a tray, and walked, slowly again, to maximize the view, out to the men.

            “Here are your drinks, guys.   How much longer?”   She couldn’t even believe the three possible meanings of her choice of words.   How much longer before you’re done?   How much longer before you fuck me?   How much longer do those dicks get?

            “Who is this person?” She thought.   Then she accepted it.   “She’s me, and I love it!”

            “About fifteen minutes for skimming and checking the chemicals.   After that, I’m not sure.”   Steve answered.   His dick was rising even more, Cindy noticed.

            “I’m getting awfully warm.   Would it interfere with your skimming if I put my raft in the pool and floated on it while you skim?” she asked.

            Steve grinned.   “Not at all, I’m sure we can work around you.   Actually, it would be great for us too.   I mean, you don’t mind if we admire you while we work, do you?”

He winked at Rick.

            “Why, you wouldn’t take advantage of a girl who was just trying to catch some rays, would you?   Anyway, somehow, I don’t think I’d mind.”

            With that, Cindy turned and walked to her raft on the side.   She slowly bent over and picked it up.   Carrying it back to the pool, she smiled at the men, and then dropped into the pool.   She walked down the steps, splashed some water on herself, and lay down on the raft on her stomach.   She spread her legs apart enough to drape her feet over the sides of the raft.   Then she gently pushed off from the side, giving it a little twist as she did so.   The raft floated silently into the middle, spinning slowly, allowing Steve and Rick a wonderful view of her bare, beautiful ass, cheeks spread apart so her asshole was visible, and even some of the bottom of her pussy.

            Cindy thought about the view the men had as she floated.   She felt that they could see halfway up inside her, and she adored the feeling.   She had never felt so uninhibited, so open about what she wanted, and she doubted that she could ever pretend innocence again.   She loved sex at this minute more than she ever had believed possible.   She loved exposing herself in front of these two men.   She loved the idea of being so forward and honest.   She wanted to be fucked, and they knew she wanted it, and everybody was happy with that.

            Dreamily, she lay there in the heat and was aware of the sounds of the skimmers sweeping through the water.   The motion made the raft lazily turn and float all around the pool.   Occasionally, she would open her eyes and see the figure of a naked man, dick erect, muscles tensing as he swept the long handled skimmer basket around her.   The man would be smiling down at her.   Lust was on his face.   A little later, she would open her eyes again to see the other man, just as naked, just as erect, smiling down at her in the same way.   She felt passion rising up in her, and she felt a throbbing in her cunt that she had never felt before.   She wanted the men to be done working, but she also did not want to ever stop floating nude in front of them while they worked; looking at her, looking up her asshole, thinking of the things they would soon be doing.   The thoughts were driving her wild.

            Steve and Rick slowly skimmed the pool, staring at the naked vision before them.   They each saw the long, parted legs opening up that pleasure area to them.   They saw the beads of water droplets on her tanned, oiled skin; and they saw the white area of her butt, which proclaimed that she did not often sun bathe nude.   She was doing this for them.   She wanted them to see her.   She wanted them to lust for her.   She wanted them to fuck her.   They both thought about what it was going to be like, as they brushed the skimming baskets through the water, making the raft spin slowly so they could share the view.   Both of them wanted to get to her now, but both of them also loved the idea of being able to stare, unabashedly, at this beautiful, naked woman between them.



            After what seemed like an eternity, or split second, Cindy heard Steve’s voice.

            “Cindy, we’re done.   I just checked the chemicals and added a little to keep the balance.   We’ve swept and skimmed, and cleaned it up.   Is there anything else we can do?”   He winked at Rick, and smiled at Cindy.

            “You must be hot.   Come into the pool, cool down, and wash all this oil off me.” She replied.   Cindy rolled off the raft and stood up, the water coming to just under her tits.   Cindy waited as the men dove in and swam up to her.  

            They came up on either side, and in seconds were rubbing their hands over her.   They each started on her shoulders, washing the oil from her skin, but it did not take long until they were washing her chest, and running their hands freely over her breasts, pinching and pulling the nipples, washing them clean.   As Cindy moaned and closed her eyes, she could feel the four hands roaming lower on her body.   The feeling was indescribable as she tuned into the feeling of hands all over her.   It was not long until the hands reached her waist.   Soon, she felt fingers probing her pussy, playing with her clit.   She felt another hand in back, rubbing and squeezing her ass.   Soon, she felt the pressure on her asshole as a finger slid smoothly up and in.   She moaned, and, despite her efforts to control it, shuddered violently from the feelings of lust.   She had not cum yet, but she was close.

            Then they both disappeared underwater.   Cindy gasped as she felt first a tongue licking her pussy from one end to the other, then sucking on her clitoris.   A second later, she felt another tongue work its way into her ass.   She spread her legs to allow easier access as the tongue licked and probed away.   She screamed a little as the dual pleasures hit her, and her body convulsed again.

            Soon, the two heads popped back up out of the water.   As they gasped for air, Cindy began to rub her hands over them.   She loved the feeling of the strong muscles, under the tanned skin; she washed both bodies at once, running her hands freely over them.   Before long, she had reached under and grabbed both pulsing cocks, feeling their hardness.   Quickly, she grabbed a breath and ducked underwater.   She still had a cock in each hand, and went to each of them in turn and stuffed as much of each as her breath would allow.   Her time was up all to soon, and she returned to the surface.

            “Ok, boys, it is now time to get serious.” she said.   “Come over here to the lounge chair.”

            She walked the few steps and waited for them to catch up.   Since she had started out thinking about Steve, she gestured for him to lie down on the lounge chair.   Once he had settled, she bent down and took his dick in her mouth.   She moaned a bit as she finally was able to feel him in her mouth, after she had thought about it for so long.   She grabbed the dick and held it as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft, polishing the tip, licking the balls drawn tightly up against the base.   She sensed his excitement pulsing as she worked feverishly on the rod, finally able to satisfy her desires.

            As Cindy worked, she felt Rick begin to lick her ass.   The movements of his tongue, which ran down the cheeks, down her thighs, then back up again to slowly trace the crack of her butt was heaven as she worked to stuff Steve’s dick in her mouth.   Then the tongue began to flick at her asshole and work its way in.   Her knees almost buckled beneath her under the passion of the dual attentions.   Weaving a bit to maintain balance, she held a firm grip on the dick in front of her, and clamped down harder with her mouth, just for extra balance.   She sucked and licked, causing Steve to buck under her.   This motion caused her to push back against Rick’s exploring tongue, which buried itself in her ass.   Everyone let out a sigh as the feelings grew.

            Rick then shifted his attention to her cunt as he ran his tongue deep into it.   He licked from the clit to the ass, circling his tongue to increase their pleasures.   Soon, he stood up and admired the view of the luscious body bent over in front of him.   Stepping closer, he placed the tip of his rod to the waiting pussy and pushed.   He slid in easily and buried himself to the hilt.   Pulling back, he pushed again, then again, then felt control leaving him as began to ram in and out as hard as he could, burying himself deep within her.  

            Cindy pushed back, as well as she could, in rhythm with Rick’s penetrations.   She found it hard to concentrate on her dick sucking with the feelings she was getting from behind, but she still managed to keep Steve moving in time with her pulses.   As she felt the lust grow within her, she wanted a change.   Letting go of Steve, she slowly stood up, all the while Rick continued to pound from behind.   Finally, he reluctantly pulled away.

            Grabbing Steve by the hands, Cindy helped him to stand, and then she lay down on the lounge.   She adjusted it so it lay absolutely flat.   The pool boys seemed to know what she wanted.   They each moved up to stand at opposite sides of her head, and held their dicks out to her.   Taking one in each hand, she stuck a dick in each side of her mouth and felt as if she had never been so wanton or alive.   She ran her tongue everywhere she could reach, and pumped the shafts with her hands.   She worked them as if she wanted them both to cum right away, but she wanted more fucking still.

            “Steve, I need you to fuck me now, hard!” she begged.

            Steve moved to between in her legs and roughly thrust his long dick into her cunt.   Cindy squealed in delight (around Rick’s dick, which was halfway down her throat) as she felt herself being filled.   The pounding continued as Steve stood over her, savagely fucking her pussy.   The lust behind Steve’s penetrations made her become more savage, and she began to roughly suck the dick in her mouth, working the shaft furiously with her hand.   Surprised at her own ability, she felt herself pushing back against the hammer that was penetrating her.   She was squirming and rotating and contracting around the dick as she rode Steve for all she was worth.

            Sharing the attention, she continued to work Rick’s dick with her mouth, although she was aware of the sensation that Rick was fucking her mouth.   The thought, so low sounding, thrilled her as she imagined how smutty she must look.   Two gorgeous naked guys, fucking her, centering on her, satisfying her in the way she had always wanted to experience; and she didn’t care what she looked like, or what people might think, or even what she might think about it.   All she knew was that she was letting loose as she had never done before, and she loved it.

            Realizing this turned her feelings of lust into a volcanic eruption.   She felt herself losing control, and knew that she was on the verge of the greatest climax she had ever had.

            “Oh no, not yet!” she screamed, as she felt the waves of release begin to wash over her.

            Her body began to twist and thrust on its own as she lost all control.   She hungrily pushed the dick in her mouth as far into her throat as she could in an effort to have it all.   She fucked back against the dick in her cunt with more ferocity than she had ever known, and she loved the feeling.

            She felt it coming and she quit fighting as she finally, in wave after pounding wave, came and came and came, as she had never done before.

            She watched, while she bucked and twisted, as each of the men pulled out of her, and in their passion shot thick loads of cum over her body.   She was aware of it hitting her on her tits, her stomach, her face, and her pussy as they continued to shoot seemingly never-ending streams of cum over her.

            She came more as she realized she loved even that.  

            Cindy was proud of herself.   She had given in to her deepest fantasy, and she had loved it, and she knew she would not hold back any longer.

            She looked again at the naked, panting men standing over her, and knew that she would not regret this experience.

            Cindy leaned forward and grabbed Steve’s semi-hard cock.   Pulling him around her legs, she guided his dick up to her face.   Rick then moved down to stand between her legs.   She was aware of the feeling of Rick jamming his mouth against her pussy as she hungrily stuffed Steve’s dick into her mouth, feeling it begin to stiffen again.

            This would something she would do more of, she decided.   She was not ashamed, and she was having fun.   This kind of thing was going to happen again. And again. And again.

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