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Cleaning Lady Gets Me Hot!

An Exhibitionist's Dream
As a married guy I am left to my own designs to fulfill my sex life because my wife is so sick she is unable to think about sex let alone have it. This is where my enjoyment of being an exhibitionist allows me to fulfill that need. I am not the long coat flasher type but the letting my member show through the material of whatever I'm wearing type.

Our cleaning lady started to work for us in January several years ago and all was going well with nothing sexual happening until summer came and she started working in shorts. However, I did notice that she glanced at my crotch a couple of times but it was so innocent looking I didn't pursue putting on a show for her. To be clear here, she nor I are Ken and Barbie type. I am normal weight with a slight paunch and in my fifties. She is in her forties and a little overweight in just the right way. She is indeed a turn on for guys to look at. She has that "look" about her that gives her an appeal most guys like.

She has these gorgeous muscular legs and they are very tight and in good shape. I was looking at them and getting hard and she noticed it. She tried to be coy about it so she could look without me catching her. She kept stealing glances every chance she got. I wasn't wearing shorts under my jeans and she could see the shape of it pretty well as it pushed out making a very obvious bulge. I should add here that I probably get a lot of looks because I am lucky enough to have an eight inch cock that is pretty big around.

The next time she came to work my wife was going to be gone and it would be she and I alone. Knowing this, and quite obviously for my benefit, she wore some skin tight shorts and a fairly tight top. She looked really hot in them. I too was dressed in some shorts that were snug fitting around my cock and balls in anticipation of just seeing how far she wanted the crotch watching to go. I was half erect just thinking about her reaction. She didn't disappoint me. She looked right at my cock several times, making me get even harder. One time after staring at my cock she looked up and our eyes met and she gave me that knowing smile that only women can do. The one that says "I like it - be like this all you want." I was more than happy to oblige.

I was really hot now and needed some relief from that little encounter as I hadn't jerked off for at least a week. I went upstairs to our bedroom and didn't close the door as she had finished upstairs and wouldn't be back up til the end of her work in another hour to put the towels away. I stripped naked and brought up my favorite sex site on the computer. I wasn't facing the door but I could see enough to notice in case she came upstairs. I was now into fully stroking my cock and building towards what was going to be a mind blowing climax. The turn on she gave me downstairs and the excitement of being naked like this with her down there working really had me nice and hard.

I saw the shadow in the hall first and it scared me because I didn't expect her upstairs this soon. I was afraid she would get mad if she caught me like this and tell my wife. But I thought - if she is going to sneak upstairs like that, she wanted to catch me since she had always made plenty of noise before. I didn't look up or towards the door but kept stroking my cock, which was really hard, and watching for her without turning my head as best I could. Then I saw her. She was trying to watch me without me knowing. She was giving me her ok with this by watching and not saying anything. I kept concentrating on what was on the screen and watching her out of the corner of my eye. This was so hot I could hardly control myself. She moved a little closer to the door, but still down the hall, and just stood there in plain view and watched me stroke my cock. I could have looked up right at her but I still ignored her not wanting to spoil it and was getting really close to cumming. Then I started shooting my load. It ran down over my cock and hand and shot all over my stomach. She never moved until I was completely spent and then she slipped out of view and back downstairs.

I cleaned up the mess and put some fairly tight shorts on that showed everything through the thin material. They molded to my cock and balls leaving nothing to the imagination. I went downstairs and into the kitchen where she was working. I walked up beside her and got a glass out of the cabinet. She was breathing heavily and her face was red. I asked her if she was ok and she answered in a very raspy voice that she was. I suspected that she had come down and immediately masturbated from having just watched me. She looked down at my nearly exposed cock and just kept staring at it.

Then it must have got the best of her and she decided to talk about it. She told me that she was sure I saw her upstairs and that is why she just moved to where she could watch me do myself and not try to hide. Since I didn't stop what I was doing she assumed it was ok for her to look. She told me that was the first time she had ever watched a guy do that. Even though she was married she said that they only had normal sex and nothing else. She said that watching me get hard in front of her down here first and then go up there and satisfy myself and letting her watch was a real turn on. When she came downstairs she went right into the bathroom and masturbated herself off too. She said she was sorry for watching and hoped it didn't offend me. I reassured her that I liked it and her watching actually helped make it feel even better.

We talked a little more about it while she finished up for the day. I told her how sexy her legs are and how I liked to see women cross them while sitting. I told her how that accented the muscles doing that and it really aroused me. She sat on one of the bar stools and crossed them and ask me if that was what I meant. It made her legs look even more sexy and for her do that for me really turned me on. She looked at my cock as it started to extend and get hard again in my briefs. She laughed and said it sure looked like it was what I liked since my cock was getting hard so quickly. She offered to do that for me anytime I wanted if that would make it feel better looking at her legs while I stroked my cock. She wanted to watch when I did it anyway she said.

I moved over and pressed my cock, still in my briefs, against her leg and rubbed it around over it. She offered no resistance even pressing her leg tight against my cock. I backed up a step and pushed the front of my briefs down behind my balls letting my cock spring out full hard in front of her. I took my cock between my thumb and fingers and started to slowly stroke it. She kept squeezing her legs together making them look even tighter and sexier. I stroked even faster as she watched me intently working myself up to shooting another load. I moved over to her so the head of my cock touched her leg with each stroke and started shooting all over it. She held still for me to unload on her. This was the hottest thing I had ever done and it made me weak from such an intense orgasm.

While we were cleaning up my mess she told me that when it was just she and I here she hoped I would wear sexy briefs around the house as it turned her on to watch me in them. Since she now understood that I was doing it for a turn-on she was flattered to be able to do that to me. If I wanted to be totally naked that was ok too. We talked some more about each other's likes and dislikes and really became comfortable with each other for the first time. She told me how much she liked to look at guy's cocks but never met anyone like me that felt free to show it like I did. All the people she was around were very reserved and not into sexual things.

After that I went around the house any way I wanted. Sometimes she would strip off her clothes and work when it was a little hot and she knew the wife wouldn't be coming back before she left. She always paused to look at my cock when I was aroused around her and that made me even harder. And yes I did get to jerk off on her crossed legs a lot of times. Sometimes when I was starting to get close to cumming and she was naked she would uncross them and make herself cum with me. It turned out that we are both turned on more by watching each other aroused and being sexy looking for each other than actually fucking. What a woman!

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