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Claire's Awakening 9: The Show

Mr Williams gets more than he was bargaining for!
Two weeks had passed since the field trip. The following Friday, Claire had told her parents about Scott. Naturally they were unsure at first, worried about his ‘intentions’ – oh if only they knew! He was eventually invited over to dinner, the next Wednesday. The meal passed quickly, with Scott chatting about sport to Claire’s father, whilst her mum swooned over the younger lad. Afterwards he was taken home, before the couple could have any real fun.

Claire was in a frenzy. Her pussy was in a constantly aroused state; her lips pink and a little puffy, sweet juice dripping into her panties. Every day since her first experience of oral sex, she had masturbated in her room. To Dave Williams’ joy, she kept forgetting to close the curtains. Every day he sat at his computer and waited for 5pm to arrive, along with his own private show. He spent all day thinking about Claire, not so innocent little Claire. Oh, the things he watched her do to herself... She was getting quite into penetration; be it with her hairbrush, a thick marker pen, even once a banana!

After Scott’s first visit to the house, her neighbour watched the teenage girl sit in front of her mirror, legs spread wide, stuffing her pussy with what looked like a twisted glass bottle – probably perfume. After every few thrusts, she removed the sopping bottle and licked her juices clean off it, before returning it to her pussy. Eventually Claire started to spasm, clearly orgasaming. As Mr Williams’ hand sped up, he too reached his peak. As usual, as his dick gave one last twitch, his mind was already thinking about their next ‘moment’.

So, now Claire and Scott have been an item for two weeks. By some miracle, her parents are out tonight, so Scott’s going to her house for some fun.

Straight after Mr Thomas’ geography lesson, (this week he droned on about renewable energy. Yawn!) the teens rushed back to the house. Once inside, Scott grabbed her roughly and started kissing her longingly.

“Oh baby, I’ve been waiting for this for so long!” he beamed at her. “So, are you gonna give me the tour? Let’s start with your bedroom!” Another of his cheeky grins spread across his face, as she took his hand and led him upstairs. They entered her room.

“Jeez girl, how pink is this?!” He teased, “However, I’m loving the double bed...”

Claire blushed, walking over to open the window. Gazing across the sun lit street, she noticed movement over the road.

“Ewwww!!” She screeched.

Scott came running over to the window, “What’s up baby?”

“The old dude over the road, Mr Williams, I think he’s looking in here again. I swear to God that old perv wanks over me... I spose I should start closing my curtains.”

A mischievous look flashed over Scott’s face. “Why not give him what he wants?” Claire looked confused. “Come on baby, it’ll be hilarious. We’ll give him something to wank over! Maybe then he’ll know you’re onto him and quit it.”

Claire sat on the bed, shaking her head. “But Scott, that’s just gross! Besides, the thought of someone watching me getting myself off is just weird. No-one’s ever watched me before – well, not that I knew of...”

Scott sat down beside her, wrapping her up in his arms whilst tickling her neck with soft kisses.

“Show me first then...” He whispered. Without giving her chance to answer, he began slowly undressing. “Oh, come on baby, we’ll both do it over here, he can’t see us! I wanna see how you get yourself off...”

Claire looked up at him with her big green eyes and smiled.

“Okay the mister, but only if you do it too!” She giggled, slipping off her shirt.

Soon they were both naked, sat at opposite ends of her bed. She was blushing again.

Scott saw that he needed to take the lead, “God, I’m such a lucky guy to have such a sexy girlfriend...” He said, slowly grasping his erect cock and giving it a few light strokes.

Claire was watching intently, slowly licking her lips.

“Ooh, do you like that baby?” He teased.

She nodded in response, sliding her hands onto her firm breasts, giving them a squeeze, tweaking her little nipples. Scott’s grip tightened around his thick shaft.

“Mmm, you little slut!” He laughed, “Go on, touch yourself. You know you want to...”

His wish was her command, as her hands drifted between her legs, spreading them slightly. Giggling a bit, she teasingly spread her pussy lips, giving Scott just a glimpse of her pinkness. She licked one finger tip, then began gently rubbing her clit, letting out a soft moan. Scott started pumping his cock harder, mesmerised by the sight that lay before him.

“Oh come on, open up a little wider... Let me get a real view!” He pleaded.

Claire looked at him as sexily as she could, “Mmm, liking the show are we?” She giggled.

Now she had one finger sliding in and out of her wet hole, her clit being massaged harder by the other hand. More moans escaped her lips, as she leant back against the headboard.

“God, this is so hot!” Cooed Scott. “You’re getting really into it, you little exhibitionist.” He stopped tugging his dick and stood up next to the window. “Come over here and suck my dick baby.” He ordered.

Claire froze, looking from him to the window and back again, “But what about... I mean... By the window??”

Scott stood there, in all his glory and just shrugged. “Come on, you little minx. You know you want to!”

Eventually she stood up and made her way over to him. She kissed him once on the lips, then knelt down so that his cock was in line with her mouth. Tentatively she took it into her mouth and began to pleasure him. Scott let out a low moan, and then grabbed the back of her head, thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Ohh, that’s it baby. Suck me nice and hard!”

Claire forgot all about Mr Williams, too wrapped up in the moment. Over the road, the guy could hardly believe his eyes! There she was, the girl of his dreams, sucking some boy’s dick. He was gutted, but there was something so sexy about it. She looked just like a porn star. He sat back in his chair, clearly enjoying the show.

‘Surely she doesn’t realise I can see..?’ He wondered. As if by telepathy, Scott chose that moment to turn and face the window, giving him a smug wave. Dave was in shock!

Back in the bedroom, Scott spat his load deep into Claire’s throat. Not quite a deep throat, but he knew that she would improve over time. He pulled her to her feet, kissing her deeply.

His hand drifted between her legs, “God baby, you’re so wet!” He admired, “Don’t worry, I’ll sort you out.”

He turned her around, so that she was leant over facing the window, her hands resting on the sill.

“But Scott, what about the neighbours?!” She cried.

He just laughed and said “Come on baby, you’re such a little slut. Let him watch!”

He stood behind her and rubbed her dripping slit, dipping first one, then two fingers inside her tight hole. Claire gave in to his expert fingers, sticking her butt further out for him. Scott expertly stroked and teased her pussy, pleasing both her clit and her g-spot at the same time. Claire was moaning, louder and louder.

Without warning, Scott slid onto his knees, spread her legs further giving him better access, and began probing her pussy with his tongue from behind. Claire let out a shriek, throwing herself forwards so that her breasts pushed against the cold glass of the window. The sensations were so intense! Her boyfriend began rubbing her clit with both hands, one each side. She grabbed onto the window sill tighter and began to scream with ecstasy, as she began trembling with wave after wave of pleasure. Feeling her orgasm start to subside, Scott replaced his tongue for two fingers and frantically probed her g-spot, causing her to come again. The surprise caused Claire to clench her pussy, making a little liquid gush out of her hole.

“Claire baby, you’re gushing!” Scott exclaimed.

A few minutes later, collapsed on the bed in Scott’s big strong arms, Claire looked up at him.

“I never know I could do that! I though gushing was just for porn stars...”

Scott just looked down at her and laughed, “Oh darlin’, you’re my porn star!”

Claire closed her eyes and thought about whether or not she was ready to finally lose her virginity. She woke up still in her boyfriend’s arms an hour later, sure of the answer.

“Scott? I... Well... I just wanted to say that...” She was mumbling into his chest. He turned her face to look at him.

“What is it baby?”

Claire took a deep breath, looked into his eyes and decided to go for it, “Scott, I’m ready to..........” She broke off mid sentence, interrupted by the sound of a car on the drive. “Shit, they’re back!”

The teenage couple scrambled around the room looking for clothes, Claire ran to the bathroom to fix her hair and Scott threw some books onto the bed, pretending they had been ‘studying’. He’d just have to wait until next time to pop her sweet cherry – Damn parents!

At the same time, Mr Williams over the road was trying to clean up his hot sticky mess off the computer desk. ‘Jeez, I may be 46, but I need go get myself some of that!’ He thought to himself. Suddenly a light bulb went off in his head – Dave had a plan...

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