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Client X

Fantasy becomes fact for a client of the Phantom

A perfect stranger is what she had fantasized about; it’s what she was paying me to deliver and now the rest was up to her.

She started slowly, sitting on his lap while pushing the soaked fabric of her thong against his obvious hard-on, appearing oblivious to the other 2 guys standing nearby but most definitely acutely aware. They pretending not to be taken off guard by it, stealing glances and shuffling around the pool table as if embarrassed by their own state of excitement. Adjusting their packages, they did at least try to keep the pool game going so as not to arouse suspicion from the bartender. When she reached around behind her taut ass to tug at his belt he wasted no time in freeing his engorged member from the confines of his zippered pants. I shook my head ‘no’ and motioned to a chair around the corner and out of view of the folks at the bar. Three guys were enough, for a first time out anyway, and I didn’t want the action to be spoiled by an overly paranoid bartender.

It had taken a bit of coaxing at first. She was married to a nice Mormon guy and was definitely not used to playing sexy much less slowly revealing more flesh as the night wore on. When she asked for something to calm her nerves I smiled and whispered “Your nerves are SUPPOSED to be on edge darlin’, but I can help you ease into it.” As a ‘guide’ I’m used to seeing the jitters set in when a client realizes ‘it’ really is going to happen. I have my own remedy and set about sprinkling an appropriate amount in her wine as she watched. Aside from a little Viagra it’s just placebo but it always gives them an excuse to let themselves go beyond their normal comfort zone. She grinned, took small sip, then took the rest of the glass in without a pause. Of course I poured another.

I held her hand as I walked her to the back where a group of 3 guys were drinking and playing pool. We sat in a booth together on one side facing the action, backs to the regulars nodding into the drinks seated at the bar. I found it ironic that Wicked Game was the song flowing from the speakers. It was the version by HIM, my favorite and I made a mental note to include that in the ‘date’ for my next client.

Placing one leg up on the seat in guided her into a sitting position between my legs so we could both face the guys. Brushing her hair back I began to lightly kiss her neck. I could feel her excitement as she trembled at the slightest touch of my lips. The guys playing pool were trying to be cool and surprisingly kept looking away as if afraid to get caught staring. I had to chuckle to myself.

After a few minutes I removed her small leather jacket. As I had asked, she had worn a loose weave lace top and no bra. Even if her nipples hadn’t been trying to burst through the fabric it was easy to see their size and shape. With the back of one hand I gently outlined the bottom curve of each breast, around the side and then, with palm down, ever so lightly encouraged her nipples to reach out to my touch. Still minding her neck, I paused briefly to give them a sharp pinch then let my hand slide under her top, pushing it up and freeing her breasts for all to see. She kept her eyes closed, the thought of her bared breasts making her breath come in short quick puffs. Caressing her breasts while the guys watched I knew she was going far into sexual territory she had never known. Allowing her top to cover her once again I let my hands glide down her stomach, across her crotch. When I touched her thigh her legs spread wide, giving the guys a great shot of her wet thong. She had thrown her head back and was thoroughly enjoying the kisses on the nape of her neck, eyes closed, aware the guys were getting aroused by her display. With arms around her waist, I pulled her thong to one side and ran a finger up the outside of her pussy. She was literally dripping wet, so swollen I almost lost my head! If she weren’t a client there is no way I could have resisted. That touch made her turn suddenly and place a hard kiss on my lips, sucking my tongue into hers and pulling me roughly into her. The tip of my finger penetrated her dripping vulva, slipping in smoothly. From this position, it was easy to rub her G-spot, cupping her entire pussy in my hand as I did so, moving as slow as I could to keep her from cumming.

It didn’t work. By now she was too far gone and I felt her tighten around my finger as she shook uncontrollably for a few seconds before abruptly grabbing my hand and holding it tight but unmoving against her crotch. She turned and smiled at me.

“Oh my god….” she whispered as she exhaled a long held breath. “I think I’m ready now”.

That was my cue to head to the mens room. When I got there I relieved myself even though that wasn’t the point. As expected, it wasn’t long before one of the pool players came through the door. Drying my hands, I turned to leave when he spoke in a shaky voice.

“Wow… that sure is a sexy lady you’re with. No offence but I couldn’t help watching. You’re a lucky guy.”

“Yeah, I suppose I am. But the real lucky one is the guy who gets to fuck her. She doesn’t want me tonight. She wants someone different, new, ya know? A stranger I guess. She’s just a friend of mine.”

The look on his face was priceless and his mind was racing so fast his eyes were darting! I don’t think he could speak, so I thought I’d better help him out.

“I’m serious!” I chuckled. “She told me she’d like to have one of you guys make her fantasy come true. All you have to do is sit back and let her do the rest.” I couldn’t help but notice he was pissing on the wall, well above the urinal trough. “Just have a seat in a chair so she can do her thing.”

On the way to the bar I paused to pour her another glass of wine. Her eyes were glazed over, not from drink or drug. It was pure lust. There was no way she was going home to her prim and proper life without following through on her fantasy. With some clients it’s the cost of the experience that propels them on. Not so with her. She was going to make a memory to fall back on for years to come.

I wasn’t surprised when the guy from the restroom took a seat behind the pool table. In fact, it was the seat she was in when I began this story and it was then that I motioned them to a more secluded location. It would totally mess things up if they got stopped right now.

He didn’t have to pull his pants down far for her to be able to free his cock. Like an experienced stripper she rubbed her shiny thong along his shaft. He cupped her small ass in both hands and pulled her hard against his cock again and again. As she lay back on his chest he slid his hands under her top, cupping her firm breast tightly and mimicking the neck kisses he had witnessed earlier. Unexpectedly, he let out a small moan and released a large load between her cheeks. She didn’t realize he had cum until he lifted her off his still pulsing cock. He kissed her and whispered something in her. I heard her giggle as he headed once again for the mens room. Without hesitation, one of the other guys took his place.

Lucky for him she was done playing and moved his hands up to the top of her thong. He took the hint and slid them down her thighs. As she stepped out of them she performed a perfect little kick, tossing them into the booth we had occupied earlier. Reaching between her legs she stroked his cock briefly before positioning herself to take him in.

“Ahem.” I cleared my throat somewhat loudly, enough to get her attention. She looked at me with a quizzically as I walked quietly to her. Along the way I unwrapped a condom and handed it to her with a wink. She gasped at what she had almost done. She wanted a fantasy, not a disease and definitely not a pregnancy! She mouth “Thank you” as I retook my place at the bar. I watch out for my clients as best I can.

Once more ready, she slid his cock along her pussy, lubricating the condom, and paused as she began to take him in. Just as the head of his cock started to disappear she rose a few inches. It was obvious she wasn’t used to his size. Slowly she moved up and down, each time taking him deeper until the huge head of his cock had finally passed beyond the tight grasp of her vaginal muscles. Once beyond she started taking him more quickly but still only a bit at a time. I could she the pain turn to pleasure as she finally took him to the very top, his cock pressing against her deep inside with maybe an inch to go. Rising and dropping she quickened her pace. Pushing into her, he managed to bury himself to the hilt as she let out a small whimper and threw her head back on his shoulder.

By now the lone pool player was beside himself with desire. Shuffling over in front of her he pulled his cock free through his zipper and cupped her hair. Her eyes had been closed and she startled at his touch. Her breath was coming in small gasps as she leaned her face forward. She continued to grind as she nuzzled his dripping cock, rubbing it against her cheeks, first one and then the other before wrapping her lips around the head. She looked up and smiled, his pre-cum forming a bridge between her bottom lip and the head of his aching cock.

As his pace became a run-away frenzy, the guy fucking her stopped suddenly to avoid losing his load. It wasn’t appreciated and she slapped his thigh to show her displeasure. But she found the pause allowed her to focus on the salty cock in her mouth, rolling the head of his cock around with her tongue while squeezing his girth, stroking tightly. Gathering himself, the guy in the chair resumed pumping her, pulling her into his groin. Reaching around to her clit he ran the tip of his finger in tight circles. By now his balls were covered in her juices and she moaned her appreciation for his touch. The action was reaching a peak when a blast of cum made her cough before sucking and pumping the cock in front of her, pulling for every drop. Turning her full attention she leaned back and allowed herself all the pleasure she had paid me for. Replacing his hand with hers she spread her pussy wide with two fingers while rubbing her clit with a third. Cupping her breasts, the cum exploded from his cock, caught in the rubber it was forced out the bottom with no where else to go. I didn’t approve when she smeared it over her clit but she was an adult and I had done my part. With just a few more grinding motions she started to tremble visibly, urging him to continue until she could last no longer.

I’ve seen many orgasms in my time but none that lasted so long or caused such a fuss. I’m sure people on the street were able to hear the low throaty moan of her cumming, her voice shaky, her ecstasy uncontrolled. I rose quickly to keep the bar tender from glancing around me. I knew he would be heading back to the pool room to see what the hell was going on. Stuffing her discarded thong into my pocket I deftly swiped her coat from the booth and lifted her to my chest. Placing it over her shoulders I walked her out the door.

I’m pretty sure she’ll become a repeat client.

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